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Petition to The Board of VOM USA, Jim Dau

Investigate Why Voice of the Martyrs Funded the Abuse of Nigerian Orphans

In January 2016, while on a mission trip to Nigeria, we were told by some people there of great wickedness that was being perpetrated in Voice of the Martyrs work in Nigeria. Voice of the Martyrs is a ministry that purports to help persecuted Christians. In Nigeria, there were many victims of Muslim persecution, and it was one of their highest profile countries for fundraising. There were several projects in Nigeria, including the Stephen's Center - a home for children effected by persecution, Basic Response - which arranged for care of attack victims, and a prosthetic clinic - to provide limbs for those who had lost them.  We have returned twice after that initial trip to investigate, and are convinced that instead of helping the people of Nigeria, Voice of the Martyrs has been harming people in tragic and shameful ways. For the full story, please watch the video we've posted online, Persecuting the Persecuted. The wickedness we have uncovered includes the following: Isaac Newton, the director of the Voice of the Martyrs in Nigeria, has been accused by many credible witnesses of habitually sexually assaulting girls in the Stephen's Center Isaac continued this abuse by threatening the victims and their families with expulsion from the school or the removal of Voice of the Martyrs monetary assistance Isaac has retaliated against anyone who confronted him or tried to end his wickedness Isaac had stolen much of the funds that was provided by Voice of the Martyrs The children in the Stephen's Center have been mistreated and not provided with the food and supplies that they need Financial corruption has been rampant through Voice of the Martyrs in Nigeria Many victims have not received the money that was specifically raised to help them Through our conversations in Nigeria and more than a year spent urging Voice of the Martyrs to act, we discovered wrongdoing closer to home. It seems that Voice of the Martyrs had reason to know what was going on, and their actions have covered up the evil that was done instead of fighting to end it. There are Voice of the Martyrs ministries in many different countries that although separate, often collaborate. VOM USA is the largest by far and gave most of the funding, and had the most oversight over Nigeria. In our video, you can find a more complete story of our interactions with VOM USA. But to summarize: VOM USA investigated these allegations years before we heard of them. They said their efforts uncovered nothing, yet in just a few days we could assemble a story from many witnesses and while it should not be sufficient for a court, it should have been sufficient to start a real investigation. We know that the allegations of molestation were reported to VOM USA in 2015, yet they did not investigate, but insisted that the abuse had been done by an employee who had died. VOM USA promised to have multiple outside investigations done, but no investigators ever contacted us for any information and we never heard about it again. VOM USA supported Isaac in his efforts to fire two employees who were reporting his abuse, without caring to investigate those allegations of abuse. Even when they eventually defunded Isaac, VOM USA gave land and goods worth over $100,000 to him - someone who they had every reason to believe was abusing those who he claimed to be helping. In our conversations with VOM USA we have on many occasions been told false or contradictory information. VOM USA seems to have been working to delay and distract us to avoid dealing with the issue. VOM USA has repeatedly denied any responsibility for what went on by claiming that VOM in Nigeria was a completely separate organization that they just funded. Yet that obscures the reality that they were far more involved and intertwined, VOM USA having managerial authority over Nigerian employees, making hiring and firing decisions.  Voice of the Martyrs has repeatedly failed to investigate serious wrongdoing when given the opportunity. They have sided with the oppressors instead of the victims. They have repeatedly proven themselves untrustworthy.  We believe that Voice of the Martyrs needs to bring in independent, outside investigators from a well-respected third party to conduct a full investigation and publicly release their findings. Donors need to understand why VOM USA did not fight to end this evil when it was brought to their attention. We need to understand who was involved in allowing this to happen, and how we can have confidence that it will never happen again in VOM USA.    "To loose the bonds of wickedness, To undo the heavy burdens, To let the oppressed go free, And that you break every yoke" - Isaiah 58:6b  "And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them. For it is shameful even to speak of those things which are done by them in secret. But all things that are exposed are made manifest by the light, for whatever makes manifest is light." - Ephesians 5:11-13 "And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. But he who does the truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have been done in God." - John 3:19-21  

