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Petition to Yvonne Spicer, Stephen Trask

Clean Up Downtown Framingham & Make It Safe For All

Day in and day out, addicts and vagrants loiter on the streets of downtown Framingham.  Their presence can be seen for the most part just south of the railroad crossing at Concord, Waverly, and Hollis streets.  This hoarde of vagrants, actively shoot up on the streets, drink alcoholic beverages in the open, and multiple times a week, an overdose or medical emergency occurs to one of these people.  In fact in 2017, there were 277 calls to police in regards to this "hot spot" of activity.  Of these calls, the majority regard, inebriation, disturbance, and assaults.    In 2016-2018, the street light fixtures were upgraded, benches and gardens added, and a move to develop downtown Framingham with luxury apartments had begun.  In the meantime, the town became a city, tax rates rose, and the assessors went out in force and increased the tax value of all homes in Framingham, even those in and near downtown.  And in the end, these benches went to our roving vagrants.  They sleep on the stone benches, and fill the gardens with garbage. The city will offer that they have had town hall meetings on this topic.  However the lone meeting was at 10am on a Tuesday, not geared to the working public. They also promised an evening town hall later this month, but per several sources - it has not been scheduled, or not a true priority of this administration. We the taxpayers of the City of Framingham demand more drastic measures to clean up our streets. We demand an action plan to be formulated and made public, and a rollout timeline that can be adhered to.When you sign this petition, please tell us something that you witnessed, how it made you feel, and if you were alone or with family.  Tell the mayor you demand action!
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Petition to Madison Mayor Paul Soglin, Madison Common Council, Chief of Police Michael Koval

Support Madison Police Department - Stop the Public Attacks

We support police chief, Mike Koval and the professional men and women of the Madison Police Department.  Our chief is caring, respectful, smart, transparent, consistently striking the perfect balance between respecting our civil liberties and keeping us safe.  His force is a national model. These officers do the gritty work most of us don’t have the stomach for.  Despite the current climate of disdain for law enforcement, they willingly work with Madison’s various communities, serving as social workers as well as law enforcement officers. Instead of being grateful to Chief Koval and MPD for their service, the bulk of the common council, mayor, and other critics have found it necessary to publicly disparage this elite force. Their actions are causing divisions within the city, adding to mistrust of the police, encouraging unacceptable behavior and thus endangering the safety of its citizens. In light of this, we call for the following: ·         For the Madison Common Council and Mayor Paul Soglin to refute baseless charges of racism leveled against our police department. These statements only encourage future offenders. ·         For the city to rescind the $400,000 study of police policies and procedures. ·         For Alderman Samba Baldeh to apologize for his baseless statement about Chief Koval during a June common council meeting. ·         For the City of Madison to invest in combating crime and a growing gang problem. ·         For community leaders to demand individual accountability and personal responsibility from citizens, regardless of age, gender, or race. ·         Instead of publicly attacking our police, to strive to work closer with them. We live during a time of growing hatred for law enforcement officers, perpetuated by media, and accepted by those unwilling to think critically. The men and women of the Madison Police Department work tirelessly to protect us from the worst society has to offer – and for that we should be celebrating them, not disparaging them.

Paula Fitzsimmons
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Petition to T.C. Broadnax, Mike Rawlings & City Council, Jon E. Fortune

Dallas Police PAY is the most IMPORTANT issue for new City of Dallas budget

Our Request:  We respectfully ask that Dallas City Manager T.C. Broadnax, Mayor Mike Rawlings, and the entire City Council work to ensure that all personnel and equipment needs of the Dallas Police Department take precedence over everything else in the upcoming review and approval of the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 fiscal budgets. Background:  Over the past 24 months, the Dallas Police Department has suffered the loss of 6 officers plus countless injuries to other officers in addition to having hundreds of others that have either left or retired from the force. Local law enforcement suffered the tragic loss of 5 officers on July 7, 2016 who were simply working to ensure the safety of protestors in downtown. The officers were gunned down by a cowardly sniper and several other officers were injured. This crime, here in Dallas, was the deadliest incident for U.S. law enforcement since the 9/11 attacks. The officers lost on July 7, 2016 include: DPD Senior Cpl. Lorne Ahrens DPD Officer Michael Krol DPD Sgt. Michael Smith DART PD Officer Brent Thompson DPD Officer Patricio "Patrick" Zamarripa Then, on April 24, 2018, rookie Officer Rogelio Santander was shot at almost point blank range by a shoplifter; his partner, Crystal Almeida was shot in the face and seriously injured.  Now, on July 21, 2018, the community mourns the loss of DPD Senior Cpl. Earl "Jamie" Givens who lost his life due to being hit by an alleged drunk driver as he was helping to escort to the final resting place the body of another DPD Officer that had succumbed to cancer.        If the loss and injuries of so many officers in such a brief time wasn't enough, there is also the situation of the extreme mismanagement of the police officer's pension fund through bad investments. Granted, the State of Texas forced the City to accept a solution to ensure the fund was on the path to being refunded; however, that solution will take years to be addressed and the pension fund had been the proverbial carrot for years to attract good candidates to the force since the average pay wasn’t as strong as surrounding communities. Current Situation: Without this lucrative pension, with a depleted police force, and lower pay than many surrounding cities and towns, candidates are not signing up to work with DPD in the droves that they once were and this is placing an undue hardship on the officers that continue to work for DPD.   Our community has DPD Officers that are mentally, emotionally, and spiritually taxed to the hilt. We cannot in good conscious ask them to take on any more because, simply put, they have been through too much, too fast. We cannot ask them to accept any more half-measures in the way of solutions. We can no longer ask them to accept lower pay than surrounding communities; DPD pay must be as competitive or better than the surrounding communities.   Conclusion: There is no issue in the City of Dallas that should be taking precedence over this and we, the citizens, and our elected and hired officials, owe it to our police officers to ensure the budgets for fiscal years 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 have the needs of DPD placed above and beyond any other item on the proposed budgets.  Therefore, we respectfully ask for the Dallas City Manager, Mayor, and City Council to do their utmost in ensuring the personnel and equipment needs of the Dallas Police Department are addressed and funded in their entirety in the budgets for FY 2018-2019 and 2019-2010. Sincerely…  Deep Ellum Community Watch & Deep Ellum Neighbors Association Board of Directors

Deep Ellum Community Watch
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