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Petition to Government of Canada

Let's Go Then

Lets Go Canadians!! Let's Advocate For a New Political Party In Canada In knowing Our Shared Story on Turtle Island, We understand that those who are at the receiving end of Government Initiatives are Indigenous, BIPOC, and Systemically Oppressed Human Beings of All Nations - We Believe Those with Lived Experiences  are the ones who should be Today's Leaders in Policy Making as They have First Hand Experience of What Needs to be reconsidered and/or reconstructed in Canadian Policy regarding Human Rights in Canada. We'd Like to Put Emphasis on Indigenous Perspective We Are All Related  - Red White Black Yellow - We Share this World with Other Relations : Animals, Fish, Bird, PlantsWe Consider Our Present as it Impacts the Next 7 GenerationsKeeping this perspective in Mind, We want to See Indigenous Perspective lead in Policy regarding  All Our Relations in the Canadian Government. Lead by Elders and Youth, We would like to create a New Political Party - Its manifest cradled by Change Making Adults - we mention to Consider organizing with the Industrial Workers of the World  ---- Did you know it has been Illegal under the Indian Act for 'Indians' to create their own political party in Canada - Anishinaabek  (Humans) must give platform to Native People to decide who it is who should lead- For the Sake of this Initiative and Its Petition,  We mention to consider Pam Palmater Canadians Take this time to advocate for a change - not by protesting- but demonstrating efforts and calling on others who are part of our circles to give their time to the cause of Reconciliation'Metoo-Oui'  Learn about Indigenous Perspective and Canadian Governance System to better understand the overall impacts of Colonization on Turtle Island. Lets Show The World That Canada Is Listening and Give Our Youth Hope!--- Lets Hope for 1 million signatures.. Because Why Not? With Faith -

Our Initiative
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Petition to Justin Trudeau, Canadian Government


Hi everyone, my name is Cooper, I am a sports management student sports management and political science student at Brock University. I have been studying politics for quite a while now. The ProblemIf there is one thing that I would want to change most about the system of government and in our great country of Canada would be our terrible Senate. The Senate is so undemocratic and it's unbelievable that it's been around for this long and has a very big impact in our life because it is a legislative chamber but no one talks about it. Let me start off with the first reason, it is not voted on because it's appointed by whoever is the current Prime Minister. That Prime Minister can nominate whoever the hell they want because there's no confirmation process it just is a nomination by the Prime Minister it automatically happens. So whenever a senator either turns 75, that senator either has to retire or the person retires early or the person just dies before turning 75. Also, unlike any other country to my knowledge has Senate regions as you can see in the picture each group has 24 senators except for the northern territories which have one each and Newfoundland has 6. I don't understand why Nova Scotia and New Brunswick need 10 senators each. But, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan who have a higher population than each of them only get 6 this seems like mistreatment towards the western provinces. Which should get equal treatment in my mind but they very clearly don't. there are so many other problems with this map and if the current government cared all about representing all their citizens fairly/equally. They would have changed it a along time ago. The SolutionWhat I would recommend doing is creating a Senate where each of the provinces get two senators each of the territories still get one each. This senate would be a lot more democratic because you would actually vote for your senator. Theoretically, these senators would have six-year terms and be able to serve only two to ensure the senator is not holding onto power for too long and sucking money out of the federal government. Also unlike in our current Senate, they will be allowed to form parties, caucuses and have a Majority and Minority Leader. Wouldn't it be nice to actually have some sort of control and power over who's representing you, I would think so. Even though, this would mean we would have much smaller senate. Wouldn't that actually better because wouldn’t it mean less taxpayer-funded government Salaries to about 80 people plus their staff.   So if you agree with my solution to this issue I recommend you sign my petition    

Cooper Hernick
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Petition to Halifax Regional Municipality

Petition to Change 'Cornwallis Street' in Halifax to 'Rocky Jones Street'

