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Petition to Shri Narendra Modi, Shri Prakash Javadekar, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India,

Effective Implementation of Environmental Science/Education in India

To, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Respected Sir, With due respect, we would like to inform you that, India has exhibited vigorous economic growth unmatched elsewhere in the industrial world. This impressive record has been marred by significant deterioration of the environment. What’s needed is the political will, commitment and action-in the form of investments, education, and policy reforms to reverse the alarming environmental degradation. Supreme Court of India in 1991 said that “We are in a democratic polity where dissemination of information is the foundation of the system". In this backdrop if the laws are to be enforced and the malaise of pollution has to be kept under control and the environment has to be protected in an unpolluted state it is necessary that people are aware of the vice of pollution and its evil consequences. Environment Science should be taught as a compulsory subject at all levels of education”. Seeing the importance of the environment subject thousands of youths received degrees in environment to get a decent job or to earn a decent livelihood. Unfortunately the order of Supreme Court of India was not implemented in its letter and spirit.It also notified that, every college must should have qualified degree holder in Environmental Science subject as teacher/lecturer/assistant professor for teaching this subject more over it is also mandatory as per guideline of environmental issues concern that every industrial unit must should have one qualified Environmental degree holder as Environmental Expert for environmental issues but, in reality there is no such opportunity for environmental science degree holders neither in schools, colleges, governmental organisations or in industries also This killed the dreams of thousands of environment degree holders resulting into undue hardship caused to them. Many of them are jobless because of no appointments, appointments by whims and fancy, irregular and illegal appointments. We have humble request to our Hon'ble Prime Minister, Narendra Modi  (1) To fill up vacancies of environment teachers/experts on permanent basis.  2) To ask all concerned authorities to appoint only qualified and eligible teachers having specialization in environment. We have the challenge to fulfil the objectives of Sustainable Development Goals from 2015 to 2030. Hope everyone will support this great cause as it is for the national interest & mother earth concern. Please support this cause and share to every person. We need your support in protecting our Mother Earth a better place to live. Thank you with regards Dr.Rouf ur Rafiq(J&K), Dr. Rema Thankappan (Kerala), Navneet Yadav (UP), Deep Chakraborty (WB), Naresh Bhardwaj (Haryana), Dr.Yamini Srivastava (Delhi), Mohit Sharma (UP), Kumar Deepak, Sagar Sheikh (Gujarat), Dr. Munmun Chakarvorty (UP), Hemant Nagar (Rajasthan), Dr Chhotu Rao (Haryana), Dr. Nilima Roy (MP), Dr. Harish Banugondi (Karnataka), Swapnil Newale (MH), Joystu Dutta (Chhattisgarh), Dr. Pawan Bharti Chauhan (Delhi), Dr. Binota Gugu Thokchom(Manipur), Dr. Simi Talukdar,(Assam), Shailendra Yadav (UP), Nilima Mukherjee (WB), Dr. Kush Kushwah (MP), Mandeep Kaur (Punjab), Deepeshwar Singh (MP), Priyabrata Roy (WB), Dr. Sandhya Mishra, (UP), Raman Patel (Gujarat), Krishna Mohan (UP), Neha Singh (UP), Kartheek Mamidi (Telangana), Dr. Nidhi Joshi (Uttarakhand), Dr. Manju NJ (Karnataka), Gourav Kumar (Bihar), Dr. Tarakeshwar Senapati (WB), Gourav Kumar (Bihar), Dr. M. Devachandra Singh, (Manipur), Barun Sharma (Bihar), Dr. Sudhanshu Kaushik,(Uttarakhand), Dr. Pankaj Saini (UP), Anant Kumar (Bihar), Randhir Kumar Singh (Jharkhand), Moharana Choudhury (Assam). On Behalf of: Association of Indian Environmental Degree Holders (AIEDH, India) Association of Indian Environmental Degree Holders (AIEDH, India)    

Moharana Choudhury
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Petition to Education Ministers of India, Indian Educators, Indian Schools, CBSE

