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Dallas Police need backup!

Dallas does not need to spend millions of dollars for the police to be investigated by a board of citizens who have no training in police work. As it stands, complaints are thoroughly investigated by Internal Affairs and may also be investigated by the Public Integrity Division, and/or the DA’s office and the Texas Rangers. Beginning with Chief Brown, any time a complaint is severe enough to warrant administrative leave or firing, that information is immediately made public. There is no attempt by the Dallas Police Department to cover up for officers and allegations made against an officer are investigated thoroughly. Many investigations are conducted because of internal complaints, meaning someone within the Dallas Police Department initiated the investigation after seeing wrongdoing. There has been a “coalition” of groups meeting with Chief Hall for over a year. They are demanding the Citizens Police Review Board be given a multi-million dollar budget and the power to independently investigate complaints. They also want the CPRB to have the power to overturn the finding of internal affairs and to change policy in the police department. Right now, the CPRB can make recommendations, but the final decisions are left with the professionals who understand police policies. If you watch the videos over the past year of the CPRB hearings, you will see that on February 13, 2018, DPD asked the members to do some things that would help them understand police work, including Blue Team Training, Reality Based Training, Ride alongs and invited them to come to IAD to see their process. These things should be required, because when you see their case decisions on these videos, it is clear they do not care if an officer followed procedure and will vote to “not concur” with the internal affairs decision, simply because they do not understand police work or the policies they must obey. (2/12/19 and 1/8/19 CPRB videos on Swagit) Speaking for the coalition at public meetings including CPRB meetings, town halls and meeting with Chief Hall, you will find Dominique Alexander of Next Generation Action Group. He has convictions for Serious Bodily Injury to a Child as well as Falsifying a Police Report. Records can be found at His next criminal trial, which is for theft, is in Denton County set for April 1, 2019. It was his protest in 2016 that cost the lives of 5 officers. He has led dozens of protests in downtown Dallas since that day, and Dallas police officers must show up to protect them, yet this is who the city and chief are taking advice from regarding the review of alleged police misconduct? Police and citizens should be extremely offended that he is being given an audience with the highest ranking officials in Dallas. It is time for the citizens to speak up on behalf of our police. They have been dragged through the mud repeatedly by the city and enough is enough! They are severely understaffed and giving people who have no clue what their job actually involves the power to investigate and mete out punishment, even if they did their jobs as directed, is unacceptable. Please sign the petition and let the Dallas Police know that citizens have their backs! Speakers in opposition were denied the opportunity to voice their concerns in a public meeting on February 11th. If you attended the town hall meetings and filled out the survey, in which they asked you not identify yourself, know that the same people from the ‘coalition’ attended every meeting and filled out surveys each time, making it appear that more citizens agree with their agenda. We cannot afford to lose any more officers, this time because they may be punished or fired by a board of non-trained citizens. PETITION-Dallas citizens are not in agreement with giving the Citizens Police Review Board power to change decisions made by the Dallas Police Department, nor should the city fund or allow independent investigations be made by the board, outside of current rules. Officers are already subject to investigations from Internal Affairs, Dallas District Attorney Investigators and the Texas Rangers, as well as a contracted investigator paid for by the city at the request of the CPRB, should they make that request. Instead, please consider the following. 1. Board members need to be vetted for bias (in either direction) before being allowed to sit on the board. No convicted criminals should sit on the board. 2. Board members need to be required to have Reality Based Training and participate in ride alongs before being allowed to vote. They should have easy access to current police policies as well as policies when alleged violation occurred. If they are too afraid to go on ride alongs, they clearly cannot comprehend what an officer deals with on a daily basis, and should not be allowed to sit on the board.3. Since transparency is one of the key demands by the coalition, the city should promote the existence of the CPRB on it’s pages and website, including links to the DPD pages that consistently announce when an officer is arrested or fired. Offer FULL transparency and publicize when an officer is exonerated and a false complaint was filed, as well.4. Implement an Early Warning System. This is beneficial to the police department as well as the citizens. 5. Ensure the CPRB members understand their current abilities, which include the ability to contract an independent investigator. Use the tools you have before claiming they do not work and spending millions of tax dollars.6. Allow citizens complaints to be sent through the CPRB if they are uncomfortable with going directly to the police.7. Have the Internal Affairs representative explain, in detail, why they came to a decision when reporting to the CPRB. Read the exact policy and don’t just say, “The officer followed or did not follow policy”. This would allow the board and complainant to understand why they came to their conclusion, hopefully eliminating the numerous times the board disagrees with their conclusion due to not understanding policy.8. Publish a list of the current training for officers such as de-escalation, use of force and chase policies. The speakers for the coalition have referred to cases from 20-30 years ago, before these policies were enacted. Using these as examples of the need today for oversight by non-police trained citizens is disingenuous. 9. Ensure body worn cameras are available for every officer, not just some. Cameras are the best evidence for investigators. 10. Allow mediation for complaints as long as all parties agree. 11. Create PSA’s explaining what to do and what not to do when encountered by police so citizens understand they have the ability to de-escalate a situation.12. Implement programs that teach our citizens and youth what to do and not do when interacting with police. If citizens fear the police, they need to understand basic respect and compliance is necessary to allow the police to do their jobs.  

