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Stop the Starvation of Community Cats of Disneyland Area/ Anaheim!

Anaheim Law said DISNEYLAND & Residents Must STARVE their BELOVED Stray CATS!  The Ban was finally legally dropped but citizens are still being told by enforcement officers to starve cats!  UPDATE:   The city of Anaheim finally changed the law to make it LEGAL again now to feed stray cats  - but the city's officers are still telling residents they must stop feeding hungry kitties!!!  We are telling the city to train their officers to allow feeding of innocent homeless and abandoned kitties!  It does no good to drop the feeding ban if people are still being told to stop feeding!! MORE INFORMATION:   2 and a half years ago, the City of Anaheim enacted a new code that made it illegal for residents to feed feral cats. Rather than spending their resources on humane spay/neuter programs, the city began harassing and threatening caretakers for simply feeding community cats; innocent creatures that depend on devoted feeders for their very lives.  Not only does this hurt cats, it  turns warmhearted people into criminals.  Anaheim is home to Disneyland, which has its own famous feral cat community.  Anaheim Fix Project fought hard to get the law changed - and finally the ban was dropped.  But some officers are still telling people to stop feeding and Anaheim Fix Project is trying to get the city to  retrain their officers - and the group is also spay/neutering (TNR) and rescuing as many cats and kittens as possible!     The rescue group, Anaheim Fix Project is providing spay/neuter, vet care, rescue, and providing food for hundreds of homeless and abandoned stray cats and kittens of Anaheim and surrounding Orange County cities, but the group is very small and underfunded. They are overstretched, overwhelmed and unable to keep up. They don’t have the resources or people to save all the kitties in need!  For more information please visit the Facebook page for Anaheim Fix Project / OC Communitry Cats:       To Make a Donation:    They are in dire need of donations to help feed the 500 plus kitties who depend on them for food and care everyday! Thank you for any help at all! No amount is too small!  Let us know if you live in Orange County, California and would like to VOLUNTEER with Anaheim Fix Project!  Come Help the Kitties!  Thank you for caring!  Anaheim Fix Project: OC Community Cats / Caring Friends Cat Rescue     

Anaheim Fix Project
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Petition to Attorney General Bureau of Charities, Eric Schneiderman, Attorney General

Shut Down Woman Who Admits to Killing Healthy Cats in NY

1789 CATS KILLED BETWEEN 2011-2015; PROJECT CAT'S GAIL MIHOCKO ADMITS TO KILLING HEALTHY CATS Gail Mihocko runs Project Cat in Highfalls, New York. She has admitted on camera to the Daily Freeman, that she euthanizes healthy cats. We call upon the necessary authorities to confirm the unnecessary killing of 1,789 cats between 2011-2015, and unknown number of cats between 2015-2017. Gail Mihocki admits to killing healthy cats for reasons such as: Cats shouldn't be allowed to roam if dogs aren't allowed to roam. Cats kill birds and reptiles and this shouldn't be allowed. There's nowhere to put the cats. Project Cat has a Facebook page which shows happy families adopting pets. However, as Mihocko receives donations from the public, she is trapping cats to kill them. As Mihocko collects money from concerned animal lovers, more and more cats are being killed. Mihocko was interviewed by the Daily Freeman publication and admits on camera  to trapping and killing healthy cats, citing her opinions as to why cats should be killed.   Mihocko is a Certified Euthanasia Technician. She refers to the euthanasia as "a tool" to reduce cat population. Euthanasia is defined as "the practice of intentionally ending a life in order to relieve pain and suffering." Killing healthy cats is not an act of euthanasia. It is an illegal act of torturous cruelty which should be punished at the fullest extent of the law.  We as concerned citizens hereby request the immediate revocation of the entity known as "Project Cats, Inc.", a New York State 501 c-3 organization; and we request criminal law enforcement action be taken against Gail Mihocko, for violation of  New York's ARTICLE 26 of the Agriculture and Markets Law relating to CRUELTY TO ANIMALS; Section 374:  § 374. Humane destruction or other disposition of animals lost, strayed, homeless, abandoned or improperly confined or kept. 1. Any agent or officer of any duly incorporated humane society, a duly incorporated society for the prevention of cruelty to animals, any dog control officer, or any police officer, may lawfully cause to be humanely destroyed (by means provided for in paragraph a of subdivision three of this section) any animal found abandoned and not properly cared for, or any lost, strayed, homeless or unwanted animal, if upon examination a licensed veterinarian shall certify in writing, or if two reputable citizens called upon by such agent, officer or police officer to view the same in his or her presence find that the animal is so maimed, diseased, disabled, or infirm so as to be unfit for any useful purpose and that humane euthanasia is warranted; or after such agent, officer or police officer has obtained in writing from the owner of such animal his or her consent to such destruction." Gail Mihocki and Project Cat must be stopped from not only taking the lives of healthy cats, but she must also be punished for illegal acts of animal cruelty and killings. Residents local to the area of Project Cat in Ulster County, New York must also be on full alert should their animals go missing.   