Cornwallis Street in North-End Halifax brings thoughts of oppression and racialized violence to people of the original inhabitants of the area. Cornwallis Street is home to various African-Canadian focused organizations, and the Mi'kmaw Native Friendship Centre. The purpose of this petition is to change the name of the street, to reflect a champion for both Mi'kmaw and African-Nova Scotians. Jones was a founding member of The Black United Front of Nova Scotia, National Black Coalition of Canada, Dalhousie University Transition Year Program (where he taught for 10 years), Dalhousie Law School Indigenous Blacks and Mi'kmaq Program, African Canadian Liberation Movement, African Canadian Caucus of Nova Scotia and the Nova Scotia Project to name a few. Jones was involved in the establishment of the Black Inmates Association and the Native Brotherhood of Dorchester Penitentiary and Springhill Institution. Jones developed programs for women in the Kingston Prison for Women, Halifax County Correctional Centre and in the community. The Transition Year Program, for example, has helped educate thousands (Over 1000 as of January, 2012) of Mi'kmaw and African-Canadians from Dalhousie University. We recognize that history can not be changed, although we can choose who we honour by naming streets, parks, and schools after them. Having streets named after more positive figures will also help boost confidence and tranquility among area residents, while inspiring youth to reach their full potential. By signing this petition you agree that Halifax Regional Municipality should honour true heroes such as Mr. Jones, as opposed to people like Mr. Cornwallis. IMPORTANT UPDATE (June 2020): The petition was handed over to Halifax North councillor Lindell Smith in August of 2018. At that time, the petition had 1,700 signatures, 300 comments, along with 60 in-person signatures from people who live, work or own a business on the street. Mr. Smith presented the petition to Council on September 18, 2018. However, there has still been no action on changing the name. We need you to take it one step further and contact elected officials to bring the petition up as a motion to Council, so it can be voted on. Tell them why it is important to you that the name be changed, once and for all. Please take a moment to write an email, make a phone call or write a letter to elected officials: Mayor Mike SavageCall: 902.490.4010Email: mayor@halifax.caMailing Address: PO Box 1749, Halifax, NS B3J 3A5 Halifax Peninsula North - Councillor Lindell SmithCall: 902-579-6975Email: Halifax South Downtown - Councillor Waye MasonCall: 902-490-8462Email:

Citizen Halifax
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Petition to Senator Mary Jane McCallum

Remove Lynn Beyak From The Senate

To The Senate of Canada: We, the undersigned, urge you to support Senator Mary Jane McCallum’s motion to permanently remove Senator Lynn Beyak from the Senate and clearly condemn her racist statements and behaviour. In a 2017 speech to the Senate, Senator Beyak described instructors at residential schools as “well-intentioned” and criticized the Truth and Reconciliation Commission for not "focusing on the good" coming out of the residential school system. She subsequently posted statements on her website, which the Senate Ethics Committee described as racist in its Consideration of an Inquiry Report from the Senate Ethics Officer (“Fifth Report”). The Senate Ethics Officer determined these statements were in contravention of sections 7.1 and 7.2 of the Ethics and Conflict of Interest Code for Senators, and further stated that Senator Beyak had failed to uphold the highest standards of dignity inherent to the position of senator; had acted in a way that could reflect adversely on the position of senator and the institution of the Senate; and had performed a parliamentary function in a manner that was both undignified and dishonourable. Senator Beyak blatantly refused to undertake in a meaningful manner the anti-racism training she was mandated to engage in, and was, in fact, asked to leave after the first day of training because her "inflexibility and conduct made the learning environment unsafe" (“Lynn Beyak claimed she was Métis during her anti-racism training sessions”, CBC, Feb 3, 2020). Her continued presence in the Chamber is an insult to survivors of the Indian Residential School system, their families, their communities, and their ancestors. It is also a signal to Canadians everywhere who have experienced racism that their experiences are not believed or valued in the Senate. We say, “no more!” Although Beyak was removed from caucus and temporarily suspended in April 2019, and again in January 2020, her continued racist behaviour and refusal to seriously engage with the issues at hand demonstrates that she has not grown, and that she is unwilling to learn. It is imperative that the Senate of Canada speak out clearly against systemic racism, and against the specific racist statements and actions of Senator Beyak. To do otherwise sends a message to all Canadians that systemic racism will continue to be tolerated--indeed will be perpetuated--in one of the highest bodies of this country. We stand with Senator Mary Jane McCallum’s motion and urge the Senate to permanently remove Lynn Beyak.

Eve Goldberg
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