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Petition to Pinarayi Vijayan, Prof. C. Raveendranath, Sri. P. Mohana Das, Prof. Ved Prakash, Hon'ble Justice R. Rajendra Babu

Ensure Justice to Jishnu, Enquire into the Student Torture in Nehru Group of Institutions.

In the evening of 6th January 2017, Jishnu Pranoy, a first year undergraduate Engineering student of Nehru College of Engineering and Research Centre was found hanging, with veins cut. When he was found by the students he was alive, but he succumbed to death en route to the hospital. His colleagues reveal that he was severely tortured by the faculty and administration of the college over an alleged attempt of malpractice in his first semester exams- an allegation students testify as cooked up, and he was made believe that he had been debarred from appearing in examinations for 3 years. He was an intelligent student and expert in web development, who had won many accolades for his innovative ideas from his early schooling days. News : According to the students, Jishnu who allegedly glanced behind and was asked to stand up by one Mr. Praveen, the invigilator in the examination hall. He was scolded before his fellow students and was then taken to the Vice Principal's room where he was mentally tortured for more than an hour. His answer sheet, in which he had almost finished his test, was torn up. He was told that he had been debarred from writing exams for 3 years. He came back to hostel, disillusioned and lost, with his future threatened and he found himself incapable of addressing the situation. It was when his friends found him absent at the hostel roll-call that they went to his room and found him hanging. He was alive when they found him and his friends called Praveen, the same faculty member who accused him of cheating and was staying in the hostel building, to take him to the hospital in his car, which the inhuman professor refused. It took another half an hour to get another car and by the time they brought him to the hospital, he was dead. Source : Later, his relatives released a video of him which hinted that he was also tortured physically before death. Source : Students and alumni of the institution say that in many colleges under the Nehru Group of Institutions, students are severely tortured both mentally and physically. There is a room in their engineering colleges which the students call 'idi muri' (torture cabin) in which one Mr. Sanjith Vishwanathan and the officers employed as 'Discipline Officers' physically torture the students. The college also makes a huge sum every month by economically exploiting the students by way of arbitrary fines. Students found having beards and long hair are fined at a rate of Rs 100. Fine imposed for one day’s absence from the college is also Rs 100. While the written rule applies only to the students who are absent without the permission of the parents, in practice all students are made to pay the fine even when they absent themselves with parents’ permission and for legitimate reasons like diseases. The same fine is imposed for having food inside the classroom, and they have to eat at the college canteen which is 400 metres away from the college campus (This is from Jawahar College of Engineering and Technology, another college under the same management). Students are also fined between 100 Rs and 500 Rs if they are found sharing food with each other at the canteen. The penalty for minor defects in the uniform is also the same. Forgetting to wear the college identity card and even slight incompleteness in the uniform invite same action. The disciplinary officers who wait at the gates of the college check students in the morning while entering the college and send back those who haven’t worn their ID cards, haven’t shaven their beards that day or have longer hair than what is ‘normal’ according to them. The students have to pay for these severally and in addition to that, the fine for losing one academic day is also imposed upon them which is Rs 100 as mentioned above. ‘Bloom’ is the annual cultural fest organized collaboratively by all colleges under the Nehru Group of Institutions. A student is bound to pay Rs 1300 towards the fund for the same. And the students who don’t pay money within the stipulated time are fined at a rate of Rupees 100 per day till the date of payment. The management makes a profit of more than 1 crore from organizing of this event alone, alleges students. Apart from this, Rupees 1000 is collected from each student for conducting a moto expo in college. (More on the rules of the college and financial exploitation can be read here : ) Students who protest in any manner against the administration are met with both physical and mental torture in ‘Idi Muri’ (torture room) by Sanjith Viswanathan, the PRO of the College. Rule 11 of the regulations on conduct forbids the students from participating in political, Union activities, dharnas, gharao, shouting slogans or mass boycotting of classes. The rule also says that any student who is found to be participating in any political activities outside the campus would also face same disciplinary action which is the summary dismissal from the college even without enquiry. This is to be read with rule 14 which says that the original documents wouldn’t be issued without the completion of the course and payment of full fees of the course. This is explicitly in contravention with the freedom to form associations and freedom of speech and expression. The rulebook also makes a misleading claim that the political activities of the students has been banned by various judgements from the high court. This is also against the Article 14 of the constitution and the principles of natural justice since it denies the aggrieved party’s right to be heard. The incidents of torture in this group of institutions are innumerable, fearing for life and not able to risk their careers, students refuse to speak up in public. So, I urge Sri. Pinarayi Vijayan, the Chief Minister of Kerala, who also handles the Home Department, to immediately order a probe into the malpractices going on in the colleges under this group. The rule 14 which says that the original documents wouldn’t be issued without the completion of the course and payment of full fees of the course is supported by the clause 19 of the G.O.(MS) NO.258/14/H.EDN. DATED 10.06.2014 which says that"The Educational Agency can retain the Tuition Fee remitted by the student, in the event a student admitted under the Management quota or Government quota, discontinues his/her studies for any reason at any time after the 25th day of July 2014. The Educational Agency shall also be entitled to collect the tuition fee of the entire course. However, in the event of the seat so falling vacant being filled up by a new candidate, the tuition fee collected as per this clause  shall be refunded. The documents pertaining to such student shall be released only on payment of the above amount."This clause is clearly unconstitutional because it restricts the fundamental right of a student to pursue his education or to apply for jobs. This view has been upheld by a series of judgments by various high courts. So, I urge Prof. C. Raveendranath, Minister for Higher Education, Government of Kerala to reconsider this GO and amend it appropriately. I urge the Kerala State Human Rights Commission to take cognizance of the blatant human right violations happening in self-financing colleges in Kerala, to probe into it and frame rules to regulate their disciplinary actions and codes of conduct. I urge the Kerala Admission Supervisory / Fee Regulatory Committee for Professional Colleges to take cognizance of the economic exploitation being done by the Colleges in the state in guise of 'fines' and frame rules to regulate the same. I urge the University Grants Commission and All India Council for Technical Education to take cognizance of these practices and strictly implement UGC Grievance Redressal Regulations, 2012 across the country.

