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Petition to Kamala D. Harris

Senator Kamala Harris Must Resign!

I am a constituent of Senator Kamala Harris, and I reached out to her in September, 2018, after my sons were kidnapped by a rogue government agency--Los Angeles DCFS--that receives Federal money for kidnapping children. My sons were brutally abused by the violent racist "caregiver" Steve Foreman who routinely violated Federal civil rights laws. My son Kennedy was nearly killed in the course of his brutal abuse. DCFS made it plain they intended to traffic my sons to a porn site in Ohio in violation of Federal laws against child sex trafficking. So I wrote Senator Harris. She responded two months later and essentially said "there's nothing I can do" along with other lies, stupidity, and absolute, bone deep callousness toward children's lives. I tried to be hopeful and have written her time and again in the last year, but she never responded again. There are only two explanations for her lack of response: 1.She's been paid off, Jeffrey Epstein style, by the child sex traffickers 2.She thinks kidnapping children from a loving parent is a good idea. Now she wants to be President. She does not represent California; she doesn't represent the United States. She has no integrity, no character. She should quit the Presidential race to keep from embarrassing herself more; she should resign her Senate seat and let someone qualified step up, someone who won't let children be abused under her watch. Let's go through the damning evidence against Kamala Harris; her responses to my letters convict her. She wrote, in her one response, "I wish I could be more helpful to you." This is a cheap excuse. I spelled out what she could do. She could call for a federal law that no child could be taken from his or her parents without trial by jury. This simple reform could save millions of children from abuse. She could call to remove all federal money from the various CPS ("Child Protective Services, including DCFS) gangs that prey on children. She could give a press conference in support of these reforms mentioning my children--DCFS, which hates publicity, would have freed my boys right away. She could have sent me her personal attorney to work one day pro bono--same thing, DCFS would fold. As a former District Attorney of CA, she could ask her pal Xavier Becerra, the new one, to look into the massive crimes of DCFS. As of now, he has not taken any action--if a US Senator had asked, he would have. I pointed out all of the above in a series of letters, while also pointing out the ever increasing abuse of my sons, which continues to this day. And to this day, Kamala Harris has done nothing. The great John F. Kennedy said (my son, Kennedy, is his namesake) “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Or women, we would say today. I don't think Kamala is a good woman--I know she has done nothing. My children are now in the "care" of a child murderer--see my sister petition "Bring my Sons Home." Their days are numbered. We don't know what the number is. Senator Kamala Harris does not deserve the august title of Senator. She has done nothing. I repeat: Either ... 1.She's been paid off, Jeffrey Epstein style, by the child sex traffickers or ... 2.She thinks kidnapping children from a loving parent is a good idea. And I will add, as the situation has become unimaginably worse, BECAUSE SHE HAS DONE NOTHING, then she presumably believes that my sons are better off with a mentally ill child murderer than with an exemplary citizen, their father. She must resign.

Timothy Taylor
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