Sexual Assault

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Petition to Rutgers University - New Brunswick

Get Peter Yae Expelled From Rutgers

My name is Joyce Kang. Some of you may know me as a friend, while others know me as the girl who’s always dying her hair. Today, you all know me as a survivor of sexual assault. While I was visiting the Rutgers campus last December, Peter Yae, who was a mutual friend at the time, asked me to study with him. Peter Yae is soon to be a sophomore at the Rutgers Business School. Although I wanted to study in a public cafe, he manipulated me into studying in his dorm room. After pressuring me, I finally agreed because I under the impression nothing would happen. However, he got high before seeing me and started to feel me up. I told him I felt uncomfortable, and asked him to stop. He didn’t stop. Throughout it all, he kept apologizing and saying he couldn’t help himself... as if he was trying to validate his reason for assaulting me. I tried to physically stop him because my pleads for him to stop meant absolutely nothing to him. I lost a part of myself during my almost-rape experience at Rutgers University. So please, I encourage you all to use your voice, not only to overcome the trauma, but to create a safe community where both men and women can share their story without judgment. So far, over fifteen girls all over New Jersey have confided in me about their traumatic experience with Peter Yae. This cannot be tolerated anymore. This isn’t a matter of revenge. This is a matter of getting justice for myself and any man/woman who has been put in a similar position. To the girls who shared their stories, thank you for empowering me to do the same. I hope my story will help anyone who needs it. I stand with you.

Joyce Kang
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Petition to FOX Broadcasting Company, Fox Corporation

Fire Jenny McCarthy from The Masked Singer for her sexual harassment of Justin Bieber

At the 2012 American Music Awards, a then 40 year old, Jenny McCarthy publicly sexually harassed a then 18 year old Justin Bieber. The link is posted below. Since then she has faced no consequences and was even hired to be a judge on Fox's The Masked Singer. In the climate of the MeToo movement, the general public have been quick to hold powerful men accused of sexual assault/rape charges accountable and rightfully so. However we need to continue this movement by holding Jenny McCarthy accountable. She not only groped and forced herself onto Justin Bieber but she then proceeded to smugly say afterwards that ' “It was a little cougar scary,” she said, “but I took the opportunity in the window, considering I’ll never get to do it again, and kind of molested him.”“I want some Bieber fever — and I want a Bieber rash. It’d be like cougar rape.”' (L.A. Times) She is also an avid advocate of the anti-vaxx movement. According to '"In the years since, McCarthy has published multiple books on the subject, and serves as board president of the non-profit organization Generation Rescue, widely considered an anti-vaxx group that links autism to vaccines and promotes medically unproven treatments for autism. While promoting one of her books, McCarthy told Oprah that she learned about autism from "the University of Google."'  Jenny McCarthy is slated to continue being a judge on the upcoming season of Fox Network's The Masked Singer. Because of her dangerous advocacy and behavior, Jenny McCarthy needs to be FIRED IMMEDIATELY from The Masked Singer. She doesn't deserve a continued career in Hollywood after exhibiting such disgusting and inexcusable behavior. It has been EIGHT YEARS and yet no one has held her accountable. It's time we do so now.  SOURCES  

Lisa Tran
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