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Petition to Local Elected Leaders, State Level Leaders, Federal leaders, Citizens of Anderson

Native American Civics & Heritage Disappearing, Call to Include in U.S. Citizenship Tests

Millions of American "Citizens" Know Nothing About Key Native American Contributions to America's Culture, Language, Traditions and Laws. With so much cultural degradation, lack of knowledge and focus on removing public NA icons research says Native Americans are Suffering because of It.   The Local, State and Federal Challenges. In many local towns degradation of Native American history and traditions are happening through unwarranted attacks and removal of long-held Native-themed public schools even though the vast majority of Natives consider these school tributes not just honorable - but important.  At the state level, critical "Early America" or "Native American" history courses are being removed from graduation requirements. These attacks are restricting, or even ending, the infusion of N.A. history and traditions into the larger American social fabric by failing to make an significant impact upon non-native youth.  These two failings, unfortunately, are being carried out without regard to the majority desires of natives who are experiencing the loss of cultural significance or identity.  However, it's at the Federal level where the most troublesome degradation of Native American identity is taking place.  It may shock most to know that millions of Americans have been granted citizenship without regard to learning how Native values have greatly impacted who we are today in America and as Americans.   With nearly 40 million "naturalized" U.S. Citizens living in the United States, and millions more seeking to become new citizens, the Federal Government has a unique responsibility to educate and test candidates for citizenship through an improved U.S. Citizenship Naturalization Test. Despite the test's 100 questions covering significant American history and contributions of its people, there are no study materials nor any current "Citizenship" test questions which provides a new citizen with any notion whatsoever that Native Americans contributed anything to the establishing identity, history or legal framework of the United States.  This oversight is a travesty.   Congress Declares The U.S. Constitution is based on Native Laws, Native Civics & Native Values The tragic 'education and testing' oversight by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services stands in sharp contrast to the fact that the U.S. Congress recognized the major role that Native American Law, traditions and civics played in the development of the U.S. Constitution as published in  U.S. Concurrent Resolution 331.  The test also ignores native contributions to the Founding Father's in writing the Declaration of Independence (did you know a contingent of Native leaders briefed the Continental Congress - convincing them they could fight and beat England - while they stayed at Independence Hall only weeks before June 1776?), in Women's Rights, maintaining an all volunteer military and the core concept of separation of Church and State among others.   Cultural Attacks from All Sides Ultimately any culture facing the combined attacks on their native-themed public schools, the rolling back of state-level Native American history requirements and the acceptance of waves of new citizens who know nothing about us or who we were.  These new citizens vote and will ultimately impact native policies through the passage of Federal Laws.  There is very real fear on and off our reservations that adding millions of new citizens without holding them accountable to first learning our shared customs, traditions and civic ideals is too much to bear.  Does the Government Want America to Forget Us? Many of us have a distrust of the federal government.  Now, this glaring oversight only adds to this fear.  Our culture sustainability battles are already fierce and the state and local levels where our symbols, logos and history are under attack. But the Federal level pressure is a much larger problem yet a remedy could be introduced by creating a new 'education to testing' citizenship pathway.  For this solution to happen we need your immediate and passionate voice and support in aggressively reversing the decline in the knowledge, appreciation and protection of Native Americanism. What we are asking is that The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service immediately fix their woeful and damaging "knowledge gap" in not requiring a citizen to know our contributions.  The fact that this "oversight" exists in the first place is puzzling and the fact that no elected representatives has sought to remedy this suggests there could be "indifference" to our plight. Please stand with NAGA in demanding new legislation to compel the U.S. C.I.S. to maintain - BY LAW - a new minimum level of Native American study materials and test questions for hopeful new citizens.  NAGA will take the lead in providing the U.S. C.I.S. a representative sample of core questions.  An example would be having citizens learn that our Constitution is actually a derivative of Native American's Great Law of Peace. Our proposed emergency resolution proposes new legislation will be developed in the spirit of "cultural preservation" - something along the lines of a larger National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 which could eventually extend protections to Native American landmarks, school names, appearance on U.S. currency and educational appropriations etc. (proposal) The Congress Shall Declare that- (1) the spirit and direction of the Nation are founded upon and reflected specifically on Native American historic heritage, civics and customs; (2) these historical and cultural foundations of the Nation should be preserved as a living part of our community life, public education and development in order to give a sense of orientation to the American people; (3) historic contributions, properties, images and traditions of the indigenous peoples are significant to the Nation's heritage are being lost or substantially altered among suburban Natives and non-Natives alike with increasing negative impact; (4) the preservation of this irreplaceable heritage is in the public interest so that its vital legacy of cultural, educational, aesthetic, inspirational, economic, and identity benefits will be maintained and enriched for future generations of Americans; (5) in the face of ever-increasing extensions of urban centers, highways, and residential, commercial, and industrial developments, the present governmental and nongovernmental historic preservation programs and activities are inadequate to insure future generations a genuine opportunity to appreciate and enjoy the rich heritage of our nation's Native American roots; (6) the increased basic knowledge of the contributions of Native American civics, laws, customs, words, food and sports (to name a few) requires the establishment of better means of identifying and administering these topics to the general public, and the encouragement of their preservation will improve the planning and execution of federal and federally assisted projects and will assist economic growth and development of not just Native Americans, but all Americans to include our newest citizens. (7) it is hereby resolved that effective immediately the Federal Government will grant any public school with a Native American theme funds to enrich the learning environment so as to make graduates of those institutions "cultural ambassadors" of Native Americanism.  Further, States may receive emergency funds to rescue or revive at-risk Native American Studies and/or Early American history courses.  Finally, effective immediately, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service will immediately update their citizenship program to reflect at least a 20% Native American history and civics basis is maintained, updated and aggressively utilized as the new standard for citizenship.      Thank you for your passion & support. The Native American Guardians Association   Mark Yellowhorse, Navajo, President William Brotherton, Abenaki, Vice President Eunice Davidson, Sioux, Past President Tony Henson, Cherokee, NAGA Board & Fighting Illini Historian