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Petition to Congress, President of the United States

'One of the worst days of my life:' Stop sham 'Start By Believing' investigations

MATT ROLPH WAS BRANDED A RAPIST, EXPELLED FROM COLLEGE, AND FORCED TO SPEND $$$ TO RESTORE HIS GOOD NAME. Matt Rolph, above, was accused of sexually assaulting his long-term girlfriend, “Jane Roe.” His case went to court, and the jury cleared him of all charges. Must-see video:  Even though the jury found Matt innocent, Hobart College in Geneva, NY decided to make an example of him. So Hobart hired an investigator who...1. Did not record any of the interviews.2. Failed to review innocence-proving text messages sent by Jane.3. Failed to get records supporting Jane’s claim of medical problems caused by the incident.4. Did not resolve inconsistencies among witness statements. No surprise, based on the investigator’s biased report, the school expelled Matt. He later described it as "one of the worst days of my life." So he filed a lawsuit against the College. Several months later, Judge Elizabeth Wolford ruled in favor of Matt Rolph’s claims of investigative bias. ISN'T OUR LEGAL SYSTEM BASED ON THE PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE? Investigators are supposed to conduct investigations that are objective, neutral, and honest. But now, investigators are being told to “Start By Believing" the accuser and use "trauma-informed" and "victim-centered" methods. "Start By Believing" tells investigators to investigate cases from an “initial presumption" of merit, to slant their report to “corroborate the victim’s account,” and to even make sure the sexual encounter does “not look like a consensual sexual experience."  Matt Rolph is just one of the many thousands of Americans who have been victimized by “victim-centered” investigations. Amazingly, the U.S. Department of Justice has spent millions of taxpayer dollars to support "Believe the Victim" programs around the country. DON’T LET ‘BELIEVE THE VICTIM’ HAPPEN TO YOU! TELL ATTORNEY GENERAL WILLIAM BARR TO STOP FUNDING 'BELIEVE THE VICTIM' PROGRAMS.    

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Petition to RADM Jack Buono, RADM Mark Buzby

Stop Don Marcus From Speaking at the USMMA Commencement

RADM Jack Buono, I am writing to urge you to rescind your selection of Captain Donald J. Marcus ‘79 as the Distinguished USMMA Alumnus chosen to address the class of 2019 at the 83rd commencement ceremony on Saturday, June 15, 2019.   To that end, I have created an online petition that I urge Kings Point midshipmen, faculty, alumni and others in the maritime industry to consider endorsing: [*Update: Due to this petition, I was contacted by a special agent from the U.S. Coast Guard Criminal Investigative Service, and an investigation has been launched into the allegations I've made.  I will soon be meeting with the special agent to tell my story.] Don Marcus is not a man who deserves the honor of speaking at the USMMA commencement.  Don Marcus is not, as you stated in announcing your selection of Don, "a prime example of our motto, Acta Non Verba.” Instead, on the issue of sexual harassment and sexual assault (SASH) of USMMA cadets at sea, one of the defining issues of this era for the Academy, Don Marcus is an example of the motto “Verba Non Acta.”  His record on SASH is atrocious, unjustifiable, and hidden from public view.  Until now. RADM Buono, as you well know, at this very moment Don Marcus is ruthlessly defending and protecting at least one known serial sexual predator, a Captain sailing for Maersk Line named Mark Stinziano.   Captain Stinziano has a well-documented history of sexually harassing and sexually assaulting USMMA cadets and other crewmembers at sea aboard Maersk ships crewed by members of the International Organization of Masters, Mates, & Pilots (IOMMP) labor union, of which Don Marcus is President. RADM Buono, over the past few months you and I have engaged in extensive communications regarding this issue, including a 90 minute phone call that took place on February 25, 2019, which, as you know, I recorded in its entirety.   