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Restore Liverpool via Regents Park, Save T3 Bankstown, Express @ Lidcombe Auburn Granville

Since 2013, public transport has been downgraded in favour of toll roads. The Inner West, South West and Western Sydney have all been significantly worse off from cuts to trains and the various timetable changes. We are calling for: T2 Inner West Line to be restored as a Liverpool via Regents Park service to reduce overcrowding & interchange at Birrong, Lidcombe T3 Bankstown Line to be maintained (all stations to Liverpool) with heavy rail and no Sydenham-Bankstown Metro to keep direct trains to City for 19,000 commuters west of Bankstown T1 Western Line express trains to service Lidcombe, Auburn, Granville during the peak hour not slow T2 all stops trains that have increased travel times by 50% To the Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of New South Wales. The Petition of residents and commuters of the Inner West, South West and Western Sydney brings to the attention of the House, the significant downgrades to public transport over the past 5 years. The undersigned petitioners therefore ask the Legislative Assembly to: restore the Inner West Line to Liverpool via Regents Park; restore fast trains for Lidcombe, Auburn, Granville, Liverpool, Bankstown; Save the Bankstown Line; oppose WestConnex and focus on public transport not motorways! More information at  Please visit for more information about our opposition to the Sydenham to Bankstown Metro and donate to our crowdfunding campaign to expose the government cover-up over Bankstown Line trains:

Roydon Ng
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Petition to Glencore, Yancoal , Peabody , Scott Morrison, Sue Moore, Joel Fitzgibbon, Gladys Berejiklian

Mines and The Environment can Coexist!

Underground mining is a much better conventional way to protect the future of our community, farm land, environment. This way both parties win! Mines still get their coal, and the community can live virtually dust free with little to no health effects from the mine. Jobs will stay in tact and towns will not be disturbed. Stop Open Cut Mining from destroying our beautiful Country!   Open Cut mining is dangerous for the health of people and the environment cannot sustain this reckless form of mining. The Upper Hunter Valley has a very bleak future if we don't make a stand today. Tell your councillors, state and federal members - Enough is Enough. Peoples health and wellbeing, and the wellbeing of every living creature is more important than NSW Government coffers, Mine owner's shares or money. Stop putting profits before people. There are safer, viable alternatives that can be utilised almost immediately, with substantially less risk to the men, women and children who work live and play in this beautiful country of Australia, while at the same time boost rural economies and can co-exist with the environment and all kinds of rural businesses and pursuits.  THIS IS THE TIME FOR CHANGE!! Give us hope, that we can protect our homes, where ever we live for all future generations.Sign this Petition, Share with Friends and stand by your Community!   

Wayne Riley
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