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Petition to UK Parliament, Theresa May MP

Say No to Knighthood - Robert Syms Tory MP

Poole Labour have found today that our constituency's Tory MP is to be granted a Knighthood. Robert Syms has said that this is down to his public and political services and his work on HS2 dealing with thousands of petitioners and that he is shocked by the news. No more shocked than we were to hear this. Robert Syms has done nothing for this town, and by his absence has irrevocably damaged Poole and the surrounding areas. Recently Dorset CCG made the decision to ignore c75k signatures against the closure of Poole's A&E and Maternity Unit dismissing them as "emotional", Labour campaigned hard to keep this vital service in the town. Robert Syms was noticeable in his absence. Poole Pottery, a historic landmark and tourist attraction within the town is closing down due to high rents. A petition was created to help the company stay in Poole and requested Robert Syms help as the MP for Poole, again silence. Very shortly after the 2017 General Election, Robert abused someone on Twitter after they called the Tory-DUP agreement a Coalition. Robert was not disciplined and neither did he make any apology.  Robert had claimed £2000 of taxpayers money for furniture for his designated second home but then had it all "mistakenly" delivered instead his parents' home. It is a very rare occurrence for Robert to deign to answer questions and queries from his constituents, earning him the nickname of Poole's Missing Person (MP).  Is this man deserving of an honour? We say No. Say no to Robert Syms' Knighthood and sign this petition. Poole Labour Party 

Poole Labour Party
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Petition to Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council, Lisa Nandy MP, Yvonne Fovargue MP

Initiate a referendum in Borough of Wigan and its townships on our continued membership of Greater Manchester/GMCA and strengthen our links to Lancashire.

Wigan’s links with the County of Lancashire are historic. This applies to all towns administered by the Metropolitan Borough of Wigan, namely - Ince, Ashton, Golborne, Leigh, Standish, Orrell, Tyldesley, Atherton and Hindley. Since the formation of Greater Manchester in 1974 to this date our links to Lancashire are becoming weakened some would say broken by our continued association with Greater Manchester. Wigan, Leigh, Ashton, Ince, Standish, Golborne, Atherton, Tyldesley, Orrell and Hindley are not in or do not form a part of Manchester. They all form part of the historic County of Lancashire. The people of ALL towns in the Metropolitan Borough of Wigan have never been consulted as to whether they want their links to Lancashire weakened/broken at the same time our ties to Greater Manchester strengthened to such an extent Wigan/Borough of Wigan will have imposed on it a Greater Manchester Mayor. This Mayor will become known as the Mayor of Manchester. We want Wigan Council and our elected politicians to respect tradition, our heritage and strengthen our links to Lancashire. Therefore we ask Wigan Council to :- Conduct an immediate referendum on Wigan’s/Borough of Wigan’s and its townships continued membership of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (in or out). Review Wigan’s/Borough of Wigan’s and its townships links to the County of Lancashire. To produce reports to Councillor’s and MP’s outlining all ways these links to Lancashire can be strengthened and to liaise with residents, local groups and the Association of British Counties to ensure tradition and heritage are respected and correctly promoted.  

Michael Moulding
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