I have also shared extensive documentation and evidence with you that support my allegations against Stinziano, and I have repeatedly told you about the humiliating, insulting, and disgusting way I have been treated throughout this process by Don Marcus, my union’s president and someone who is supposed to protect me from predators aboard his ships. Unfortunately, I was sexually harassed and sexually assaulted by Stinziano while serving as 2nd Mate aboard a Maersk containership in 2015.  I also witnessed Stinziano sexually harass and sexually assault both USMMA cadets who were sailing aboard the vessel.  Before I signed off the vessel in Italy, I submitted a very detailed report documenting Stinziano’s outrageous and illegal behavior to the Master of the vessel, Captain Paul Willers. The Report of sexual offenses I submitted to Captain Willers and Maersk, while still a crewmember aboard the Maersk ship, can be read here: RADM Buono, as you are aware, based on the allegations made in my report, which included multiple sexual assaults, Captain Willers and Maersk were required to notify the U.S. Coast Guard of my Report, per 46 U.S. Code § 10104 “Requirement to Report Sexual Offenses.” RADM Buono, as you are aware, Captain Willers and Maersk broke Federal law by not contacting the U.S. Coast Guard regarding my report.    After breaking federal law regarding the mandatory reporting of sexual assault aboard a ship, Captain Willers and Maersk engaged in a deliberate coverup of Stinziano’s behavior that resulted in a report from Captain Willers to Maersk stating that there was no evidence that any of my numerous and specific allegations against Stinziano were true.   RADM Buono, I have shared documentation with you proving this, and you are aware of these facts. Most troubling is the fact that in order to complete the coverup of Stinziano’s sexual assaults aboard a Maersk ship, Captain Willers forced USMMA cadets to lie about what had happened to them.   Cadets who had been sexually assaulted were forced to lie and say they were not.  That is how Maersk operates. It is lawlessness, it is criminality, and unfortunately, it appears to be business as usual at Maersk and within the IOMMP, which Don Marcus leads. No one is safe aboard Maersk ships while this kind of behavior goes unpunished, and that includes cadets, crew members, and even licensed officers like myself.   The truly shocking outrage is that not only did nothing happen to Stinziano as a result of my Report, but MAERSK LATER PROMOTED STINZIANO TO CAPTAIN. In 2018, shortly before I learned that Stinziano had been PROMOTED to Captain, I was sent a former USMMA Cadet’s “Shipboard Performance Evaluation,” signed and dated by Mark Stinziano, the Chief Mate of the Cadet’s vessel and the Cadet’s direct supervisor.  I have never met this cadet and have never sailed with him. The disturbing Shipboard Performance Evaluation may be viewed here: The Cadet gave the form to Stinziano to complete, as required by the USMMA.  Stinziano completed the form, added comments, and signed and dated the form in red ink.  He then returned the form to the Cadet. In “Section 29, Comments on Performance,” Stinziano wrote:  “Why do my tax dollars go towards his education - Complete Waste of Time. Crew Enjoyed Cadet Often. Possible Homosexual. Often Heard Crying Himself to Sleep at 2100.” In the first sentence of the Comments, Stinziano tells the Cadet that his education at the USMMA is a “complete waste of time,” and that the USMMA (the school where the Cadet worked very hard to obtain admission and then even harder to persevere through a very demanding course of study) is a waste of taxpayer dollars. In the second sentence (“Crew Enjoyed Cadet Often.”), Stinziano states that crew members aboard Stinziano’s ship, possibly including Stinziano himself, frequently raped or sexually abused the cadet aboard the ship.   In the third sentence, Stinziano speculates as to the sexual orientation of the Cadet, and implies that there is something wrong with having a homosexual orientation. In the fourth sentence, Stinziano ties everything together.  He writes that the Cadet was often heard crying himself to sleep at night, presumably after being raped or sexually assaulted by crew members, including possibly Stinziano himself. Additionally, for almost all of the performance standards, such as “Developing Professionally Toward License,” Stinziano gave the Cadet a score of Zero (or “Unacceptable”) on a four point scale. But, seemingly in an attempt to reinforce his comment about the crew enjoying their frequent raping of the Cadet, Stinziano gave the Cadet his only perfect score of Four (or “Exceptional and Always Exceeds Standards”) for performance standard #26: “Contributes to Effective Human Relationships Aboard Ship.” Stinziano’s explanation to the Cadet was that the Performance Evaluation was a “joke.” It is my understanding that Stinziano did later complete a separate Performance Evaluation for the cadet to return to the USMMA, but the cadet retained the first “joke” evaluation that Stinziano signed and later posted it on facebook commenting only “A grown man with four children and a Chief Mate’s license wrote this evaluation.”  