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Launch Trump Into Space

President Donald Trump has made the most courageous decision to demand a military Space Force. If we are to hold true to our history as not only the best country, but the world police, it is our job - nay, our DUTY - to dominate in every possible way. If we do not dominate space, the terrorists win. Furthermore, as capitalism has been proven to be the only successful model of economic rule, it only makes sense that we are first to provide a strong enough presence to make sure we control land ownership. It's free real estate.  Thanks to the tremendous work of President Donald Trump, our country finally has the resources that once served its people re-allocated to send soldiers and weapons not trained or tested for space into the final frontier. But that's not enough. Donald Trump is our fearless leader. He is the reason America is great again. Any great leader would make sure to stay directly involved. We need Trump now more than ever. How are we to expect a Space Force to be effective if we don't have the greatest businessman, innovator, leader, and draft dodger ready to show us how it's done? Now is the best time. There is no active warfare, yet, and it's an unexplored territory. We need Trump. We need him to go out and show us what we need to accomplish.  In short, any true patriot and believer in our President should support and sign this petition to launch President Donald Trump into space. Thank you and God bless.

Lindsey Becker
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