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Keep the teacher's tax deduction in our federal taxes

Imagine you are at work and realize that you are in need of something very important to your success at this job.  You go through the proper channels to acquire this item but at every turn are told that this essential item is not truly essential to the job.  Some might say, well just get it yourself and move on.  Well imagine again that this happens with EVERY item that you need.  This is the life of some teachers in this country especially in the most needy of districts.  These districts are also the ones with the highest achievement gap.  Parents can only provide so much for their children.  For some it is a matter of buying clothing or buying the books, notebooks, pencils, markers etc.  Clothing is a bit more important.  Imagine even further that the situation is choosing between clothing and housing.  School supplies do not even enter into their consciousness. Teachers provide for these students because we set our students up to succeed in life.  The kids are not the ones that have put their families into these situations.  They are just collateral damage.  The $250 that teachers can get back via taxes yearly only chips away at the mountain we spend out of our own pockets.  Every little bit back helps us to provide the best possible education for the future of our country.  By doing away with this help, it impacts those who are the most vulnerable in our country, the children.  Please help to make sure that our future has an actual future. 

Sarah Friedman
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Petition to Kevin Brady, Elizabeth Warren, Edward Markey

Students & Educators against GOP Tax Bill

**Edit: Even if you are not a student or educator yourself, but you are opposed to the GOP Tax Bill and the implications on education, please sign!**  The newly introduced GOP tax bill, if passed, will have a devastating effect on education in the US.  Public school teachers spend, on average, $500 out-of-pocket for school supplies for their classrooms. Under the new tax plan, they will no longer be able to get tax deductions for this money spent. It penalizes teachers and students alike. You can see Rep. Susan DelBene's line of questioning on how corporations will be prioritized over teachers.  College students will start paying taxes on the interest accrued for student loans. The change will affect an about 12.4 million people, and is estimated to increase the cost of student loans by $24 billion over the next 10 years. Not only will this negatively impact current college students and recent graduates, but it risks making a college education out of reach for thousands of students. Graduate students will be forced to pay taxes on their tuition waivers, which often surpass the stipend they received. For example, most graduate students receive an annual stipend in the $20K - $30K range, while tuition and fees can range from $12K-$50K depending on your year in a program, and the program itself. The bump into a different tax bracket means students will end up paying an additional $4K-$13K in taxes -- when their income is less than $30K! Some having likened this to "taxing a coupon", and believe the bill will negatively impact American research via brain drain.  The GOP tax bill is an assault on American education on all fronts, negatively impacting public school students and teachers, college aged students, recent college grads, PhD students, and researchers housed at colleges and universities. Please sign this petition to signal to Congress: we will not stand for it!  Additionally, please consider calling your senator or representative, and asking them to vote no on this bill. Thank you for your time!

S. Krishna
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Petition to Fresno County Office of Education, Riverdale Joint Unified School District, SEIU Local 521

Petition of Appreciation & Support for Mobile Health Centers in Fresno County

Petition of Appreciation & Support for Mobile Health Centers in Fresno County! Sign, Share, Support. SEIU Local 521 was made aware that Riverdale Joint Unified School District has made the effort to have a Mobile Health Center come on to campus, and encouraged staff to sign up for a free flu shot! After some digging we came to discover that this is part of a larger program! We felt compelled that not only RJUSD, but all 13 schools involved in this program deserve recognition for such a beneficial program to the community—which SEIU Local 521 fully supports. The reason we want to recognize these schools is because regardless of anyone’s personal political views Fresno County Office of Education and the other 13 schools need to know how important these Mobile Health Centers are to the community! This petition is to show FCOE that the greater community are willing to pledge their support and appreciation to services such as Mobile Health Centers, and that if there are any more opportunities that can directly help the underserviced areas of the Central Valley that we are eager to collectively offer our support! Be sure to spread the word so others in the community can pledge their support and appreciation! Want to do more? Donate!: To see the great services the Mobile Health Centers provide, and meet the 13 schools who are involved in this program follow this link:

SEIU Local 521 Riverdale Chapter
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