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Petition to Virginia State House, Virginia State Senate

Impeach Judge TJ Hauler for Giving a Sexual Abuser No Jail Time

Similar to the Brock Turner case, a convicted abuser may be getting off on simply registering as a sex offender for sexually assaulting a 14 year old girl on school property. Logan Osborn, a former high school wrestler in Virginia, was 18 when he was accused of “tying a belt around a 14-year-old girl's neck and hands and forcing her to perform a sex act in late April of 2017.” Osborn plead guilty to having “carnal knowledge” of a minor and was sentenced to 10 years in jail with eight years suspended — meaning he would have to serve two years. But last week his judge, Judge TJ Hauler, stayed the two-year term. Osborn will serve no jail time. This is because his lawyers claimed the girl consented, even though she was crying when it happened, was tied up, and is not of the age of consent in Virginia (where it happened). This isn’t the first time Osborn has been accused of sexual assault and a Clinical psychologist testified that he has a "moderately high risk" of reoffending. When I was this girls age, I was sexually assaulted in another high school just down the road. To see this happen again to someone so close to me is unbearable. So many victims go without justice against their abusers but through taking action, we can fix this. As we saw with the #MeToo movement and other sexual assault cases, this affects many of us as every 98 seconds, someone in America is sexually assaulted. This girl (14 years old!!) came forward immediately about her experience while it takes most of us much longer. She is strong and brave and deserves our support in her time of need. Please join me in calling for the impeachment of Judge TJ Hauler if he does not reinstate the original sentence. We need justice for this young girl and other sexual assault survivors. No one should have to watch their abuser get off with no punishment at all. Her pain is worth more than that. Thank you, Emily

Emily Jansen
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Petition to State of Nebraska Board of Pardons, Sonya Fauver

Please help me obtain a pardon.

July 10th, 2018 Dear family, friends, neighbors and/or colleagues,     A long time ago I knew a young lady who was abused. She was showing signs of abuse again, and I was trying to help her. I wanted to provide a safe space for her to discuss things with younger female family members who agreed to stay with her on New Year’s 2014. Unfortunately things didn’t work out as planned.     The next morning, I was intoxicated from the night before, and was passed out on a futon, in a presumably safe room of my own home. I was alone when I went to sleep, then woke up to find someone stirring next to me. I touched her as I struggled to gain my wits, and immediately apologized when I realized who it was.     I was later charged with heinous crimes by the state of Nebraska. Upon deposition, the state’s primary witness made many claims that somehow, without using any force, or verbally convincing her in any way, I compelled her to do things to my body before I got up and walked away. I can't recall the details she recalls in her statements, and there was no physical evidence as proof.     My own investigation revealed five witnesses to my history of sleep disorders, leading me to theorize that a parasomnia event may have occurred. So, I take active steps to prevent the possibility of that happening in the future. I also did my best to tell the investigator what I knew without discussing my theory; since (under Nebraska law), it could be used to force me into a lifetime requirement on the sex offender’s registry due to a “brain abnormality”….     With the current hysteria about sex crimes, I was advised my chances were 50/50 regardless of the lack of proof. I thought of my family, and what it’d be like for them to have me sentenced to life in prison… … …I couldn’t stomach risking everything for the stubbornness of holding to principle. So I took a plea bargain for two counts of 3rd degree, misdemeanor sexual assault (goosing). The deal meant that I didn’t lose my voting rights, and I faced only 0 - 1 yr of incarceration.     I avoided the risk of decades in prison, making the plea agreement a strategic victory, considering the circumstances. I had no intent to hurt anyone, and I didn’t consent to any sexual activity myself. Nevertheless, I then spent December 19th 2017 through June 27th 2018 in Douglas County Jail. Unfortunately I was punished for potentially being raped, and not remembering what happened.     If you’ve read this far, you are someone I’ve connected with. You know my story, and hopefully realized that I am not a threat to anyone. I’m not looking for any kind of revenge. I just pray for healing of everyone involved in this senseless tragedy, and am thankful for the absolution I already have through God.     I need my reputation restored too though. I shouldn’t be left with this scarlet letter on me. I want to inspire change in our broken system, and that’s where I could use your assistance. I implore you to please help me by signing my petition for pardon. Then, share my story with others and encourage them to sign as well.   Reference material for Sleep disorders can be found at:!AhRH1Hd9RTi4gy8du_9qP5VSX0h1       While I’m in the dark on many things, I’m trusting Matthew 6:14 (NLT) to be right on this one. “If you forgive those who sin against you, your heavenly Father will forgive you.” I forgave the young lady for her part of things, and don’t plan to pursue any action against her. It was a horrible situation with a mixed up individual who didn’t follow rules. In the end I’m glad she got the mental health services she needed.                                                 -  Zachary J. Hostetter   I plan to submit the following text with gathered signatures to the Nebraska Board of Pardons for consideration.     State of Nebraska Board of Pardons,           We; the family, friends, neighbors, and/or colleagues of Mr. Zachary J. Hostetter; ask that you please pardon him of his convictions from case # CR14-1375. He’s shared his story of how he was convicted of two counts of 3rd degree sexual assault in this case in late 2017.     Zachary is extremely remorseful for any and all psychologically trauma which occurred due to his actions. He acknowledges that the young lady, who violated his personal space, was a victim of sexual abuse just as he was. He says his actions were inappropriate. However, he doesn't recall specifics.     He has claimed a history of sleep disorders, to which he has several witnesses, and memory gaps are common with parasomias. Therefore, he appears to have had no intention of committing such crimes. Zachary has also taken active steps to safeguard against future events of this nature. We believe he should be forgiven. Please help him find social healing and redemption through pardon. By signing this petition, we acknowledge the following: • We may be called as a witness for a Full Pardon Hearing.• Our statements of Mr. Hostetter’s character will be legal record.• Our statements hold the same weight as testimony to Nebraska district court.• We may be asked to swear by oath under penalty of perjury if subpoenaed by the board.

