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Petition to Telangana Chief Minister (CMO Telangana), K T Rama Rao, Sabitha Indra Reddy, Dr Tamilisai Soundararajan, Navin Mittal, Harish Rao Thanneeru

Save Kamala Nehru Polytechnic For Women College (KNPW)

Save Kamala Nehru Polytechnic For Women College (KNPWC) #SaveKNPW Kamala Nehru Polytechnic For Women College (KNPWC) in Hyderabad,Telangana is Asia’s first Women's Polytechnic College is now being planned to convert it to a private engineering college due to lack of funds (as cited by the management). What the KNPW alumni and students feared that would probably happen became true when the college name was missing from the list of states polytechnic colleges for the academic year 2021-2022 released by the Telangana Department of Education. Before going into complete details of the present issue we would like to share some interesting facts related to KNPWC. • As mentioned earlier, Kamala Nehru Polytechnic For Women College (KNPWC) is the Asia’s first Women’s Polytechnic College established by the Exhibition Society in the month of June, 1961. • Late Sri Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, former Prime Minister of India laid the Foundation Stone on 19th July, 1962. • The spacious and beautiful building was inaugurated by Late Smt. Indira Gandhi, Former Prime Minister of India on 23rd June, 1966. • On successful completion of very satisfactory and excellent growth of 25 years the institution was privileged to celebrate Silver Jubilee Celebrations inaugurated by Late Sri Rajiv Gandhi, Former Prime Minister of India on 26th November, 1987. • On successful completion of 50 years, this Polytechnic has also celebrated its Golden Jubilee Celebrations on 2nd March, 2013. • Every year approximately 1500 girl/women students qualify several polytechnic courses from KNWPC. The fees levied on students is nominal which can be afforded by the students from under privileged and economical weaker sections. The college offers all facilities to students such as laboratories, playground, including hostel for students. The following courses are offered by Kamala Nehru Polytechnic For Women College (KNPWC) 1.  DIPLOMA IN CIVIL ENGINEERING (DCE)  - 3 YEARS  - 50 Seats 2.  DIPLOMA IN ELECTRONICS & COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING (DECE) - 3 YEARS-  50+10 SF Seats 3.  DIPLOMA IN ARCHITECTURAL ASSISTANTSHIP (DAA)  - 3 YEARS - 60 Seats 4.  DIPLOMA IN COMMERCIAL & COMPUTER PRACTICE (DCCP) - 3 YEARS - 60 Seats 5.  DIPLOMA IN GARMENT TECHNOLOGY (DGT) - 3 YEARS - 30 - Seats 6.  DIPLOMA IN HOTEL MANAGEMENT & CATERING TECHNOLOGY (DHMCT) - 3 YEARS - 30 Seats 7. DIPLOMA IN PHARMACY (DPH) - 2 YEARS - 50+10 SF - Seats           II SELF FINANCE COURSES : 8 DIPLOMA IN COMPUTER ENGINEERING (DCME) - 3 YEARS - 60 SF - Seats The college will no more be offering aided courses as it has applied for closure of five courses and decided to run remaining four courses as self-financed courses. The five courses to be discontinued include Garment Technology (DGT), Hotel Management & Catering Technology (DHMCT), Pharmacy (DPH), Commercial and Computer Practice (DCCP) and Architectural Assistantship (DAA). One of the oldest and prestigious colleges of our KNWPC, which was established exclusively for the welfare of women where hundreds of girls from economically weaker, marginalised communities have graduated, to promote literacy rate among women, to encourage girl students to pursue careers in engineering and other streams is being privatised. As per Dhiraj Kumar Jaiswal, Secretary of Exhibition Society, stated that they are forced to convert aided courses into self-financed courses due to financial constraints. He also quoted that they are ready to run the college, but only if the Telangana State Govt continues to provide financial assistance in paying salaries to contract lecturers. We, the Students and alumni of KNPWC allege that the exhibition society, is trying to shut down the college and start a private engineering college in its place. Reason for the allegation is that the society on one hand has applied and received a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from State board of technical education and training to stop the aided courses; on the other hand they have also applied for a No Objection Certificate (NOC) to convert / upgrade KNPWC as a private engineering college from JNTU (Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad ). By citing financial constraints as reason, exhibition society took the decision to convert KNWPC to a private college. However, exhibition society conducts an annual consumer exhibition (Numaish) in Hyderabad, Telangana state every year in the month of January and February. Through this exhibition the society is earning approximately 10 to 15 Crores of Rupees.We along with the faculty members question the society that where these funds are being utilised. Instead we suggest the society to use that finances to run the college which approximately require 5 crores per annum. Telangana Government spent Rs. 5993 crores for Shadi Mubarak & Kalyana Lakshmi schemes and Rs.1102 crores on Bathukamma Sarees since 2015. Education is a better gift than a saree or a lump sum amount for marriage for a girl child. Every girl needs to be educated enough to fight the odds of society. So, we the girl students and alumni of KNWPC along with other supporting Student Organisations, ( TSNSUI, SFI, AIDSO, AISF, ABVP ), social activists, educationalists, women organisations, like minded support groups demand Telangana Government to provide financial support to restore the good old days to KNWPC which produced brilliant engineers, architects, politicians, fashion designers and self –reliant women citizens to India over the last six decades. Even we are trying hard to gather the support from all political parties, Women Organisations , student organisations, social activists to save KNWPC from privatisation/commercialisation. In this process we Alumni could gather the support of Danasari Seethakka, MLA (Mulugu Constituency). Kamala Nehru Polytechnic Parirakshna Committee Members, Ch.Prameela (convenor-KNPPC) and E.Hemalatha (KNPPC member) met minister KTR garu and submitted memorandum regarding the conversion of Kamala Nehru Polytechnic college from govt. aided into a self financing one and its serious repercussions on poor & backward women's education. He promised that he will look into the matter. Smt.P. Vijaya reddy garu (khairatabad corporator) also requested him to take necessary steps to commence admissions for this academic year into the aided courses. Swati Maniputri (alumni, KNWPC), along with PDSU Leaders met Sabitha Indra Reddy, Minister for State Education and presented the memorandum and requested her support. She has extended her support and also assured to extend her help in all possible ways. Mere lack of funds should not be the reason for closing of prestigious KNWPC which has trained so many polytechnic diploma professionals. Instead, the government should have taken an initiative to provide funds to the college with better facilities which would bring honour to state and even nation as well. We as Students and Alumni of KNWPC request K. Chandra Sekhar Rao (KCR), Honourable Chief Minister, Telangana State and Mrs. Sabitha Indra Reddy, Honorable Minister for Education, Telangana State to look into this matter and take an initiative to save the Prestigious Kamala Nehru Women’s Polytechnic College from being shut down. Save Kamala Nehru Polytechnic For Women College (KNWP) #SaveKNWP

