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Petition to Congress, President of the United States

'One of the worst days of my life:' Stop sham 'Start By Believing' investigations

MATT ROLPH WAS BRANDED A RAPIST, EXPELLED FROM COLLEGE, AND FORCED TO SPEND $$$ TO RESTORE HIS GOOD NAME. Matt Rolph, above, was accused of sexually assaulting his long-term girlfriend, “Jane Roe.” His case went to court, and the jury cleared him of all charges. Must-see video:  Even though the jury found Matt innocent, Hobart College in Geneva, NY decided to make an example of him. So Hobart hired an investigator who...1. Did not record any of the interviews.2. Failed to review innocence-proving text messages sent by Jane.3. Failed to get records supporting Jane’s claim of medical problems caused by the incident.4. Did not resolve inconsistencies among witness statements. No surprise, based on the investigator’s biased report, the school expelled Matt. He later described it as "one of the worst days of my life." So he filed a lawsuit against the College. Several months later, Judge Elizabeth Wolford ruled in favor of Matt Rolph’s claims of investigative bias. ISN'T OUR LEGAL SYSTEM BASED ON THE PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE? Investigators are supposed to conduct investigations that are objective, neutral, and honest. But now, investigators are being told to “Start By Believing" the accuser and use "trauma-informed" and "victim-centered" methods. "Start By Believing" tells investigators to investigate cases from an “initial presumption" of merit, to slant their report to “corroborate the victim’s account,” and to even make sure the sexual encounter does “not look like a consensual sexual experience."  Matt Rolph is just one of the many thousands of Americans who have been victimized by “victim-centered” investigations. Amazingly, the U.S. Department of Justice has spent millions of taxpayer dollars to support "Believe the Victim" programs around the country. DON’T LET ‘BELIEVE THE VICTIM’ HAPPEN TO YOU! TELL ATTORNEY GENERAL WILLIAM BARR TO STOP FUNDING 'BELIEVE THE VICTIM' PROGRAMS.    

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Petition to Kern County District Attorney, Cynthia Zimmer

Justice for Wendy

UPDATE: During Wendy's bail reduction hearing the judge agreed that there is evidence of a justified self defense and subsequently ruled that her bail be lowered to $500,000. With the help of donations that were made by many generous supporters, we as a family, were able to post bail and bring our mom home where she belongs. Doing so means that we will not have the funds at this time to retain legal counsel. Any donations from this point forward will go toward ensuring that Wendy has good legal representation as we move toward trial. If you are interested in donating please visit our GoFundMe and join our Facebook Group. We need your help now more than ever! Every, like, share, and donation helps! Our mother is currently incarcerated for an alleged unjustifiable homicide. In truth, she defended herself and her family against a man who has abused us as well as others for many years. This man beat her with a metal baseball bat while she was pregnant with their daughter. The case was filed in Ventura County.  This man sexually abused her minor daughter. A report was filed with the Kern County Sheriff's Department, but charges were never brought. This man had several physical altercations with her minor sons. This man tried to rape her. This man sexually assaulted his own biological minor daughter on multiple occasions. A report was filed with the Tehachapi Police Department and an investigation was occurring at the time of his death.  This is a man with a history of violence toward her and our family and we all have many reasons to have been afraid. Our mother loves her life and her children with everything that she is. She had no choice, but to defend herself and her family against a man who had already tried to kill her before. She had every reason to fear for her life and the safety and wellbeing of her children. There is no reason she should be charged with first degree murder. It is unjust. Kern County District Attorney, Cynthia Zimmer needs to know how the public that she serves feels. The charges against our mother need to be dropped. She does not deserve to be prosecuted.  There is no place she deserves to be more than home with her family. 

Miranda Frost
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Petition to Elsewhere , Popgun Presents, Jake Rosenthal, Elsewhere Venue, Dhruv Chopra

Accountability for Elsewhere BK

A statement regarding the call to boycott Elsewhere:Content warning: sexual violence, impunity, ignoring survivors, perpetuating rape culture On 4/26/19 a coalition of concerned allies (CCA) issued a call for allies of rape survivors to boycott Elsewhere, a popular nightclub in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Since 2017, Elsewhere has been aware that one of their investors is a serial rapist. Over the past two years, management received several messages which detailed his actions and use of date-rape drugs, to which the club never once responded. After this information became public, Elsewhere released an online statement (still without speaking to survivors) claiming that the investor was gone; however, employees of the venue articulated conflicting information suggesting that this might not be the case. With the solidarity of several bands who either pulled out of their shows or demonstrated their support in other ways, in addition to the persistence of survivors and their allies, Elsewhere finally released a statement 6/15 saying that it would meet the central demand of the boycott and sit down with survivors and their allies. We spent three months in a restorative justice process facilitated by the New York Peace Institute, preparing for our meeting with Elsewhere. The night before our scheduled meeting, Elsewhere canceled the meeting and has since ceased communication with the CCA. Elsewhere regularly identifies as a "community space," yet refuses to engage with concerned community members. Elsewhere claims to have “respect for all people and art, and a desire to support and grow the community that makes it possible.” But this has not held true: Elsewhere continues to ignore our messages via email and social media, spread misinformation to musicians who express concern, and, perhaps most egregiously, profit off their progressive branding that falsely claims Elsewhere is a "safe space."  We want transparency from Elsewhere. Until the club’s leadership decides to engage in an accountability meeting with us, to share proof of their claims made on 4/26 and to apologize for ignoring survivors, we invite all artists, DJs, performers, party promoters, and dancers to continue to #DanceAnywhereElse and #BoycottElsewhere. You can find more information here at, as well as a complete timeline of our actions here. For any questions and/or concerns, feel free to contact the Coalition of Concerned Allies at    

Coalition of Concerned Allies
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