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Yes to Lincoln NE Costco at 14th & Pine Lake Road

The Lincoln, NE city council will vote on whether to approve the 14th and Pine Lake Costco on Jan 9. A vocal minority has expressed disapproval of the Costco. However, the majority of Lincoln residents who approve of the Costco have been silent thus far. This is our chance to voice support for the Costco. Due to financial conflicts of interest, only 5 of the 7 city council members will be allowed to vote. In order for Costco to be approved, 4 of the 5 city council members must vote in favor. In addition to signing the petition, please email all of your city council members. I did so this morning, and here's the response I received from one of them: Brian,Thank you for your input. 2 council members have conflicts of interest, leaving 5 to vote. It takes 4 to pass it. I am leaning in support. Your email helps me to balance the negative testimony from neighbors at the meeting last night. Here are the relevant email addresses:,,,,, (not allowed to vote b/c of conflict of interest), (not allowed to vote b/c of conflict of interest)  Links to recent news articles on the topic: Conflicts of interest surface in Costco vote Planners OK south Lincoln Costco plans first Lincoln location

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Return Wages To Instacart Shoppers

Instacart Shoppers wages have gone down nationwide ever since the new pay structure that was implemented in late October (see articles all over Google News). Before this change shoppers were paid fairly, customers and shoppers were equally happy. Everything was great. Instacart then announces that the new pay is intended to provide more consistent pay for when 20%-40% of customers do not tip. fast forward to the release of the new pay and the CEO of Instacart has responded that "shoppers who earned more now have to make less for the company to grow". so now he basically said that it was a lie all along just so that instacart makes more while the shoppers who do all the work make less.   Shoppers use to earn 40%-60% of tips and make as much as $20-$25 an hour. now those same shoppers make $10-$15 an hour which is basically a 50%-60% paycut. Drivers who have more expenses such as gas, car wear and tear, etc... are basically earning less than minimum wage after expenses now, whereas before the higher wages would offset the expenses. So now new pay structure kicked in and pay has gone down nationwide for all shoppers. single mothers now have to work more hours and find other ways to feed their kids and others now have to figure out how to feed their families. Shoppers spend all day shopping groceries for others but now those shoppers don't even make enough to bring their own groceries home. Customers are also upset because not only is it confusing and misleading for them but the quality of service they get could also suffer aswell. Before customers and shoppers equally benefited, now only Instacart benefits from the new pay structure and customers and shoppers are getting the short end of the stick. Instacart needs to roll back to the old payment structure or face possible loss of partners, shoppers, devaluation of their company, loss of advertisers, aswell as loss of funding among other things. If i was a company who has a relationship with Instacart i would not continue having a relationship with them. Not only is it ethically wrong but if i continue to support their new pay structure i would be basically supporting low wage and wage theft. One shopper was recently chatting with a Costco Manager and the shopper informed the manager of how the new pay has decreased pay for all shoppers. The manager then informed him that if Costco Corporate found out about this they would not tolerate it which results in Instacart perhaps losing their contract with Costco (and potentially other partners aswell) or other potential consequences for Instacart. So let's get out there and make the change happen.

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