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Petition to CarMax, Bill Nash, Katharine Kenny, Tom Folliard, William R. Tiefel (Chairman of the Board)

Stop selling unsafe, recalled cars to consumers.

CarMax is the largest used-car retailer in the U.S. You've probably seen their ads claiming that every car they sell passes a rigorous “125+-point inspection.” What they don't tell you is that CarMax fails to get the safety recall repairs done before they sell cars to consumers. On May 19, Angela and Clarence Davidson bought a used 2010 Dodge Ram from CarMax in Irvine, CA. With children at home and in college, and a 5-year-old grandson, they wanted a safe car. Because the car was "CarMax Quality Certified," they believed it was safe. But after they bought it, Chrysler told them the truck was recalled over a year ago. The drive shaft was defective and likely to separate from the rear axle. CarMax had failed to get it repaired before selling it to the Davidsons. When they tried to return it, Carmax refused, and told them it was now their problem, not CarMax's. So they took it to a Chrysler dealer for the safety recall repairs and thought it was fixed.  On May 30, without warning, the truck fell apart on the freeway and caught on fire. The couple and their 12-year-old daughter barely escaped before the truck exploded into flames. It also caused a brush fire that closed down the freeway for about 4 hours. They owned their “CarMax Quality Certified” truck just 11 days. Then it almost killed them. How could this happen? CarMax sells ticking timebomb cars with safety defects like: catching on fire, brake failure, exploding air bags, axles that break, ignition switches that make cars die in traffic and disable the air bags, and other life-threatening safety defects. CarMax must stop selling unsafe, recalled cars to consumers without getting the free repairs done first.  CarMax says they're not authorized by auto manufacturers to perform safety recall repairs. So instead of taking recalled cars to other dealers who are authorized to do the repairs, for free, CarMax dumps the unsafe cars onto their customers. Last year, CarMax took in over $10 Billion. They can afford to get recalled cars repaired for free or sell them to dealers who are authorized to perform safety recall repairs. They just don't care enough about their customers' safety to do the right thing.  CarMax needs to hear from consumers. Tell CarMax to stop selling unsafe, recalled cars to consumers without getting the free repairs done first.

Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety
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Petition to Target

Expect More: Tell Target to Stop Supporting Slavery in Uzbekistan!

Target Corporation often offers prices that seem too good to be true - how do they keep their prices so low? Turns out some of Target’s products might be so cheap because they are made with slave-picked cotton from Uzbekistan and/or purchased from Daewoo International, a company that accounts for approximately 20% of all cotton processed in Uzbekistan. Every year, during the harvest season, over a million children and adults – including teachers, nurses and doctors – are ripped out of their homes, schools and jobs, and forced to work in the cotton fields of Uzbekistan to meet daily picking quotas. They are often threatened and beaten, as in the case of 18-year-old Navruz Muyzinov who was reported to have been beaten to death by police officers when he left his assigned cotton field before meeting his quota during the 2012 cotton harvest. Over 100 apparel companies (including Target) from all over the world have taken a stand against slavery in Uzbekistan, pledging to not buy slave-picked Uzbek cotton in an effort to push the Uzbek government to end the enslavement of its people. Now, they’re being called upon to follow up on their pledge by joining the Daewoo Protocol, declining to do business with Daewoo until it takes serious steps to stop sourcing slave-picked Uzbek cotton. We expect more from Target, a company that takes pride in holding the highest ethical standards for itself and for its business partners. So we called and asked them to join the Daewoo Protocol. Target said they didn't need to sign the Daewoo Protocol because they have a “No Uzbek Cotton” policy. But such a policy only works if you're willing to enforce it. If Target is truly serious about keeping slavery out of its stores, it needs to stop doing business with Daewoo by agreeing to implement the Daewoo Protocol – a series of steps companies need to take to eliminate slave-picked cotton from their supply chains. Tell Target to sign the Daewoo Protocol, a serious step toward fighting modern slavery in Uzbekistan.

Freedom United
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Petition to Pet Store Owners

Woof Woof Puppies Store Owners: Stop Selling Puppies

Woof Woof Puppies & Boutique located at 239 E Walled Lake Dr, Walled Lake, MI has been operating a puppy store in Southfield, Mi since 2011 ripping-off families with marketing gimmicks pushing “designer” overpriced, mixed-breed dogs. Buyers should beware of puppy peddlers promoting expensive teacup, micro and toy sized dogs.  SICK ANIMALS: The store has been selling sick animals and families are burdened with excessive vet costs and heartache. Follow our Message Board with more information about complaints. BAD BREEDERS: The store is not forthcoming and transparent about the breeders supplying the puppies. Potential buyers do not know where the puppies are coming from. There are no breeder disclosure laws, so families could unknowingly be contributing to cruelty. Reputable breeders never sell to pet stores. BAD BUSINESS: Customers are complaining about other bad business practices, such as accepting large non-refundable deposits and dramatically understating how big the puppies will grow. Even worse, the store has turned customers into “criminals”. Customers stated that the store called the police when they visited regarding a sick or dead puppy, rather than settling the dispute. This store simply can not be trusted. They even have excessive favorable online reviews which are very suspect. Puppy Mill Awareness of Southeast Michigan is a watchdog group working to end commercial breeding (“puppy mills”) and protect families from purchasing sick animals. Please sign this petition in support of our campaign to promote only humane business models. Tell the store owners to take a pledge not to sell puppies.  

Pam Sordyl
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Petition to VINCE Shareholders, Saba Ebrahimi, Christina Cassar, Lindsey Worster, Brendan L. Hoffman

VINCE stop using REAL FUR!

The clothing company VINCE has been called the "quietest billion-dollar brand in the business," and has a cult following, including celebs like Taylor Swift and Beyoncé. I too was a huge fan. Their cotton T’s were my biggest wardrobe staple. But I was shocked to see that VINCE's recent collections feature garments made from real fox and rabbit fur. I thought we weren’t doing this anymore. Modern consumers are educated about the heinous cruelty inherent in fur farms, and most major brands in the same sector have pledged not to use real fur (Ralph Lauren, Eileen Fisher, J. Crew, Rebecca Taylor, to name a few). So why is VINCE using it now? Let’s let VINCE know that real fur is not fashionable. Please join me in urging VINCE to pledge not to use real fur. Fur farms are horrifying operations, where animals live in cramped cages, without adequate water or food. Many go insane or fight each other to death, but those who survive go on to suffer gruesome slaughter methods, which keep their pelts intact but pay little attention to the degree of their pain while they are being killed. What’s worse, VINCE’s website describes these fur items as simply "imported" but their labels say that some of the fur is from China. China's fur farms are famous for their outrageous cruelty. It is well-documented that foxes and rabbits bred for their fur are often skinned alive, sometimes taking 10 to 15 minutes after skinning to die. If VINCE’s fur is being farmed in China, where there are virtually no welfare laws to animals on fur farms, one can only imagine the torture these animals must endure. Meanwhile, some VINCE fur comes from Finland, where just recently fur farms were exposed for heinous cruelty. The VINCE brand may have flown under the radar until now, but it has been growing and is now a publicly traded company sold in over 2,500 stores. As VINCE continues to grow, so will the suffering of helpless foxes and rabbits killed to meet the demands of distribution. We cannot allow them to keep this “understated” reputation when they are causing needless suffering. Please join me in asking VINCE to pledge to cease the use of any real fur in all future collections. And join me in boycotting the brand until they do so. VINCE already has some fake fur products, so let's encourage them to switch to all fake fur.

Rebecca Schiffman
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