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Petition to United Nations, United Nations Security Council, António Guterres, António Guterres (Secretary-General of the United Nations), Letitia Anderson

Act to end the Assad regime's use of sexual violence against children as a weapon of war

In the six years that war has ravaged their country, the Syrian people have fallen victims to almost every crime imaginable. They’ve been massacred, tortured, bombed and subjected to chemical weapons. But there is one crime that, until now, has remained hidden under a thick veil of silence: child rape. And yet, in the prisons run by the Syrian regime, at checkpoints and during raids, the forces of the regime are taking advantage of the chaos to abuse the children of the opposition in total impunity.   #THE STORY OF NORA, 11 year-old In May 2011, 11-year-old Nora was arrested near Deraa by soldiers of Bashar al-Assad's army in search of her father. “We are going to hold your daughter hostage until your husband turns himself in,” the officer announced to her mother.  But despite the girl’s father turned himself in, his daughter would remain a prisoner for the next 45 days with 40 other women and children.  From Day 1, the prisoners were given pills. The youngest were also given injections. Indeed, medical tests carried out after Nora’s liberation showed that the little girl had also been injected with hormones. For what purpose? Certainly these injections could have made Nora’s body’s lose its childish shape.  On the 40th day, the jailers told the children to “get ready”. The children thought that the hour of liberation had finally arrived. It is not. Soldiers took Nora from the cell. Soldiers undressed her then brought her into another room. There, a naked “man with grey hair”-- the director of the military base-- was waiting for her. “He took me. And he raped me. He slept with me,” told Nora to her mother Fatima who carried on: “He then gave her a small yellow pill and gave her a shot in her right arm. He hit her so hard that her head started spinning.” The next morning, the little girl woke up in an interrogation room. She was covered with blood and several officers were standing around her. Nora has no idea what these other men did to her but she remembers seeing the man who raped her. # ORGANIZED VIOLENCE “There is proof that girls and boys scarcely over the age of 12 have experienced sexual violence, including both torture to their genitals and rape,” said international human rights organization Save the Children in its 2013 report Childhood under Fire.  In 2014, in a publication by the UN Secretary General on “children and armed conflict in Syria”, UN investigators don’t hesitate to state that “this violence [against children] serves to humiliate, wound, obtain forced confessions or to pressure a parent to turn himself in.” In the prisons run by the Syrian regime, at checkpoints or during raids, if the settings vary, the strategy stays the same. A former director of Aleppo’s civilian prison confirms: “Sometimes, the orders were literally ‘Drag this person out of his home. If he isn’t there, you can take anyone-- his wife, his daughters. And we’ll keep them until the man who we are looking for turns himself in’.” That’s what happened to Nora, the little girl from Deraa.  In Syria, the rape of children - indiscriminately girls and boys - has thus become a "weapon" in the service of the repressive machinery of the regime. This strategy was deliberately put in place as demonstrated by the investigative report we published on Mediapart. #OUR COMMITMENT As determined producers and filmmakers, we believe that everyone has a responsibility to change the mentalities and systems that perpetuate impunity. Because those in power have not lived up to the challenge of recognizing the serious mistakes of the past, Nicolas, Stéphane and I (Marion) decided to launch the ZERO IMPUNITY movement so that these crimes do not go unpunished and happen again.   #OUR ACTION: A UN INDEPENDENT INQUIRY In order to build the basis for international legal action, it is essential to request the first independent investigation led by the United Nations into sexual violence against children in Syria. MOBILIZE US, SIGN THE PETITION, AND ASK THE UN SECRETARY-GENERAL, M. ANTONIO GUTERRES, TO ACT. 

Marion, Nicolas et Stéphane (ZERO IMPUNITY)
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Petition to Petro Porochenko, Pavlo Petrenko

