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Petition to President Donald J. Trump, General & Secretary of Offense James "Chaos" Mattis, Raytheon

Change the name of the Tomahawk cruise missile to Atlatl.

It has recently developed from the heavy media coverage of Tomahawk cruise missile strikes that some Native American tribes may feel offended at the misuse of their traditional weapon, tool, and status symbol by an administration many may not find themselves in agreement with.  While the name was aptly selected as a respectful nod to the prowess of Native American warriors, and of the power projection that their tomahawks gave them, this thought seems to fall on deaf minds today, as such it is only appropriate to consider renaming the weapon. For this I have put forth the replacement name, "The Atlatl."  The Atlatl is a weapon found among many cultures and ancient peoples across many continents, and as such has no specific ties to any one people to draw offense from.  However, it is most well known as having been used to terrifying effect against Spanish Conquistadors by the Aztec people.  The Aztec have since been wiped out by their Spanish invaders, so offense from them is unlikely, barring the possibility of El Dorado having survived in hiding all this time.  It's safe to assume they'll opt to stay hidden somewhere in Mexico, rather than speak out, however.   It should also be noted that the Atlatl was a supremely effective weapon, especially when compared to a throwing hatchet, and even has the benefit of actually being a thrown spear, thus looking more like a missile.  It also serves as a final reminder to why we must build a wall, to never forget Spanish incursion. I feel I have put forth enough reason to warrant changing the name.  Please sign and share to your friends and family.  Thank you.

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Petition to Donald Trump, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives

Halt attacks on Syria until chemical attack responsibility is proven beyond doubt.

President Trump ran on a platform of peace. In his final speech he stated "Isn't it time to end these wars once and for all?". The interventionists unwisely destroyed Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan. The same attitude was brought in Syria, and weapons were widely distributed to destroy, again, the cradle of civilization, under the motivation of humanitarianism. However this has simple led to mass suffering. Changing countries to be more "like us" through externally funded violence has a very dismal track record, whereas engagement, diplomacy and peaceful protest seldom create mass destruction and suffering. The chemical release in Idlib should not be used to justify attacking Syria, unless it can be absolutely verified who is responsible. It makes no sense for the Syrian Government to use gas at this time, as they fear American and Western attack and have rolled back the advances of the foreign backed fighters of ISIS and Al Nusra. The proof cannot come from a panel of experts who are biased. It must come from an investigation that includes Western, Russian and Chinese investigators. The American people do not want to be responsible for raining down destruction on defenseless nations to further the agendas of warlike elements in our leadership who will use the flimsiest evidence to justify mass destruction, as was done in Iraq, Libya and Vietnam, all based on lies. Reference:

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Petition to (Secretary-General of the United Nations), Mr. Antonio Guterres (Secretary-General of the United Nations), United Nations, United Nations Security Council

Create a Constitutional Commission, Develop and Discuss the Syrian Constitution Urgently!