In the comments to the facebook post, Stinziano admits that he wrote the disturbing Evaluation for the Cadet.  That document can be seen here: Much more shocking allegations against Stinziano, including an incident where Stinziano stuck a ballpoint pen into his ass on the bridge of the ship in front of the deck cadet, before placing the pen back into the jar that held all of the bridge's pens used for logbook entries--and refusing to tell us which pen had been in his ass--can be found in this document:   In early 2019 I went to Don Marcus, the President of my union and Stinziano's President, with my concerns about Stinziano serving as Captain of a ship and to tell Don Marcus that I had been sexually harassed and sexually assaulted by Stinziano. Instead of coming to my defense, Don Marcus launched a blistering attack against me that I documented contemporaneously in notes and emails.  In documenting Don Marcus' treatment of me (and Jack, you have read this), I wrote: “Several hours after I emailed Don Marcus and requested to speak with him, Marcus called me on my cell phone.  He was joined on the call by Steve Werse, the Secretary-Treasurer of the IOMMP.  Don quickly and belligerently confirmed all of my worst fears about what would happen to me if I went to the union with my story about Stinziano. As I attempted to tell Don Marcus about what had happened on the M/V Maersk [REDACTED], the President of the IOMMP launched an aggressive attack that completely shocked me.  Instead of allowing me to tell my story, he began rudely and sarcastically interrupting me.  He had one talking point, which was “If this really happened, why did you wait 5 years to report it?”   He was, all at once, sarcastic, disrespectful, denigrating, and completely devoid of empathy or compassion.  He repeatedly accused me of waiting 5 years to report the matter.  At the time of our conversation, it had been almost exactly 4 years since I had delivered my report to Captain Willers.  The beginning of our call then devolved into an argument over whether the events in question had happened four years earlier or five years earlier. In the moment, I was so surprised and unprepared for the way I would be treated by my own union President that I did not understand what Marcus was trying to do by exaggerating the amount of time that had passed since I filed my Report.  But later I realized that this was a calculated tactic designed to shift the conversation away from facts about what Stinziano had done to me and others, and towards nonsense, confusion, and doubt.   Marcus was determined to put me on the defensive, to place the blame for the situation entirely on me, and to make me defend myself.  Over and over and over again, he blamed me for waiting four (or five) years to report Stinziano, a tactic that shifted the blame away from the sexual harasser and assaulter, and towards the victim(s).  In response, I repeatedly told Marcus that I had filed a Report about Stinziano with Captain Willers, a Member of the IOMMP, while I was still a crewmember aboard the Maersk [REDACTED] and that it would not have been possible for me to report it any sooner, but this had no impact on Marcus.  Moments later Marcus would again accuse me of waiting years to make a report and questioning why I had waited so long. It was practiced psychological manipulation.  In hindsight, it was clear to me that Marcus’ overarching goal of the call was to intimidate and frighten me, to strongly discourage me from pursuing the matter any further, and to convince me that nobody was going to take me seriously or believe me.  Don Marcus made it absolutely clear that he was going to defend Stinziano with everything he had, and that I was not a union member deserving of protection from my union leaders, but rather an enemy who was going to be defeated...After the phone call with Don Marcus, I felt that I had made a tremendous mistake in coming forward.  It seemed that my career in the union and in the maritime industry had been irreparably damaged, and that it might have all been for nothing.  Worse, Stinziano was being protected by powerful people who were determined to make me go away.  I had no idea what to do next, and the situation felt hopeless.” RADM Buono, the man I just described is the real Don Marcus.  This is the man that you have given the honor of speaking at graduation.  I find it very insulting and upsetting that you already knew of the way Don Marcus treated me when I came forward to tell him my story before you nominated Don Marcus to be the graduation speaker.   