Ukraine : Let's help victims of war to restore justice

In three years, the war in Ukraine has resulted in close to 10,000 deaths and more than 23, 000 wounded. Thousands of civilians are being taken and jailed, tortured and put under pressure to silence them. Another number remains in the shadows: victims of sexual violence. All this happens in the middle of Europe. Right now! Today it is very difficult to investigate, to gather evidences and to bring to justice those responsible for these crimes. In addition to it Ukrainian laws do not allow us to condemn them properly. To fight against impunity, we have to change ukrainian laws by putting them in compliance with the international human rights standards. With your signatures and you supports, let’s change this!Who we are ?My name is Oleksandra, I am a human rights defender from “Center of Civil Liberties”. It has been 3 years now I am documenting war crimes and crimes against humanity in the international armed conflict in Ukraine. I am Marion and with Inna we are part of the team ZERO IMPUNITY, an international movement who fight against impunity of sexual violences. Together we are asking you to sign the petition to support the law Oleksandra and her colleagues have built. It’s about filling a big gap by putting the Ukrainian laws in compliance with the international human rights standards so that no victim is forgotten. All together let’s pressure on the Ukrainian government and parliament to pass this law!Why is it so important?In march 2014, Russia annexed Crimea and has carried out in eastern ukraine for almost 3 years an hybrid war. Russia supported armed groups in Donbas which began to terrorize the civilian population and quickly gained control over the region. Many people are illegally deprived of liberty and kept in inhumane conditions. Journalists,  civil activists,  lawyers, scientists and volunteers. Even pregnant women. After being released they talk about beatings and tortures.The first victim kidnapped and tortured to death was Volodymyr Rybak, who tried to return the Ukrainian flag to the office building. Thereafter, according to human rights organisations, the unofficial jails in Donbas have seen tens of thousands of people. This practice continues. Thousands of civilians are being taken and jailed, tortured and put under pressure to silence them. But another number remains in the shadows: victims of sexual violence. Though the issue has been shrouded in silence, sexual humiliation, rape and genital mutilation have slowly become common practice in secret detention centers (link to the ZERO IMPUNITY report).Today it is very difficult to investigate, to gather evidences and to bring to justice those responsible for these crimes.  In addition to it Ukrainian laws do not allow us to condemn them properly. Let’s change this. Let’s put the Ukrainian laws in compliance with international humanitarian law and fight against international crimes!You can help us to fight against impunityUkraine must punish properly the abuses committed on its soil, even in such difficult conditions when parts of its territory are under effective control of the Russian Federation. It is crucial that Ukraine investigates crimes and brings to justice the perpetrators who commit crimes on the territory controlled by the Ukrainian government. But in its domestic law Ukraine has significantly limited the opportunities of the investigation and to bring the perpetrators of international crimes to justice. How is it possible the national Criminal Law still does not provide adequate legal instruments for this task? And why doesn’t the Criminal Code even includes the concept of crimes against humanity and articles on war crimes are very general and hard to apply? This is a direct path to impunity. And it’s irresponsible to the people who survived and to their pain.Together with the Human Right Agenda in Ukraine we have written a draft of law to bring the Criminal Code of Ukraine in line with international humanitarian law, to provide simple tools to prosecute grave crimes against human rights in an efficient way.It’s been presented to the Administration of President, the Ministry of Justice and the different departments of the Ukrainian governmental agencies. Now these agencies shall tell us if they would consider bringing it to the Rada, the Ukrainian Parliament for it to be voted.Your signatures and your support will show a national and an international interest for the question, which will make Ukrainian authorities take our draft law seriously and to offer the victims and to our country a path to justice.

Marion, Nicolas et Stéphane (ZERO IMPUNITY)
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Petition to Madame Elizabeth Borne, Ministre chargée des Transports, Madame Muriel Pénicaud, Ministre du travail, Monsieur Jean-Pierre Farandou, Président de l’Union des Transports Publics et Ferroviaires

Restauration Ferroviaire : NON à la casse de notre Convention Collective !

Le 15 décembre 2016, un appel national à la grève a été suivi par une grande partie des salariés de la Restauration Ferroviaire : LSG Linéaris, Elvetino, Momentum, Rail Rest, Facilit’Rail International et France, Newrest Wagons-lits France et International. Premiers reculs liés à la loi Travail (El khomri), les articles 24 et 25 précipitent la disparition de centaines de Conventions Collectives jugées trop peu "représentatives" au 31/12/2016, dont la Convention Collective Nationale de la Restauration Ferroviaire. Une première mobilisation exceptionnelle de plus de 400 personnes a permis qu’une délégation syndicale soit reçue par l’Union des Transports Publics (Syndicat des Employeurs du Ferroviaire). Cette délégation syndicale a fait part de la volonté du personnel roulant et sédentaire de conserver les spécificités de leur métier dans une convention collective protectrice, ainsi que leur inquiétude concernant une fusion avec une convention collective inappropriée. A ce jour, le Ministère du Travail a prévu de rattacher notre convention à celle des Cafétérias. Cette modification, si elle aboutit, aura des conséquences, comme la réduction où la suppression de nombreux acquis. Grille d’ancienneté. Complément maladie et accident du travail. Indemnités de licenciement. 13ème mois... Ces acquis représentent une adaptation du code du travail à la pénibilité et aux conditions de travail face auxquelles les salariés ne sauraient être défendus et protégés par la convention collective des Cafétérias. Je signe pour que les employés de la Restauration Ferroviaire soient rattachés à la grande Convention Collective Nationale du Ferroviaire en cours de négociation.

laurent BARROO
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