Stop Genocide in Tigray

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On Nov 3rd, 2020, the Ethiopian federal government led by the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Abiy Ahmed Ali, declared war on Tigray and the people of Tigray, one of its regional state in North Ethiopia.

- Immediately before the declaration of war, Abiy's administration blocked the internet, disconnected phone lines and basic services in Tigray. We have no way of contacting our families in Tigray to know of their welfare.

- On Nov 6th, 2020, Abiy Ahmed made a public announcement warning civilians that the military under his command will continue to launch airstrikes throughout the Tigray region, with no regard to civilian life. 

- The Ethiopian Defense forces and the Tigray region national guard are in full blown war at this moment.

- Abiy has also declared a six months state of emergency in Tigray, empowering the federal government to suspend political and civil rights. This event was strategically carried out on the same day of U.S. election, in which the international community was focused on.

- Many Tigrayans outside of Tigray have been displaced from their homes and are currently being subjugated to unprecedented ethnic profiling and are being denied flights outside of the state.

We, deeply concerned Tigrayans in Texas, across the U.S. and around the world, ask that you stand with us and voice your concerns, call for action for a cessation of all military activities, demand the resumption of all services to the people of Tigray. Please make your voice heard now when it will matter the most.

- We strongly oppose and condemn all forms of oppression, ethnic/and or religious based violence by anyone against anyone and anywhere.

Please sign this petition to stop this heinous crime and genocidal act that is being committed against the innocent civilians of Tigray.