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Petition to Democratic Party of Georgia State Committee, DuBose Porter

Make the Georgia State Democratic Convention an Annual or Biannual Event

State party conventions in other states are typically a moment in which activists get together to meet candidates and luminaries, share ideas, enjoy each others' company and build camaraderie, and in most states with strong Democratic parties, state conventions are frequent events in which activists are given an ample amount of time to do all of the above. However, in Georgia, for most of the party's history, our convention is held during one day every four (4) years on gubernatorial election years, which does not allow Georgia's grassroots Democrats to do enough of the above.  As a result, our state Democratic convention is an event which lacks any importance to Georgia Democrats beyond a pep rally in business casual. Furthermore, all of the "business" of the convention is held behind closed doors and decided before the convention by the State Committee, and no debate or input from the floor is allowed.  Where is the grassroots democracy in that? Where is the input of Georgia's Democratic community and our constituencies? Why are our caucuses only allowed 1 hour and 30 minutes for meeting time? Why are proposed resolutions not given time for consideration during the convention? Where does Robert's Rules of Order apply? A modern Democratic Party which treats its supporters and delegates with respect and dignity would allow our state Democratic convention to be a frequently-held event which allows ample time to convene, share ideas, conduct business, make plans and have fun while we're at it. We want a party convention which fits our needs as Democrats from all over Georgia, not merely a pep rally.  We implore the Democratic Party of Georgia's State Committee to reform the DPG Charter Section C3.1.1 to: make the Georgia State Democratic Convention either an annual event or a biannual event held on gubernatorial and presidential election years schedule the event in the spring or early summer, preferably before the primary schedule the event to last three days Immediately call for a state convention in either early 2019 or early 2020 to follow the criteria above

Harry Underwood
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