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Petition to Zoe Lofgren, Pete Visclosky, Lloyd Smucker

Get Pet Care-Givers Their Own Special Day Nationally

Pet care-takers deserve their own special day. They are not Mother's and Father's in the traditional sense yet they are someone special and do so much good with their love. There is a national pet day on April 11 but this should be about more than the pets, this is for their care-givers. Maybe it could be the same day but re-name it to honor the humans.  The day could be celebrated with meet-ups and service. For instance, maybe that would be a day to take your puppy to an elderly care facility and share the love. Maybe it would be day to have pets off leashes where they are usually not allowed to be off a leash. Maybe, like all human honoring holidays, there would be sales on all kinds of animal related products and services to make it easier to continue care for their fur-babies.  Maybe it could be a big donation push day for the shelters. These are all ideas how to celebrate it because I think the "why" is obvious. Beyond the love fur-babies and their care-givers give each other, their relationship helps others outside of themselves. The joy I get when I get to enjoy someone else's pup or kitty makes me happy even if I can't have any myself.  It's a big deal.  44% of American homes have a dog, 35% of America homes have a cat. Again, I don't know what to call it yet but maybe someone who signs the petition will have a good idea for a name. It harms no one, it helps acknowledge the love between them and the joy it can bring to others. Someone should introduce this bill. It's not quite Mother's Day or Father's Day but it should be, but without the sharing of Mother's Day and Father's Day because the love may be the same but the challenges are not.  Animal care-givers deserve a day. Fur-babies won't be going out and buying flowers and candy but we can acknowledge the humans they love. 

Pamela Howell
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Petition to Jim Buckmaster, Susan MacTavish Best

Justice for Puppy Doe: Tell Craigslist to Help Stop Violence Against Pets

This petition will be sent to Jim Buckmaster, Craigslist's CEO.  On August 31st 2013, a young, small, female dog named ‘Puppy Doe’ was found brutally tortured in a Quincy, Massachusetts park, and we were all left wondering who could let this happen to any animal. The dog’s injuries were so violent and severe that the only humane thing to do was to euthanize her. She had been starved, burned, stabbed, and limbs pulled from her joints in what’s been described as a “medieval" style torture. It was later determined that the original owner of the dog had to give her up for undermined reasons. According to media reports, the owner decided to put the dog, named Kiya, up for adoption on Craigslist. The Pets category is often a go-to source for animal abusers looking for victims because it is anonymous and there is no accountability or screening process. I'm asking Craigslist to change their policies on these re-homing ads so that it is never again a part of tragedies like what happened to Puppy Doe. The before and after pictures of "Puppy Doe" speak for themselves. How many more times does this have to happen before Craigslist stops allowing people to give their pets away to strangers without any background checks or accountability? Craigslist already prohibits the sale of these animals according to your TOS, so I want you to update your policy to not allow the re-homing of pets by anyone not working for a registered shelter or rescue group that is able to conduct background checks to make sure animals are placed in loving homes. I'm a passionate animal welfare supporter who grew up in Quincy, Massachusetts and remember playing at the playground where Puppy Doe was found. I've personally tested the Craigslist platform since this horrendous incident and short of a buried link to a PETA article, there are no warnings on the "Pets" section about the dangers of posting these re-homing ads. These are breathing, feeling, loving animals we’re talking about, not old pieces of furniture-- we are challenging Craigslist to do better by adopting a new policy that protects these vulnerable animals! It's beyond words that this sweet, innocent dog, that once knew love had to suffer this violent, evil fate. If actions were taken to improve the safety of animals posted on Craigslist, there would be some justice in Puppy Doe's name knowing that another pet will never suffer such violence as a result of being dumped off on Craigslist. Mr. Buckmaster, while remembering the notorious "Craigslist Killer" murders which led you to ban the Erotic Services category on your site, I am asking your company to take a long hard look at your current policies on Pet postings to help keep these helpless animals safe. To Puppy Doe: Rest in Peace sweet angel girl, and know that there are thousands of people who love you and are seeking justice.  

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Petition to New Jersey State House, Chris Christie, New Jersey Governor, Cory Booker, James Beach

Lunas Law- Ethical Treatment of Pets and Pet Parents in Emergency/Critical Care Situations

