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Petition to Manhasset residents, Manhasset alumni, and Manhasset youth

Manhasset High School Should Change The Racist Mascot

Even as a young child in the early 1990s attending Munsey Park Elementary school, I knew that the Manhasset High School mascot, the Indians, was immoral. I graduated from Manhasset High School in 2004, and thought that as some time passed, the mascot would change. It never happened.  Therefore, we all need to take initiative to ensure it is changed, once and for all. During my 13 years of education in the Manhasset school district, I was taught to think critically and to honor and value diversity and inclusion. I was taught to have empathy towards oppressed peoples by the wonderful educators I was taught by during my academic career at Manhasset.  Simply put, having a mascot that appropriates indigenous peoples is incongruent with the values I was taught in the Manhasset Public Schools.  To prove how wrong this mascot is, consider a mascot called the Blacks, the Jews, the Caucasians, the Asians, image and all?  If it sounds completely ridiculous and offensive, it is because it is.  There’s no way to justify the mascot as it is. It is especially offensive given that the school has little contact with indigenous populations, and a community of predominately and historically white people have appropriated the mascot.  I am sure that this petition will be met with, “...but it’s tradition.”  Lots of things used to be considered moral, lawful, and legal in the United States, including lobotomy, segregation, texting and driving, smoking anywhere you pleased, the list goes on. However, as you can see from this list, societal norms shift and change. What was once acceptable, no longer is. The Indian mascot is no longer justifiable in 2020.  Does having a mascot that is a racist trope offend you? It should. The time for change is now. The new mascot should be left to vote for the Manhasset community.  Please sign and share if you agree.  Read more about the psychological harms of Indian mascots to indigenous populations from the American Psychological Association:

Jo Trigg
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Petition to John Robison (Davis School District Board of Education President), Reid P. Newey (Davis School District Superintendent), Liz Mumford (Davis School District Board of Education Vice President), Julie Tanner (Davis School District Board of Education Member), Brigit Gerrard (Davis School District Board of Education Member), Gordon Eckersley (Davis School District Board of Education Member), Marie Stevenson (Davis School District Board of Education Member), Cheryl Phipps (Davis School District Board of Education Member), Randy Lewis (Bountiful City Mayor), Lorene Miner Kamalu (Davis County Commission Chair), Bob J Stevenson (Davis County Commission Vice Chair), Randy B Elliott (Davis County Commissioner), Aaron Hogge (Bountiful High School Principal), Douglas Hammerschmidt (Bountiful High School Assistant Sr High Principal), Travis Warnick (Bountiful High School Assistant Sr High Principal)

Change Bountiful High School's Offensive and Racist Mascot

I graduated from Bountiful High in 2013. In the wake of recent events, I wanted to draw attention to the offensive, outdated, and racist mascot of Bountiful High School, the Brave and advocate for a change. As we see a shift on the national level with professional teams reevaluating their racist mascots, we are hoping to make one here, closer to home. It's shameful and embarrassing to me that Bountiful High is one out of the three high schools in Utah that still uses an indigenous person as their mascot. It is not right that a rich culture and history is being reduced to a mascot. The idea of changing the mascot has been explored in the past, but there have been minimal changes to the representation of Indigenous peoples in the school. Now is the time to change the mascot and rectify the years of inherent and obvious racism at the heart of Bountiful High School. Let's work together to change that. The predominant argument against changing our mascot, the Brave, is that it's part of our history and tradition. That type of tradition has no place in the future of the school, and is not something that the community should be proud of. It is inappropriate to use the images and culture of indigenous people in this manner. Native Americans and indigenous people have rich history and culture and should not be reduced to a stereotype or caricature. Some of the common practices of the student body are wearing face paint and headdresses while screaming “war cries” at sporting events and assemblies and it is unacceptable. Homecoming parties are called Pow-wows, insensitive chants are used at school events, and tomahawk chops were common practice. These are only a few of the things embedded into the Bountiful High School culture that are inherently racist and unethical. As an institution of education that teaches students about the negative results of racism and social injustice, Bountiful High cannot continue using this mascot and logo while teaching against it. Students can be proud of their school without having to wear shirts and accessories that appropriate another culture. During my time at Bountiful High, I participated in these practices and was uninformed about their harm. It is the job of the adult educators, faculty, administration, school board, and superintendent to ensure that the students they are responsible for understand the impact of their own actions. In my case, no adult ever pointed out the ramifications, inherent racism, and harm of the cultural appropriation that was rampant at Bountiful High School. I am teaching myself as an adult and want to make a change so future students don't have to live with the shame and regret over participating in racist traditions many of us Bountiful Alumni are grappling with today.  Please remove this harmful mascot, and build a new future and traditions for Bountiful High School. I believe the students and community can come together and create new ideas for a mascot more fitting of our Bountiful values! (The photo used in this petition was taken from Bountiful High's Facebook Page, is currently their profile picture, and uploaded as of 10/27/2018)