Arjun Azad
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Petition to Shri Narendra Modi, Shri Prakash Javadekar, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India,

Effective Implementation of Environmental Science/Education in India

To, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Respected Sir, With due respect, we would like to inform you that, India has exhibited vigorous economic growth unmatched elsewhere in the industrial world. This impressive record has been marred by significant deterioration of the environment. What’s needed is the political will, commitment and action-in the form of investments, education, and policy reforms to reverse the alarming environmental degradation. Supreme Court of India in 1991 said that “We are in a democratic polity where dissemination of information is the foundation of the system". In this backdrop if the laws are to be enforced and the malaise of pollution has to be kept under control and the environment has to be protected in an unpolluted state it is necessary that people are aware of the vice of pollution and its evil consequences. Environment Science should be taught as a compulsory subject at all levels of education”. Seeing the importance of the environment subject thousands of youths received degrees in environment to get a decent job or to earn a decent livelihood. Unfortunately the order of Supreme Court of India was not implemented in its letter and spirit.It also notified that, every college must should have qualified degree holder in Environmental Science subject as teacher/lecturer/assistant professor for teaching this subject more over it is also mandatory as per guideline of environmental issues concern that every industrial unit must should have one qualified Environmental degree holder as Environmental Expert for environmental issues but, in reality there is no such opportunity for environmental science degree holders neither in schools, colleges, governmental organisations or in industries also This killed the dreams of thousands of environment degree holders resulting into undue hardship caused to them. Many of them are jobless because of no appointments, appointments by whims and fancy, irregular and illegal appointments. We have humble request to our Hon'ble Prime Minister, Narendra Modi  (1) To fill up vacancies of environment teachers/experts on permanent basis.  2) To ask all concerned authorities to appoint only qualified and eligible teachers having specialization in environment. We have the challenge to fulfil the objectives of Sustainable Development Goals from 2015 to 2030. Hope everyone will support this great cause as it is for the national interest & mother earth concern. Please support this cause and share to every person. We need your support in protecting our Mother Earth a better place to live. Thank you with regards Dr.Rouf ur Rafiq(J&K), Dr. Rema Thankappan (Kerala), Navneet Yadav (UP), Deep Chakraborty (WB), Naresh Bhardwaj (Haryana), Dr.Yamini Srivastava (Delhi), Mohit Sharma (UP), Kumar Deepak, Sagar Sheikh (Gujarat), Dr. Munmun Chakarvorty (UP), Hemant Nagar (Rajasthan), Dr Chhotu Rao (Haryana), Dr. Nilima Roy (MP), Dr. Harish Banugondi (Karnataka), Swapnil Newale (MH), Dr.Joystu Dutta (Chhattisgarh), Dr. Pawan Bharti Chauhan (UP), Dr. Binota Gugu Thokchom,(Manipur), Dr. Simi Talukdar,(Assam), Shailendra Yadav (UP), Nilima Mukherjee (WB), Dr. Kush Kushwah (MP), Mandeep Kaur (Punjab), Deepeshwar Singh (MP), Priyabrata Roy (WB), Dr. Sandhya Mishra, (UP), Raman Patel (Gujarat), Krishna Mohan (UP), Neha Singh (UP), Kartheek Mamidi (Kerala), Dr. Nidhi Joshi (Uttarakhand), Dr. Manju NJ (Karnataka), Gourav Kumar (Bihar), Dr. Tarakeshwar Senapati (WB), Gourav Kumar (Bihar), Dr. M. Devachandra Singh, (Manipur), Barun Sharma (Bihar), Dr. Sudhanshu Kaushik,(Uttarakhand), Dr. Pankaj Saini (UP), Anant Kumar (Bihar), Randhir Kumar Singh (Jharkhand). On Behalf of: Association of Indian Environmental Degree Holders (IESDHA India)      

Moharana Choudhury
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