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Petition to Prakash Javadekar, Upendra Kushwaha, Dr Mahendra Nath Pandey, Narendra Modi, Bar Council of India, Vinay Srivastava

Institute of National Importance (INI) status for the National Law Universities

An Institute of National Importance is defined as an institute ‘which serves as a pivotal player in developing highly skilled personnel within the specified region of the country/state’. While there exists no guideline for the same, the NLUs will probably squarely fall within the criteria of contributing highly skilled personnel to the legal profession, judiciary, bureaucracy, policy think tanks, academia and various other avenues. Having read about the intent and goals of the student bodies of some of the premier national law institutions of our country here and being a CLAT aspirant myself..   .. I think it's only fair that the NLU s too should be given their fair chance at good budget allocations to keep improving and maintaining the highest standards of law education in the country.Institutes of National Importance (INI)”,  receive considerable funding via the Ministry of Human Resource Development’s budget, which provides annual Rs 7800 crore funding to IITs, Rs 3500 crore funding to NITs, Rs 1000 crore funding to IIMs, Rs 650 crores to IISERs. Think of all the good that it could do to the NLU s which depend on meagre UGC grants and fluctuating state allocations.     Full support to the movement requested.

Sushmit Mandal
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Started 2 weeks ago

Petition to Manish Sisodia, Prakash Javedkar

Reservation for Delhi students in State Govt. funded DU Colleges

Parents and students of Delhi are unknowingly facing an unjust system at Delhi University. Twelve colleges of the Delhi University are fully funded by Government of N.C.T. of Delhi, i.e. from Delhi taxpayers' money, yet there is not a single seat reserved for students from the National Capital Territory. All over India, it is a common practice for State Government funded colleges/institutes to reserve seats for their native students, which is both rationally and morally sound. Yet these colleges limitlessly accept students from easier state boards, leaving the Delhi students (mostly enrolled with CBSE) with little options.Interestingly, all the tech schools funded by the state govt. like DTU, IGDTUW and IIITD justly have 85% reservation for Delhi region candidates. Even NSIT (Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology), which is a part of Delhi University and receives full funding from the Delhi Government​, has 85% seats reserved for state kids. Its a peculiar matter with these 12 Commerce, Arts and Sciences colleges which despite being 100% funded by the Delhi Government don't serve their people. We seek a similar quota for students residing in Delhi for colleges in Delhi University funded by the Delhi Government. These students who do have access to colleges, are forced to opt for much expensive private colleges and pay the exorbitantly high fee for their education. We cannot aim to empower the youth by lading them with such immense financial burden. We, Aditya Makkar and Akul Jindal on behalf of all Delhi students, humbly request the HRD Minister, Shri Prakash Javadekar and the Delhi Government​'s Education Minister, Shri Manish Sisodia, to consider our plea and to allow for a regional quota to students of Delhi in Delhi University.

Concerned Students
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Started 2 weeks ago

Petition to Prime Minister of India, Prakash Javadekar

Implement Right To Education (RTE) Act & common school system strictly

This is to inform you that many private schools in Lucknow and surrounding areas are violating section 12(1)(c) of RTE which provides for 25% reservation to poor children in private schools. City Montessori School is among many to openly defy the law. In the academic year 2015-16, even after a long drawn battle against this defiance, it only admitted 13 out 31 poor children residing in the 'neighborhood'. In the 2016-17 academic year it denied admission to 55 poor children. Prompted by CMS's obstinacy, other private schools like Navyug Radiance School (to 25 children), City International School (to 12 children), two branches of St. Mary's Intermediate College (to 11 children) and Dr. Virendra Swaroop Public School (to 2 children) denied admission to poor children. Navyug Radiance and Virendra Swaroop schools expelled two children each after admitting them. In all 105 children were denied admission in 2016-17 and it is a shame that the administration and court didn't intervene. As of academic year 2017-18 these schools continue to defy the law as well as the order of the DM. These schools are openly flouting the national laws and making a mockery of our education system and administration. The founder manager of CMS, Mr Jagdish Gandhi is a very influential person and has connections with powerful people in administration, judiciary and legislature. There have been many protests against the actions of these schools by parents and organizations working for children welfare. However, the backbone of these protests is broken when it is seen that HRD minister Mr. Prakash Javadekar is attending conference at CMS or when 72 students of CMS are asked to join you in National Yoga Day event in New Delhi. Instead of socially boycotting these 'elite' institutes for blatant disregard of RTE Act, if our ministers go on attending their conferences and their students continue to attend national events with our PM then it paints a wrong picture of our government which claims to stand by the poor and the unprivileged and also emboldens these institutions because they find themselves under the aegis of influential and powerful people. It is our humble request that please roll-back your decision of allowing 72 students of CMS to attend the National Yoga Day event as a sign of protest and as a warning to Jagdish Gandhi in particular and private schools in general. If it is imperative to take students from Lucknow, then take those 105 poor children who were denied admission to these schools. Also, take active steps to implement this law. We also humbly request you to implement the 2015 Allahabad High Court judgement of Justice Sudhir Agarwal which stated that children of people receiving from government salaries must necessarily study in government schools, this judgement is in consonance with the 1968 report of Kothari Commission which called for Common School System.  

Asha Parivar, supported by Socialist Party (India)
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