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Petition to Mark Steffen, Terry Ragins, Martha Deutsch, Don Lee, Michael Wermers

Stop Disrespectful Use of Native American Gear at West High

I am writing to you as an ethnically mixed student with concern over treatment of Native American culture in my high school. As a senior currently attending West High School, over my years here, the immensely disrespectful practices towards the Indigenous peoples of America have become increasingly noticeable. Possessing a Choctaw background, I am frequently made uncomfortable by the use of culturally, historically, and spiritually significant accessories as party costumes. Specifically, I am regarding the adornment of native war bonnets or feather headdresses. West High’s mascot, the “Warrior,” an ambiguous Native American chief, inspires much of the school’s branding to be based upon vaguely native and tribal imagery, which in itself is questionable. Among the various native-inspired pieces, wearing the war bonnet is where it becomes clearly, without a doubt, disrespectful and offensive. Feathered war bonnets have both cultural and spiritual importance. Every single eagle feather has to be earned as a recognition of a grand achievement. Historically, only legendary war heroes and leaders gained the ability to wear a war bonnet, since, as the name implies, they are not simply accessories, they are honors of war. It is nearly the equivalent of being knighted or receiving a Silver Star. Many Americans would be completely outraged if high school students wore mock Purple Heart medals as part of a costume to a school party. Fake war bonnets, as opposed to authentic war bonnets, are even more offensive as it mocks not only the military history, but also the religious meaning in the natural eagle feathers. Each eagle feather, blessed and sacred, serves as a special connection to God. There are a select few students and staff that choose to wear the grossly inappropriate eagle feather war bonnets, labeled simply as headdresses, during school-wide rallies, football games, and even during our first parade. The solution is simple: ban wearing any Native American gear at West High unless it is explicitly to celebrate Native American heritage and culture. In total, there are only about ten people in total who regularly wear the mock war bonnets, meaning there will not be many people affected by this ban yet this will be an enormous step towards respecting diversity and coexisting with indigenous peoples. Being respectful and caring towards an oppressed peoples is more important than trying to maintain a racist party hat.  Please help me, and all the native peoples of America, to stop another instance of indigenous discrimination. Thank you,  Eternia Love Lee 

Eternia Lee
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Petition to President of the United States, Congress and the beareau of indian affairs

Equal civil rights for Native Americans

The only Race that must have an I'd card with crooked political tribal entities making decisions on peoples based on greed. Native American peoples are the only race that must have an I'd card to be reduced into a math equation called the CDIB or certificate degree of Indian blood. Sadly each tribe has different standards and the facts remain that their is 540 federally recognized tribes yet 75 percent of native Americans do not belong to them per the 2010 and 2008. End is numbers. Goverment does not have the right to determine race it is god given as it is also a spiritual and cultural element. Many high percentage native peoples belong to one or more tribes yet can only register with one therefore a full blooded native may not meet the requirements for either tribe if their parents are of different tribes this math problem called the crib or certificate of Indian blood is the government elietes way of looking up ra I am divisions between federal n non fed tribes as well as to divide the people illegally in violation of our bill of rights and constitutional and god given rights. End DC s and casino tribe control of race and hand the god given right back to the native American peoples.. We are not math problem we ate people why should we have cards to I'd our race as a minority when their is no card to be African American, or Latino? So why just us and why a math problem, end the CDIB violation of our civil rights end government control of only ONE RACE, may the great spirit bless you, principle chief Mark Nightwolf Woodland Band Cherokee 40000 strong! Contact by text at 865 469 0910 be the change! Stand with Chief Nightwolf

Equal Civil rights for Native Americans
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Petition to Amy Klobuchar, Al Franken, Mark Dayton, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Minnesota State Senate, Rick Nolan, Minnesota State House, Keith Ellison

Make Conjugal Visits Allowed In Minnesota

"A conjugal visit is a scheduled period in which an inmate of a prison is permitted to spend several hours or a day in private with a visitor, usually their legal spouse. While the parties may engage in sexual intercourse, the generally recognized basis for permitting such visits in modern times is to preserve family bonds, and increase the chances of success for a prisoner's eventual return to life outside prison. Additionally, they serve as an incentive to motivate inmates to comply with various day-to-day rules and regulations of the facility, and to avoid any infringement which might disqualify them for conjugal visits."  I'm starting this petition because, family is the most important thing when serving a sentence for a crime. Without the everyday or as often as possible communication by letters, phone calls, and visitation. The inmates would be and are more aggressive and violent against each other and staff when they are not allowed to have those types of communication. I believe that if a state prisons allow conjugal visits for inmates it would only be logical to allow conjugal visits in federal prisons. Federal inmates have to serve around 85% of their entire prison sentence, where as state prisons usually serve 50-65% and are allowed conjugal visits, gain time off their sentence for good behavior to get early release. Since this is not the case with federal inmates why not allow conjugal visits along with private visits for inmates with children. You would be amazed at what a simple meal with their family can do to the way they behave and the way they are when released. I honestly think that every inmate's case is different and conjugal visits should be considered accordingly. Besides from everything I've said here, I'm also asking you to sign this petition for me and my childhood sweetheart. We've been best friends since we were 13, we are now 24 and have been together for 6 years. I love this man to the moon and back. I'm writing this because I want to have a child with him and he still has close to 10 years before he is released. By then we will be 34 years old and having a child at that age is very risky and sometimes not possible, neither one of us have children and we are both young Native Americans who's culture and traditions and people are dying at a rapid pace and we would like to do our part in keeping our culture and people alive. So please sign this. It is very important to the both of us as well as many others. Thank you for your time and consideration. 

Nona Bear
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