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The Power to End Real ID and National ID Mandates; Use It or Lose It

The Power to End Real ID & National ID Mandates; Use It or Lose It

These are very challenging times for personal liberty. The Obama Administration has changed a lot for civil liberty. US citizens can be detained without a warrant or cause for arrest. Public protest has been criminalised and surveilled. One of the true tests of human rights in contemporary US culture will be if local governments will stand with individual citizens on those boundaries most personal, namely our identity articles.

Real ID & E-Verify, like all national identity programs, are part of a broad federal trend to actually strip citizens of natural rights to behave normally without excessive demands to prove themselves as valid to the State at every interaction. Conceding to these conditions will create an environment where your “papers” will be demanded by any & every authority figure in America. Life will be more similar to East Berlin before the ’89 wall came down.

Currently there are two identity mandates critical to the institution of a national ID or database state circulating in Congress. Both have been authored by Rep. Lamar Smith, now notorious for his role with SOPA Internet censorship bill: federal Real ID Act  and the Legal Workforce Act. Both require the EVVE system, or E-Verify, be mandated in order to work in America.  He is also Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee handling an upcoming Real ID hearing.

More citizens will be denied rights to work, vote, or to travel without an internal passport commissioned by the federal mandate if Real ID goes forward. 

EVVE systems will create hardships for both employers and American workers who are citizens. EVVE’s labor data will be part of Real ID regulatory conventions. There have been no improvements to privacy protections or secured identity storage to discourage internal fraud at DMVs. Real ID’s machinery will compromise and expose more personal information by rule, not exception.

Americans can now suffer indefinite amounts of government scrutiny by way of DHS. Certain birth and key identity documents will never be recognised by the EVVE system because they pre-date the technologies or the systems fail to recognise citizen documents and the citizens themselves. The consequences to citizens are disastrous: women, young people, the elderly and veterans have not been allowed to vote or travel for lack of governed ID. They cannot enter federal buildings seeking representation or petition in our society.

Here's an example: a 20 year old citizen born in Denver was recently refused a drivers license because the system didn't recognize her birth certificate. Local authorities summarily initiated an attempt to deport her. This American citizen was treated exactly like an undocumented immigrant or an illegal alien. 

What will your life be like when the DMV systems reject every good identity document you have due to Real ID?


*Real ID will be evaluated in Congress next week by March 21st, 2012 

States have systemically rejected Real ID in at least 25 States; while regulatory compliance for the lesser known EVVE program has crept into many States. DHS will continue to encourage citizens to “check themselves” in the E-Verify’s cloud system online. Privacy and digital security experts say you cannot really be protected in the cloud from identity theft or hacks. Ground network security for existing DMV information becomes irrelevant, if a city worker commits fraud or if systems were never improved to protect the increased storage of sensitive information required for Real ID compliance today.

Congress does not currently have a positive track record to represent your interests without your input. Unless you want the interests of Big Data and eugenics driven groups like Secured ID Coalition, Numbers USA and the Center for Immigration Studies to decide if you have identity rights, you had better speak up for yourself!

Resist national identity mandates to work, to travel, to use online services or behave normally in American society by adding your name to this petition and circulating it to friends!

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Real ID has made it impossible for average citizens to attain basic identity articles required to function in society- even when they have the right papers and credentials!

I do not need or require a secondary national ID check to work in the United States. I already have to provide at least 8 different identity articles to prove I can pay taxes to this government.

Requiring employers to purchase identity equipment puts a burden on them. Most are not qualified to police worker identity on behalf of an invasive and unconstitutional national identity mandate. As Real ID has been systemically rejected by legislatures in 25 States for these reasons.

Do not concede to the demands put forth as policy so fatally flawed it has been unenforcable. Please do not advance further waste of tax payer resources in these tough economic times for Real ID or the EVVE system.

I ask you to personally represent my identity interests in this Congress by making a motion to repeal and to defund the Real ID Act before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime,Terrorism and Homeland Security in light of the upcoming deadline January 15th, 2013


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