Keep the iconic Dolle’s sign at 1 Rehoboth Ave and make the building a historic site

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Dolle’s is being forced to move 100 feet to the west because the landlord has suddenly doubled the rent for this location. All at a time when millions of Americans and small businesses are struggling, the public deserves to know why rent has doubled and the future plans for the property. This apparent bad faith act will lead to the removal of the iconic Dolle’s sign that has been seen at its current location for a majority of its 100 year history. This will forever change the landscape of the quaint Rehoboth Beach town. It is speculated that the landlord might try selling this location to a developer. The city and state must intervene with respect to the sign, even if Dolle’s is forced to move.


“Mrs. Murray, a Rehoboth native, still owns the Dolle's property, probably the most iconic corner in Rehoboth Beach.”-Henney Report 2015

In the short term, the Dolle’s sign must not be allowed to be taken down or moved. In the long term, we must work to make 1 Rehoboth Ave an historic site.