The important question is how many other people Don Marcus has given this treatment.  I am sure that I was not the first. Don later told me that the only thing I could do to get the IOMMP to investigate Stinziano was to complete the union's "Grievance Form" found on the union website.   I followed Don Marcus' instructions and completed the Grievance Form, which can be found here: Of course, once I completed the Grievance Form, Don Marcus sent me a letter telling me that he was not going to investigate Stinziano, and would not support me.  The entire episode had been a farce from the beginning. RADM Buono, You already know ALL of this.  And yet still, you chose Don Marcus to speak at graduation. You know that despite overwhelming evidence that Captain Mark Stinziano is a sexual predator, Don Marcus refuses to discipline the man, and will not even open an investigation into his behavior.  You know that, instead, Don is doing everything he can to protect this predator and to ensure that he continues to sail as MASTER of a Maersk containership with USMMA cadets under his command. It is shameful.  It is sickening. What is also shameful are the interactions I have had with the USMMA as I have tried to bring this matter to your attention in order to protect cadets from Stinziano.   Particularly appalling were the actions of Captain Eugene Albert, head of the Department of Shipboard Training at the USMMA. The story of my interactions with Eugene Albert and others at the USMMA can be read in this document, towards the end: RADM Buono, a man who protects sexual predators at sea and shields them from scrutiny and punishment does NOT represent the values of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, and does not deserve to speak at graduation.   RADM Buono, I am calling on you to do 2 things: 1) I want you to call for a U.S. Coast Guard investigation into the allegations I made in my Report to Captain Willers and into how Willers and Maersk conducted their “investigation."  I also want for you to call for an investigation into Mark Stinziano’s career at sea. 2) I respectfully request that you RESCIND your invitation to Don Marcus to speak at graduation.  It should NOT be business as usual any longer.  This is a new era, and Don Marcus is living a generation or two in the past when it comes to issues of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and bullying onboard ships at sea.  He is not someone who should be venerated. RADM Buono, as you well know, Don Marcus works very hard to ensure that sexual predators, masquerading as senior deck officers aboard U.S. flag merchant ships, are not investigated or punished, but are instead allowed to continue sexually harassing and sexually assaulting USMMA cadets and other crew members with impunity. Because of this record Don Marcus should be removed as commencement speaker, and replaced with an alumnus whose career has truly embodied the spirit of ACTA NON VERBA. In support of my campaign to bring honor and dignity to the 83rd commencement ceremony, I have created a petition on that anyone who agrees with me can sign: Additionally, anyone who would like to report sexual harassment, sexual assault, bullying, or any other type of abusive behavior against them onboard a ship, at any time in the past, please feel free to email me.   ACTA NON VERBA, J. RYAN MELOGY ‘04   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is my original posting for this petition: As President of the International Organization of Masters, Mates & Pilots (IOMMP), Don Marcus has used his power (and continues to use his power) to protect sexual predators at sea aboard IOMMP-contracted vessels. Don Marcus is aware that there is at least one IOMMP member sailing as Captain aboard a Maersk container ship who has been credibly accused of sexually harassing and/or sexually assaulting at least 3 USMMA cadets at sea, as well as at least one junior deck officer serving under his command, and that it is very likely that the actual number of USMMA cadets and other crew members who have been sexually harassed and sexually assaulted by this man throughout his career is much higher. The sexual assaults of at least two USMMA Cadets were witnessed by an officer aboard the ship and reported, in writing, to Maersk while the officer was a crew member aboard the ship. Don Marcus is fully aware of all of the allegations that were made to Maersk, and has seen all of the supporting evidence. Despite being presented with extremely compelling and extensive evidence of this Captain's outrageous and illegal behavior towards USMMA cadets and other crew members aboard his ship, Don Marcus has repeatedly refused to investigate his Captain's behavior.  Instead, Don has used his power as President of the IOMMP to participate in a COVER-UP of multiple, documented sexual assaults at sea aboard IOMMP-contract ships.  