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Reform to save Failing education system in India.

Indian education system is based on lecture-based education system, where students with different capabilities and learning power attend class to study. So basically, students who have good understanding capabilities dominate the class and teachers even make false assumptions that students are understanding, based upon the response of only a few students. So what about 75% of the students who are sitting in class and not understanding? We are given assignments and home-works everyday to solve at home. Sometimes the assignments are so silly that we are made to copy solved questions from books resulting in total waste of time. We even have to attend classes of some faculties whose lectures we don't understand at all! Sometimes we are taught more than two hours constantly, so how can one concentrate for so long resulting in total boredom. It even effects subsequent classes. Teachers even hesitate to explain the topics which were taught the previous day and they say, why we did not clarify them when they were teaching? "Ask me hundred times if you don't understand" is a lie which teachers say often! They get irritated if we ask too many questions. But if we are so genius then why we need them for. Teachers are more focused on completing the syllabus than real teaching. It feels like teachers are not teaching, they are lecturing. Some teachers are so strict that we are treated like slaves and they act like boss! We spend 8 hours in schools and colleges and we have 5 hours left to self study excluding time spent in college bus. We have to take nap for one and half hours and more half hours is spent in eating dinner and one and half hour for doing assignments and writing practical copies. So only One and half hours is left for self study. How can a student cover 8 hours of taught concepts in such limited time? It is only possible if they could learn in colleges and schools itself. Studies should be such that students love to study and they don't feel the pressure of it. So reform should be made to save education system in India. I have a possible solution to all these problems:~ 75% mandatory attendance is a good thing but changes should be made on how we are taught in class. Everyone can understand when they read books. So what i plead is that, the teachers should be there to solve problems, not to give lectures only. Students should be made to self-study in class and ask questions when they don't understand. Teachers should not hesitate to explain the topics which are taught long ago. They should try to explain every queries students have, though how silly the questions may be. Teachers should not act as BOSS and should treat every students with respect. Students should have a strictly anonymous forum where they could report about teachers without having fear of getting tortured in classes. Strict action should be taken against teachers who treats students with inferiority. An organization should be made which looks after the quality of education received by students. Teachers should not be allowed to take more than 2hours of class in one go. One subject should not be repeated more than once in a day. Teachers should not be allowed to give such assignments which involves seeing and copying solved problems from book. Moreover, teachers should check the assignments thoroughly which they give. They should not be allowed to only sign in last page, without checking the contents. Experimental reforms should be made in education system to make it more efficient day-by-day. Even group study is more effective than lecture based chaotic present system in today's education system. So, Reform should be made from lecture based education system to group study based education system. Looking forward for a better educated India.

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Petition to Prime Minister Narendra Modiji, Finance Minister Shri. Arun Jaitleyji, Shri. Prakash Javadekarji, Shri. Thawarchand Gehlotji

Let us make every school in India extraordinary

The appeal of this letter is to request the Prime Minister to (i) create a national fund for school education, donations to which are 100% exempt from Income tax, (ii) mandate that a certain percentage of the CSR money to be given by big corporates be allocated to the development of great schools, and (ii) make the recruitment of teachers to schools totally independent of the politicians in all the states. This will ensure that every school is a Navodaya school or a Kendriya Vidyalaya, which will ensure a future India that Abdul Kalam wanted and Narendra Modiji is working for. The future of India is in the hands of today’s children and how we educate them to be great leaders, artists, managers, scientists and engineers. So, it is really important to have schools that are excellent, which prepare our children for the future. It is well known that not as much importance is given to schools as is done for higher education, such as IITs, IIMs and AIIMS. However, unless the foundation is laid sufficiently strong, the beautiful building that we build on top of it is not safe. It is because of the quality of schools that we have, that in spite of the fact that 70 years have passed by since our independence, the real educational status of the so-called deprived classes of people has not really improved. When the elementary and high schools have failed to impart quality education to these children, no amount of reservation in IITs, IIMs and AIIMS is going to make any difference. The faculty in all these institutions are over-worked and have no additional time left to give extra attention to these students with relatively poorer background. On the other hand, if they are provided extraordinary education at the school level, then they will be equal to other children and will not need any additional care in the higher educational institutions. This requires (i) great schools, (ii) great teachers who are paid well and (iii) teachers recruited purely on merit. In some states in India, the positions of school teachers are bought by paying huge bribes. So, I request each and every one of you to sign this petition and forward it to as many of your friends as possible, so that we can ensure a glorious education to all our children, which will make India the most educated, productive and happy nation in the world.