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Petition to Andover Residents at Andover Memorial Library, Paul J. Salafia, Andrew Flanagan, Massachusetts residents #BostonStrong, Edward J. Markey, Massachusetts Governor, James Lyons, Russell Holmes, John Keenan, Sheldon Berman, Patrick Keefe, M. Colford, Philip Conrad, Director , Cory A. Booker

63y Black Woman Attacked by Andover Mass. Chief of Police Patrick Keefe. Sign for Resign!

November 3, 2018, a little over a year (13 months in fact) after Lt. Chad Cooper and Andover Chief of Police Patrick Keefe nearly broke my back for demanding that I be treated like every other Andover Massachusetts resident and not be smeared, scapegoated, and stereotyped, when I declared a sit-in protest in their so-called public safety building, after they tried to make a monkey out of me for trying to alert them to a so-called "See Something - Say Something" event. This update is to people of all faith, color, race, age, gender, religion, disability, ideology, ethnicity, social economic classification, and national origin. It also matter little where you are in the country, and even if you live overseas. All you need is a desire to make the world a better place, return power to the people, which power has been usurped from them (By the way, did you know that police is not accountable to anyone? I am not referring to the few model police departments - of course. They are too few and far between, plus as a linguist and a former Language Arts teacher, and a professor of Graduate School First and Second Language Acquisition, I can tell you with reasonable certainty that the exceptions do not make the rule. I CAN ALSO TELL YOU FOR A FACT THAT I DO NOT NEED TO RAISE MUCH MONEY. I NEED ABOUT $1,000 TO DEPOSE THE TWO DEFENDANTS AND I ESTIMATE ANOTHER $2,000 TO HIRE AN EXPERT WITNESS - MEDICAL. I WOULD LIKE TO HIRE A POLICE MISCONDUCT EXPERT AND AN INCIDENT RECONSTRUCTION EXPERT (AN ADDITIONAL $4,000) ALL OF WHICH WOULD AMOUNT TO ABOUT $7,000, SINCE I AM DOING ALL OF THE MOTION WORK AND COURT APPEARANCE AND ALSO COVERING ALL MISCELLANEOUS EXPENSES OUT OF MY LIVING MONEY. Injustice to one is injustice to all! MLK. I am fighting for what was done to me, for my 3 children, for all of those who are being victimized, oppressed, repressed, suppressed, murdered, for all of you who live under the system of injustice and discrimination, and more importantly for those who will come after me. We have the right to live in a "free society," and hold the status quo to the promise of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. YOU CAN MAKE AN ANONYMOUS CONTRIBUTION. IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE CONTRIBUTING ONLINE - EMAIL ME AT: CREATELINKUSA.COM IF YOU PREFER TO MAIL A CHECK. BANK CHECKS ARE FINE SINCE I LIKE ACCOUNTABILITY - BELIEVE IN FULL DISCLOSURE AND ABSOLUTELY DETEST CORRUPTION AND CON-ARTISTRY OF ANY SORT ON THE PART OF INDIVIDUALS - POLITICIANS - BUSINESSES - GOVERNMENT OR ANY INSTITUTIONS. My lawsuit against the 2 Andover policemen (Lt. Chad Cooper and Police Chief Patrick Keefe) who injured me on October 5, 2017 for protesting their venal and racist policing, is in discover (This means that I am in the mist of intensely investigating the case to discover evidence that will be admissible in court. I WOULD NEVER ASK ANYONE FOR CONTRIBUTIONS FOR ANYTHING. IN FACT I NEVER ASKED FOR HELP FROM ANYONE. HOWEVER AFTER TEACHING AT ALL LEVELS OF EDUCATION AND WORKING FOR 2 DEPARTMENTS ON 2 CONTINENTS - STUDYING ON 3 CONTINENTS INCLUDING EUROPE - I AM NOW A RETIRED TEACHER WHO RAISED 3 EXCEPTION CHILDREN ALL THREE OF WHOM HAVE GRADUATED WITH HONOR, ON THE DEAN LIST AND SUMMA CUM LAUDE  (A TEACHER'S SALARY IS JUST ENOUGH TO MAKE IT THROUGH EACH MONTH). ALL THEY OF MY CHILDREN ARE DOING WELL. BUT THE DETERIORATION OF ECONOMIC LIFE IN THE US COMBINED WITH STUDENT LOAN (EACH EACH OF COLLEGE COSTS APPROXIMATELY $40,000 WHICH RENDERS SCHOLARSHIPS AND GRANTS IRRELEVANT). I have thousands of dollars in hospital bills, and - a year and a hospital admission later - I am just beginning to be able to sit, lay down, and walk without developing acute pain. What that means is that I need to depose the two defendants in person, send out subpoenas to discover evidence, make copies of hundred of pages of documents, file motions in court, hire expert witnesses in preparation for trial - if the case were to go to trial. All of this also means that I already past the stage of sending out written questions and requests for documents. However, this also means that they can lie in their answers and deflect, which they have done, even though they have to answer them under oath. They have also obfuscated in turning over pertinent documents. After all, rather than using their town attorney, they have hired high-priced and over-paid attorneys from a large firm in Boston. However, I am still holding my own, toe to toe. The thing is that one mistake in prosecuting a lawsuit can prove fatal to the case if it is material. