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Petition to U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives

There’s been enough election misinformation: Tell Congress to pass the Honest Ads bill

With the midterms over, the time is now to focus on what the 2020 election could hold. In both the 2016 and 2018 elections, Russian financed bots and fake accounts coordinated a vast propaganda campaign to divide Americans and spread disinformation. There’s a solution waiting in the wings. The Honest Ads bill would require all online political ads to be under the same scrutiny as TV and radio campaign advertising. Over 200 million Americans get their news online and from social media. Right now, the Honest Ads bill is waiting to be brought to a vote in the Senate. Elections have consequences, tell the U.S. Senate and House to pass Honest Ads bill and stop these bots. Election after election has been flooded with misinformation campaigns led by the Kremlin. During the height of the 2016 presidential race, Russian entities bought $100,000 in political ads to specifically target, misinform, and divide Americans. They bought ads on multiple social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. These posts overwhelmed election content, accounting for roughly 30% to 40% of all election oriented Tweets in key swing states. Even Facebook wants to see the Honest Ads bill become law. In order for elections to work, the electorate (aka: the people), need to be well informed. That can’t happen when fake accounts are misinforming voters. Now that over 70% of Americans get their news from social media and online platforms, it’s never been more important to pass the Honest Ads bill. Demand Congress protect Americans from Kremlin-funded agendas, pass the Honest Ads bill.

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Petition to Council of the District of Columbia

#StandWithDCYouth: Pass the Youth Vote Amendment Act of 2018

The Youth Vote Amendment Act of 2018, introduced by Councilmember Charles Allen would give 16 and 17 year old Washingtonians the right to vote in all DC elections. More than 10,000 Washingtonians (who in many cases pay taxes, can drive motor vehicles, and who are impacted by public policy passed by officials they cannot hold accountable) would automatically gain the right to vote upon passage, over 80% of them being young adults of color.  On November 13th, 7 members of the DC Council voted to table the bill that young people across the city have worked so hard to advance, including two members who originally co-sponsored the legislation when it was introduced in April (At-Large Councilmember Anita Bonds and Ward 8 Councilmember Trayon White).  THANK YOU to Councilmembers Robert White, David Grosso, Elissa Silverman, Brianne Nadeau, Charles Allen and Vince Gray for choosing to #StandWithDCYouth and vote "no" on the motion to table.  We demand Councilmembers Phil Mendelson, Anita Bonds, Jack Evans, Mary Cheh, Brandon Todd, Kenyan McDuffie and Trayon White pass the bill before it dies at the end of this year. For those who say they #StandWithDCYouth, now is the time to show it. Sign the petition, then CALL YOUR COUNCILMEMBERS ( and tell them to vote to pass the Youth Vote Amendment Act of 2018.

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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, Donald J. Trump, Nancy Pelosi, Steny H. Hoyer, Charles E. Schumer, Richard J. Durbin

Make Election Day a national holiday

Participation in our democracy is arguably the most fundamental right granted to all American citizens. It is the means by which we can make our voices heard and choose the best people to lead us, and it only works when everyone has an equal chance to take some time, research the items on their ballots, and make an educated vote accordingly. Unfortunately, however, even the most politically-minded of us find ourselves stuck with little to no time to dedicate to this endeavor due to the demands of work and other obligations, which results in speedily filling out our ballots and/or skipping items that don't grab our immediate attention, effectively robbing us of the chance to express our desires full-force.To counteract this situation, the newly empowered Congress should take the initiative to:1. Codify Election Day as a national holiday, providing ample time for citizens to go out and wait in line to cast their votes; this could be instituted in conjunction with universal early voting days so voters can sit down and take the time to get to know the candidates, measures, and other items up for consideration at the federal, state, and local levels before voting2. Spearhead campaigns to get the American people excited about voting again and to bring its importance front-and-center as a pillar of our political culture (after all, Election Day used to be a holiday and, based on the descriptions, people had a pretty great time)3. Work with business leaders to determine the best way to make up for any lost productivity caused by the added day off, including but not limited to providing time off via alternating shifts during the workday for absolutely crucial employees, facilitating absentee voting, etc. I have had to personally deal with the logistical difficulties of making sure my voice is heard, and I want it to be easier for everyone who wants to vote to be able to do so. This petition is meant to be the start of a meaningful discussion, and hopefully, if we can get Election Day to become a national holiday, the next step could be aligning state election dates with federal ones to centralize the system and increase efficiency in doing so. The ultimate result will be a democracy in which we all take part at the same time and for the same ideals, drawing us closer not only as a polity, but as a country as well.

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