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Petition to Spirit Airlines

Hold Spirit Airlines Accountable!

On January 21, I was flying from Atlanta to Detroit on Spirit Airlines. I was assaulted by the man sitting next to me, and the staff on my Spirit flight did absolutely nothing about it.   I was sitting in the middle seat next to my friend and was resting on her shoulder trying to take a nap. I was awoken when I felt the passenger next to me touch me – I  thought it was an accident. But then he started rubbing my thigh and put his hand down the back of my pants. He was pleasuring himself under his coat while he touched me.    I jumped up and yelled at the man to stop touching me, and called for the flight attendants. They told me if I had a problem, I should have moved. That’s how Spirit responds to someone who is panicking and telling you they’ve just been assaulted by a stranger on their plane? How do you disregard somebody like that?   But it got worse. When the plane landed, Spirit didn’t call the police. They let everybody walk off the plane. They let the man who just assaulted me walk away and did nothing. I spoke to every flight attendant on that plane, and none of them helped me. On the way out, I told the pilot what happened, and he dismissed me, telling me to talk to the gate agent.  This isn’t the first time this has happened on Spirit. A quick search pulled up two other cases similar to mine in just in the last few years. Spirit Airlines doesn’t care about people – they only care about profits.   Every Spirit staff member on this flight needs to be held accountable, and Spirit airlines must train employees on how to deal with harassment and assault. This should NEVER happen to a passenger again.  Spirit failed me. Sign my petition and let’s hold Spirit Airlines accountable for the safety of their passengers.

Tia Jackson
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Petition to Ron Wyden, Jeff Merkley, Kate Brown, John Lively, Kurt Schrader, Teresa Alonso Leon, Earl Blumenauer, Jennifer Williamson, Greg Walden

Do Something About Minor Rapists/Sexual Abusers

I am a victim of rape. I was 14 years old when my 15 year old boyfriend at the time sexual abused me. I pressed charges after a few months when it happened. The Oregon (Specifically Forest Grove & Hillsboro) police department told me they couldn’t do much for me because he was also a minor. Eventually, they decided to do a case against him & his “punishment” was 2 years of therapy & probation for me to have a lifetime of trauma. He has violated his probation not once but TWICE on failed drug tests. The punishment for violating his probation was they gave him was one single night in detention. They have help him more than they helped me. His probation officer said that he is earning straight A’s and doesn’t want to impact his education because of this mistake. They have offered him so much help for school and I had ZERO help. Not to mention he also pleaded guilty in court. Only adult rapists are sentenced and punished. The victims are of all ages. I would still suffer the same trauma as if an adult raped me. I would just get more justice. RAPE IS RAPE. no matter the age of the rapist. if the age of the victim doesn’t matter, then neither should the age of the rapist. A minor rapist is still as worthless as an adult rapist. I have friends and acquaintances have their teenage boyfriend or girlfriend or just a teenage friend violate their bodies & think it’s fine and laugh it off like typical teenage behavior. It isn’t funny nor is it right. Help me at least put him on the Sex Offender Registry. It is not justice for him to get away with a serious crime and go on with his life. Take a few minutes of your time to sign this petition and help me and other girls, women, boys, & men with minor abusers get justice. 

priscila v
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Petition to United States Senate, Joni Ernst, Dianne Feinstein

Reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act

When I was in high school, I was verbally and sexually abused by members of my family. At 16, I finally gathered enough courage to leave. I was terrified I would not survive and that my abusers would follow me. The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) allowed me to get a restraining order, which I believe saved my life. But the VAWA — which provides critical services to women across the country — continues to be *temporarily* renewed at each spending bill deadline, but Congress still has not fully reauthorized the bill.  Will you add your name now to tell the House Judiciary Committee that they must vote to fully reauthorize the VAWA? When I went into the courtroom and told my story to the judge, I was granted a fully enforceable protective order against the abusive members of my family. If they came near me, they would be arrested. The people who had victimized me for my entire life were no longer above the law. With one piece of paper, the government gave me the first step in getting my life and my freedom back. Before the VAWA, the type of access, help and fully enforceable document I was granted simply did not exist. The legislation helps ensure victims who come looking for help are listened to, believed, and given the protection they need to sleep at night and thrive in a life free of their abuser. More often than not, sexual assault victims are not treated as victims. We are treated the opposite — like we did something wrong. We are cross-examined even though we are not on trial. We are doubted first — not believed. We are mocked for our lack of memory, nerves, and PTSD. Rarely are we offered help, assistance, or simply asked if we are OK. The first time this ever changed for me was with my experience seeking a protective order. The legislation passed by the VAWA is helping to bridge the gap between victims and law enforcement; making it easier for them to understand what victims go through and help them accordingly, obtain the resources they need to help, and guarantee the protections that victims deserve and desperately need. Don’t let our country take such a drastic step backward. Call your reps. Demand this legislation be fully reauthorized. Survivor’s protection is not a bargaining chip. Sign this petition to let your representatives know you support survivors and want to make sure they can rely on the protections and resources granted to them in the VAWA.

Jessica Kovac
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