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Tell the Trump Administration: Don't spend taxpayer money on a military parade!

On February 6, the Washington Post broke the story that Donald Trump has been pressuring military leaders to organize a military parade in Washington, D.C.  There are three reasons why this is a serious mistake. 1) The Cost  To put on a military parade of the magnitude Trump purports to want would cost the taxpayers millions, if not tens of millions, of dollars in training, maintenance, and transport dollars alone, not to mention the extra fuel required for driving tanks down Pennsylvania Avenue and flying fighter jets over Washington.  How does this expense make sense when the government can barely fund itself? How does this expense make sense when there are around 40,000 veterans sleeping on the streets each night?  2) The Logistics  Washington streets and bridges cannot support the weight of seventy-ton tanks.  Such a parade would do serious damage to D.C.'s already strained infrastructure.  Moreover, organizing and orchestrating a parade would snarl D.C. traffic for days, not only day-of, but also in the days prior as manpower and materiel were put into place.  This would profoundly affect the lives of D.C. residents, many of whom are trying to get to work to help provide services for veterans in need. 3)  The Readiness Implication  Every tank and plane used in this parade is a tank and plane a soldier or airman is not using for training purposes.  The lost training days damage our military readiness, and the excessive hours added onto the equipment on parade are an unnecessary use of precious resources.   America doesn't need to prove its military strength as if it were ruled by a tinpot dictator.  But more importantly, neither the Democratic nor the Republican party should support such an egregious waste of tax dollars and manpower.  This is not a partisan issue.  This is an American issue.

CeCe B.
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Pass the TIME Act

My name is Kayla McKeon. As the first registered federal lobbyist with Down syndrome, I need your help to show Congress it’s time to pass the Transitioning to Integrated and Meaningful Employment (TIME) Act, H.R. 1377, a bill which will make it illegal for employers to pay individuals with disabilities anything less than a minimum wage. It’s a little known fact that the majority of people with disabilities in our nation are paid below the federal minimum wage - sometimes as little as 30 cents an hour. There is no other class of people that employers can legally pay so little.People with disabilities are ready, willing and able to work but struggle to gain economic self-sufficiency due to the antiquated laws that hold us back. Now is the time to claim our civil right to earn a fair and equal wage! The National Down Syndrome Society, the leading human rights organization for all individuals with Down syndrome, has identified subminimum wage as one of the issues that we need and can work quickly to change. Passing the TIME Act will amend Section 14c of the Fair Labor Standards Act that allows employers to pay individuals with disabilities below minimum wage. Passing the TIME Act will be a huge step forward for individuals with Down syndrome and other disabilities. I love being the first registered lobbyist with Down syndrome because I get to work with representatives and senators to help make our lives better. I have always believed if they can see my face or others with a personal story, they will remember us when they are voting. I want them to remember me and how I am capable of doing this job and deserve to be paid fair and equal wages. My friends deserve the same - they are capable and deserve to be paid accordingly, that is why I am working so hard to pass the TIME Act. Join me in my fight for a fair and equal wage for all people with disabilities. Please sign this petition to show your support and ask your elected representative to cosponsor the TIME Act, H.R. 1377.

National Down Syndrome Society
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