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Petition to Ocoee Police

Justice for Duke

Message from Lisa Brooks, the dog mom of Duke, who was shot by an Ocoee Police Officer: "I don’t often share on Facebook. So please forgive me that I do so now only to share some sad news. Four years ago, Charlie and I moved to our new home in Ocoee, with a lakefront lot across the street where we could store our boat on the water. The road our home faces is a busy street, so to protect our dogs, we had the entire yard fenced and gated. Early afternoon this past Monday, an Ocoee police officer came to our home, opened and walked through our front gate, then began walking up our driveway towards our front door. Hearing a noise, our sweet, 11 year-old dog, Duke, ran out of his doggy door to greet his new “friend.” The police officer pulled out his gun and shot him in the head. Even as Charlie was standing in the doorway, the officer fired his weapon, killing our best friend. Shortly after, at least 8 more police officers showed up at our house, a crime scene unit, and a lieutenant to “investigate.” They offered to call animal control to come get Duke. Two hours later, animal control showed up. They asked some questions. “Did it bite anybody?” No…HE was just at HIS home in HIS fenced yard where he was supposed to be safe. We watched as they picked Duke up by the legs, put him in a plastic bag and loaded him into their truck. We were then asked to pay them $15 for the service they were providing of taking him away. Twenty minutes later, the remaining police officer on site got special permission from dispatch to pay the fee on our behalf. Thanks so much. I watched as they drove away and Charlie got out the hose to wash away the blood. I still stare at the spot in our yard where he died. The lieutenant in charge gave us his business card with a case number and we were told that the incident would be investigated due to the officer firing his weapon, that the officer would be put on administrative leave during the investigation, and that a police report should be available within 48 hours. We waited a day and then called the number on the business card for an update on the investigation. “Your call cannot be completed as dialed. Please check the number and dial again.” We called the police department and put in his extension. “That is not a valid number.” We had no way to reach the lieutenant, except to call the administration desk, leave a message and wait for a call back. When we received a call, we were informed that the officer that killed our dog was still working and not on leave. On Friday when we called again, 96 hours after Duke was killed, we were told the police report was still not “complete”. However, we managed to get a preliminary copy. The offense identified in the report was “Suspicious Vehicle.” The officer had come to our house in the first place to inquire about our boat which was covered, anchored and properly registered on our lakefront. There was no mention of the officer firing his weapon or that he killed our dog. The fact that this preliminary report completely omits the actual crime does not leave us with much hope that the report will be factual or tell the complete truth. For those of you that have animals, you will understand that Duke was a part of our family. And to Davin, Duke was his best buddy. Davin was inside our home when the shooting occurred, eating his lunch and startled by a gunshot, just 15 feet from his front door. “Duke” was his first word. It came out more like “Duu!”, but what he was saying was unmistakable when accompanied by a feverish pointing to Duke. Many of you have met Duke and know what a gentle and friendly dog he was. He was never a threat to anyone and his greatest offense was giving too may “kisses.” Duke would lie patiently through our lessons teaching Davin to always “pet gently.” Even when petting gently sometimes involved the pulling of hair and tail, Davin received nothing but sloppy dog kisses from Duke. Some people may read this and think, “It was just a dog.” Although he was much more than that to us, the reason I share our story is bigger. We are scared and we are worried. We are scared that a police man walked through the gate of our home and inflicted this violence at our front door for no good reason. We are scared that pulling his gun and using deadly force was his first course of action when many others could have and should have been used. We are scared because he showed no remorse. We are worried because this officer was back at work right after the incident. We are worried because it doesn’t appear that he will receive any repercussions from his actions or additional/corrective training. We are worried because the next time this officer feels “threatened” he may very well take the same action and it may not be a dog that suffers. Charlie and I thank you for reading our story. We understand we live in world where gun violence is a serious issue and hope you will share this to spread awareness that will initiate change and hopefully prevent something like this happening in the future. Rest in Peace, Duu  <3"   We're asking for the following:* Appropriate action be taken against the officers for reckless discharge of their weapon.* Ocoee PD immediately implement a Use of Force continuum applying to pet encounters that prioritizes de-escalation, to include mandatory HANDS-ON canine encounter training, be equipped with taser or batons, and exhaust all reasonable means in defusing situations before resorting to lethal force.* Ocoee PD to implement a policy requiring officers to intervene if they witness improper use of force by their colleagues, and to report it to their supervisor and internal affairs.

