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Help families of murdered children pass Curtis’s Law

I will never forget the day those policeman came to my door to tell my that my son Curtis was dead. Your world is immediately flipped upside down and the pain grips you like nothing else you can imagine. After the initial shock wears off, you want answers. As a parent, you need basic answers. Answers to questions like: Who is investigating my child’s case, and where are their belongings? As if the pain of losing my child wasn’t enough, I had to take on the additional stress and frustration of attempting to pry these very basic details out of the law enforcement agency investigating my son’s death. In Florida, law enforcement agencies are not required to release any information about on-going murder investigations to anyone. My son’s investigation has been on-going for almost 20 years now. I had to get a lawyer to simply find out who was working on my son’s case! I would later learn that my experience was not unique. Other parents were struggling through the same process. Those who can’t afford legal counsel often give up. This is why I am working with other parents of murdered children to create a law in Florida that would require law enforcement agencies to send a letter to the parent, legal guardian, or next-of-kin within 30 days of notifying them of their child’s death. The letter would include information about: Onsite police and paramedics, assigned investigators, coroner’s name, where child’s property and belongings are stored, and any available photos This would NOT be required if the child’s parent, legal guardian, or next-of-kin is a suspect or person-of-interest in the child’s murder investigation. When a family faces the unthinkable, all they want is some type of closure. They shouldn’t have to spend weeks or months, or even retain legal counsel to get the basic information about their child’s case that can help our families begin to heal. Please sign this petition today and help families like mine pass Curtis’s Law today.    

patricia ward
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Petition to Susana Martinez, New Mexico Governor


With national statistics, data , and high numbers of deaths,illnesses attributed too drugs and as well our failing public schools, as direct links to the  "Drug Epidemic",  in Northern New Mexico,  we have been placed at the top of national graphs and state counties as one  of the worst places for drug overdose, suicide and illness in the country. Thus, we the undersigned concerned tax paying citizens are "Demanding a "State of Emergency" be declared in the county of Rio Arriba, in the state of New Mexico. For several decades we have been in a heavily oppressed, repressed and dire situation in regard too loosing large numbers of souls too include : Teens,  young and old adults as well as elderly citizens too the drug infestation, both legal ( narcotic/opiate, ect... ) and  illegal ( heroin/meth/pink/cocaine, ect..) drugs. As the Federal Government  and DEA cracks down on prescription drug dispensing, the adverse effects have increased the use of heroin and thus, increasing higher incidences of Hepatitis-c, AIDS, Crime, and Criminal Activity in all facets our livelihood. The age groups of addiction has scattered in both directions, currently it has trickled down too adolescence and gone up in some cases too great-grandparent ages. Its is no longer a "FAD" or a "TREND" in many circles it is becoming a "RITE of PASSAGE" and a way of life in others. WE are demanding that;   1) Assessment, treatment, triage, substance abuse teams be dispatched throughout the county communities. ; 2) That a temporary centrally located "medical" detox-facility and housing area be established too address our addicted citizens needs, with hopes that a permanent facility be established in the near future.       

Hermano Pedro Herrera
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Petition to President of the United States

Silence the criminal NOT the VICTIM

Criminals in jail or prison should have no access to computers, and especially no access to Internet. This would save taxpayers money.  Make the prisoner pay for stamps that keeps our postal workers employed.  If a person receiving mail from a pen pal or family member convicted of a crime releases information from the conviction they can be charged as can the person or persons that gave them the information to post on social media or the internet.  If the victim is under the age of 21 and information is released by the criminal they should be given more time.The following is what happened to me over the years which brought me to want to make a difference for victims of a crime.  In 1999 my father Hubert Babb was found guilty, by a jury of his peers for raping and torturing my sisters and I. He received life plus 65 years. I, Huney Dee Huchton his oldest daughter, turned Hubert Babb in for child abuse in 1989.  My father would spend the next ten years going in and out of jail for child abuse.  My sisters and I would spend time going in and out of fosters homes.  My father would take plea deals to get leaner sentences for his abusive actions.  He would be told upon release to have no contact with me, or sometimes no contact with me and my sisters.  However he would violate these orders and come right back home.  Every time he went away he promised us kids when he was behind bars that he was a changed man.  Then when he would get out he would return home, and the violence and rape against my sisters and I would get worse because he was angrier then when he went to jail.  When I was 16 my father was released from a road camp prison after serving an 18 month sentence on a plea deal he had taken again for child abuse.  Once again he returned home angrier and the scariest I could remember him ever being.  I decided I was old enough to now leave.  I told him upon my exit "I find out that you ever touch one of my sisters you will spend the rest of your life behind bars that is a promise"  As you can see in 1999 I full filled my promise to him.  With all that I thought I could now move on in life just stay away from his family and him and he would never be able to hurt my sisters and I again.  I was wrong.  In 2013 I discovered that the man had a Facebook page that  discussed everything over social media and named me and my sister in it, so I called the warden of his prison and his page was taken down.  Not longer after I found a new page called Innocent people in jail.  When you visit this social media page this man has blasted my name, my sisters name, many others names and dates of birth.  Not only was my personal information being released without my permission people could now see that I had been a victim of a child sex crime.  I asked Facebook to take the page down, and they have refused saying he isn't violating anything.  Then my sister gets a call one day in regards to a petition he has blasted on the internet listing "his daughters" as people involved in the so called "conspiracy" to keep him behind bars.  Once again I felt victimized having everything blasted on the internet, and I had to ask why is he allowed to continue to make me a victim.  Why is a person sentenced to life plus sixty-five years allowed to get information onto social media or the internet to release information about the victim of his crime?  Should a criminal found guilty by a jury of their peers for committing atrocities be allowed to continuously harass or threaten their victim(s) on the internet or social media?  Is it truly fair to the victim of any crime to have personal information regarding them or the crime posted on the internet or social media sites without their permission? Please sign this petition if you agree that convicted criminals should be not be allowed to continually victimize their victims through cyber space (i.e. social media or the internet).  Convicted criminals should be silenced, and victims should be heard and allowed to heal.

Huney Huchton
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