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Petition to Joe Negron, Richard Corcoran, Rick Scott

Save Senate Bill 972 - Fight Human Trafficking

Dear Mr. President: Florida lags only behind California and Texas as a haven for human traffickers and their victims. Florida’s tourist economy makes it an ideal destination for sex traffickers. Also, the state’s large immigrant population makes it an attractive destination for labor exploitation. By some estimates, approximately 25% of the victims of human trafficking are children. Florida does not have to occupy the “bottom of the barrel” when it comes to fighting this scourge. Legislation (SB 972) has been introduced that could make Florida a leader – a champion – in the fight against this epidemic, instead of just one more big state that is part of The Problem, not its solution. Until recently, legislation has been moving through the House and Senate that would make Florida an innovative leader in the fight against human trafficking (SB 972 by Sen. Bracy / HB 1165 by Rep. Spano). Now that legislation is stalled in the Senate, and appears dead for this session. Floridians deserve better. SB 972 was approved unanimously at every committee stop before now. But, narrow special interests have quietly worked behind the scenes to scuttle the bills, putting profits over human dignity and decency. Those who oppose this legislation have had multiple opportunities to speak up in committee hearings about any concerns they might have, but have chosen to remain silent. Efforts have been made to amend the legislation to address their behind-the-scenes concerns, but even concessions THAT THEY DEMANDED were not enough to satisfy them.  While they are publicly mute, their actions to delay, dismantle and destroy the bills’ chances of becoming law this year speak loudly to what motivates them: profits over people. We are sorry to have to say it, but their actions reek of exactly the kind of thing the bill is meant to fight: turning a blind eye to the worst in human nature in the name of greed.  We cannot in good conscience sit idly by and let this happen when so many innocent lives are at risk and we have an opportunity to do something about it, NOW. We respectfully request your emergency intervention to request the Senate waive its rules, withdraw CS/SB 972 from all committees of reference and bring this good proposal to fight human trafficking to the Senate floor for an up-or-down vote on this legislation.  Allowing the “process” to delay the consideration and passage of this legislation unnecessarily puts more young people at risk.  Please join us in taking a stand against human trafficking.   Sincerely,       Cc: The Honorable Rick Scott, Governor of Florida The Honorable Richard Corcoran, Speaker of the House of Representatives  

Nicole Whitaker
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Petition to Congressional Committees on Commerce, Science and Transportation and on Energy and Commerce, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives

Hold Websites Accountable for Aiding and Abetting Human Trafficking

Did you know that when websites profit from the illegal activity of human trafficking, they are not held accountable? In the event that a company profits from the sale of victims of trafficking (including minors), they can use Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act as a defense. Section 230 provides websites with blanket immunity from “third party content”. This was designed to protect websites from being prosecuted when someone visiting their site posts inappropriate or even illegal content without the site’s knowledge or approval. It was NOT designed to grant immunity when a website actively PROFITS from third party content.  Eastern North Carolina Stop Human Trafficking Now is one of several anti-trafficking organizations that are seeking a change to the CDA.  In order to stop human trafficking, we must take action to make access to this crime more difficult. Section 230 had good intentions, but it has been used to protect various companies that profit from advertising sex trafficking of women and children.  If websites profit from crimes such as human trafficking, they should be held accountable.  We must urge lawmakers to amend the Communications Decency Act if we want to see a decrease in trafficking and exploitation in the US. Join us in asking Congress to amend  the Communications Decency Act so that 1. State and local law enforcement agencies have the authority to arrest and prosecute websites that advertise human trafficking victims and 2. The protections that websites currently enjoy from being held liable for third party content when they profit from that content is eliminated.

ENC Stop Human Trafficking NOW
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Petition to Charlie Scibetta

Enough Games Nintendo: Time for Action Against Slavery

Conflict minerals are often mined in brutal conditions of forced labour, debt bondage and even child slavery in the Congo. Slave-mined minerals are in many of our everyday electronic items: they generate hundreds of millions of dollars and fuel the world’s deadliest ongoing conflict. Huge progress is being made to rid our household electronics of modern slavery: Intel recently announced that all its new microprocessors will be free of conflict minerals and CEO Brian Kraznich has urged other companies to follow suit. (1) While Intel and many other electronics companies are making moves to ensure they’re no longer part of the violent cycle of conflict in the Congo, Nintendo – the world’s largest manufacturer of video game consoles – lags behind. We simply don’t know what steps the electronics giant is taking to ensure its products are free of the violence, murder and modern slavery associated with these minerals and its conflict minerals policy has been dismissed by experts as a “meaningless piece of paper”. (2) It’s time for Nintendo to stop playing games and step up its efforts to help end modern slavery. Call on Nintendo to take concrete steps to ensure its products are slavery-free by: -  Only using conflict-free smelters and carrying out audits or spot checks to confirm this is the case. -  Making the name and number of its smelters public. -  Committing to making a conflict mineral-free product in the next year.   SOURCES 1.  2.

Freedom United
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