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Petition to Citizens of Europe

Exit Brexit

Exit Brexit, Brits, we love you! "Leaving Europe would be a coup-de-grâce and leave us all kaput while even the maestros among the entrepreneurs would enter into a guerrilla that has airs of déjà-vu." If in the above sentence you can spot some words that English has borrowed from other European languages, then you probably guess what comes next. Please read on, and RSVP ("Répondez, s'il vous plaît", ie "Answer, if you please")! As way back as the Roman Empire, Europe has been a cultural, political and economic reality with contours that have varied in the course of history. And the British are a part of this history. A glimpse of it now. British scientist Newton responded to the Italian Galileo, and the German Einstein responded to Newton, then the Belgian Lemaître refuted the theory of relativity, to establish the "Big Bang Theory". And that is where we think our world comes from. As early as 1920, British economist Keynes suggested a European union and its free trade union, and after World War II, Churchill was an ardent advocate of a United States of Europe, though the United Kindgom was not eventually part of the first six members. Those who love football will remember that in 2008 the UEFA (Union of European Football Association) Champion League final opposed two British teams, and that Portughese star Ronaldo scored for the winner of the match. War has always raged in Europe, from the ancient days to the two World Wars, not mentioning the Hundred Years War. But ever since Europe is in place, we have had peace - is there any thing more precious than peace? War rages in many places of the world today, but not in Europe, and among other things, this peace gives us time to think about the future of our planet. Too much is at stake, for us and for the next generations. I am a proud citizen of Europe and I don't want the British to exit the European Union. If you think the same, whether you are British or not, sign this petition in favour of union. Perhaps a loud voice saying "Stay" can make a change.  

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