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Petition to Wanda A. Austin

Help Armaan Get Back Into College And Graduate

Armaan Premjee, 20, was a junior at the University of Southern California (USC), pursuing a bachelors in business administration. One night, this all changed. After a $200,000 bail and months of investigations, Armaan just wants to finish his degree. He has 6 credits left. Armaan went out one night to have some fun. He met a girl named Arshia, who was 19 years old at the time. She really liked him and invited him to her dorm room. They had sex. However, she did not remember the night and the young woman's roommate filed a rape allegation. The availability of video footage in this case however led to the judge dismissing the trial. “There is no indication of any withdrawal of consent" he wrote in his final ruling. Clear footage from inside the bar, outside it, and inside the woman's dorm room showed that she was very much the aggressor in this encounter. She made sexual hand gestures behind Armaan's back, and walked him out of the bar. She motioned for him to come to the elevator to go to her room. According to California law however, this woman's blatantly suggestive behaviors do not count when she is drunk, as she is incapable of giving consent. In California, drunk sex is non-consensual sex, or rape. Arshia took responsibility for her actions, and did not want the case to proceed. Nevertheless, the two main police officers in this case, Oscar Gamino and Carla Zuniga, treated Armaan as if he was "guilty before proven innocent," contrary to constitutional law. These police officers withheld exculpatory evidence from prosecutors. “They had the video camera footage from the very start,” Premjee said. “They suppressed evidence that could have basically changed my life" (The Daily Trojan). Despite the judge dismissing the trial, USC's Office of Equity and Diversity decided that Armaan violated TItle IX. This decision was made by a panel that did not see the video footage, and Armaan was not permitted to defend himself. Armaan was consequently expelled from USC. This has harmed his reputation, although, his interview with FOX 11 has 7million views, and the public demands justice for Armaan. Armaan's fate illustrates the blatant discrimination against men in cases of sexual assault, due to the title ix provisions enacted under former president Barack Obama. False rape accusations harm men's reputations and mental health, limiting equal access to education. Meanwhile, the victim stays anonymous and continues their lives as if nothing ever happened. By signing this petition, an email will be sent to the president of USC, Wanda M. Austin. If enough emails are sent before Armaan's hearing on December 18th, perhaps she will change her mind and drop the case. Please help Armaan get back into school and sign this petition.

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Petition to Department of Education

Do not implement Betsy DeVos’ enhanced protection for perpetrators of sexual assault

Today Education Secretary Betsy Devos announced rules on how colleges and universities handle cases of sexual misconduct and harassment. These rules aim to enhance legal protections for the accused. This includes raising the level of proof needed from “preponderance of evidence” to “clear and convincing evidence”. Additionally, students will now be allowed to cross-examine each other through a third party. This can easily cause the victim to relive their trauma. This rules will cause already low levels of reporting to plummet, as survivors will not want to submit themselves to such a difficult process, especially when it is already set against them. The rules also include requiring colleges and universities to offer supportive measures for survivors, like a no contact order, but bar any measures that would “burden” an accused student.  School would only have jurisdiction to investigate cases that occurred specifically on their campus. Reports must be made to specific administrators, meaning that schools would have no obligation to investigate if a student reports an incident to their coach or their resident advisor.  These new rules are going to contribute to the constant victimization of survivors, and cause the number of reports to go down. These rules will not encourage students to report their assaults. In a time when perpetrators are already not held responsible, this will make matters worse. Please sign to tell Betsy DeVos and the Department of Education you disagree with these rules to protect perpetrators of sexual misconduct and harassment. 

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Petition to Hank Thiele

District 99: Hire a Consultant Who Specializes in Educator Sexual Misconduct

THE PROBLEM: District 99 (Downers Grove, IL) does not have adequate policies, procedures, and training to protect students from sexual assault and harassment from teachers and other staff members. In 2016, a DGN volunteer serving in a teaching capacity for the marching band was convicted of aggravated criminal sexual abuse of a band student. In an unrelated incident in 2017, longtime assistant band director Bill Miller resigned; there are currently civil lawsuits pending against the school and Bill Miller from 4 different “Jane Does,” who were students at the time of incidents. A criminal investigation into Miller’s actions is ongoing. District 99 needs to do more to protect the students in its care. Teacher training is insufficient, clear teacher/student boundaries have not been put into place (making it easier for abusers to groom), students are kept in the dark about their rights and ability to report on teacher-abusers, written guidelines and a code of conduct are weak and hard to find...the list goes on. THE SOLUTION: We’re asking Hank Thiele, the superintendent of schools, to hire a consultant from SESAME (Stop Educator Sexual Abuse, Misconduct, and Explotation), a non-profit organization that has been advising Chicago Public Schools in the wake of their incident just like DGN's, which resulted in CPS losing a portion of their federal funding for not fulfilling their Title IX duties. Some of what we hope the district will accomplish with SESAME’s help: --Strengthen policies and procedures around sexual misconduct to go beyond what is legally required and instead, do the maximum possible to protect students and recent grads from being preyed upon by District 99 faculty --Help implement better training to help teachers identify “red flag” behavior when it comes to student grooming, and know what to do if they think they need to make a report --Help District 99’s Title IX Coordinators, Pete Theis and Gina Zaccardi, implement effective paths of communication that inform students and parents of their Title IX rights, as well as rules students should know that keep them safe, e.g. “no being in a teacher’s car alone.” --Add language to the Athletics and Activities Handbook and other materials that reminds teachers and students of what the proper boundaries are and gives reporting guidelines  SESAME is ready and willing to help! However, Hank Thiele has stated that he feels legal consultants and broad school board resolutions banning all forms of sexual harassment by anyone in general are enough. Please sign this position to tell him you feel otherwise.

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Petition to Department of Homeland Security

Demand DHS protect immigrant women from sexual assault

For immigrant women, entering the U.S. can be a difficult road. A recent study showed that many women are being strip searched and sexually abused by Border Patrol Agents. Their complaints are rarely addressed, and the agents are hardly ever reprimanded. The current process for even filing a complaint is filled with obstacles. When complaints are filed, it’s often the Border Agent’s word against the victims. Immigration stories shouldn’t include incidents of sexual coercion. Tell the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to protect immigrant women from sexual assault - place cameras in booking areas. Two sisters from Guatemala were strip searched and sexually assaulted by a Border Patrol Agent. He took each of them separately, forcing them to remove their clothes and touched their genitals. The booking areas all were without cameras. Current DHS policies require strip searches be performed only by female agents. If that is impossible due to staffing, then two agents are supposed to be in the room. Their complaint was investigated, only to be thrown out due to a ‘lack of physical evidence’. Their story isn’t isolated. From 2010-2016, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection received 84 complaints of coerced sexual assault. Agents should not use their positions of power to sexually assault  immigrant women. Tell the DHS to protect immigrant women from sexual assault, install cameras in booking areas. Sexual assaults by Border Agents is not something that can be overlooked.

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