Native American Guardians Association NAGA
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Petition to police, AIM

STOP enslavement and belittlement of Indigenous women

There was a website ( website has been taken down recently but the women I am sure are still taking part in the porn and prostitution. The address may have been changed so I have no idea if it is still on the internet.  I am unsure of who to contact about getting the site taken down except American Indian Movement. Maybe they would know. The amount of money he is paying and the manner in detail in which he is describing his own actions on the site sounds more like prostitution than what an actual pornography producer would do.  If a white guy was doing it would already be taken down. Simply because this man is a minority does not make him less racist. He is not a native so he has no right to do what he has done as he is trespassing on sovereign tribal land and is putting up pornography videos of native women when he himself is not a Hollywood porn producer, actor, or a native person. Even if the man was native it would not make it okay but it would be more understandable. He has also mocked indigenous groups concerned about what he is doing by posting articles on his page as if it is all a big joke to him. Also the next time he tries to go to a reservation he should be forced to leave or arrested due to the fact that he has admitted that on this site it is actually prostitution more than pornography.    This man has already been put on alert by reservations in Winnipeg and has a lot of people watching out to make sure he doesn't come to their reservation. As a youth of the Mohawk tribe I find this highly offensive both to true native women who would never give this deviant the time of day and native people as a whole from Alaska to Argentina. This man's portrayal of our women as promiscuous, welfare leeches and drug addicts is disgusting and this site should be taken down.  Pornography as a profession is one thing but going from reservation to reservation to sexually and financially exploit native women based on a sick fetish and then have the nerve to call it when it is clearly just a racist black man going around trying to pick up on native women, and at the same time mocking native American men while fetishizing and disrespecting our people should not be allowed.   The man who runs this site is a clear racist who carries out the legacy of racism against Native Americans. Clearly this man, Shimmy has a secondary colonizer mentality much like the buffalo soldiers who helped the US army slaughter millions of indigenous. Abusing and using Indigenous women (American Indian) for profit is not right.    They are extremely sick disturbing sexual pornographic images of Indigenous women.  These people are extremely vulnerable and poor.  They have been taken advantage of and I want the pervert or perverts behind this to be stopped and imprisoned.  This is disturbing and these people deserve a fair chance at life.  They are taken advantage of and they clearly do not have a mental stable existence.  They need help and the person/people who are responsible need to be researched and shut down. By shutting down this porn these women can have a chance at doing something with their life and not be killed/raped.  Please help these people.  I am a full blood Native American and the odds have always been against us.  Those doing this porn give them no chance.       I want the possible website exploiting them shut down immediately and all of the people using and degrading these women for money and whatever else to be brought to the law's attention.   A maximum jail service for any underage female that are being sold for profit.  A full-fledged investigation of the people using these females immediately by the police, American Indian Movement and if necessary government.  A maximum punishment for all crimes committed.   

