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Petition to President of the United States, Bernie Sanders, Donald J. Trump


‘Once Upon A Time In Shaolin’ the Wu-tang Clan’s latest album, was offered only in a single copy format. Pharma bro Martin Shkreli, famous for jacking up the prices of HIV medication and smirking through an entire congressional hearing, bought this album. He has the rights to it based on the RZA’s decision to sell Wu-Tangs music in this format. Poor fans who couldn’t afford to bid 2 million dollars, clearly deserve to hear this music. Wu-Tang is for the people. Whatever the intention was for the album, no one has heard it, except presumably Martin Shkreli. His assets since buying the music, have been seized and the only guilded silver box is now sitting on a government shelf, repossessed, possibly awaiting to be destroyed, based on the Shkreli legal situation. THIS IS NOT RIGHT! It’s been 5 years now essentially and no one except this now criminal who got rich wrongfully has heard the goods! The music, that piece of history and lore deserves a proper ending. We fans deserve this. I am calling on whomever can release this unifying Wu-Tang rap to the nation. I’m calling on someone to help their reputation and their campaigns by releasing these bangers. Help secure votes for their base. Please sign this petition, bring da mf’n ruckus, WU-TANG is for the children! Please don’t let this album go unheard. Please someone help!

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Petition to California Democratic Party, Congressman Ted Lieu

Child Sex Trafficker Janice Hahn (Los Angeles Board of Supervisors) Must Be Removed!

Janice Hahn is an elected member of the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors, an almost completely unchecked and vastly powerful government organization. She has publicly and repeatedly admitted to the following crimes. 1.She has publicly called for the deaths of my children, Nikolay and Kennedy Taylor 2.She and her fellow Board members hired admitted child killer and pedophile Bobby Cagle to run Los Angeles DCFS, resulting in the child murders of Anthony Avalos and Noah Cuarto. 3.She admitted to ordering the murders of myself and my ex-wife Liz Taylor (we both survived after broken bones and hospitalization) in an attempt to make our sons vulnerable to the child sex trafficking ring she leads. 4.She has repeatedly and publicly admitted to being a child sex trafficker. She must be removed from office and arrested and tried for her crimes. Her latest child victims--who are still alive, my beloved sons Nikolay and Kennedy Taylor--must be freed from DCFS custody and returned immediately to me, their father. I have emailed Janice Hahn innumerable times over the two years of my sons' captivity. I have called her office many times. I have spoken to her face to face three times. Let me give two examples. First, on November 16, 2018, I told Janice Hahn in an email how my son Kennedy had been mauled by a vicious dog. I sent her a picture of his torn face. I told her how the DCFS "caregiver" would not even take my son to the hospital when blood was pouring down his face. Janice Hahn did nothing. Janice Hahn has my children's blood on her hands. Kennedy would be mauled again. He barely survived the second attack.  Second, by October 15, 2019 (almost a year later) I knew who Janice Hahn was. I confronted her directly during the Public Comment procedure during a meeting of the Board of Supervisors. I spoke three times, telling her the precise fact that my children were in the care of a child murderer and needed to come home. I will never forget Janice Hahn's face--it showed utter contempt for the lives of my children. She did nothing. After all, she put them in this desperate situation. Conclusion: In all this time Janice Hahn has never once wavered from her pro child trafficking and pro child murder position. She must be removed immediately.

Timothy Taylor
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Petition to Donald J. Trump, US CONGRESS, Mike Lee, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz


