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Petition to U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives

Adopt National Rank Choice Voting Once and For All

One of the biggest flaws in the US election system is the underrepresentation of 3rd party candidates. Even when 3rd party candidates do receive many more votes than usual in Presidential Elections, these votes end up just being that votes that were "stolen" from a candidate. This occurred in the Gore-Bush election (Nader received 94,000 votes from voters that most likely would have voted for Gore) and the Clinton-Trump election (some Sanders supporters redirected their votes to Trump). Rank Choice Voting (RCV) is the potential solution to these issues surrounding 3rd party candidates, whether it is an unfair chance at winning or "stolen" votes. Here is how this Voting process works: When the voter comes to the booth, he will have however many options there are people running (as usual). But instead of voting for 1 person, the voter puts his top 2 choices. These votes are counted, and whichever 2 candidates have the most top 1 and 2 votes are the final candidates. Then, these 2 candidates are voted on and voters may only vote for 1 candidate. So what does this look like? Let us say that there are two candidates A and B each with similar platforms, and one candidate C with a different platform. Also, let us assume that 40% of voters will prefer A as their top candidate, 25% for B, and 35% for C. Through RCV voting, C will still win 35% of the vote, even though 65% of voters prefer both A or B over C. Also, all voters are pressured to choose at least one of A or B, and voters who prefer A or B must vote for both A and B to ensure defeat for C. This ensures a higher chance for 3rd party candidates. By the First Amendment, we the people have the right to petition the government, and if this petition is agreed upon by a certain amount of voters, this voting process must be brought to Congress. If RCV voting is passed, 3rd party candidates will have a better chance at victory without interfering with the chances of like-minded candidates, and also our government will be better represented by us, The People.

Tal D
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Petition to The GlenOak High School Administration

Put Nick Popa back on the ballot for Junior Homecoming Court

On September 13th, 2017, the ballots for the GlenOak Homecoming Court were published. Although I am currently a senior, my name was placed on the Junior Male Ballot. After a complaint, the name was changed to my brother, Matt Popa, who is actually a junior. They claimed they mixed up the names. I feel as though this is unjust. I had many supporters and although I may not be in that grade level, I was on the ballot and replacing me was just simply rude.  I believe in equality and that means all grades are equal. For this reason, I ask that you sign this petition to help keep the legacy going and allow myself to continue running and hopefully win the Junior Class Homecoming Court! I shall not be discriminated by my grade level. My grade level does not define me. I deserve to be on that ballot. Whether they meant to place my brother on the ballot or not, my name was originally on there and it should have remained there. So please, if you believe in equality and support me, I ask that you sign this petition in hopes for change.  Alternatively, I have a second request in the event that the administration refuses to replace my name. In such events, I ask that I receive an award for "Super Junior Male Homecoming Court" *name subject to change. This will give me the opportunity to live out the legacy. I feel this is a fair request if they so choose to keep me off the ballot. technically speaking, I am a "Super Junior". If I was the only "Super Junior" in the running, this means I win by default and shall be awarded the same awards as those of the official Homecoming Court. I shall receive a sash and a crown to wear as well as have the opportunity to walk during the homecomimg football game. I deserve equal rights to those that also win in their select categories. Thank you for your support! Please share this with as many people as possible, with your help, we can make the world a better place.  I am Nick Popa and I approve this message

Nick Popa
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Petition to San Antonio City Council, Bexar County Commissioners Court

Require all San Antonio City Council candidates to submit a Nominating Petition

The flooding of our ballot in previous San Antonio municipal elections has been detrimental to our democratic process. In 2017, there were fourteen Mayoral candidates, ten District 9 candidates, and ten District 10 candidates - a total of 79 candidates for the Mayor and all districts. This high number of candidates causes the following problems in our elections: 1. Harder for citizens to become fully-informed voters. 2. Higher likelihood of voter mistakenly voting for unintended candidate 3. Increased possibility that candidate will be placed on the "second page" of an electronic voting machine ballot. 4. Increased possibility of election sabotage by candidates with closely related names to popular candidates 5. Increased possibility of candidates on ballot who do not meet residency requirements. Bob Rivard of The Rivard Report outlined his case for local election reform in this article. I am proposing (w/ openness to flexibility) to require Mayoral candidates to obtain 500 signatures each and District Council Candidates to obtain 100 signatures each. The best part about this solution is that it would not deter any serious candidates from getting their name on the ballot but it would require all candidates to prove their commitment to campaigning and gain support from San Antonio voters before they are granted a place on the ballot. 

Paul DiGiovanni
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