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Petition to Mayor, Mornington Peninsula Shire Council

Save Rye foreshore, beach and unique marine life: no more Jet Ski & Boat Ramps

Please sign to help protect our beautiful Rye town foreshore, beach and unique marine life. The Mornington Peninsula Shire (MPS) wants to expand the Rye jet ski and boat launching facilities.  The boat and jet ski ramp is in the middle of town and close to our picturesque Pier. Studies show expansion will lead to an even larger number of jet skis and boats launching from Rye town foreshore and therefore: -       increase the current danger to the unique bay dolphins – two baby dolphins have already been killed - and to our well known octopuses garden under the Pier -       increase the current danger to swimmers, divers, snorkellors, SUPs and kayak users - there are insufficient water police -       increase the risk of vessel collisions - we had one jet ski accident this year and many near misses -       even more foreshore space will be taken for jet ski and boat trailer parking - we have 126 trailer spaces & overflow parking space -       the loss of tranquil coastal space for locals and holidaymakers due to the increased noise pollution - business owners say they will lose business -       more of our town beach will be monopolised by jet ski users - look at the photo -       greater water pollution from marine debris plastic, polystyrene, fuel The irony is expansion won’t ease waiting times – it is only an an issue for 5 days a year. We support the current 3 ramps being improved. Please sign this petition and make sure MPS hears the Rye community - protect our foreshore, protect our marine life and protect the tranquillity of our town!!!

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Petition to McDonald's

Hey McDonald’s! It’s time to start using 0% plastic, 100% biodegradable packaging.

A lot of people enjoy McDonald's. It’s arguably the worlds #1 fast food chain. They provide fast and tasty food to millions of people. However, this petition isn’t about their food. This petition is about the amount of McDonald's rubbish I pick up on my morning walk. This is about McDonald's customers throwing their trash out of their car windows and leaving rubbish in car parks, parklands, waterways, road sides and beaches.  I believe McDonald's have a social responsibility to limit the damage their packaging does in our communities. Plastic free packaging has come a long way in recent years and I have every faith that the McDonald's team is up for the challenge! Our waterways and oceans are full of plastic. Some reports sugest that the amount of plastic now outweighs marine life.  Landfill cannot sustain the amount of hazardous trash we are blindly throwing away each day. As an example of our ignorant wastefulness, 1 Million disposable (plastic, chemical laden) nappies go to landfill every day in New Zealand. EVERY DAY!!  Our landfills do not degrade. That half truth people tell us about a plastic bag taking 200 years to degrade is misleading to say the least. Our landfills are like renforced tombs where our garbage is encased in a clay/plastic sarcophagus away from air, water and wilderness. Without natural elements, the trash will never break down. It is fair that our governments are trying to protect the environment around the landfill, but all we are doing is hiding the ugly truth. Toxic fumes must be syphoned and burnt off and toxic sluge must be drained out and “disposed of”. Can you even imagine the damage we are doing?   We all must start to do what ever we can to curb the acute nosedive our consumer habits have lead us to. We can't control other peoples inherent laziness but we can implore our largest influencers to soften the blow to our environment. McDonald's are in a uniquely poweful position to send a clear and direct message to their customers and the wider communities their businesses thrive in. This is not about community clean up days, or "Being a tidy Kiwi". This is about preventing the issue in the first place. I believe the solution is 0% plastic, 100% biodegradable packaging.  SAY NO TO PLASTIC AND PLASTIC LINED PACKAGINGWe all must live here. We all must drink the water. Swim in the oceans. Hike the mountains and walk the streets. We are all destroying our planet so we must decide togther to take small steps to slow down the destruction.Thank you for caring!

Ms Peta Rabbit
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