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT I PREVAIL IN THIS CASE FOR THE SAKE OF THOSE WHO CANNOT STAND UP, FIGHT THE POLICE STATE AND PRISON INDUSTRIAL SYSTEM AND SPEAK ON THEIR OWN BEHALVES. Money is not all that one needs to prevail in litigation. I also need everyone to sign the petition to force the town to review the misconduct and civil rights violations, and take necessary measures to make sure this type of thing never happens again by implementing reform. I weight 98 pounds and I am in my 60's, with a pre-existing spinal condition. The Defendants, by their own admissions are in their 50's and 40's with male muscular built, law enforcement training, and weight an approximate combined 520 pounds. I am 5'4, while they both are 5'8 and 6 feet tall respectively. Sign the petition and contribute. if you wish to contribute, please go to: https://www.createlinkusa com/Emergency-Giving-Fund.html Read what happened here: https://www.linkedin com/pulse/andover- massachusetts-chief-police- patrick-keefe-must-marie- yolette/ Like my articles on Linkedin. Leave a comment, and follow me on Facebook or on Twitter at: jesuieserenity?lang=en Start me of! Share this petition widely! Thank you. " Lawsuits are made to test the Law;   Change Laws; and    for people to not take the law into their own hands;" If you prevail, you might get money damages, but more essentially, you will succeed in changing behavior and even make crucial changes and improve life in society for everyone else. Also, visit me here: I am on Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, WordPress, and all social media platforms. I am also a Google Blogger.  ReplyForward  READ WHAT HAPPENED HERE When I entered the Andover public safety building on October 5, 2017, and declared that I would remain there until someone speaks with me about the concerns that I had expressed over the phone, I essentially triggered the First Amendment. Subsequently, any action by any police officer to infringe upon my Firs Amendment guarantees, was going to necessarily be unconstitutional, including any attempt to physically remove or arrest me. The bottom line is that if I were to be removed by any means other than due process of law, at that time, such action was bound to collide with the First, Fourth, Fifth, and the Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution. See U.S. Supreme Court Tennessee v. Garner (1985). Police Perversion of the United States Constitution and The Bill of Rights After their racially-driven and unconstitutional arrests, fraudulent use of the civil commitment law, hoax criminal charges and harassment, all failed to deter me from demanding accountability from the Town of Andover and its Police Department and Fire and Rescue Department, a Chief Commander who also should be fired, called the Police Chief when he was off-duty, to come into the police station to handle something such “so-called” Chief Commander should have been able to manage by himself, especially, since I had written down for them two of several ways they could have legally brought my protest to an end: (1) A police officer, or anyone else, for that matter, could have come into the lobby and talk to me. I would have waited if they were busy, and that would have addressed and resolved the reason for my protest in the first place; or (2)They had the means and a dedicated video and audio set up to seek an immediate injunction within the comfort of the building, people like me contribute to pay for. Had they chosen to use that readily available mean, and they prevailed, I would have gone home to appeal any such injunction, but I would waited at home for the Appeals Court’s decision. What is really ironic, and almost Shakespearean, is that they were very likely to get injunctive relief, even on my appeal, in which case, the ruling judge would have framed the parameters for my protest, for not even a judge can tell anyone that they have to stop protesting. How Did a Chief of Police Go so Berserk? The Chief Commander and the Chief of Police did not want to do anything that would fall under the legal jurisdiction of the court. I am holding back on mentioning the names of these individuals for now, out of a sense of deference for the residents of the Town of Andover. I want to afford Andover Town