Alot of us have pets, they're like family to us. They share your home, some times your bed, and even your dinner. What happens when your pet has an emergency situation though and you rush them to the veterinarian clinic? You are stressed, your pet is stressed, emotions are high. All you care about is getting your family member the treatment they need.  You might be miles from your normal veterinarian, it might be after "business hours", or you just might not be able to think straight because you are in frantic pet parent mode. Pet parent BEWARE! There are sharks out there. Veterinarians who prey on hard working American pet owners as their victims when they are at their most vulnerable moments. They know they can charge THOUSANDS, they know you will call whoever you have to, sell whatever you have to, do whatever you have to, and pay them CASH ONLY in order to get treatment for your pet. It doesn't stop there though. They make you beg literally with tears in your eyes. They watch your pet lay lifeless, with shallow breathing, or maybe slowly losing consciousness, and simply keep stating "Sorry thats not an option" to you, until you just run out of options, and either comply with whatever they want, or you choose to humanely put your pet down due to lack of finances.  Sure, not all veterinarians are like this. You may have a wonderful relationship with your vet. Your vet may have ETHICAL standards and would NEVER let something like this happen in their office.Unfortunately, not all vets are created equal and the veterinarian industry is HIGHLY UNREGULATED.  This is a perfect breeding ground for the sharks of the industry. No one should be prey to these sharks. Luckily for Luna, her grandmommy flew with God speed through traffic from work, to the hospital to get her the "card in person" that she "wasn't allowed to read over the phone", just in the knick of time, to get her in the back and started on fluids, and IV antibiotics. Luna isn't out of hot water yet though. They wanted  $3000 just for her first 48 hours of care, she's going to need MUCH longer than that. We don't know about you, but we certainly don't have that kind of money just hanging out for a rainy day or emergency situation like this to just throw at these vets. We had a credit card though but that still "wasn't accepted", CASH or DEBIT card only, MONEY over the well being of Luna. How is this ETHICAL? Luna is an 11 month old puppy who was diagnosed with acute kidney failure and upon walking into the vets office was dying before their eyes and they refused to do any treatment to her without cash or debit payment ahead of time. Veterinarians are supposed to take an oath to help animals. When did this become such a money hungry business?  Luna still needs round the clock care 24 hours a day with her kidneys monitored every 12 hours in hopes that she will survive. We're praying that she will fight and will pull through this. She has recently been pulled from that hospital and will be following up at a new one for treatment. We have called several veterinarian offices. Most do not take payment plans, charge at least $50-$250 to walk in the door, and want ranging from $200-$400 for her follow up care. She still hasn't received an ultrasound yet to tell us what is causing her kidney failure. We checked for prices on that as well. Prices ranging from $550-$1600. We have even made a gofundme account for her called, "Save Luna's Life". We also know about care credit, however, alot of people including Lunas mom only got approved for so much. Even with pet insurance they don't cover preexisting conditions, and they only cover so much. Now Luna wont be eligible for that.  Veterinarians and their practices as far as pricing and profits, should be regulated by the state. There should be charity care for pets just like there is for people who don't have insurance, and or a cap of how much they can charge for services or treatments. They shouldn't be allowed to charge such outrageous and insane prices for medical treatment that can save animals lives. Veterinarians when they became vets, were supposed to take an oath to BENEFIT SOCIETY and PUT THE ANIMALS WELFARE FIRST. "I solely swear to use my scientific knowledge and skills to benefit society through the protection of animal health and welfare, the prevention and RELIEF of animal SUFFERING, I will practice my profession conscientiously, with dignity, and in keeping with the principles of veterinary medical ETHICS. I accept as a LIFELONG obligation and the continual improvement of my professional knowledge and competence."   LIFELONG, that doesn't mean they get to pick and choose who they want to treat and only if they get paid. If they're so worried about getting paid then come up with a form or payment plan that pet parents can sign when they walk in that holds them responsible for "critical care and or stabilization treatment". Creditors and human doctors put liens on properties, peoples homes, cars, ect. all the time, veterinarians can do this too! Especially for the pet parents who have wronged them. The rest of us pet parents shouldn't be held back just because we "dont have the cash at the moment or a debit card" or it's "on its way in traffic" while the dog literally is getting worse on the floor. How is THAT ETHICAL PRACTICE? Pet parents most of the time are just emotional and cant think straight their babies are dying or are injured, and just need reasonable accommodation of time to come up with it, instead of now like most vets ask for. Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet, if you've ever seen the show, he exposes what needs regulation in this industry. He shows how he can do surgeries, xrays, ultrasounds, ect. for a fraction of the cost of what these other veterinarians are charging in comparison. They're making anywhere of close to a 25%-50% or more profit on the products and services they render their patients. How is this ETHICAL to the pet parents or HUMANE for the patients they treat? Pets are no longer live stock, they are people's family members and like children to them. They are in the emergency room for a reason, because they CARE! We also believe that we need to abolish the term and use of pet's as "property" for the use of legal translations as well. Property is a couch or a piece of land, not a living, breathing, eating, pooping animal, who just so happens to share our home. We've domesticated them, trained them, we have even used them as lifesaving "medical devices" also known as service animals. Its time the animals get some recognition.  Please sign Lunas law. If you have a pet, just think about walking into a vets office at 3am with them in your arms, in an emergency situation, its scary to think that you could end up in one of the sharks offices, and pay THOUSANDS very quickly. This should never happen to another pet or owner ever again.   

Lunas Law
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