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Petition to Karen Bass, Jerry Brown, Kamala Harris, Sebastian Ridley-Thomas, Dianne Feinstein, Holly Mitchell

Every Four Years, Make The Presidential Voting Day A Federal Holiday

Every four years, Election Day for the President of the United States comes around on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.  In the 2016 election, roughly fifty-eight percent of the voting age population participated in civic action and voted.  Could this percentage be different if there was a way to make time so people could voice their opinions and vote without worrying about when they can get out of work to actually vote?  If Election Day becomes a Federal holiday, maybe more people will go out and vote in the next Presidential election. Having a day off would help with time management and possibly increase the percent of voters.  How can this be done?  The alternative solution can be a Bill created, proposing that every presidential election year, take the October Columbus Day Federal Holiday, move it to Election Day in November, and make it the Voting Day Federal Holiday instead.  The days are only a few weeks apart, and because Election Day comes around only once in four years, creating a whole new holiday might be a bit much for our current Congress. However, if our States and our Federal government transferred that holiday once every four years and made it so that people would have this day off to celebrate the ‘Power of the People’, instead of celebrating Columbus Day, a controversial holiday, this could even out the Federal holidays and work days, with little hassle.  There still would be 10 Federal holidays in any given year.   Please add your name to this petition if you believe that making the presidential Voting Day a Federal Holiday can help more people to vote and have their voices heard.    

Hendricks Richman
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Petition to Carlos Beruff

Amend Florida’s Constitution to force presidential candidates to release their tax returns

We have come to expect that our presidential candidates will act in good faith and voluntarily release their tax returns. However, Donald Trump has recently shown it is possible to win a presidential election without releasing any tax returns. This may start a dangerous precedent where future presidential candidates are no longer compelled to release their tax returns to the public. What can we do? Individual tax returns are private information and so any release must be voluntary. Therefore there must be a compelling reason for a presidential candidate to release them, such as being ineligible to receive the electoral college votes from a state unless they do so. While most states currently award their electoral college votes to the candidate that wins the popular vote, each state is ultimately allowed to determine how to distribute its electoral college votes. Florida has an approaching opportunity to vote on amendments to it's State Constitution proposed by the Florida Constitutional Review Commission. Amendments proposed will then be placed on the November 2018 ballot and voted on by Floridians. Let the commission know that we want the Florida Constitution amended so that only presidential candidates who have released their most recent 15 years of tax returns can be awarded Florida’s electoral college votes.

David Pritchard
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