KNPW Students and Alumni Association
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Petition to Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Inder Singh Parmar, Prabhuram Choudhary

MP: Provide sanitary pads for free in all government schools

Hindi“Look there is blood on her frock” I got my first period when I was in school. I was in class 10th.  It was a Saturday; I vividly remember because I had worn my favourite white frock. It had big red blood stains on it. The other students and my sir saw it before me. They were trying to tell me, but I just couldn’t understand what was happening to me.  I was horrified. I was sent back home. I came back crying to my mother; my mother consoled me, and told me about menstruation. That one event left a deep impact on me. I was so embarrassed that I felt like never returning to school. My school attendance dropped heavily and on days when I had my periods, I stopped going to school altogether.  Then came my board exams. I was stressed, not just because of my exams, but also by the thought of getting my periods during the exam. My periods for the month were nearing and the admit card clearly stated that we were only allowed to carry a pen and the admit card to the exam center. I knew that the school did not have sanitary pads, and if my periods did end up coming during the exam, what would I do? I would be ridiculed in front of so many people! I was so scared by this thought that even though my periods hadn’t started, I wore my pads throughout.  I do not want any other girl to go through what I did. I have started this petition, to relieve the girls from my state from the stress and the tension that I had to go through. Join me, by signing and sharing this petition. At the time, I felt like this experience was mine alone, but as I grew up and started working, I realised that I shared this experience with many other girls from the country.  My story is not just mine, but that of many women and girls in Madhya Pradesh.  According to a report, 23 million girls drop out of school annually when they start menstruating in India. The primary reasons for them dropping out are unavailability of sanitary napkins, and lack of effective menstrual hygiene management. According to the National Family Health Survey, 57.6% of girls in the age group of 15-24 years in India adopt cleanliness during their periods. The condition in Madhya Pradesh is much worse - only 37.4% girls adopt cleanliness during periods. According to a report, 71% of girls in the country have said that they had no awareness of menstruation before their periods began. 82 NGO organizations say that there has been a further shortage of sanitary pads during Covid and the lack of pads and menstrual hygiene services is proving to be a bigger obstacle in the education of girls than ever before. The lives of lakhs of girls can be saved, if only the government makes it their priority.  We, the people of Madhya Pradesh, lovingly call our Chief Minister ‘Mama’ ji (uncle) and he too lovingly refers to all the girls from the state as his ‘Bhaanji’ (niece). I am thus requesting my 'Mama' ji to support us and provide free pads to all his nieces across all government schools in Madhya Pradesh. Please sign and share my petition so that the government takes a positive step towards safeguarding the health and the right to education of girls in Madhya Pradesh. #MaahvaariNaHoBhaari

