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 Hello ALL, "MY BABY NEEDS ME" is the second petition I have started with in and attempt to rescue my daughter from SEVERE child abuse. This story is a mother and child's most horrific nightmare come true. What I'm about to express to you is PURELY factual.   Back in 2010 my daughter #Dejah made disclosures to me stating that her father had been violently sexually abusing her. She was four years old at the time. Stating that he would scare her with knives and hit her in the stomach if she didn't comply with his demands. On several occasions prior to this disclosure I had taken my daughter to the hospital to have her private areas checked. She seemed to keep having painful irritation and bright red discoloring that "I" just could not explain.   But as soon as those words came out of my daughters mouth...."Daddy touches my privates and eats me like steak!" I knew exactly why my daughters private area was sore all the time. My world turned upside down and suddenly, a flood of memories came upon me. Flashes. RED FLAGS!!! All of the abuse I had taken. The domestic violence within the family. The awkward statements my husband would make from time to time. The dead bolt being locked when I'd get home from work, and my daughter running around naked. All of the pieces of the puzzle began to make perfect sense.   I promised my daughter that "HE" was NEVER going to touch her again!!! She wrapped her little arms around me in the biggest embrace, and as she cried out in sincere tormented relief. She said "Mommy, YOU make all my dreams come true!!!" As I hugged my baby back, I assured her that "NONE of THIS was HER fault!" and "That I LOVED HER and BELIEVED in her 100%"  I held my daughter in my arms and cried out to JEHOVAH in prayer. Begging him to guide me in the necessary steps to follow in protecting my daughter.  To be perfectly honest, my first thought was pretty gruesome. Naturally I wanted to hurt him! But my prayer to GOD had called to mind a scripture I had learned previously while studying with Jehovah's Witnesses. Romans 12: 17-19 Return evil for evil to no one. Take into consideration what is fine from the viewpoint of all men. Do not avenge yourselves, beloved, but yield place to the wrath; for it is written: "Vengeance is MINE; I will repay,' says Jehovah"    So I humbly collected my emotions, and quickly escorted my daughter into her car seat. Where I proceeded to do the most logical thing. Immediately we drove to the local Department of Children and families to file an EMERGENCY report of severe child abuse. While I was driving I had also contacted the local police department to file criminal charges against my husband. Both government agencies took full reports and statements from both myself and my daughter. Dejah did in fact make disclosures about the abuse to child protective investigators and police.  However NO prosecution has ever been performed, nor has any criminal charges ever been filled against the father by the courts or law enforcement agency.  Even though I posses documents from medical examiners that clearly report severe history of sexual abuse. The system failed us.  You hear of horror stories like these from time to time. Where to system fails to put criminals behind bars. What I'm about to tell you next is completely unfathomable and horrendous but more than absolutely true.   I haven't seen or heard from my daughter in nearly six years. She was "ILLEGALLY" taken out of my care and placed back into the care of her father. Where she would be once again subjected to torture and abuse. This was intentionally done by the investigator whom was assigned to my daughters case. She used her position with the courts, and abused her power to willfully endanger my daughter.  Remember I had stated that no prosecution had ever taken place against my husband?  As a mother seeking justice for her child, that just didn't sit right with me. So I made it my responsibility to seek out the next proper authority. My daughter and I were suffering. Her behavior was getting progressively worse day by day. It was frightening. More than anything in this world my intentions were solely to get my baby the help and psychiatry that she so desperately needed. Neither one of us could sleep at night knowing that our abuser was STILL out there, lurking.  Dejah used to wet the bed often and grind her teeth in her sleep. Both of us would wake up in a cold sweat. Having had nightmares about "HIM" returning to further torment us. This went on for about a year. Until one night. My daughter's aggressive behavior proved to be unsafe even for me.   At the age of five years old, my daughter had used a bar stool to climb up on top of the refrigerator to retrieve a pair of kitchen sheers. In the middle of the night she came into my room and methodically cut off, one whole side of my hair. Down to my scalp, while I was sleeping. She then returned the dangerously sharp scissors to their rightful place and climbed in bed with me and went to sleep as if, nothing had even happened. What if I would have rolled over at the wrong moment and been stabbed in my sleep on accident? Who would have known anything?   I considered the dangers of this behavior as a very real and serious cry for help! So I did what any determined loving mother would do. I sought out the next set of professionals to try and encourage somebody to PLEASE HELP!!!   This where you're supposed to hear about my wonderful triumph. Because as a responsible parent I took my child to the children's behavioral stress until. To be professionally evaluated given some form of treatment therapy. As her parent it is my sincerest priority to ensure my child's mental and emotional heath. As well as spiritual well fare and physical well being. So without hesitation when asked, "would you like to make another report regarding the sexual abuse allegations?" You'd better believe I said "YES!"  This is where the story turns tragic folks. Not only had I already petitioned the courts for a domestic violence injunction, I had already filed and submitted my petition for divorce. Neither of which was EVER granted by Santa Rosa county. To this very day I am still legally married to this creep.  Fast forward to why am I asking YOU to sign this petition? My answer is simple, I just want my baby to be home. Safe. Happy and free from the abuse and mental anguish that she is suffering. I would like to shed light on the abuse of power and criminal activity that goes on within department of children and families. And finally be able to rescue my daughter from the hands of her abuser(s).   I have hit road blocks at every turn I've taken. At one point I felt even felt hopeless and defeated. God recently performed a miracle on me. He preserved my life, and instructed me to continue to keep fighting. So I will do whatever is within my human abilities to move mountains to ensure my daughters safety. This is why I'm asking you, the public to help support my mission.  Together we can help stop child abuse and illegal child sex rings. NONE of our children deserve to be in fear of those whom they look to for protection!!!