  NOTE:  I do not own the image on this petition.... It is courtesy of   We Will Start with the Speaker of the House.... Nancy Pelosi.... She needs to be IMPEACHED, FIRED, REMOVED FROM OFFICE!!! She is out of Control & Needs to be Stopped.  She almost daily or should I say hourly proves herself as a Traitor and one who does not and don't have the best interests of the American People in mind. All She and her crew (including the freshmen congresswomen)(especially) and lets not forget "Uncle Chuck-ie Schumer" all they are interested in is.... Hating on the president, working against him, and working to destroy him. Pelosi and Schumer and all of these senators and congress men and women were NOT Elected or "Hired" to fulfill their own needs, wants, and desires and their own bottom line etc. They were put into office. Speaker Pelosi among others was elected to work for their constituents and the American people.    She has accomplished NOTHING.... Nothing productive! Nothing but Sheer Hatred.  All she has led and accomplished is a obsessive, incessant hate campaign, witch hunt and her "Biggest accomplishment" NOT!!!! is the Impeachment Sharade and circus to attempt to impeach the president. Yet she has so far has not turned her "Articles" over to the senate for a trial. But, has gone on record saying she won't give the "evidence" to the senate till as she says "She can ensure a fair trial for the democrats!" Which fair trial is she wanting ? The same one she gave President trump? what she really means is that until she can get a gurantee on the end result and the result she wants. She won't do anything further. Talk about Abuse of power and obstruction of justice! that is exactly what is happening because she wants a gurantee and control the outcome.  SHE NEEDS to be FIRED and impeached and never allowed in public office ever again and after that happens she needs to have all her lifelong and that of her families - lifelong governmental health coverage and free health care to stop as well - Immediately, financially be cut off and more. 

Heidi Walls
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Petition to Sheriff Butch Conway, Chief of Police Tom Doran, Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners

Make Gwinnett Co. GA a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary

What would it mean for Gwinnett County to be a 2A sanctuary county? A 2nd Amendment County is any county that chooses not to enforce any gun laws they find to be unconstitutional. If Gwinnett Co. become a 2A Sanctuary, it would create a protection for any of the counties’ residents against any of Georgia’s laws that may be passed against the 2nd Amendment (unconstitutional). In simpler terms, this means all of the law enforcement within Gwinnett County will not enforce the unconstitutional gun laws and they would not be recognized should they be passed.   Who has been called upon and why? Gwinnett County Sheriff Butch Conway and Gwinnett County Chief of Police Tom Doran: These two men are in charge of the counties’ law enforcement. The powers granted to them allow them to dictate what their deputies/officers can and can’t do, and for that reason we’re calling upon them to not enforce any unconstitutional gun law that may be pushed within the state or county. For this reason, if both Sheriff Butch Conway and Chief of Police Tom Duran choose not to enforce any unconstitutional gun laws passed within our county or state, and/or they choose to agree with the creation and enforcement of an ordinance with the Board of Commissioners, Gwinnett Co. becomes a 2A Sanctuary. Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners: The men and women that form the Board of Commissioners are responsible for both executive and legislative actions within Gwinnett. We would like to formulate an ordinance/resolution that would grant us the ability to declare Gwinnett County a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary in agreement and cooperation with local law enforcement.    Why was this petition created? As of currently within 2020 and even prior into 2019, the Federal and State government across America has been proposing, passing, and enforcing all kinds of gun laws that are blatantly unconstitutional. These laws include but are not limited to: Red-Flag gun confiscation laws, magazine capacity limits, ammunition and firearm purchase limits, and “assault rifle” bans.  There is currently a battle taking place within the state of Virginia to protect the constitutional rights of the law abiding gun owners within the state. Many of the people in charge of the law enforcement in certain counties within Virginia have made it clear that they will not enforce any of the laws should they be passed and have declared the county as a 2A sanctuary. Now you may be asking yourself, that’s Virginia, what about Georgia? As of currently this “trend” of laws being proposed and passed to help and fight gun violence is sweeping the US both federally and on a state level. Georgia law makers themselves are even creating bills that would restrict our gun rights granted by the second amendment. So, with the threat of this unconstitutional fight against the second amendment and the law abiding gun owners, this petition has been created to fight to ensure that the residents of Gwinnett County Georgia are safe from any unconstitutional laws that may be pushed within the state of Georgia and to preserve our rights. What is the Second Amendment? Amendment II of the US Constitution states:“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” This amendment grants the RIGHT to ‘We the People’ of the United States to be armed no matter what the circumstance may be. It also allows ‘We the People’ (the militia) to fight against the government should it try and strip us of our constitutional rights.

Spencer Hawley
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