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Petition to Congress, President of the United States

'One of the worst days of my life:' Stop sham 'Start By Believing' investigations

MATT ROLPH WAS BRANDED A RAPIST, EXPELLED FROM COLLEGE, AND FORCED TO SPEND $$$ TO RESTORE HIS GOOD NAME. Matt Rolph, above, was accused of sexually assaulting his long-term girlfriend, “Jane Roe.” His case went to court, and the jury cleared him of all charges. Must-see video:  Even though the jury found Matt innocent, Hobart College in Geneva, NY decided to make an example of him. So Hobart hired an investigator who...1. Did not record any of the interviews.2. Failed to review innocence-proving text messages sent by Jane.3. Failed to get records supporting Jane’s claim of medical problems caused by the incident.4. Did not resolve inconsistencies among witness statements. No surprise, based on the investigator’s biased report, the school expelled Matt. He later described it as "one of the worst days of my life." So he filed a lawsuit against the College. Several months later, Judge Elizabeth Wolford ruled in favor of Matt Rolph’s claims of investigative bias. ISN'T OUR LEGAL SYSTEM BASED ON THE PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE? Investigators are supposed to conduct investigations that are objective, neutral, and honest. But now, investigators are being told to “Start By Believing" the accuser and use "trauma-informed" and "victim-centered" methods. "Start By Believing" tells investigators to investigate cases from an “initial presumption" of merit, to slant their report to “corroborate the victim’s account,” and to even make sure the sexual encounter does “not look like a consensual sexual experience."  Matt Rolph is just one of the many thousands of Americans who have been victimized by “victim-centered” investigations. Amazingly, the U.S. Department of Justice has spent millions of taxpayer dollars to support "Believe the Victim" programs around the country. DON’T LET ‘BELIEVE THE VICTIM’ HAPPEN TO YOU! TELL ATTORNEY GENERAL WILLIAM BARR TO STOP FUNDING 'BELIEVE THE VICTIM' PROGRAMS.    

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Petition to Dr. Jeffrey Green, Hilton High School Staff

Support System for Survivors and Punishment for Assaulters in Hilton High School

Over this past school year, victims of sexual assault in Hilton High School have sought out help from staff and the staff has done nothing but ignore the issue. When students walk into school they shouldn't have to fear seeing their assaulter. No one should feel fear when walking into school. When students have sought help regarding their assault they have been treated like they were the problem and were told their grades need to change before anything can be done about the issue. That is incredibly wrong and even more, harmful to the victims well being. If Hilton staff wants their students to be the best they can be, they need to have a safe environment to do so. When a student goes to someone they trust in the school about their assault, they need to be treated with respect because they have already gone through enough. If/when another student is the assaulter, it needs to be taken incredibly seriously and that student needs to be spoken to and punished immediately. Victim blaming isn't okay in the workplace or anywhere else so it shouldn't be tolerated in schools either. Advocate and help survivors to the best of your abilities and hold the rapists/assaulters that roam your halls responsible for the crime they've committed. Sexual assault and rape are as serious as other heinous crimes and should be treated as such. We need justice for the victims in Hilton High School.

Bryce Elmer
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Petition to Kamala Harris, President of the United States

Abolish the statute of limitations involving sexual abuse in all 50 states

Hi, my name is Emilie Diaz, I'm 16, and I am a victim of sexual assault. I say this with the sole purpose of explaining how I coped with the trauma, and how the statute of limitations involving sexual abuse does more harm than good. I didn't remember the events until almost 4 years later. I started having flashbacks and nightmares, and eventually I started to remember the occurrences and the memories started to fit like puzzle pieces. I say this to show how trauma manifests itself in different ways for everyone. In my case, I subconsciously repressed it because I could not process what happened.  I recently found out that 3 people I love deeply were sexually abused, and that because of the statute of limitations involving sexual abuse in their state, there is little that can be done. In their experience, they did not remember the assaults until a few weeks ago. By now it has been years since the assaults, and because of the statute of limitations, they cannot press charges. The statute of limitations says that after a certain amount of time, legal action cannot be taken. This enables sexual abusers to continue to harm other people.  If we do not make a change now, we are allowing predators to continue abusing others. I'm hoping that with this petition, I can get enough signatures and support to have this law be repealed in all 50 states. We need to get justice for victims of sexual assault and do whatever we can to prevent other people from becoming victims.   

Emilie Diaz
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