Sexual Assault

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Petition to Homewood AL Police Department, Homewood AL PD Sargeant Beedle, The 10th Judicial Circuit - Jefferson County, Birmingham and Bessemer Divisions, Prosecutor Walter Blocker of the 10th Judicial Circuit of Alabama, City of Homewood, City of Homewood AL, Former VPOTUS Joe Biden, Mayor, Mayor Scott McBrayer, Richard Shelby, Luther Strange, Teri Sewell, Terri Sewell, Gary Palmer, David Faulkner, Roger Smitherman, Rodger Smitherman

Stop the Prosecution of Harper-Grace, Rape Survivor for "Falsely Reporting!"

Today, April 23, Harper-Grace reached out to friends on Facebook with this status and gave me permission to start her online petition.  I am a survivor of sexual assault and the Homewood Police Department arrested me and are prosecuting me for filing a false police report. I did not file a false police report. YES --- there was alcohol involved. YES --- there was lack of clarity of the events that happened that evening. NO --- I did not file a false police report. I have had enough flashbacks and nightmares to know that something did happen that evening. For the record, I haven't had a drink since September of last year. I am concerned that Homewood PD is attacking this with such voracity and that if this case goes to trial that other survivors may not want to come forward in fear that they too may be told they were lying to the extent of "filing a false police report" and getting arrested instead of being heard and helped. I am a rape survivor who is facing jail time, and my rapist is getting away with their actions. This can affect the rest of my life, when my life has barely begun. I have fought a University who has told me I was lying. Now I'm facing a whole police department telling me I'm lying. I'm not lying. I am being vulnerable and asking for those who are constituents of Homewood to please contact your councilmen and the mayor if you feel lead to help. I feel like this is an issue that is larger than me, and can possibly impact our community in a negative manner. Anything you guys can do to help would be more than appreciated. #sexualassaultawarenessmonth #sexualassaultactivismmonth #SAAM#30daysofSAAM #justicefailssurvivors #homewoodalabama#courageconnectioncompassion

Kenzie Watson-Krantz
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Petition to Father Christ Jesus

We pray by the power of business i enforce Titus 2:14 in all scripture sentences for us.

Anticompel, antirape, antifalse, antiscary, Please read my story how i saved my baby in omission and negligence from the other law enforcments and the U.S. Department of Justice. Please stay with me being against the evil actors/directors, who are creating false crime scenes on the other side.....behind the scenes, creating a scary movie at the same time. This is how my life went since I was little. I speak John 8:32; John 8:36, see the omission and negligence, that's not by my power, nor enforce by my power, that's not my do nor not with sow, Isaiah 1:24 is the truth, by specific subject, category. I speak for Supreme power has law, titus 2:14; no sin, no division, when there was an obstacle, that's division, that's not the other law enforcement's do nor with sow, Isaiah 1:24 is the truth, and that's not by supreme power nor enforce by supreme power, the same for the U.S Department of Justice, when there was an obstacle, that's division, that's not the U.S. Department of Justice's do nor with sow, Isaiah 1:24 is the truth, and that's not by supreme power nor force by supreme power. They can never undo this. For we are with John 8:32; 8:36; the truth against Crime Scene Makers Characteristics, for Titus 2:14; Ephesians 5:21-33; Isaiah 62:1-8; Proverbs 31:2, Hebrews 12:2, 2 Peter 3:13, Romans 6:10, Revelation 19:7-8; 20:9,21:9, 21:11 for no division in antidistrust, antidishonesty, antidistruth for antirape, antisorrow, antidecay to have, to hold, to keep, really, truly, and honestly. Forever and Ever. Amen We are with State and Federal Law Government, 78 Legislature, Titus 2:14. This is evidence that support, protect and free us from falsely accusations...Please join me in my True Story of how omission and negligence effected... Please join me in speaking No Division in our family and everything.This is important to me because i have been a raped victim for 9 years and more fighting a 4 year custody case against the adult 18 years old who raped me at the age of 14 years old, he has custody rights to my daughter, all awhile claims i have a mental disorder and threatens to take my daughter away from me within these past 7 years non-stop. He falsely accuses me having a mental disorder in the Family Law Court here in Harris County, and has gained illegal custody rights.  He has attacked my rights as a citizen being against my religion in Jesus, therefore was also kept away from my daughter and family, with the help of Harris County Family Law Court.

Titus 2:14 Law Enforcement Department
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Petition to US Department of Justice, President of the United States

Justice for Jennifer - Prosecute Toney Converse!

On behalf of our daughter, Jennifer Stampfel; her friends, family and we as her parents want justice! In January of 2015 our daughter pressed criminal charges against her rapist, Toney Converse. From the very beginning we had major concerns with how the investigation was being “mishandled” by the New Orleans Police Department. Our fears were later confirmed with the “misplacing” of evidence, and other major “gaps” in the case involving several detectives. This lack of conducting a “thorough and complete” investigation was then transferred to the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office. While we had high hopes of the office correcting the major issues regarding Jennifer’s case, we were once again let down by numerous administrative and procedural failures. We feel very strong in saying that Jennifer’s case has not only been “mishandled,” but there is extreme bias regarding her case; which we have evidence of. What happened to Jennifer is life changing, and she will never be able to regain what was stolen from her. However, we felt that by reporting this to the authorities it would give her some peace and eventually justice. Instead, abuse by the system has left her victimized yet again. This time by the very people who are supposed to protect citizens from crimes that Jennifer had to endure. We have witnessed her over the past two years having major panic attacks, and her PTSD (which was a direct result of these events) is only aggravated each day from the hell that she was and is continuously put through. Our little girl will never be the same. So please, as parents we are asking for your support in having her rapist prosecuted for what he has done to our daughter. Thank you, Norma and Jim Stampfel 

Galya S
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