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Petition to President of the United States, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, Tom Udall, Nancy Pelosi

Congress & President: Stop Slaughter & Experiments on 100,000 Wild Horses & Burros

The President's 2018 budget opens the door for more cruel experiments, sterilizations plus killing and slaughter of America's icons of freedom The budget would strip wild horses of their federally protected status to hand them over to states and counties that are notorious for campaigning for wild horse roundups and slaughter. This must be stopped! We Urge You to Protect Them Before It's Too Late Right now the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is giving grants totaling $11 million tax dollars for cruel experiments on wild horses and burros--especially PREGNANT mares--to develop methods of population control. These experiments are cruel and unjustified. The truth is, America's wild horses and burros are underpopulated on public land. The BLM has never done an accurate headcount and guesses at population to milk taxpayer dollars out of Congress for their fake overpopulation crisis. Even so cruelty towards wild horses and burros is any form must stop now. Federally protected wild horses and burros are to be protected from harassment according to the law. You can read about the Wild and Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 here: In 1900 there were millions of wild horses roaming freely in the American West. Today they are teetering on the edge of extinction with more in captivity than in the wild. In 2013, the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) released a report wherein they stated there is "no evidence of overpopulation" of America's free roaming wild horses and burros. Has the BLM counted how many wild horses are left on public land? No. Roundups and fertility control have been based on fraudulent data. Read more about that here: The BLM’s horrible customer service, lack of problem solving, poor marketing, people no longer being able to adopt and then quickly sell wild horses to slaughter, are the real reasons why wild horse adoption has dropped. The public wants to adopt wild horses but the BLM is making it impossible for adopters to get the wild horses they want into good homes. It’s as if the BLM wants their adoption program to fail. Any and all experimentation, “research” or harassment of federally protected wild horses or burros–based on the overpopulation myth, decreased adoptions by BLM's design or any other excuse must stop now. Sterilization and “fertility control” experiments/programs are cruel and unjustified The BLM’s overpopulation claims are fraudulent and any action such as experimentation/programs for population control, fertility control, or other actions taken that are based on fraudulent information is wrongful. There exists no accurate headcounts of America’s wild horse populations and many herd management areas have no wild horses left on them.  Please Keep in mind: There is no overpopulation of wild horses. They are underpopulated on the vast acreage of public land in the West. Even the National Academy of Sciences said in their 2013 report that there is “no evidence of overpopulation”. BLM’s harvesting model based management via roundups is disrupting herd structure and increasing the birthrate. Instinctively they fear extinction. BLM’s allegations of overpopulation are fraudulent based on false data. Besides no headcounts, they don’t even account for the correct mortality rates in the wild. Predators should not be killed off. If there are none left then they need to be reintroduced for the thriving natural ecological balance on the herd management areas. Wild horses are a return-native species who help reduce catastrophic wildfires, create biodiversity, etc. We need the herds to reverse desertification. Read more about native wild horses here: The BLM is creating a false overpopulation crisis to cash in on wild horses as laboratory animals for fertility control experiments while reducing the herds to nonviable levels. They also want wild horses off land so resources extracted through mining, tracking and drilling can easily be exploited. GonaCon™, PZP (a pesticide made from pig ovaries the pushers call "Humane Management", native PZP, PZP-22, etc.) and SpayVac® are all EPA "restricted use" pesticides that classify wild horses erroneously as pests–ultimately sterilize them--and are not needed because wild horses are underpopulated. There has never been an accurate headcount and there are no “excess” wild horses in America. Experimenting on wild horses to sterilize them is animal cruelty funded by tax dollars and must stop now. The BLM is trying to manage America’s wild horses to extinction. The experiments are being conducted by university scientists at UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY, COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY, OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY, LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY and elsewhere as well as by scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey. The public does not want their tax dollars funding unnecessary and cruel population control experiments or programs on America's wild horses and burros nor slaughter. The basic rights of federally protected American wild horses and burros in captivity and in the wild are being violated. This is animal cruelty and government fraud at its worst. All wild horses–especially pregnant mares–must never be used in experiments nor slaughtered. For more information visit Thank you for protecting America's wild horses and burros--living symbols of freedom and the spirit of the American West. For this you will be remembered.       

Protect Mustangs
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