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Petition to Sean Spicer

Sean Spicer: Stop hiding your Press Briefing

Once again, the Trump Administration has gone into unprecedented territory by not allowing the media to cover the press briefings adequately. Sean Spicer has consistently banned the media from recording the briefings, and in some cases have even restricted the release of audio until after the briefing. As citizens, who elect our officials, we have a right to watch and hear our Press Secretary, spokesman for the President, answer questions that are brought forth by the media. This restriction affects ALL Americans in receiving the words of the administration fairly. Without this access, we are moving towards an authoritarian state, which is not what the United States of America stands for. At today's briefing (6/23/17) cameras again were restricted, and CNN sent sketch artist Bill Hennessy to the briefing to document it. (One sketch is shown above in our header photo). THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS. The Trump Administration attacks the media as spinning their words, but what better way is there to get your message out to the public, directly from you. Join me in calling on Sean Spicer and the Trump Administration to pledge to the American people that no more games will be played with our Constitution and that ALL future official press briefings will be held on-camera, with audio, with unrestricted access to the people.  Let's send a message that we won't stand for this blatant disregard to Democratic norms. 

Justin Bianchini
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Petition to Charles Schumer, Dick Durbin, Patty Murray, Debbie Stabenow, Elizabeth Warren, Mark Warner, Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders, Joe Manchin, Tammy Baldwin, Chris Van Hollen

Withhold consent until AHCA is released to the Public

  The Republican members of the Senate are currently writing their bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Millions of families across the United States depend on the ACA to protect them and their families. For many people with pre-existing conditions, the ACA is a lifeline that has allowed them to receive the treatment that has kept them alive. The House bill that was scored by the Congressional Budget Office has determined: 23 million MORE Americans will be without insurance by 2026. American with pre-existing conditions would risk being charged more Out-of-pocket spending on maternity care, mental health, and substance abuse services could increase by thousands of dollars in a given year. $834 billion in spending cuts to Medicaid over the next 10 years Our senior citizens will see premiums skyrocket; a 64 year-old would pay $13,600 per year. The Senate Republicans now have a working committee writing their version of the healthcare bill that includes 13 men and 0 women. Furthermore, the Senate Republicans are violating democratic normalcy, by constructing this bill under a cloak of secrecy. They are refusing to release the text of the bill to the American people, and instead are moving the bill along to a vote without public hearings, comments, or any public input. Senate Democrats are the minority party and with the invocation of the nuclear option, have no power to filibuster the bill. What the Democrats do have is the power to withhold consent. Adam Jentleson, of the Washington Post, laid it out clearly, what the Democrats can do. ( Here's what Senate Democrats need to do: Every Senate action requires unanimous consent. If a single senator objects to a consent agreement, Mitch McConnell will be forced to time-consuming procedural steps The 48 Democratic Senators must work together to ensure that there is always a senator on the floor to withhold consent Continue this process indefinitely until the Senate Republicans agree to release their healthcare bill. Join me in signing, sharing, and demanding that the Senate Democrats withhold consent until the Senate Republicans agree to release their healthcare bill for public debate and viewing. This bill affects every American, 1/6th of the US economy, and should not be passed without due diligence.

Justin Bianchini
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Petition to Richard Burr, President of the United States, Donald Trump, Thom Tillis

Approve my Social Security Disability

I WANT TO PERSONALLY THANK EVERY ONE OF YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT DURING THIS DIFFICULT JOURNEY IN MY LIFE.  YOUR SUPPORT, PRAYERS, ADVICE,  AND FRIENDSHIPS HAVE PUSHED ME THROUGH THIS PAST Year.  (I changed my main photo because some said it was too brutal to look at) MY STORY: Raleigh News and Observer article Three years ago, I was in a car wreck that left me with a traumatic brain injury. I now suffer from seizures: I simply black out, with no warning, several times a week. Because of this, I can never drive again; I can’t work. I can’t even shower alone, and I’m running out of hope. Before my injury, I was an electrician by trade. I always worked and supported my three children. I tried going back to work after the wreck, but my seizures forced me to stop. My multiple attempts to get on disability have been denied even though my medical history is well documented by hospitals, neurologists, doctors,  and psychiatrists.  I have given the Social Security office all the medical and financial records they have asked for. I have had a couple doctor's notes since 2014 that said I could not work because of my condition.  The health coverage I have from the county is not enough. It doesn’t pay for rehab or the weeks I’ve spent in the hospital due to further brain injury caused by falls during seizures. I have lost everything I worked for all of my life.  I feel so helpless. We’re looking at homelessness as a very real possibility, and all because the Social Security contract I entered into when I started paying in at 16 years old, has failed me. Please, I am not looking for handouts. Simply for the money I have paid into the system in my time of great need. Please call on the Social Security Administration (SSA) to grant me disability insurance, so that I may have a fighting chance to get better. I know I am not alone in this. I’ve talked to so many people going through similar hardships. My condition is getting progressively worse. I want so badly to live to raise my children to adulthood, to be a good role model for them, and teach them that it is possible to overcome any obstacle in this country.  I can only do that with some help. Please help me call on the SSA to grant me disability insurance. I have earned it, and I would not take it if I didn’t really need it.  Thank you for your time, God Bless, Christopher E Layne My life as I know it (click here) Every signature under here is probably going through the same hell or loves someone going through the same thing, fighting for their lives. Something has to change fast. One wrong fall and I will not be here any longer to see my chosen grow. Please help me by signing this petition.  It truly could mean life or death. A message from my daughter  

chris layne
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Petition to NHTSA, Jerry Brown

Investigate blinding headlights and soaring death rate among bike-riders

According to a recent report by the Governors Highway Safety Assn. death among bicyclists in the state of California is up a dramatic 23% in 2012. This trend is not adequately explained by new ridership or by an increase in overall miles ridden. In addition, with steady and consistent technological improvements to cars, bikes and roadway lighting we should be witnessing a dramatic decline in fatalities and not a sharp increase. So what is driving this fatal trend?At we believe that the rise in ultra-bright HID and LED headlights is responsible for this increase in cyclist deaths. Anyone who drives, walks or bikes the roads has experienced this problem first hand: harsh, blinding light from the new HID and LED headlights. These technologies produce light that is up to three times more intense than standard halogen headlights and operate at the eye-damaging, blue-light end of the spectrum.By temporarily blinding oncoming traffic, flooding rear and side view mirrors, increasing visual noise and creating an environment of intimidation and aggression, HID and LED headlights may be claiming the lives of the most vulnerable road users.We call upon Jerry Brown, Governor of California to order an investigation into the possible link between HID and LED headlights and the increase in cyclist deaths. We ask that independent tests be conducted to determine the effect that these headlights have on drivers' ability to see and react to cyclists on the road. In addition, we ask that public opinion polling be conducted to determine the effect that these headlights are having on the populace at large.

Donald Berry
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