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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, Clinton Foundation, Michelle Bachelet, CNN, Amy Goodman

Hands Up Act

My name is Travis Washington. I will be graduating with an M. A, degree in Higher Education and Administration from Southern Illinois University Carbondale in May 2019. I have been politically involved, from registering people to vote, to work in the Springfield Capitol (as an Alexander Lane Fellow, January to May 2017). We know how so many people of cultural minorities are in constant fear of leaving their household. This fear in our lives far too often comes from individuals working in public safety who harm people. Every single week we hear about another unarmed innocent vulnerable human being shot by the police. This has increased the trauma and fear that has made people of color scared to leave their homes. We need legislation now that prohibits police officers from shooting unarmed citizens. If there isn’t a weapon found after someone has been shot (therefore, unarmed) by a police officer, then I propose that the officer should receive a mandatory 15-year prison sentence. We have seen over and over police officers get off, even with videotape footage of citizens having been shot by police officers. This is a new form of lynching. I am pleading with you to propose a bill that protects people who have every right to feel threatened by law enforcement. We always say we need more training for those involved in public safety, and there are increasing policies and laws that mandate that police officers have “body cameras” on them. Those measures do not address the whole problem, not when the individual officers who shoot unarmed victims aren’t punished. Senator, we are in a crisis where relationships between people of color and police officers are deteriorating, beyond the critical level. In order to build any sort of positive relationships again, we need laws to keep a balance in the lives of all the public. I might even suggest this as a title for this proposed legislation: the Hands UP ACT. I will be emailing this to the all of your colleagues in the U. S. Senate, members of Congress, State Governors; Democracy Now, the Huffington Post, ThinkProgress; and to other appropriate organizations across the country. Once this petition receives enough attention. My goal to speak before the House of Representatives or United Nations during a committee hearing to bring attention to this policy.  Thank You !!  

Travis Washington
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Petition to POLICE STATION 5 BRGY. GRANADA, Philippine National Police, BARANGAY GRANADA COUNCIL, Human Rights


Are we on the right DRUG WAR? The authorities seemed to have targeted the poor and that most of the victims in the cases it examined were mere drug users, and not dealers at all.  Almost all of the victims were either unemployed or worked menial jobs and lived in slum neighborhoods or informal settlements. suspected drug users most of the time find themselves defenseless when policemen, who are sometimes accompanied by plainclothes men, bang on their door and barge into their rooms, in violation of their basic rights. ‘TOKHANG’ ABUSED? “A clear modus operandi of police operations emerged. In many cases, it began with an individual receiving a visit or a phone call from an official from the local barangay informing them that they were on a drug ‘watch list’ drawn up by barangay officials and the police. Such visits would often proved not so much to be warnings as a method of confirming the identity and whereabouts of a target.” Yesterday, On November 21, 2019  a person named: Alvin Tanique, apprehended  by  Police Station 5, of Brgy. Granada, Bacolod City  and planted illegal evidence and tagged him as the drug dealer.  There are witnesses to prove that they put illegal drugs on the possession of the accused. The alleged suspect is now in the custody of Police Station 5. Why do they need to fabricate evidence?  People nowadays will do everything just for the sake of money, power and popularity, they don't think the rights of others the "human right" the right of Alvin Tanique because they'll selfish ~Pert Davao Casiple (Exactly) There's a lot of Big-time drug personalities in Bacolod or we called #BIGFISH why is it that they cannot  catch them and apprehend them first? Your only target is the poor and mere drug users, and not dealers at all. Coz they can't afford to hire a lawyer to defend their rights? Yes given the fact that we have this so called PAO, The mainstream question is, are they capable of defending their clients in court? Hiring a private Atty. For the alleged drug case cost a lot of money in exchange for everyone's liberty. There are witnesses to prove that the operation conducted by the authorities involved false representation of the evidence, planted and clear in public that they inserted something in the possession of the accused. This misrepresentation of our public servants cause us dismay as a citizen of our Barangay. May we please request a just investigation and transparent deliberation of this incident/case. #FREEalvin #JusticeForAlvinTanique #RaffyTulfoInAction Reference:

Anonymous PH
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Petition to City of Westminster Colorado

Police Dash Cams and Body Cams In Westminster Colorado.

For the protection of both Citizens and Police,      Dash Cams and Body Cams need to be implemented in Westminster Colorado, I personally was assaulted By a police officer that made it clear he can do what he wants. With no crime being committed, no arrests made and no record. But this is not about me, Its about all citizens rights being protected regardless what the reason they have a interaction with the police.   This also protects the police themself from false accusations. I am Asking that Body Cams and Dash cams be added for each officer in Westminster.                That rules and regulations be put in place to insure they are always running and can not simply be turned off and that the footage of the cameras be a part of public records for fair accountability for all involved.   In todays age where a large population of Americans, Even Law abiding citizens, Have a fear and distrust of the police this is a simple solution to bring that trust back, Protect good police and hold accountable Police that would use their position of authority to side step the laws put in place to protect us all.      I ask all Citizens within Westminster to consider this position and sign. I will always be respectful of the police and thankfull for the work they do however this is something that needs to be put in place do to the power we give them.

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