Teach Computer Science in Our Schools

India deserves to be a leader in computer science education, yet today most of our schools don't teach even fundamentals of computer science. In the era of Robots, AI, AR and VR, we are producing workforce that only knows how to use and interact with technology based products while the situation is different in developed nations. There, the students from early age are learning and creating products and technology that is going to lead the future. The true fact about our Indian education system is that instead of focusing on STEM, we are converting the schooling education in isolated subjects teaching only instead of as an integrated curriculum. What if a student gets selected in IIT or any reputed institute with 12th standard which has started taking foundation classes from class 5th onwards? Will IIT offer STEM education skills which had been missed during schooling? There is a concern of teaching subjects in isolation, instead of as an integrated curriculum and perceived lack of qualified candidates for high-tech jobs. Students who start taking foundation classes of some specialized subjects lack the basic understanding and the necessary skills required to produce workforce with deep technical and personal skills. Graduate degree will offer only more advanced curriculum to study. We are lagging in right schooling education day by day. It is not a positive sign for development of our youth. Solving real-world problem is the objective of STEM education. India need a broader, coordinated strategy for STEM education in schools. That strategy should address the need to prepare literates addressing the grand challenges of the 21st century. We have to put efforts to produce major improvements in the education we are providing. Computer science should be given utmost importance because of the role it plays at multiple levels of society. It is impossible to find a part of economy that does not, in some way, utilizes or interacts with computers. Computer science is essential to our school education system and hence we are striving to build a stronger curriculum around this subject. We request CEOs, governors, educators and education leaders to join us for bringing a good revolution in our Education System. We are expecting with our Government and Schools to support teaching Computer science in every school – for our children, and for their future. Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. Equipping them with right kind of skills in education shall invariably leads to well-groomed students and society. We are in the digital era where it is not possible to compete without having strong STEM skills. As in STEM, all the jobs are either in the field of ‘Technology’ or moving on ‘Technology’. Therefore, we must require to add Technology Skills in our young generation and it not just enough to provide them only the basic knowledge of subjects. We truly require creators for the development of our nation and to compete in this technology era.   Dear Technology is transforming everything in our society at an unprecedented rate whether it is a smartphone, social network, self-driving car or anything else. Nothing embodies India so much as the opportunity to change or reinvent the world with technology. Participating in this world requires access to the computer science in our schools.  Supporting this idea is sweeping our nation. More than 90% parents want their child to have access to computer science education in schools, and teachers do agree. They know the importance of it and we know that technology can open doors for them, the doors to exciting opportunities and bright career aspects. One out of twenty schools is offering basic computer science education and rest barely offer. This is the 21st century where everything is transforming on daily basis. This is an era of technology skills. Our schools should give opportunity to all students to understand how this technology is working and driving the society. They should learn how to become a creator, coder, and maker — not just a user. Instead of the basic skill that is increasingly available only to a lucky few, leaving behind most students particularly girls, it should be available to all equally. How will it be possible on having our citizens across the Globe as the leaders? If we can use computer, the Internet, e-commerce, social networking, and smartphone then why can’t we become the creators? Not only does computer science provide every student foundation knowledge, it also leads to the highest-paying, fastest-growing job.  Whether a student aspires to be a software engineer, or if just wants a well-round education in today’s changing world, access to computer science in school is an economic imperative for our nation to remain competitive. And with the growing threat of cyber warfare, this is even a critical matter of national security. Despite this growing need, targeted federal funding to carry out these efforts in classrooms is virtually non-existent. 

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Petition to Director General of Civil Aviation

Remove Ban and bring proper laws of flying drones in India

It's being long since we haven't received any updates on getting a proper law for flying a drone in india. Below is the last communications made by DGCA post which nothing was heared till now In around first quarter of 2016, we even got a draft version of some laws, but still they are not being implemented. Drones in current days were not as dangerous as they are shown in currently, people are much more knowledgeable and even due to technological advancements several sophisticated yet easy to use drones are available. Let's take an example of world's leading professional drone company DJI, they make drones but they always keep in mind both security of user and his environment and also national security. If we go through a full review of, let say their, one of the public usage drones, Mavic pro, they are using 22 gps based satellites for correcting the drone flights and also maintaining the correct path. Using sonar like Technology, so will never crash into any of the objects flying either ways i.e forward and backward. Even return to home  feature bring back drone back to the user as soon as battery is down under certain range, around 10%. The most important thing, related to national security, DJI is continuously updating their database with no flight zone around globe. So, their drone will never crossed that barrier of bypassing any no fly zones. You can updates in their DJI go app which helps to connect your drone with mobile and feeds data to and fro. Even they are using inbuilt wifi which doesn't have much range, so telecommunication operators, as mentioned in draft somewhere, will also not have to worry of their loss. So, allowing drones from some of the reputed companies is not that much harmful. Just like cars, certain rules which each company have to follow, similarly rather than making laws only for how people will be flying drones, bring sone parameter  for companies also which they should follow for selling a drone in India. Many Chinese drones are available in India which are selling at cheaper price tags and not as safer, so bans must be put on those rather than putting it on whole of it.  Hence, it's a humble request to please sign this petition and help in bringing proper rules for owning and flying drones in India. Hope to get your fullest support.

Binod kumar Singh
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Petition to Mamata Banerjee, Partha Chaterjee, Rabindra Nath Ghosh, District Magistrate of Murshidabad, Chief Secretary of West Bengal

We Want University in Murshidabad

We, the people of Murshidabad. In 1704 the nawab Murshid Quli Khan changed the seat of government from Dacca to Maksudabad, the capital city of sabe Bangla, comprising Bengal, Bihar and Orissa.  According to 2011 Census, Murshidabad district has a population of 71 Lakh(7.10m) roughly equal to the nation of Bulgaria or the US state of Washington. This gives a ranking of 9th in India. The district has density of 1334 inhabitants per square kilometer. It has very low literacy rate. The total literacy rate of Murshidabad district was 66.59% in 2011 which is less than average literacy rate of the whole state that is 76.27%.   It is a very lamentable matter that after 70 years of independence there is not a single University in Murshidabad. Many political parties have come and gone but none of those had paid any attention to this matter. It is a matter of great shame that we have been begging for something which is our basic right. We think that We need to remind the government that it is their duty and our right to get the opportunity to have higher studies in our own district.   It is not a concern for a particular community rather it is a concern for all the inhabitants of Murshidabad. We are very hopeful that you would fulfill our demand.We hope you will make our dream come true.   Thanking you in anticipation of an early and sympathetic consideration of our demand.   Full Blog : We Want University in Murshidabad

Samim Aktar
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