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Bring back Sundown in the City!

I have been promoting, booking, and working live musical performances in Knoxville for a few years. I have worked at many of the venues in town; those present, and those long gone. Knoxville is a dying town for music. We are plagued by corporations trying to rule the market. The local music scene has been overshadowed by the pockets of corporations. We, as local musicians, really have no place to play, no place to showcase the hard work and dedication we put in to our art, and little to no support from the city we call home. You're probably unaware of this, but Knoxville is VERY strict on venues. Dancing laws, alcohol sales, food name it, there's usually some kind of law that makes it difficult for a venue to survive. I love this town, and i never want to leave here. However, I can't stand to see the talent in this city go to waste. I have watched numerous artists hang up their hats because they had nowhere to play. Something has to give. Something i dearly miss is Sundown in the City. If you ever attended one of these events, you know that it was loved and is deeply missed. Granted the focus wasn't on local talent, but national favorites, I feel like we can create a common ground among the two.  My proposition is that we resurrect Sundown in the City and use this event to not only host everyone's favorite artists, but to showcase the amazing local talent here at home. We need more diversity in the lineups. For instance, we do a pop night, a rock night, a metal night, a country night, an edm night...let's tackle all genres so everyone feels important and has a chance to shine.  Taking Sundown in the City back home to Market Square would not only bring more use to the stage that normally sits empty, but will also substantially boost the revenue of the small, local businesses that call Market Square home. We've seen numerous businesses fail in that area, and i feel as if this could prevent that from happening. Yes, i know there is a venue in Market Square already, but we could work with those business owners and co-produce events! If it rains, we could even move the events inside so we didn't have to cancel, because we all know this lovely East Tennessee weather is highly unpredictable. My goal is to reach at least 5,000 signatures so that i can present this petition to our local government in hopes that they will at least consider our proposal. If you have a love for music, supporting local business and musicians, and an overall love for our city, please sign this petition and help us at least put a bug in their ear. As i said earlier, I love Knoxville and i never plan on leaving, but something has to give. We cannot continue to allow our music scene to dwindle as it has over the past 10 or 15 years. You may think it's thriving, but i promise you it is not. Ask any venue owner in town and they will agree with me.     Thank you all for your time, Rodney Kiichi MinorMarble City Graphics Co.Graveflower Records

Rodney Minor
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