Zachary Hostetter
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Petition to The Cincinnati Enquirer, Kate Murphy, Meg Vogel, Amy Wilson, Beryl Love, USA Today

Remove "The Sex Talk: The Conversation that is Not Happening About Campus Sexual Assault"

By signing this petition, you are expressing your outrage in response to The Enquirer’s special report titled “The Sex Talk: The Conversation That is Not Happening About Campus Sexual Assault.” The project, published on the fifth of August, was created and curated by Kate Murphy and Meg Vogel, and edited by Amy Wilson. The project was also posted to USA Today on the sixth of August. Multiple survivors of sexual assault whose stories and experiences were utilized for the project have expressed their discomfort in the final product. We are in solidarity with and aim to obtain justice for them. We demand that the project, whose curators behaved unethically and unprofessionally, should be removed immediately. The survivors whose stories were used in this project are justifiably upset, and have been re-traumatized by having their stories included in a project with perpetrators of sexual violence. When these survivors expressed their concerns, the curators of this project gaslighted them, and refused to cooperate with them. As the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics States: "Never deliberately distort facts or context, including visual information" and "avoid undercover or other surreptitious methods of gathering information unless traditional, open methods will not yield information vital to the public." Ms. Murphy, Ms. Vogel, and Ms. Wilson directly contradicted these principles when they omitted key people involved (including a rapist) and did not initially tell these survivors that this project would be published on a national scale. This project could have been an advocacy-based, supportive, educational piece. Instead, Ms. Murphy, Ms. Vogel, and Ms. Wilson directly harmed the people they claimed the project was supposed to help. For these reasons and more, we demand that the project be removed from The Cincinnati Enquirer and USA Today. For further information, read the entirety of the Facebook post by The Collective, and please share that post widely:

Students for Survivors
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Petition to The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, Donelle Dadigan, Patty Brunton, Cindy Braun, Christine Derenthal

Remove Bill Cosby Star NOW from The Hollywood Walk of Fame

  Bill Cosby is a brilliant stand-up comedian, actor, musician, author and community activist. Now, he is also a convicted sex offender. SIGN MY PETITION TO REMOVE BILL COSBY'S STAR FROM THE HOLLYWOOD WALK OF  FAME.  After years of whispers and rumors, Cosby was found guilty of three counts of sexual assault in April 26, 2018.  The case involved Temple University employee Andrea Constand, who said Cosby drugged and molested her at his Philadelphia home in 2004.  At the trial, five other women told about similar encounters.  OUTSIDE COURT, MORE THAN  **60 OTHER WOMEN ** HAVE COME FORWARD with stories that are much the same, but include rape.  SOME of the victims were minors when they were assaulted.  MANY of their horrific encounters took place decades ago.   This is a bitter pill to swallow for the millions of fans--including myself--who adored Bill Cosby. First, there were his terrific comedy albums, and then he was Scotty, the uber-cool agent on "I, Spy."  Later, Cosby was high school coach Chet Kincaid and a happy-go-lucky spokesperson for Jell-O Pudding Pops.  For many, he was also the wise and funny Cliff Huxtable on "The Cosby Show," a loving family man and The All American Dad.  BUT, the real Bill Cosby hid behind every one of these characters.   In reality, Cosby was a cunning sexual predator and serial rapist, serving up alcohol and pills to unsuspecting women and then assaulting them.   NOW, it's TIME for The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to DO THE RIGHT THING.  SIGN MY PETITION TO REMOVE BILL COSBY'S STAR FROM THE HOLLYWOOD WALK OF  FAME.  In the past, the Chamber has said it will not remove stars for "alleged misconduct."  However, the guilty verdict had not yet been announced when this statement was issued. Rescinding an honor from Cosby is also not without precedent.  In a one-two punch in early May, Bill Cosby’s name and statue were removed from the prestigious Television Academy Hall of Fame AND the American Advertising Federation Hall of Fame.    As of July, **Nearly 30 colleges and universities across the United States have revoked honorary degrees from Cosby,** including Yale University, an action the college has never taken in its 300 year history.  Some other prestigious schools are USC, Temple University, Johns Hopkins University, Notre Dame and Boston College.  At least half a dozen other colleges are recommending to their boards that their Cosby degrees be revoked.    When the verdict was announced, Cosby shouted expletives in the courtroom.  Unlike others who have apologized and taken responsibility for their reprehensible behavior, Cosby continues to say he has done nothing wrong.  To keep the Bill Cosby star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame is to agree with Bill Cosby.  For the sake of millions of tourists who visit the Walk of Fame every year--especially families with young children--NOW is the time to remove Bill Cosby's star. Together, we can encourage The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to do the right thing.  REMOVE BILL COSBY'S STAR.   THANK YOU.                    

Hilary Grant
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