Reena Shakya
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Petition to women, Arvind Kejriwal, Politicians, Uddhav Thackeray, Students, Priyanka Chaturvedi, Journalists, Jasmine Shah, Lawyers, Amit Shah, Smriti Irani, Kanimozhi Karunanidhi

Immediate Action Against Makers of Sulli Deals App and Bulli Bai App

My friend had a series of panic attacks and sleepless nights when she found her name on “Sulli Deals”. I was angry and helpless at the same time. The App called “Sulli Deals” had twitter accounts of at least 80 women with their pictures and usernames. All of them were Muslim women. This app called “Sulli Deals” (a derogatory term used to refer to Muslim women) was made by unidentified men on Github. The motive of the app was listed as “community-driven open source project.” So basically, my friends were auctioned off by right wing men on that app without their knowledge. Along with my friend, there were photos of other Muslim women who are students, activists, artists, journalists, research scholars. You can click on the app and simply bid on the stolen photos of us “put to sale”. I am tired, we are tired. But we are going to stand tall against this. Many women on the list have taken legal action against the app. But what is even more shocking is the support that the perpetrators get on social media. Hashtags trended in their support, we were sent threats and obscene messages in their support. Just months after, Bulli Bai, another app that 'cloned' Sulli Deals has emerged, and taken down.   I want us to not forget that my friends, who happen to be Muslim women in India were auctioned off on an app and fellow citizens supported this crime. I want to believe that there are people who will stand by my friends and extend solidarity. Please sign my petition asking for-1. Immediate action to be taken against the makers of the app2. Stricter laws in place against harassment on social media3. Fast tracked redressal mechanism by Twitter in cases of harassment online I want to tell you all, that it is definitely a women’s issue, rooted in misogyny and rape culture, but it is primary the issue of Muslim women, we are vulnerable, pushed against the walls. It is all of these things coupled with islamophobia. Someone like me who is vocal on social media faces abuse and trolling every day. If I read some of the messages to you, you will be shocked. We will not back down. Join us and sign my petition to ensure that social media becomes safer for women,especially women from marginalised communities.

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Petition to Oxford Dictionary, Collins Dictionary, the, Cambridge Dictionary,,, Google

Join hands to change the meaning of "weaker sex" in all the renowned dictionaries.

Strong women wear their pain-like high heels. No matter how much they hurt, all you get to see is how beautiful they are! "The beauty of giving birth to a child, feeding it, showing care, affection, responsibilities and life as such is because of the strength women show in our lives." However, a simple search for the meaning of 'Weaker Sex' shows up numerous results from dictionaries across the world as 'Women regarded collectively'. Women since times immemorial have been termed as the 'Weaker Sex' by patriarchal people and mindsets. Even when we consider the pain threshold both physically and mentally, women are the ones who are strong. From bearing the unbearable labor pain to give life, menstrual pain and other physical trauma, they also go through serious mental torture and stress. Despite facing all of this, you would never find a woman escaping or retreating from any of this. She faces every small hurdle with all her might and armour. And we call it STRENGTH! They are far from being the 'Weaker Sex'.  We at Continental Coffee always stood strong for women and their inalienable rights. This petition is a reminder of our collective efforts to appreciate and remind the world of her endurance and strength. They deserve your signature because they are 'NOT THE WEAKER SEX'. This International Women's Day, Continental Coffee takes the initiative to urge various dictionaries to change the meaning of the term ‘Weaker Sex’. We request everyone to support us to bring a change by signing this petition.  #ChooseToChallenge #NotTheWeakerSex  

Continental Coffee
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