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Randwick Council: It is time to ensure safe roads for pedestrians around Queens Park

The issues that I feel are adversely affecting the local community in Randwick & Queens Park near where I live, is the safe pedestrian access to Queens Park (a large local park with playing fields and other public amenities). Over the last 5 years I have noticed a major increase in traffic in the area and this is particularly the case at the junction of Darley Road & Market Street, where a large number of people wish to gain access to the park, especially on Saturday and Sundays when school and local club sports games are held. 1) I also worry about pedestrian access for disabled people and mothers with prams along Darley Road as you cannot walk on either side of the footpath because the park has uneven access and the other side of the road has a large amount of stairs which should be smoothed out. 2) Access to along Darley Road and Market street for pedestrians is a hazard particularly with bikes and prams and dog walkers crossing the road - i have no idea why between the Shed (cafe) and Queens Park Gourmet Pizza Cafe (corner market st and darley road) is not a pedestrian crossing rather then a random island? Why is council being so unsafe? 3) Finally the cross streets between Clovelly road, market street & gilderthorpe road should most definately be a roundabout. Australians love roundabouts. They are everywhere in Sydney roads how is this 3 ways intersection not a roundabout? How am i the first person to raise this issue?      

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Petition to McDonald's Australia, Jenni Dill, Chief Marketing Officer of McDonald's Australia, Andrew Gregory, Managing Director of McDonald's Australia, Craig Cawood, General Counsel/Franchise Relations Officer, Scott Green, Chief Information Officer of McDonald's Australia, Sharon Paz, Director of Operations of McDonald's Australia, Robert Sexton, Director of Supply Chain of McDonald's Australia, Joshua Bannister, Director of Development of McDonald's Australia

McDonalds Australia - please replace single-use plastic straws with paper straws!

Please help me encourage McDonald's Australia to replace their single-use plastic straws with paper straws.My name is Molly Steer and I am 10 years old, and I love it when I get Maccas! But I live in Cairns, home of the Great Barrier Reef, and I also really love this natural wonder and the beautiful marine animals that inhabit it.   So please, let me tell you why I think Plastic Straws Really Do Suck.* Did you know that Australians use an estimated 10 million straws every single day?  If you lined these straws up, end to end, they would stretch from Cairns to Melbourne. That's every single day!* Did you know that single-use plastic straws cannot biodegrade? Instead, they break up into smaller bits of microplastic.  And because they are so lightweight, they are not able to be recycled and often end up in our waterways, affecting the marine life.  * Did you know that one garbage truck full of plastic waste is dumped into oceans around the world every minute?  That's 1440 dump trucks EVERY SINGLE DAY!* Did you know that plastic pollution increases the risk of disease in reef corals. Plastic is literally killing the Great Barrier Reef. Those facts are pretty shocking, aren't they? When I first saw the video of a turtle with a plastic straw stuck in its nostril it made me cry.  We all know that plastic waste is a problem, but never had it been so obvious than when that video went viral.Humans created this problem, and nature is suffering.  It simply isn't fair. Marine experts say that unless we radically change our behaviour around plastic waste -  a large majority of which is made up up single-use straws - by 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish. I knew I couldn't sit back and let this happen. In April 2017, I started the Straw No More Project.  In the past year, more than 260 Australian schools with more than 110,000 students, as well as thousands of businesses and individuals have taken the Straw No More Project's pledge to stop using single-use plastic straws.In April 2018, I convinced the Cairns Regional Council to cease using plastic straws and other single-use plastics in their daily operations and events.  Two weeks later, Moreton Bay Shire Council did the same thing.Coles and Woolworths have also said they will stop selling plastic straws in their supermarkets.  The world is becoming aware of the dangers of this single-use product.I'm working tirelessly to raise awareness about the dangers of single-use plastic straws.  But I know this isn't enough.  I need help.  I need Macca's help! McDonald's in the UK and Ireland have recently changed their plastic straws to paper, and the public is delighted with this progressive move!So now, I'm calling on Macca's, as leaders of the Australian restaurant industry with nearly 1000 locations across the country, to join me in protecting the Great Barrier Reef, by using eco-friendly paper straws in all its Australian restaurants.

Straw No More Project
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Petition to Luke Donnellan, Luke Donnellan, Richard Wynne, Adam Bandt, Josh Frydenberg

Western Highway cheaper, safer, sooner: Go Northern!

         To help the campaign financially...Click on the link below                    Stop VicRoads from wasting taxpayer dollars and destroying our natural environment. We want VicRoads southern ‘Option 1’ checked against new information. A cheaper, less destructive route, the Northern Option has been overlooked.  Richard Wynne and Luke Donnellan, we want accountability. How can this be in the public interest? About this Campaign VicRoads is planning to widen 12km of the Western Highway near Ararat, including a 5.7km deviation from the highway through hilly landscape. New data shows that using the existing route is much less destructive. VicRoads claim their procedures have been proper and thorough. We have contested this in court. The KORS case against the 2013 ‘Minister’s Assessment’ is pending in the Supreme Court. We cannot let them continue this expensive and destructive development while they continue to rely on a discredited Environmental Effects Statement. The consequence of continuing would be as major as the destruction of thousands of trees, many between 500 and 700 years old, in earlier stages of the project. Say NO to unnecessary destruction of our Country. Our local, centuries-old trees and precious wildlife are at risk of being uprooted and decimated by this construction. Possible Aboriginal heritage trees are also at risk of being destroyed forever. Applications to register these heritage trees have been lodged with Aboriginal Affairs Victoria. In comparison to the southern Option 1, the Northern Option has numerous benefits: Saves taxpayers a whopping $24-65 million dollars! Is a shorter, flatter route for drivers with less fog risk Is much faster to construct by avoiding 500,000m3 of earthworks Makes use of the existing infrastructure and carefully adds a parallel carriageway Avoids the construction of an extra bridge over a quiet side road in the path of the deviation Avoids large underground boulders and seepage areas Follows road-ecology's first rule to ‘avoid the fresh cut’ of the landscape Damages less roadside vegetation by up to 50%  Protects endangered habitats and landscapes Has 75% less loss of large old trees; saves Victoria’s second largest Yellow Gum  Adheres to the Mt Langi Ghiran Management Plan to protect heritage views Matches far more - 20/22 - of VicRoads’ own route selection criteria than Option 1  In light of the evidence, VicRoads have: Fallen short of the standards and intention of  the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (1999) and Victoria’s Native Vegetation Management: a Framework for Action (2002) Not used the full scope available to reduce the impact of road design and building methods Not used taxpayers money carefully Approving the Northern Option saves: Around 70 large old trees, including Victoria’s second largest Yellow Gum and 2 trees that are approximately 700 years old Habitat of the critically endangered Golden Sun Moth (31 hectares), the Bearded Dragon, the critically endangered Striped Legless Lizard, the rare Barking Owl, and the State listed Brush-tailed Phascogale Rare Spring ‘soak’ groundwater that maintains a large area of plants and trees  Please join us for social, cultural and environmental justice by adding your signature and sharing this petition to raise awareness. You can also find more information about the campaign at Together we can make a difference.

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