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Petition to Prakash Javdekar, Arvind Kejriwal, Anil Swaroop, Manish Sisodia

Central law to regulate fee hike across private schools in India

Schools have turned education into a business Private Schools are hiking their fees every year! From 15% to 25% and sometimes as high as 200%. No reasons given ,no consent taken. So where is all the money going? Clearly not where it matters the most as has been exposed by increasing incidents like the latest Ryan school tragedy. This Profiteering and commercialisation of education must stop. As a mother I have been struggled with the fee hikes myself. As a lawyer I have been fighting court cases on behalf of these aggrieved parents. The Supreme Court in 2004 had directed all state governments to enact a fee regulation act and constitute a fee regulation committee. Despite several such SC judgements only some states like Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Punjab, Gujarat Haryana and Rajasthan have enacted the act so far. However every state has a different fee regulation act. They have shortcomings which have come in the way of their proper implementation.  Education is the responsibility of both the Centre and the States. The Central government must act now because states have failed in trying to curb this growing racket. That’s why I started this petition asking the Education Minister, Prakash Javadekar, to introduce a law to regulate fee hikes across all private schools in India. The MHRD can intervene in two ways: 1. Make an amendment in RTE act and include provision for regulation of Fees. Appoint a committee at the central level (central free regulatory committee)and state level (State fee regulatory committee). The committee at the central level should be an appellate body. 2. Make a separate legislation with stringent provisions for fee regulation. Under this there can be a fee regulatory bodies both at the central, state and the district level. a. The state and district committees should be empowered to look into the accounts of the schools and trusts to check for any profiteering and commercial activities.b. The committee should be able to penalise any school found to be charging excess fees. The excess amount should be refunded to parents.c. For fee revision it must be mandatory for schools to submit their proposal and justify the hike. d. Schools should not be allowed to collect fees till their accounts have been verified by these committees. The verification should be displayed on the school notice board e. Parents should be able to approach these committees in case of fee disputes or complaints Government intervention is the need of the hour to ensure that education does not become a tool to siphon off money. School should be free to set their fee structure provided it is reasonable and not amounting to profiteering. I therefore request the HRD minister to step in and bring about the much needed reform and consider this proposal for enacting a central legislation or to amend RTE act.

Anubha Sahai
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Petition to Chair Person - National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, Chairperson - Karnataka Commission for Protection of Child Rights, Chairperson - Tamil Nadu Commission For Protection of Child Rights, Prime Minister of India, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu

NEET denies equal opportunity for the marginalized children, be it any state. Ban NEET.

NEET or any such entrance examination which give an upper hand to children having access to highly paid coaching institutes is naturally a grave danger to equal opportunities being available for the marginalized section of the society who have limited or no access to such specialized training. Such a scenario, being projected as a mandate to increasing quality of the education thus denied to such section can be nothing but mockery of their capabilities. The death of Anitha is a stark reminder to such truth and I think it is a grave violation of the rights of the child to equal opportunities and equal education. We severely condemn the lack of empathy and rationale on the part of the Central and State Governments to do so. NEET, must by all means vanish. Not only NEET, this raises the same question for all the other examinations that claim to tap quality human resource into the Government workforce or Higher Education. Have such tests been inclusive of the marginalized children is clearly a question brought to the forefront now. As responsible systems, it is our duty to bring this under the scanner and do justice to the departed child.  In addition, the commissions must ensure that enough mechanisms must be put in place to ensure that such injustice does not happen to child petitioners or any children, in the future pushing their tender minds to take such extreme measures.  NEET must go. So, must we reconsider all other such eligibility tests. Equal education and equal opportunities and a correspondingly equal creation of opportunities must be ensured. Tamil Nadu State Commission For Protection of Child Rights must suo motu petition the National Commission, the Government of India and the State Government to assess the issue and do justice to the marginalized children.

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Petition to Shri Prakash Javadekar, Shri Manish Sisodia, Shri Upendra Kushwaha

Stop Schools from De-Registering Students With Low Grades/Marks

Should schools be allowed to deregister students because they got low grades/marks in their classes? Many schools tell parents to take their child to some other schools because their child got low marks/grades. This practice is rampant in 8th and 10th classes. The reasons for schools adopting such practices could be many including: the school wants to ensure good 10th and 12th results  students weak in studies requires more effort from the faculty  the schools could get new students for seats emptied by such students The schools adopting such practices are unmindful of the trauma inflicted on the child, whose self-esteem is crushed, who is burdened with a loser-stigma and is scarred for life. Having studied in a school for many years, now such students are forced to look for another school that will take them in. The pleas of distraught parents of such students are of no avail and are left with no choice but to desperately search for new school for their child lest they lose a precious year in their child’s study. Is it then any surprise to see the increasing cases of depression among children as young as 12 years and many even resorting to extreme steps like committing suicides. This petition seeks the Hon. Minister HRD Shri Prakash Javadekar, Dy Chief Minister Shri Manish Sisodia and the Hon Minister of State for HRD Shri Upendra Kushwaha to: Frame clear guidelines to ensure that schools do not deregister students for low grades/marks Setup dedicated panel to look into such incidents Launch awareness campaign to educate students and parents of recourse available in such instances Signing this petition will help countless young children avoid such traumas and demonstrate to the authorities the urgent need for immediate steps to be taken to stop schools from deregistering students just because they got low grades/marks.

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