Participating with Don Marcus in the COVER-UP is the leadership of Maersk Line, Jack Buono, Superintendent of the USMMA, and possibly, senior MARAD leadership. Jack Buono has also seen the report that was made to Maersk regarding the sexual assault of USMMA cadets at sea aboard a Maersk container ship, and Jack has seen the supporting evidence.  Despite this, and according to Buono's own statements, Jack Buono continues to send USMMA cadets out to sea aboard a ship commanded by a known sexual predator. Don Marcus cares more about protecting the job of one of his union members, and protecting his own job, than he does about the safety of USMMA cadets and other crew members who are unfortunate enough to be placed aboard this man's vessel. Additionally, Don Marcus' record on the issue of sexual harassment and sexual assault (SASH) at sea by members of the IOMMP is atrocious.  The only consistent position Don Marcus has maintained regarding the SASH issue is to oppose any and all attempts to change the culture of the IOMMP and the behavior of his union members. The vast majority of SASH, Bullying, Harassment (including sexual harassment) & Violence (including sexual assaults and sexual violence) that occurs aboard ships in the U.S. Merchant Marine is being perpetrated by licensed officers. That is because of the simple fact that these licensed officers have the power to get away with it, and because they have the leaders of their labor unions, including Don Marcus, standing solidly behind them. The IOMMP, MEBA, and AMO are the 3 largest maritime officers unions in the U.S. Merchant Marine, and members of these labor unions ARE THE PROBLEM. If these unions do not proactively address the problem of SASH, Bullying, Harassment & Violence aboard ships in the U.S. Merchant Marine, the problem will persist. To my knowledge, Don Marcus has done nothing to help solve this problem.  Instead, he has pursued policies that put USMMA cadets in danger at sea from the behavior of his union members.    The foundational documents of Don Marcus' IOMMP are the "Constitution," "Work Rules," and "Shipping Rules." Unfortunately, none of the IOMMP’s Constitution, Work Rules, or Shipping Rules contain any provisions that explicitly forbid members from engaging in SASH, Bullying, Harassment or Violence aboard IOMMP-contract ships.  The only standard of conduct for IOMMP members is contained in Article III, Section 2(e) of the IOMMP’s International Constitution (and referenced in the current Code of Conduct). That standard states: 2 e) It shall be the duty of each Member to be true and loyal to the Organization and to treat other members with due respect and consideration. What does it mean to treat other members with due respect and consideration? I have no idea. During my nearly five years as an "Applicant" in the IOMMP I have never had anyone educate me on the meaning of “due respect and consideration.” The IOMMP does not have any educational or training materials on the subject, and does not require any mandatory education on the subject. To my knowledge the IOMMP has never created any document, any text, any anything, that explains how members are supposed to treat each other aboard ships or how members are supposed to treat other crewmembers, including Cadets, aboard IOMMP-contract ships. The union has never created any document that explains the specific types of behaviors that are unacceptable within the IOMMP. In short, THERE IS NO STANDARD OF CONDUCT WITHIN DON MARCUS' IOMMP, and I believe that is intentional.  The IOMMP does not police its own, and Don Marcus does not want to police his own, because he needs the votes of these members to keep his well-paid job. In my experience, the policy of the IOMMP leadership towards SASH, Bullying, Harassment & Violence by IOMMP members is this: “Defend the Member, No Matter What He or She Did.” Don Marcus defends sexual predators.  Don Marcus ensures these sexual predators are not punished, and Don Marcus sends these people back out to sea in positions of great authority knowing that there is an extremely high likelihood that a USMMA cadet will be sexually harassed or sexually assaulted by this IOMMP predator. Don Marcus is not a man who deserves the great honor of speaking at the USMMA commencement.  Don Marcus is not, as Jack Buono has stated, "a prime example of our motto, Acta Non Verba.” On one of the defining issues of this era for the USMMA, Don Marcus has not backed up his public words and public posturing with real action.  And because of this, Don Marcus should be removed as commencement speaker, and replaced with an alumnus whose career has truly embodied the spirit of ACTA NON VERBA.

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