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Petition to Mayor Saverino, Rick Geiser, John LaRocca, Matt McCarthy, Mary Frusolone, Greg Schwarze, John Zalak, Bob Mellor

No Carol Stream Property Tax!

The Mayor and Trustees can still SAY NO to a property tax!  Do more than delay a few projects, expenses in Carol Stream are up 15% the last 3 years and 30%+ since 2012-13, the Village can be more diligent in cutting expenses while revenues get figured out!  A property tax is NOT necessary today and if they would be responsible and cut expenses and find ways to actually attract retail, you do NOT need a property tax.  Show up at the FINAL VOTE on November 18th, please read on and sign petition... We are asking the Mayor and Village Board to NOT implement a Village of Carol Stream Property Tax at this time.  It would cost the owner of a $231,000 home about $232 a year in taxes if they do it.  Keep in mind the mayor\trustees are considering this, so please give them your polite opinion that we, as residents, don't think we need a property tax at this time.  We are also fortunate to be one of a few suburbs with no Village property tax, lets keep that elite status.  The Village has depleted its cash reserves building the new Village Hall\Police Station which cost $19 million and loaning the library money.  Village staffing is up 16% since 2012 and the operating budget is up 15% over the last 3 years and 37% since 2012. We will not run out of capital reserves for 3 years down-the-road, let's do more to rein in costs and drive more revenue before we take the easy route of making residents pay a property tax which would lead to a decline in our property values as new residents will shun our Village if taxes get too high. We ask the Mayor, Trustees and Village Staff put additional work into cutting the budget, review staffing levels as they are up significantly over the last 5-7 years, rein in overtime costs and do an in-depth nationwide study to review why we are losing so much sales tax revenue and look at what other Villages doing nationally to bring in more retail and businesses to our town. As noted in the Daily Herald article, the Village has raised its sales tax rate, has a liquor tax and a gas tax and now its time to look at the ballooning budget and staff increases over the last several years first before taxing residents, it's time to cut expenses.  Email me at and I will send you a summary of the Villages expenditures since 2012 compiled from their website. READ DAILY HERALD ARTICLE HERE. ATTEND THE VILLAGE HALL MEETING ON NOVEMBER 18TH - ARRIVE AT 7PM AT THE VILLAGE HALL.  LAST CHANCE TO EXPRESS YOUR CONCERNS TO THE MAYOR AND TRUSTEES AND TELL THEM WE DO NOT WANT A PROPERTY TAX!!!!!  THEY WILL HOLD A FINAL VOTE THAT NIGHT. Thank you!  

John Jaszka
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