@SaveSyriaFuture - Twitter #SaveSyrianFuture (scroll down for English / العربية) Mr. Antonio Guterres,Secretary GeneralUnited Nations Dear Mr. Secretary General, The civil war in Syria has been raging on for more than six years, longer than World War II. The Syrian people suffer heavy losses. The brutality of some parties of the conflict knows neither borders nor limits.People, who went out on the streets of Syria in March 2011, are long forgotten. Their peaceful demonstrations for democratic reforms were treacherously exploited against themselves. The noble and just opposition of that time was poisoned by dirty ideas of strive for power, injected by some foreign sponsors, while the Syrian people's right for peaceful life, sovereignty and independence was shattered into pieces. Our country faced military intervention. Terrorism is spreading its reach on the Syrian soil impudently, daringly and devastatingly.However, our desire to put an end to this war is getting stronger with every passing day. The memory of 500,000 souls of our martyred brothers and sisters fuels our desire to liberate Syria. The huge number of victims which continues to grow is desperately crying about the need to end this violent and bloody conflict.Understanding that it is impossible to achieve peace by brutal force only, we demand an immediate and unconditional dialogue about political settlement of Syrian crisis.The war exhausted the people of Syria who have lost all faith in the UN and no longer believe that it is able to restore peace. Our hearts wring with regret and grievous pain when we hear the opposition politicians refuse to participate in the negotiations and reject peace initiatives because of 'non-compliance' with legal formalities, while our children are deprived of home and food. Only political dialogue can bring a long-awaited peace to the Syrian land! This is why we strongly demand an immediate creation of a constitutional commission, organization of a broad discussion of the draft constitution at all political platforms including Geneva and Astana in order to foster the political process for a peaceful settlement. The procedures and terms of power transition must not hamper the discussion of the future of Syria and should not have a negative impact on the emerging peace process. We demand to grant the Syrian Constitutional Commission all the powers, including the right to participate in the negotiations as a force independent from the government and opposition. We demand the collection and analysis of the public opinion and proposals of any Syrian citizen, as well as the elaboration of provisions for discussing the future prototype of the constitution to be included into the duties of the Commission. It is also necessary to give the Constitutional Commission the right to interact with other democratic institutions in order to exchange experience in the domain of state building. The UN and all of the members of the Security Council should facilitate the involvement of all parties in the negotiations. We strongly demand to include the representatives of the opposing sides which are involved into the negotiation process and have confirmed their readiness for a peaceful settlement of the conflict in the Constitutional Commission. Those who reject peaceful settlement must bear responsibility for inciting hatred and waging war against our country and must be brought to international justice. Long live free and independent Syria! الشعب السوري يطالب تشكيل لجنة دستورية لـصياغة ومناقشة الدستور السوري الجديد السيد أنتونيو غوتيريش المحترمالأمين العام للأمم المتحدة سعادة الأمين العام لا تزال الحرب الأهلية في سوريا مستمرة لفترة ستة أعوام وهي أطول من الحرب العالمية الثانية في حين نشهد العنف تمارسه أطارف الصراع بدون أي حدود. ولقد غرق السوريون الذين خرجوا إلى شوارع في غياهب النسيان وتم استغلالهم في خطط ماكرة ضد الشعب السوري وتم تسميم الثورة المباركة بأوامر الرعاة الخارجيين وانتزاع النفوذ والمنافسات والخلافات والاشتباكات والاقتتال وتم تجاهل حق الشعب السوري في السلام تجاهلاً مطلقاً.تواجه بلادنا التدخل العسكري واسع النطاق وظلم الإرهاب والحرب الإعلامية الشرسة الذي خلط بين الخير والشر وقام بإعادة كتابة تاريخ الشعب السوري وتمنع الحرب من إعادة توحيد الأراضي السورية.وعلى رغم كل ذلك فإننا صابرون وصامدون في جهودنا من أجل إنهاء الحرب. نحمل في قلوبنا ذكري إخواننا الشهداء وأخواتنا الشهيدات الذي يلزمنا بمكافحة من أجل تحرير سوريا ويؤكد عدد الضحايا الهائل الحاجة الماسة إلى وقف الصراع الدموي على الفور.بإدراك أن استخدام القوة فقط لا يكفي لاستعادة السلام نطالب تحفيز الحوار السياسي حول إيجاد تسوية للأزمة السورية.إن الشعب السوري تعب من إراقة الدماء وفقد الثقة بقدرة الأمم المتحدة على استعادة السلام. من المؤلم أن نسمع أصوات السياسيين الذرين يرفضون المباحثات وينتقدون المبادرات السلمية بحجة أنها لا توافق الشكليات القانونية في حين يكون أطفالنا جائعين وبلا مأوى.الحوار السياسي مخرج وحيد لإعادة السلام على جميع الأراضي السورية! نطالب بتشكيل لجنة دستورية وتحفيز الحوار المشتمل حول صياغة الدستور الجديد على كافة المنصات المتاحة وفي جنيف وأستانا من أجل تسريع العملية السياسية. نعتقد أن موضوع آلية الانتقال السياسي وموعد له لا يمنعنا من بحث مستقبل سوريا ولا يستطيع أن ينعكس سلبياً على عملية السلام.نطالب منح اللجنة بكافة الحقوق من بينها حق مشاركة في المباحثات بصفة جهة مستقلة من الحكومة والمعارضة وتكليفها بتحليل الرأي العام وقبول الاقتراحات من جميع السوريين وصياغة مواد الدستور الجديد ومنح لها حق التعاون مع المنظمات والهيئات الديموقراطية الأخرى من أجل تبادل الخبرة في مجال بناء الدولة.نطالب الأمم المتحدة وأعضاء مجلس الأمن الدولي بالأخص مساهمة في جمع كافة الأطراف وراء طاولة المباحثات ونطالب تشكيل اللجنة الدستورية من ممثلي الأطراف التي أكدت استعدادها لاستخدام الوسائل السلمية وأما الذين يرفضون التسوية السلمية فنطالب اعتبارهم قائمين بتأجيج الكراهية واشعال الحرب ضد شعبنا وتقديمهم إلى العدالة الدولية. عاشت سوريا حرة أبية

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