Ramakrishnan Angarai
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Petition to CBSE, Central Board of Secondary Education, Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, Prakash Javadekar

Change The System of Education In India And The World

Education and the school system has come a long way. The first school was started centuries ago but still had something more than our modern education system. It was called practical learning, learning to live not to gain marks and get a college admission. That means we have gone down from the school system which was followed in the past to the present, yet we are in the year 2017 and we are following a system which is cruel and worst than the past yet we think so much about the future but do not prepare for the future. This is exactly happens in our current education system. We have to remember a fact that all people are unique and everyone has different aspirations and dreams which they hope to achieve. Only when they grow up they find out its not as easy. The school system especially in India prepares students for marks and promotion, not for the future. We are now in 2017 and we still follow industrial age principles in school. The factory rings a bell each hour and gives a small break in between. The workers follow instructions given by the executives and that's how they spend their whole life working just to make a living. Doesn't this sound similar to the current school system? Each period as they ring a bell we have to go to our next class and we're given a small break in between to have our lunch. When the teacher asks us to open our textbooks we have to do so even though each one of us has a different interest. Just because the adults consider below 18 as minor, we the students do not get any right of opinion even though we are sparking with new ideas and creations inside. Every student has to learn the same thing in the same class as others even though each one has a different interest. So why are everyone at school? Cause only then you can at least get a basic job cause now occupations are based on your graduation rather than skill set. Only if we change the school system we can change the perspective of the society. In school we go to get marks and to pass the grade. Do we the students actually learn something for life? Then we have the standardized testing system. As the name suggests it's standard for all students. So each uniquely different student has to learn the same way and write the same test. We the students are given a short amount of time and are expected to be through with the concepts and get marks in the exams. If we don't understand in the given amount of time we are considered to be failures in life although maybe the only thing that student required was more time to shine or a different method of teaching. Even the person who invented standardized testing Frederick J. Kelly has quoted "these tests are crude to be used and should be abandoned". Why should students only be able to choose specialized courses only in 11th grade? Each and every child has a different dream from their childhood which they would want to achieve in,but due to the standardized system and society the students get influenced at a very young age and the adults of the society decide what the children should become when he or she is older. When we talk about freedom of all rights, then shouldn't we the students also have a freedom of choice and a freedom to follow our dreams? Why should we learn everything which one might find useful and the student might find useless until 11th grade? Even in 11th grade you don't have much of a choice. In India you only have 3 or 4 main streams which you can choose and you have to learn that for the next 2 years. If you have a different dream when you're in 11th grade and decide to become and engineer so you end up striking the Biology group but then suddenly after you want to become a doctor after 12th grade you will be unable to do so as the colleges will not give you admission as they claim you have to be a biology student. So the current education system in India does not accommodate different dreams of the students.  Finland routinely tops rankings of global education systems and is famous for having no banding systems — all pupils, regardless of ability, are taught in the same classes. As a result, the gap between the weakest and the strongest pupils is the smallest in the world. Finnish schools also give relatively little homework and have only one mandatory test at age 16. So if they can do it why can't we as well?  So why should we the students fight to change the school system in India? Because we are the ones going through this immense stress and pressure. We the students need to make a change. If we win this, we can prepare for the future and focus on collaboration rather than competition. If we lose, generations and generations to come will face the same problem or maybe even worst. So all of us together can make this happen. All the students suffering from this cruelty can finally show their true skills and most importantly be themselves not for the society. This is on behalf of all the students who are affected but are going to be the future of this country and the world. If we change the education of India we can skyrocket to the top and even all the students across the world will see and implement the same. We the students as a whole untied together can do anything.

Sandeep Muthu
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