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Petition to United States Supreme Court, Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Senate, Donald Trump, Thomas Suozzi, Tammy Duckworth, Bernie Sanders, John Cornyn, Susan Collins, Jeff Flake


STOP SEPARATING FAMILIES!!!! This is America. We are one nation, under g-d, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. The fact that children are being yanked from their parents and punished for simply wanting a better chance in life by coming to this country is completely against the founding principles of this nation. The fact that some high-ranking members of our government have defended separating families and saying that it is “biblical” is completely un-American. Families, for generations, have come to this country to be able to live a better life. My great-grandparents came here from Europe in the early 20th century, since America is the land of opportunity and freedom. As an American and as a human, I cannot stay silent while children are being taken from their parents. I cannot support any human being who condones such a horrible act. We need to all act as Americans and humans to put an end to this! We must end family separation at the border!  With that said, I ask for you to sign this petition. It will be delivered to multiple senators and high-ranking government officials on both sides of the political spectrum, the Department of Homeland Security, the White House, the Supreme Court, and high-ranking immigration attorneys.  We must unite as humans and Americans and put an end to this mess!    Thanks, Mitchell Schwartz Proud American and Teen Activist

Mitchell Schwartz
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Petition to Department of Justice, Donald Trump

AG Jeff Sessions Should Recuse Himself From the Immigration Case He Referred to Himself

Using a rarely used federal Law, the U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions took the highly unusual step of referring an immigration case to himself. The Rarely Used Federal Law Allows Sessions to Override U.S. Immigration Court Decisions The highly unusual procedure is being carefully examined by immigration attorneys, judges and immigrant rights groups. The federal law utilized allows Sessions to reconsider cases decided by the U.S. Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), the United States' highest administrative body for interpreting and applying U.S. immigration laws. The Castro-Tum case that Jeff Sessions referred to himself was administratively closed by a U.S. immigration judge. Sessions is seeking to unilaterally eliminate administrative closure Jeff Sessions' has publicly stated he is looking to unilaterally eliminate administrative closures. As U.S. Attorney General, his decision would be binding on all U.S. immigration courts. Eliminating administrative closure would create a path for immigrants to be prematurely & unlawfully deported. There are an estimated 350,000 cases that have been administratively closed. Prestigious former BIA board members and immigration judges have filed a brief forcefully explaining that Jeff Sessions does not have a legal basis to eliminate administrative closures. Brief Explains Since Sessions is not Impartial, He Cannot Lawfully Decide Immigration Cases The American Immigration Council and five other immigrant rights organizations have also filed an amicus brief arguing that Jeff Sessions is clearly unfit to make these important decisions. Their brief makes the case by highlighting that Sessions decided to apply the full power of the attorney general’s office to bear against a particularly vulnerable individual. The young man in the Castro-Tum case was placed in removal as a minor and has never been represented by an immigration attorney. The brief outlines Sessions’ many public statements demonstrating he is unfit to be a neutral decision maker. The organizations argue that due process under the U.S constitution “requires a neutral decisionmaker in immigration proceedings,” and that the following categories of statements by Sessions disqualify him from deciding the case: Sessions' public statements that he already decided to end administration closure before referring Castro-Tum to himself. His many derogatory public statements about foreign citizens who don’t meet his standards, or whose family relationships provide the basis for immigration status. His many public statements espousing a bias toward unaccompanied children like Castro-Tum. The Attorney General Must Meet the Same Standards as Judges If a BIA member or immigration judge were to publicly espouse biases like Sessions, the amicus brief argues that Federal courts would vacate any ensuing removal order and find that the judge violated constitutional due process and lacked the impartiality required. The brief also highlights that Sessions is not above the law and, if he wishes to refer cases to himself, must meet the same standards as the Department of Justice judges he oversees. Since Sessions Cannot be an Impartial Judge, He Must Recuse Himself and Let Impartial Judges Decide Immigration Cases

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Petition to Adidas, NIKE

Adidas and Nike: Make Iran 2018 World Cup apparel available to national team and customers

Due to sanctions against the Iranian government, American athletic apparel companies like Adidas and Nike are refusing to supply the Iranian national soccer team with equipment. Mere days before the kickoff of the World Cup, Nike withdrew its supply of boots from the squad, telling ESPN, "Sanctions applicable to Nike have been in place for many years and are enforceable by law." But Nike supplied boots to Iran in 2014, before the Iran deal, while the country was still under heavy sanctions. Meanwhile, no athletic apparel company would sponsor the team's kits, so the national team bought their own jerseys from Adidas. Because Adidas did not sponsor the team, Iran World Cup soccer jerseys are not available for sale in the company's shop. I am a soccer-loving, American woman. I am also half-Iranian. With no American team in the World Cup to root for, I would like to support my heritage during the World Cup. But I can't even pay money to the likes of sports behemoths like Adidas or Nike because of made-up excuses about U.S. sanctions. This isn't about sanctions. It's about bigotry. Nike and Adidas: you have failed the half-million Iranians and Iranian-Americans who live in the United States and want to support the Iranian national team. Furthermore, you have failed yourselves in not rising above politics and demonstrating unsportsmanlike behavior. Make your gear available to the Iranian national team, and put their gear online for sale so that customers can literally pay you money for them.

Mary Ann Badavi
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