Jessica Sornon
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Petition to Kaiser Permanente Walnut Creek, President of the United States

Eliminate Discriminatory Policy of UNOS for Liver Transplants

We are raising awareness of the discriminatory policy drafted by UNOS, and enforced by Kaiser Permanente, preventing my beloved Wife from receiving a liver transplant in a timely fashion to save her life, of which others without her history are not subject to. My wife is of Native American descent and a member of the Potawatomi Nation. Natives have a historical predisposition to Alcoholism to no fault of their own (see article below). Differing factors of biology & genetics have plagued them with this substance since the first Europeans arrived on the shores of their sacred soil. Duette is currently being hospitalized at Walnut Creek Kaiser where the doctors have told us they have done all they can, and she should go home to die. They are being held back by policy and lack of technology to extend her life to get a liver transplant. They refuse to put her on the donor list until she proves her sobriety for six months, and do not even provide the technology of Liver Dialysis to extend her life to being able to receive a liver. She has a lineup of live donors, like myself, willing to donate a portion of our liver to save her. She is being refused treatments, such as Liver Dialysis, which can extend her life during her wait period for a new liver. And, are unwilling to have her transferred to a facility which can perform Liver Dialysis (i.e. Jefferson University Hospitals and Sharp Coronado Hospital). We are raising funds to cover the cost of the protest for the life of my Beloved Wife, Duette Suzanne Bennett, and help with the costs of a transfer to a medical facility which has the expertise and willingness to treat her condition to full recovery. In a similar Native American case, Delilah Saunders is fighting to change the rule that bans Ontario patients from being added to the list for liver transplants if they have not abstained from alcohol for six months. By any measure Delilah Saunders is a fighter. Indeed, the 26-year-old’s energetic activism for Indigenous women and human rights earned her Amnesty International’s Ambassador of Conscience Award earlier this year. It’s a rule that was originally established because doctors believed long-term sobriety was a key indicator of whether a transplant would be successful in the long run. They preferred to give scarce livers to patients with what they thought was the best chance of success. However, the evidence is mounting that this is a policy based as much on moral judgment as on scientific evidence. And if that’s the case, it amounts to discrimination. In Ontario it starts with the Trillium Gift of Life Network, which co-ordinates organ donations in the province and implements those sobriety rules. It does so even though other health institutions in North America and Europe have deemed the requirement unnecessary for positive health outcomes. Indeed, three studies between 2008 and 2016 that reviewed liver transplant patients with alcohol disorders in the United States and Europe concluded that patients being sober for more than six months and staying sober afterward had only a minor effect on transplant success. At the same time, health and ethics experts say the criterion discriminates against disadvantaged people who you might expect to experience higher-than-average rates of alcohol abuse. That would apply to Indigenous people, who often suffer from addiction issues due to intergenerational traumas such as residential schools. As Arthur Schafer, the founding director of the centre for Professional and Applied Ethics at the University of Manitoba told CBC Radio’s The Current: “The most disadvantaged people get doubly disadvantaged because we deny them life-saving transplants.” He compared the rule to denying someone life-saving treatment because they were hit by a car while jay-walking. (Andrew Vaughan / THE CANADIAN PRESS) Full Article:

Duette Bennett
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Petition to B. Carman

Truth In Education

  Have you heard people say, "America is a country of immigrants", yet you know your ancestors were forcibly brought here? Does it make sense that we detest the memory of southern slave owners, yet hold slave-owning forefathers in highest regard? Did you know that our federal government unethically broke over 150 treaties they'd negotiated and signed with the native tribes? When it comes to truth and transparency in historical education, are your children being taught a bias version of the European colonist? Stop allowing our public schools to lie about American history. Click Here for  TRUTH Click Here for KNOWLEDGE   It should seem evident to anyone who has children enrolled in U.S. public schools, that there is a lack of truthfulness in the manner in which European Settlers are depicted regarding the history and founding of our country.  We are educating everyone's children, not just those who are descended from Europeans.    The history of this country is a complex and, for many, a painfully unethical and unjust one.  There are journals, diaries, bills of sale, treaties, logs, letters, newspapers, flyers, etc. written by those Europeans who witnessed or took part in acts of domestic terrorism upon Natives, Mexicans, and subsequently, Africans.        There were over 150 treaties, negotiated and signed by the federal government and the native people of the time, which were unlawfully broken usually due to the European settlers greed for more land or resources such as gold.  There are numerous accounts of slaughter and even genocide perpetrated by the Europeans as a result of their self-imposed superior status over the native people. The fact that 14 of the forefathers which our schools are teaching children (of all races) to honor and revere, owned slaves. (including Thomas Jefferson, so remembered for writing..."We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal).    I could go on listing examples of deliberate omittance or sanitizations of the truth in our children's education, but I will rest my case on this statement...Never having been faced with the facts about their ancestor's failings or flawed behaviors, we now have generations of European descendants who feel a sense of American ownership.  They see very minimal evidence that people of color made any sacrifices or made any significant contributions to the building of this nation.  I have written a complaint to the NCAC (National Coalition Against Censorship) and am awaiting information on how best to proceed with rectifying this, long ignored racial bias regarding true historical education.    Click HERE for a copy of my complaint.

B Carman
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