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Petition to Greg Abbott

Pardon Black Woman Imprisoned for Voting

Crystal hadn’t originally planned to vote in the 2016 presidential elections, but after her mother reminded her how important it was, she decided to do so to set a good example for her children. For that, she is now facing 5 years or more in prison. Sign the petition to call on Texas Governor Abbott to pardon Crystal for the “crime” of voting. Because Crystal previously spent time in prison for tax fraud, she had been unknowingly stripped by the state of Texas of her voting rights, and her innocent attempt to submit a ballot as an ineligible voter was actually a felony. Meanwhile, a white judge in a nearby city who recently plead guilty to forging multiple signatures to help himself get re-elected was only sentenced to probation. But a black mother of three is being sent to prison for years because she tried once to vote while ineligible. Crystal was simply trying to do her civic duty in a state where African-Americans and people of color face serious barriers to voting. It’s no coincidence that only 6% of the population of her city voted in the last midterm elections. Perhaps the saddest part of this story is that Crystal’s children now say they will never vote. What kind of message are we sending to our children that they should be afraid to vote in the country they contribute to? Please join me in calling on Governor Abbott to pardon Crystal and release her back to her family.

Next Generation Action Network
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Petition to GA State Election Board

Hand-Marked Paper Ballots for Georgia

Petition to Georgia’s State Election Board for Paper Ballot Elections We the undersigned, respectfully petition the State Election Board to immediately require the use of hand-marked paper ballots beginning in the November 2018 election. Additionally, we request that the State Election Board immediately conduct an audit of the voter registration rolls to ensure that all voters are properly assigned to the electoral districts in which they are eligible to vote. We ask that you consider the following points that support the requirement of secure paper ballots and accurate voter assignment to electoral districts for all Georgia elections: U.S. national security agencies, DHS, voting system experts, cybersecurity experts, and the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence agree that paper ballots are required for a secure election. Georgia uses touchscreen voting machines which cannot be audited, nor can the election results be verified. Hand-marked paper ballots are simple for voters to use and can be rapidly counted by optical scanners. Georgia officials use paper ballots and optical scanners for mail in ballots and can also use them for polling place ballots beginning in November 2018. Hundreds of voters have been disenfranchised because they are assigned to the wrong electoral districts. Appropriate ADA-compliant accommodations should be made for voters who are unable to hand mark paper ballots. We understand that the State Election Board has been supplied with detailed information supporting the feasibility of the immediate use of hand marked paper ballots. We respectfully request your immediate action to stop the use of touchscreen voting machines and protect future elections with hand-marked paper ballots and a thorough audit of voter electoral district assignments.  

Dana Bowers
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Petition to U.S. Voters

Declare your political independence

From the Stamp Act in 1765 to the Tea Act in 1773, and ultimately the shots fired in Lexington in 1775 and the ensuing Revolutionary War, the American people have resisted the vile concept of taxation without representation. Yet with just two independent Senators in the Senate and zero independent or third party Representatives in the House, there is a large and growing segment of the population that is only minimally represented in the major legislative bodies of our federal government. The picture in state legislatures is only slightly less grim -- there are a total of 42 independent and third party legislators out of 7,383, or 0.6% compared with 0.4% in Congress. We are at a crisis point in American democracy. The way we get out of this mess is to view our votes differently, to recognize all of our options, and to step out of the partisan box. The second we start to even consider all of our options, the blinders come off and we can see our own agency to change what’s broken. We can start to demand more from the candidates who have been taking our votes for granted. We can advocate more effectively for reforms like Ranked Choice Voting and Open Debates that are so clearly beneficial to our system of self-governance. If we declare our political independence, we recapture the theoretical power of our votes and our voices. If they can’t take our votes for granted, after all, they actually have to start listening to us. 92 million voting-eligible Americans (40%) did not vote in the 2016 election. 66 million voted for Hillary Clinton (29%). 63 million voted for Donald Trump (27%). The clear winners of the election were apathy and disgust. The clear losers were the American people and our entire democratic experiment. We can, and we must, do better.

Open The Debates!
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