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Petition to Street Dog shelter

Cute Cat needs his eyes to be Removed

Meet Stinky the Cat. We were fortunate enough to find him outside a junk yard, he was in the runt of his litter, and seems to have experienced some damage in his eyes from one of his litter mates. He has two ulcers in his eyes and water collecting behind his eye balls, which have also become infected. our doctors say that his eye sight will not recover from its damage and recommend removing the eyes to keep him from suffering of a possible rupture/the visible damage. Without the surgery, the pressure in his eye can increase so high that it can actually rupture, leaving him in pain and opening him up for infection. The redness in his eye is actually caused by internal capillaries starting to rupture. He is in a loving shelter, and already has a bunch of friends. He will live a great life as a blind cat (after surgery) in our shelter, and hopefully we are able to eliminate the threats his eyes pose. The cost of surgery and post surgery requirements will be around90000 INR which is equal to 750$.Please find it in your heart to donate (even a small amount!)  Stinky. If you can't, please take a moment to sign and share his story in hopes that someone can help. Donation options 1.Street dog shelter (link below) 2.This option is for people who want tax benefit for tax benefits please drop your email address along with the  amount you want to donate so that our representatives will contact you with respective donation invoices  Please sign! share! and Donate!  

Street Dog Shelter
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