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Petition to Mr. Partha Chatterjee (Minister of School Education, Higher Education and Parliamentary Affairs.)

Regulate the exorbitant fees of private schools!

Dear Sir, I would humbly like to draw your attention to the fact that the private schools of our state are charging exorbitant fees to us parents for providing the basic education to our children. On top of that, they are compelling us to buy the text books and uniforms from them, which are sold to us at a hiked price. Often times, the education that is provided is not up to the mark. Subjects taught at these schools are not explained to the students properly. Most of the teachers are not open to and do not encourage questions asked by the students about the subjects taught. This leaves us with no option but to send our students to tutorials or coaching classes for additional guidance for the same subjects which are 'taught' in the schools anyway. Needless to say, Sir, that this again costs us a hefty amount! Sometimes these coaching centres are linked directly or indirectly to the very schools that we send our children to. We are middle class citizens with limited resources and we try hard to provide good education to our children so that they can be established in their lives, be a part of the work force and contribute to the society and the economy. But due to the high fees that the private schools charge, some of us are unfortunately unable to continue with our children's education. The careers of these children are curbed forever sometimes just after passing the secondary board examinations. I appeal to you to enforce audit on the private schools and take measures in regulating the fees that they charge. The owners of these private schools have social responsibilities which somehow is over looked by them. The State Government has to come forward and intervene to put a curb on these schools so that parents can provide good education to their children and ensure them a good future. If basic education provided by private schools can be made easily affordable by middle class people, then there will be less school dropouts. And, more educated young citizens will be joining the work force of our state to take it forward. Thank you.

Rekha Roy
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Petition to Dr. N.H. Siddalinga Swamy, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Prakash Javdekar, Vinod Tawde

Permission to continue my education

I am Shubham Jain. I took admission in a business school for A.Y. 2016-18 for pursing PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management). I have done engineering during 2012-16. During my 7th Semester, unfortunately I got failed in one subject (Operation Research) which was held in Nov 15. It was only ATKT in my engineering. Thereafter I passed my 8th Semester during May 2016 & my ATKT paper during Nov 2016(result being out in March 17). According to the prescribed guidelines by AICTE, one have to completed his graduation till 30th Sept 16. Due to which college has cancelled my admission dated 31/3/17 verbally. I have written the letter to Mumbai University dated 29/7/16, 2/8/16, 9/8/16, 16/8/16, 23/8/16, 29/10/16 and 27/11/16 on revaluation paper correction. I did not get even a single reply response to all these mails due which my post graduation college cancelled my admission. I have given operations research exam on 17/12/2015 during my 7th semester.. I have scored 23 marks. I have asked for the photocopy  applied for revaluation for the same. In revaluation, I scored 16 marks. In photocopy I didn't understand the marks allocation process. For instance: In Question No. 1(d) I was allotted 1 mark which was out of 5 marks which I suppose answered it correctly. Same way for question No. 1(e) I was allotted 1 marks which out of 5 marks. Same goes with other questions as well.   I have attended all the lectures & successfully completely all the projects till date successfully in my PGDM.   I have already paid 2 installments of fees which sums up to Rs.4,30,000 which is huge amount for my family & we have faced many hardships to deposit the fee. Post- graduation is the need of hour for me and my family. I really want to continue my education.    I want you to allow to continue my education. I hope that you understand that I would need to know your response at your earliest convenience. I would be very grateful to you if you allow me to continue my PG. Thanks a lot for your time and consideration.   Please help.

Shubham Jain
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Petition to Maneka Gandhi, Maneka Gandhi, Maneka Gandhi, Y S K Seshu Kumar

Penalise Schools that Fail to Safeguard Their Students

In January, a 6-year-old boy was found dead at Ryan International School, Delhi. 5 people, including school employees, were arrested and then released on bail the same day. Attacks against children in schools happen regularly across India. There is outrage and shock immediately after the incident, and then things return to normal. Sign my petition asking CBSE to penalise schools where children have been attacked, raped or killed because of a lapse in security measures. Many schools make parents sign waiver forms that declare that the school cannot be held responsible for the child’s safety and well being. Even if a student is raped or killed within school premises, the school will not be answerable. Sign my petition to make schools take responsibility for our children. We have to stop this. If all parents in our country speak up, we can get a response from CBSE, the board with the maximum number of schools across India. After that, the other boards might also act. Sign and share my petition. Do it for our children. Do it for our country’s future. ------ We are changing our ask from "Derecognising schools" to "Penalising Schools" after a lot of feedback from Parents and Teachers. We don't want parents and students to suffer because their school has lost recognition. We want schools to be worried about heavy penalties and implement standard protection for all their students. This should cover: 1. Stringent Background checks for all teachers and staff.2. Security to ensure authorised and monitored entry/exit of students/strangers/parents.3. CCTV coverage to gather evidence of any wrongdoing.4.Surprise audits of schools for safety measures.Schools to obtain a yearly certificate for safety measures.5.Incase of any security failure the offenders to be punished, institutional head and certifying authority to be heavily penalised, These are only some high-level ideas, but we can discuss more once CBSE responds. We want to the board to ensure that all schools recognised by CBSE comply with these standards or are hit by stiff penalties, especially when children in these schools are hurt or attacked.

Concerned Parent
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