residents the kind of benefits Andover Town officials have intentionally and recklessly denied me.That is a chance to finally do the right thing. I did give this Town and every official, police and otherwise, the benefit of the doubt for 7 years, until I did not. Now, I am re-instating that benefit to them temporarily, to see if they have the capacity to earn it back. They also had the option to make up some false pretense, as they are very good at doing, and had done before, to arrest me. That would have been unconstitutional, but at least, it would not have been the brutal felony assault and battery this unfit Chief of Police and his co-conspiring Commander ended up perpetuating on me. What they did was, rather than taking any of the several legal routes at their fingertips, they chose to scrape the very bottom of their dirty bag of tricks for the last, filthiest, and illegal trick: The illegal use of force, resulting in severe injury to me. The Residents of Any Town Must Be Too Proud for This! No Town deserves a Police Chief who so obviously shows himself or herself to be a possible danger to its residents. There are too many elephants laying around in our police departments, our legislatures, our courts, and in town offices. We all know where they are. Ignoring them will not make them go away. They will simply continue to undermine and compromise the structure and foundation of the rights, privileges, and immunities, the Founding Fathers built into the checks and balances system, and left behind. Those are the best things we have going for us, and the only things that makes America Great in any meaningful way. To allow this particular Police Chief to get away with such reckless act and illegal conduct, along with the violation of well-established rights, would defile the sacrifices of those who have fought to secure life, liberty, and justice for all in this country. These are ideals that we are still trying to achieve. It will take time, even more sacrifices by my many — some famous and others unsung heroes, as well as determination and staying-power to help give birth to, thus contribute to the formation of that more Perfect Union. In order to safeguard the integrity of the Town of Andover, the community at large and the nation must demand accountability from this Police Department and Town officials. Chief Patrick Keefe must be made to resign, be fired, or undergo a mental health evaluation to ensure that, under the right set of circumstances, he will not attack and injure anyone else who is freely and peacefully exercising rights that are guaranteed by the United States Constitution, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Get Involved! Holding Police Accountable for Misconduct Requires An All-Hands on Deck Strategy Call and Demand Reform and Accountability from Andover Officials by Contacting: Chairman of the Board of Selectmen, Paul J. Salafia at 978-623-8200 Town Manager Andrew Flanagan: 978-623-8210 Andover Police Department: (978) 475-0411 Andover Chief of Police Patrick Keefe at 978-475-0411 ext. 1005 Andover Fire and Rescue Chief Michael Mansfield: 978-475-1281 Town Clerk Lawrence Murphy: 978-623-8230 Tweet: @AndrewPFlanagan @AndoverMassPD #Andover @AndoverMaGov @Town_Mgr_Maylor #customerservice CONTACTS FOR MASSACHUSETTS ELECTED OFFICIALS Andover State Senators:  Barbara L’italien: (617) 722-1612 Email: barbara.l' James Lyons: (617)722-2460 Email: U.S. Senators: Markey, Edward J. 255 Dirksen Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510(202) 224-2742Contact:  Warren, Elizabeth 317 Hart Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510(202) 224-4543Contact: Massachusetts Governor: Charlie Bake: 617-725-4005 Massachusetts Attorney General: Maura Healey: (617)7274765 Massachusetts Senate:   President Stanley C. Rosenberg: (617) 722-1500 Email:  Citizen Engagement Committee Chairs: Harriette Chandler: (617) 722-1544 Email:  Senator Bruce Tarr: (617) 722-1600 Email: Joint Committee on the Judiciary Senate William Brownsberger: (617) 722-1280  Email: andoverma.govSonia Chang Diaz: (617) 722-1673 Email: House Claire Cronin; (617) 722-2396 Email: James Cantwell: (617) 722-2396 Email:              #civil #civilrights #uniteforcivilrights #vetstakeknee #lawyers #committee #RaceForward #RacialJustice #iwalkforjustice #abaday #outatwork #lebronjames #BlackLivesMatter #colinkeapernik #WeAllWeGot #RoadRiverRail #PatersonRaised #NAACP #nojusticenopeace #eagletribune #andoverhighschool #andover #mshs #nawebnews #billerica #tewksbury #hastags #andoverpatch #northandover #massstatepolice  Follow me on Twitter    

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