Celia Hodnett
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Petition to Madison Mayor Paul Soglin, Madison Common Council, Chief of Police Michael Koval

Support Madison Police Department - Stop the Public Attacks

We support police chief, Mike Koval and the professional men and women of the Madison Police Department.  Our chief is caring, respectful, smart, transparent, consistently striking the perfect balance between respecting our civil liberties and keeping us safe.  His force is a national model. These officers do the gritty work most of us don’t have the stomach for.  Despite the current climate of disdain for law enforcement, they willingly work with Madison’s various communities, serving as social workers as well as law enforcement officers. Instead of being grateful to Chief Koval and MPD for their service, the bulk of the common council, mayor, and other critics have found it necessary to publicly disparage this elite force. Their actions are causing divisions within the city, adding to mistrust of the police, encouraging unacceptable behavior and thus endangering the safety of its citizens. In light of this, we call for the following: ·         For the Madison Common Council and Mayor Paul Soglin to refute baseless charges of racism leveled against our police department. These statements only encourage future offenders. ·         For the city to rescind the $400,000 study of police policies and procedures. ·         For Alderman Samba Baldeh to apologize for his baseless statement about Chief Koval during a June common council meeting. ·         For the City of Madison to invest in combating crime and a growing gang problem. ·         For community leaders to demand individual accountability and personal responsibility from citizens, regardless of age, gender, or race. ·         Instead of publicly attacking our police, to strive to work closer with them. We live during a time of growing hatred for law enforcement officers, perpetuated by media, and accepted by those unwilling to think critically. The men and women of the Madison Police Department work tirelessly to protect us from the worst society has to offer – and for that we should be celebrating them, not disparaging them.

Paula Fitzsimmons
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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate

Keep Police Officers Safe: Stop the Back the Blue Act

Police officers have a difficult and dangerous job. During my 34-year police career with the Baltimore Police and Maryland State Police Departments, I lost my close friend, Corporal Ed Toatley, and numerous other friends who wore the blue. I know the pain of losing a close comrade to street violence as well as anyone and I remain committed to improving safety for my fellow police officers. That’s why I’m opposing a well-intentioned but divisive bill called “Back the Blue Act,” which I believe will have the opposite result of keeping officers on the street safe. The Back the Blue Act makes any assault on an officer a federal crime with a mandatory minimum sentence. But here’s the thing: assaulting a police officer is already a crime in every state and already carries strict penalties set by local legislatures. This bill won’t deter individuals from assaulting police just by making a federal case out of these crimes. Instead, the bill would make us less safe by pushing an “us vs. them” mentality and worsening police-community relations. What kept me safe was not any particular law but rather the trust, respect, and relationships that my fellow officers and I were able to build in the community. Mandatory sentences won’t deter the acts of violence that I had to be on guard for as a police officer. Back the Blue also takes away local authority by requiring the use of new sentences created by politicians in Washington and diverts federal resources from stopping the most complex and serious crimes like international child trafficking, money laundering rings, and other cases that are too complex, challenging, far-reaching, or sensitive for state and local prosecutors. While assault on an officer is a serious crime, it is a crime that can be easily handled by state and local prosecutors working with existing state laws. Add your name to my petition to let your members of Congress know that that while Back the Blue might sound like a good bill, it’s going to have unintended consequences that make the police officers less safe and take away resources from federal prosecutors. Major Neill Franklin (Ret.), executive director of the Law Enforcement Action Partnership

Major Neill Franklin (Ret.)
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Petition to Edmund G. Brown Jr. (Governor of California), Santa Cruz Sheriff, County of Santa Cruz, Animal control of Santa Cruz County, Department of Justice

Make it mandatory for Animal Control to be present at Police raids

During a police raid, many officers will enter a home unannouced, weapons drawn and with great force. Their objective is to catch their suspects ”in the act”, of some criminal activity. Although this ritual can be effective for surprising anybody who may be in the dwelling, there are often dogs that become innocent victims, in these situations. In Santa Cruz County, officers are more than willing, to shoot and kill someones pet, as a FIRST resort, even when the animal is obviously, of NO threat to them. Whether these animals are simply in the wrong place, at the wrong time or following their instincts to protect their home from intruders, these fatalities are cruel and unnecessary! If law enforcement were required to have animal control officers at the scene upon entry, the animal could be detained or,at worse, tranquilized, until the situation is over. The deaths of these animals is unacceptable. There were two fairly recent cases in this county, in which, a pet dog was shot in the head by police, while the person they were apprehending was, indeed, cooperating with them and the animal was of NO threat. One was a 6 month old puppy! Another dog narrowly escaped the same, but the owner, ignored his own safety, threw himself between his dog and the drawn guns of the officers, and begged for them not to shoot his dog. This abuse of animals must end! Animal Services needs to be present in situations where animals may be put in danger(especially in their own homes)

anabel haggarty
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