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Petition to Bill de Blasio, New York City Department of Sanitation, New York City Department of Parks and Recreation

We Stan Queens! We Want NYC Clean!

Around NYC, like our local Queens neighborhoods, there are multiple plots of land that are just homes for overgrown weeds and the loose trash of fellow NYC residents. They’re an eyesore for the most of us, and we even go out of our way to avoid these plots of land. We recognize how dirty they are, yet we do nothing to fix them. Specifically, the Astoria area near our school, BSGE, is mostly comprised of ongoing construction sites with lots of junk, trash, and weeds sprinkled about them. THIS DETRACTS FROM NYC’S -SPECIFICALLY QUEENS’- APPEAL! THIS PETITION CALLS FOR MAYOR DE BLASIO TO RECOGNIZE THESE AREAS AS NUISANCES! WE NEED THE NYC SANITATION AND THE PARKS & RECREATIONS DEPARTMENTS TO COOPERATE TO CLEAN THESE AREAS UP! NOT ONLY THAT, but we need the PEOPLE of NYC to help out! This mission cannot be accomplished if we as the residents of NYC do not do our part. From signing this petition, we expect that the MAYOR and these TWO DEPARTMENTS come together to decide on: The clean up of these areas with either paid labor or volunteered help. The restoration of these areas to become pleasant aspects of Astoria and other Queens neighborhoods. The further clean up of additional problem areas in the other boroughs. The suggested transformation of turning these plots of land into community gardens. The added funding necessary to maintain these areas as clean environments. PLEASE, join our fight to make NYC a better looking and better feeling place to live in! With hope, the students of BSGE, Fabian F, Tatiana L, Daniel N, and Zaki R. :] ***Credit to Fabian for taking the photo of a lot that is very close to the 39th Avenue N and W train station in Astoria Queens.***  

Zaki R.
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Petition to John Judge, Ron Fessenden, Elizabeth Ehrenfeld, Paul Cunha

AMC Must Stop the Unilateral Sale of the NY/NJ Fire Island Cabin

Many of us who volunteer at Appalachian Mountain Club's Fire Island Cabin are shocked to learn the AMC HQ in Boston plans on selling the facility without having consulted the hundreds of constituent NY/NJ Chapter members. We do not agree with AMC's HQ plans to remove this valuable asset, sustainable nature, and vibrant community from the NY-NJ Chapter, and want the process stopped for a full, transparent, and local review of alternatives. The Fire Island Cabin sits on 1.4 wooded acres in Atlantique that was, as we understand it, a 90-year old gift of to be protected from development.  It's an oasis of nature, recreation, and goodwill, operated in the black by an all volunteer community, in the midst of a metropolis of 20 million people. This rushed Fire Island Cabin land grab by AMC HQ does not seem to support the NY/NJ Chapters ​constituency, volunteers, nor priorities, especially in light of AMC's millions spent on huge tracks of uninhabited rural land in Maine, and the building of new multi-million dollar resorts there -- 300 miles from any metropolitan area. Please fully inform all AMC members of this imminent plan, explore more creative long-term options, and delay any transactions until a vote from membership can bring about real agreement. Meanwhile, we will continue to #stopAMCsellout Thank you.  

Peter S. Crosby
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