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Petition to Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) - Administration & Office of Program Development, Village of Bartlett

Help save lives at Route 59 and Army Trail Road

[SCROLL DOWN TO VIEW THE LATEST NEWS AND UPDATES and to view comments from our supporters] We have long been concerned about the safety of this intersection, specifically the critical danger posed by the lack of visibility of drivers who are coming northbound on Route 59 and waiting to turn west (left) onto Army Trail Road (ATR) in Bartlett, IL. Due to the curvature of the road, for a driver in this position, it is nearly impossible to see if any drivers are approaching from the north side (heading south) of the intersection if there is another driver in the oncoming left turn lane. This creates a very dangerous situation as drivers routinely run the red light. Yesterday, in this scenario, I was nearly killed by an SUV heading southbound on Rt 59, as he/she suddenly flew through the red light at at least 50 mph. I was trying to clear the intersection; the car in the oncoming left turn lane hadn't yet cleared, and I could not see any other cars coming.  Had I not floored the gas pedal and swerved out of the way of the SUV running the red light, I might not be here today. A less experienced driver would surely have been killed, along with any passenger(s). While doing some research on this subject, it has come to my attention that five years ago there was an appeal to IDOT to have a red light camera installed at this location, a move that would surely help increase the safety of this intersection, as drivers would have to think twice before running the red light. But that petition was REJECTED. Since that time AT LEAST TWO PEOPLE HAVE BEEN KILLED, and others injured in this intersection. Could those lives have been spared?  Many people drive/ride this route on a daily basis - Adults and children. Can we not reduce the obvious risk that exists in this intersection and prevent more lives from being lost? Can we afford to do NOTHING?  Whether it is a red light camera, a modification to the traffic signals (left turn on arrow only?) or another solution, we must make an effort to make this intersection more safe.  [UPDATE: We are pursuing a Left Turn on Arrow Only solution for this intersection] TAKE ACTION - PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION AND LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD. Ask IDOT and the Village of Bartlett to TAKE STEPS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE TO INCREASE THE SAFETY AT THIS INTERSECTION.  DON'T STAND BY AND LET ANOTHER LIFE BE LOST. Please encourage others to sign this petition today. Thank you!  

Citizens for Safety at Army Trail Road and 59
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Petition to Justin Trudeau, Christy Clark, Honourable Todd Stone, Mayor Jack Froese, Honourable Rich Coleman, MP Honourable Mark Warawa, Premier Christy Clark, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, MP Honourable Amarjeet Sohi, Honourable Claire Trevena, Honourable John Aldag, Patrina Arnason, David Davis, Charlie Fox, Bob Long, Angie Quaale, Kim Richter, Michelle Sparrow, Blair Whitmarsh

Stop the 216th interchange project until a Walnut Grove transportation plan is approved.

Keep Walnut Grove a peaceful place to live, please sign this petition to have the MOT and TOL engage our community with a transportation plan that manages the traffic on 216th St. from Hwy 1 to 96 Ave. within Walnut Grove. The BC Ministry of Transportation (MOT) and the Township of Langley (TOL) are planning a 4 lane interchange at HWY1 and 216th St with full on and off ramp capabilities. The new interchange is to support growth on the south side of Highway 1 in a new subdivision called Williams, currently in the planning stage with TOL. This highway interchange will drive unwanted semi truck and excessive car traffic into the pristine North Langley residential community of Walnut Grove. In Walnut Grove, 216th Street is lined with single family residential homes, two elementary schools, bike paths, and crosswalks.  Our young children should be kept safe from the planned 4 lanes of traffic. The excessive traffic will increase the hazards of walking and biking in the quiet residential Walnut Grove neighbourhood, as well as on 216th St, and will restrict popular cycling paths in Forest Hills. We expect a significant increase in noise pollution, air pollution, and a negative impact on our property values. The need to improve infrastructure in Langley is important, but it needs to be done with the best interests of each community affected. The TOL is doing a great job of engaging the public in the Williams planning exercise. However, the TOL has not developed a transportation plan from Hwy 1 to 96th Ave. An unapproved plan for 4 lanes, without noise abatement, from Hwy 1 to Telegraph Trail and a 4 way light at Telegraph Trail will be presented to TOL for budget approval, but no planning or consultation has occurred beyond this, particularly with the 2 elementary schools and residents in North Langley who are directly impacted by the overpass from HWY 1 to 96 Ave. The Walnut Grove Community has alternative recommendations to decrease the negative impact on our neighbourhood: Clearly show why Glover Road is not a feasible, or superior option for an Interchange instead of 216th Street. An existing plan to extend Labonte Ave to 216th St. will service Williams and this interchange will better service TWU, Fort Langley and Langley City. Decrease the planned 216th Street overpass to two lanes and guarantee this route north of HWY1 will not be a commercial truck route. Limit access to 216th St., North of Hwy 1. (Hwy 1 on and off ramps to service south of Hwy 1 only.). The TOL shall initiate a public consultation process to define the transportation plan from HWY1 to 96 Ave and ensure plans are COMPLETED AND FUNDED  BEFORE the 216th interchange is approved. This transportation plan shall include such analysis and discussions as traffic studies, traffic abatement plans, school safety planning, environmental impact analysis including noise and air pollution, eliminating semi truck traffic with the use of roundabouts, and limiting the width of the roads to reduce traffic as much as possible. Here is a video showing the traffic in 2045 on 216th North of Hwy 1, The traffic from 96th to Telegraph trail is not shown, but will have to pass through 2 elementary schools.  Additional information from the Mar 30 meeting at Alex Hope Elementary is here. Thanks for signing the petition and ensuring our community is engaged with a complete transportation plan before the interchange design is completed. For more information on the 216th St. Interchange and to share your feedback directly with the MOT:  

The Harfman Family
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Petition to Eric Garcetti

Save Angels Flight

Dear Mayor Garcetti, Angels Flight is trapped in a bureaucratic stalemate and we need your help. Los Angeles' beloved funicular railway, Historic-Cultural Monument #4, was out of commission for six hours on September 5, 2013, because of an incident that took place that day. The cause of the incident was investigated and addressed, and new safety equipment was tested in the presence of State and Federal officials in February of 2014. But now, nearly two years following the 2013 incident, the public still is being prohibited from riding Angels Flight. The operator of Angels Flight and numerous licensed professional engineers and the LAFD have concluded that safety issues have been addressed. The Railway is in safe working order, and has been since early 2014. However, because of the views of a now-retired NTSB investigator, the California Public Utilities Commission will not permit the vintage passenger cars to carry patrons until a track-adjacent evacuation walkway, which experts have written is unnecessary and even a foreseeable hazard, is installed alongside the track, the cables, and the electric third rail.  Angels Flight is one of the great historic attractions of our city, a palpable link between the lost Victorian neighborhood of Bunker Hill and the vibrant new Downtown below. It is heartbreaking to see the cars and track structure as they are today, dusty and tagged with graffiti. Please, will you step in personally to help cut the red tape in Sacramento and San Francisco so that a pathway to a solution can be identified? It is our sincere hope that Angels Flight might again be carrying residents and visitors by December 31, 2015, the commencement of Angels Flight’s 115th year in Los Angeles. Our City does not have much that is that old or wonderful. Your taking this leadership role in finding a solution would be a great service to the City, and one which you are uniquely suited to perform. Yours Hopefully,

Angels Flight Friends and Neighbors Society
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