Mallory Rogers
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Petition to Alta Loma High School, Alta Loma Elementary School, Alta Loma Middle School, Alta Loma School District, Chaffey Joint Union High School District, Jason Kaylor, John Rhinehart, Art Bustamonte

Change Alta Loma's Racist Mascots

Alta Loma Elementary, Junior High, and High School need to change their racist mascots and logos to something that responsibly reflects the current generation of the student body. I graduated from ALHS in 2010. It's disgraceful to me that a decade after graduating, it is still a school using Indigenous peoples as a mascot. Though the idea of changing it has been explored in the past, there has been minimal progress. We can rectify this; One way to start is to throw a design competition for each school, awarding the student who created the best new mascot and logo. Changing the mascots and logos isn’t about being “politically correct” as much as it is how these mascots’ stereotypes ignore the genocidal history and biases incurred to Native communities. While Native Americans have been and are still killed, denigrated, stolen from and disenfranchised for participating in cultural practices let alone existing, non-Native Alta Loma students get to freely “play Indian” while learning nothing about Natives’ real lives. A true honoring of Alta Loma’s culture would be to teach the history of the original stewards of the land-- the Gabrielino-Tongva community. We can step in the right direction by inviting Tribal guest speakers to teach students about Tongva history and hiring Indigenous teachers so students can see humanized representations of Native excellence. There is adequate research that using Native peoples as mascots psychologically harms Native children by creating a hostile educational environment, engendering lower self-esteem and lowering educational attainment. This is all for the sake of the fan sentimentality of those who choose to vainly hurt others and make excuses for it in order to feel better about themselves, or in other words, bullying. If schools can see the absurdity in using a Black person as a mascot or logo to characterize, why are they doing it to Natives?  When students see one-dimensional caricatures of their school, it forms cultural biases and prejudices-- surely a contradiction of the Alta Loma and Chaffey School District’s values. Many retort they are honoring Natives with mascots and logos, but in reality it refuses to confront the truth of the people they claim to be honoring, and seeks to honor themselves by telling their own biased narrative. This tradition Alta Lomans claim is theirs is one that has no place in the minds of our children and future of our schools. A previous petition to resist these positive changes claimed the ALHS newspaper, the “Teepee Times” honors Tongva culture. This is a clear example of willful ignorance because a quick Google search shows Tongva do not use Teepees as dwellings and never have, as teepees are more specific to the Great Plains. The petitioner also stated there are only five words to survive the Gabrielino language; This continues the narrative they are left in the past, however Tongva peoples are working diligently to revitalize the language and continue to thrive in this effort today. The truth of the matter is, these Alta Loma schools are taking advantage of a culture that isn’t theirs for their entertainment and identity. Please remove these harmful mascots and logos in exchange for a new future and tradition for Alta Loma. I believe we can come together to create new ideas for a mascot more fitting of our values! 

Amy Tims
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Petition to Fresno Unified School District, Fresno Unified School District Board of Trustees

Change Fresno High School's Mascot

65% of ALL Native People oppose the use of Native mascots.Literally THOUSANDS of Native voices have fought the use of Native mascots since 1968. This is OUR fight. Our Native People have decidedly spoken out against this gross misuse of our culture.The Yokuts People inhabited the specific land that Fresno High sits on before that land was taken through genocide, systemic racism and oppression. The use of generic Native imagery as a mascot has not only caused pain to many Natives in the community, it reinforces archaic and racist ideas about Native Americans as violent savages from a bygone era. Images like this have forced many Natives to live in silent shame, to hide from their beautiful culture, due to a misguided effort to honor our People. The Fresno High area is rich with tradition; from its lush neighborhoods, to the beautiful Tower District area, Christmas Tree Lane, to its famous alumni. The Warrior spirit of that community comes from its willingness to love, build, and sustain a sense of community. The Warrior model should be explored through a modern angle that better reflects REAL traditions. The "tradition" of racist and insensitive imagery should no longer be tolerated by a community and city that has made strides in recent weeks to change its image when it comes to systemic racism and oppression. IT CAN BE DONE!  According to data: "In the period from 1970 until about 2000, some 600 of 2,500 institutions using such (Native American) designations made changes (Blankenship 2001: 455)." This is an OLD issue that needs a fresh, and NEW look.As a Yokuts man I ask that you help us CHANGE THE MASCOT.Change the #FresnoHighMascotChange every #NativeMascotWe are #NotYourMascot#FUSD 

Valley Natives for Change !
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