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Help Pennsylvania Join the 13 States w/Prohibited Red Light Cameras

Red light camera tickets violate the due process of Pennsylvania residents and visitors. Running a red light or stop sign is a traffic violation, which must be cited and enforced by a municipal or state warranted police officer. Cameras do not have the capacity to judge the safety of coming to a complete stop or the necessity of drivers to pass through an intersection at a red light. Additionally, there are many intersections with cameras that violate video surveillance law. Not all traffic lights within Pennsylvania have a countdown, warning vehicles and pedestrians of a light change. Several traffic lights do not have yellow lights timed appropriately to allow enough time for drivers to take safe actions at intersections.  The average reaction time for humans is 0.25 seconds to a visual stimulus. There is a 1 second delay (driver reaction time) in hitting your brakes. Often, both recognition and reaction time is 2 seconds. A reasonably skilled driver could easily get deceleration rates in excess of 20 fpsps without loss of control.  Vehicle Stopping Distance & Time for 35 MPH Speed Limit 35 MPH = 51.35 fps. (fps=1.467 * MPH)  Stopping Time = 51.35 fps/20 fpsps + 2 sec. Recognition Time = 4.57 seconds Our neighboring state of New Jersey, the most densely populated state in the country, ended its red light camera program in December 2014.  "The state Department of Transportation already issued a report based on previous years of red light camera data in New Jersey, which showed that safety improved just as much at intersections that didn't have red light cameras as those that did - telling us nothing about whether red light cameras actually make us safer. The town of Brick quit the program out of its own volition, despite $830,000 in annual revenue, because the mayor said its red light camera intersections saw an increase in rear end accidents from drivers who feared a ticket and stopped short." [] Pennsylvania State law currently places the vehicle owner as liable for tickets determined by red light camera programs, despite the the lack of photographic evidence of the vehicle owner being at fault. Current state law is available online. [Title 75] Vehicle Stopping Distance & Time []

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Petition to MTA/LIRR

Save Kew Gardens Lefferts Blvd. Bridge - the Heart of Our Community

Don't let MTA/LIRR destroy the heart of Kew Gardens! Since the late 1920's the Kew Gardens’ Lefferts Blvd bridge over the Long Island Railroad - home to the mom and pop stores that give the town its character and serve the shopping needs of its residents -  has been the heart of this "Urban Village in the Big City".  MTA and LIRR own the bridge and surrounding real estate. Over 26 years ago the MTA set aside plans to develop a high-rise building over the MTA/LIRR tracks at the Kew Gardens Station.  The MTA abandoned its proposal in the face of unified opposition by the community’s residents, civic associations, and elected officials.  Hundreds of people came together to fight the proposed destruction of the Lefferts Blvd. bridge of stores - the heart of Kew Gardens. The heart of Kew Gardens is once again threatened. The MTA/LIRR is using the results of their intentional neglect as the excuse for a revived attempt to destroy the heart of our community.  This site – a one-of-a-kind structure in New York City and the United States - is now once more the target of destructive development. Too many American “somewheres” have become “nowheres.”  We won’t let Kew Gardens become a “nowhere"!  We demand a full repair and preservation of the Lefferts Blvd bridge and its properties, with community oversight. 

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