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Petition to PeaceJam , United Nations, Shirin Ebadi

Womens Rights In The Middle East

This is a issue that has been ongoing for decades and still is on the rise in present day. Today, many women in the Middle East are silenced and do not have a prime voice to speak out against gender injustices that are imposed on them, likewise this is a huge dilemma for societies in the Middle East as patriarchy is on the rise. In light of this, if we gather together and create a alternate tone for women who are effected on a social, economical and political stance, we can bring upon change and help regressing societies get back on the their feet. This is most likely dominant in countries situated in the Middle East (West Asia) such as Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait, Turkey etc.) In order to bring upon change, it is essential that each one of our voice counts and that we are determined to not only influence a society, but a generation of where people can create a voice for those who are silenced and fight through this injustice, to abolish, if not, reduce the chances of this becoming a paramount dilemma. This would help millions of women and break the barriers amongst gender inequality in jobs, the social stance of a women in general, power in politics, the cultural approach to how a women is perceived and possibly changes in the legal system if there are enough voices that can help legitimize the severity of the issue. We all dream of cracking a dent in the world and being revolutionary peacemakers, but anybody can dream, it takes a solid amount of consistency and determination to adhere to such situations no matter what it takes, because those who want to make it happen will FIND a way regardless of what the circumstance might be. This is the first step, making it official and recognizing that there is an issue out there that needs to be fixed and being willing to open your eyes. The next step is to send this to micro organizations such as Shirin Ebadi's Peace Jam Organization, the UN and the Defender of Human Rights Center situated in Iran. Overall, we all have the capacity to make a difference, if we believe we are agents of peace, we are.

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Petition to Manitoba Human Rights Commission, The Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, Premier of Manitoba, Honourable Brian Pallister, Attorney General, Honourable Heather Stefanson, Supreme Court of Canada

Urge the Manitoba Government to END Size & Weight Discrimination NOW #SizeismSUCKS

My name is Lindsey Mazur, Registered Dietitian (RD), ally and advocate to end weight discrimination. As a dietitian, I have heard numerous painful stories of shaming, stigma and discrimination from clients that has impacted their mental and physical health and wellbeing. My work in health care has been dramatically impacted by witnessing the pain and lack of compassion shown to those who live in larger bodies.   October 2016-MLA Dr. Jon Gerrard introduced a Private Member’s Bill, in the Manitoba Legislature to have "physical size and weight" included in the Human Rights Code to prevent discrimination based on body size.  This bill was not accepted. November 23, 2016-MLA Dr. Jon Gerrard reintroduced Bill 200.  November 2, 2017-Bill 200 was REJECTED with a vote in the Manitoba Legislature. I started Manitobans Against Weight Stigma to rally the community to urge the Government of Manitoba to pass this long overdue human rights legislation to END weight discrimination NOW!  How can you help? Add your name to this petition and share it Email your area MLA to let them know your support of Bill 200 to include ‘physical size and weight’ in the Manitoba Human Rights Code Connect with Manitobans Against Weight Stigma on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @MBWeightStigma, using #SizeismSUCKS Share your story with me by emailing I have received permission to share a couple of stories from local women who have experienced size, weight and appearance-based discrimination: Jacquie is a fitness instructor in Winnipeg who was told that no one would want to train with her because of the size of her body and a project was assigned to a thinner and younger trainer despite Jacquie’s level of fitness ability and superior professional qualifications to do the job. Another Winnipeg woman applied for a promotion within her organization, and was denied; she was told that the woman who was offered the job was not more qualified than her but rather, more attractive.   Did you know… Studies have shown that over half (54%) of People of Size report having been discriminated against in the workplace.* More than 2/3 (69%) People of Size report having been discriminated by doctors.* In a study of adolescents in schools, 92% reported that they witnessed larger bodied students being teased about their weight.* *(Source: Yale Rudd Center, 2012) Want to learn more? Check out these news stories: Manitoba Liberals want to have weight discrimination in human rights code 'This is a human rights issue': Local dietitian creates campaign against weight stigma

Lindsey Mazur
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Petition to Justin Trudeau, Alex Nuttall, Jody Wilson-Raybould, Eric Hoskins

Kassidi's Law: Support sexual assault survivors

We start this petition in memory of my sister Kassidi Coyle. Kassidi was just 20 years old when she took her own life, four months after being sexually assaulted. Following the assault, Kassidi suffered with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). She had repeated nightmares and wasn't able to go anywhere by herself following the attack. Kassidi, who was once a bubbly and vibrant girl, was gone. It was like night and day. Support services were not readily available for Kassidi; she was placed on a four month wait list for counselling. She waited for help that wouldn’t come soon enough -- she took her own life on 1 November 2016, just weeks before her first appointment. Anyone who knew Kassidi would tell you how big of a heart she had. She would go the extra mile for someone even if she didn't know them. Kassidi was an organ donor and through her donations she saved eight lives. We don’t want anyone else to go through what Kassidi went through. Please sign our petition calling for: Increased support for sexual assault survivors including free, timely counselling and legal advice. No one should have to wait four months for help, like Kassidi did. Sentencing that reflects the devastating impact sexual assault has on survivors. We need to raise awareness of this growing problem and prevent someone else from losing their sister, aunt, daughter, or friend, because of the faults of the system. Please show your support by signing and sharing this petition. About the trial: There is currently an ongoing trial for the accused. With Kassidi no longer here to testify, we feared the case would no longer be able to proceed. My Mom fought to have Kassidi's name released so that we could share her story. With enormous public support and media attention, the trial will continue in December. We are praying that justice will be served and we will keep you updated. Thank you for standing with us, for Kassidi and for sexual assault survivors everywhere.

Chelsea Coyle
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