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Petition to Andrew Cuomo

Prevent Child Abuse and Murder

My great grandson, Eain Brooks, was only 5 years old on Tuesday, September 17th, 2013 when Matthew Kuzdal, his mother's boyfriend, raped and killed him. You can never fill the hole in your heart left by the loss, especially the murder, of an innocent child. It's worse when that child is one of your own. Since Eain was murdered, the rates of child abuse have spiked in Erie County.  One child is one too many, especially when the CDC's Adverse Childhood Experiences study proves all child abuse is a matter of life and death. Maternal Home Visiting programs like Healthy Families NY prevent child abuse and neglect. They also combat poverty, save taxpayer money, and prevent poor school performance and juvenile delinquency. But they're only available to 5% of the willing and eligible mothers who qualify for them. An investment of $7,000,000 in abuse prevention in Erie county would break the cycle of abuse, poverty and suffering for thousands of families in Erie County. Every dollar invested in Healthy Families NY saves taxpayers $1.15 the first year in improved child health and improved self-sufficiency of the parents. We can’t afford not to invest in this program. Abuse can't be undone. Abused children live shorter, sicker lives and contribute less to society. Their minds, souls and bodies forever scarred. If you agree we should prevent children from being abused let's call on Governor Cuomo to provide the funding. Help me make sure Eain and all the other children did not die in vain. Thank you. I'm Eain's Great Grandmother Carolyn Spring and I started Eain's Echo when Eain was murdered. We work with the Stop Abuse Campaign to prevent abuse and neglect.  

Stop Abuse Campaign
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Petition to PA Senate Pro Temp Joe Scarnati (R)

Stop 32,800 PA kids being sexually abused in 2017 #onetoomany

The details horrified the nation. Over fifty Clergy members were involved. Hundreds of children were abused. Some were drugged. Some were made to wait in line, forced to watch the children in front of them be abused, knowing their turn was coming. The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s report about the sexual abuse within the Johnstown-Altoona diocese was shocking. But perhaps the most shocking part is that none of the identified victims can get their day in court. None of those sexually abusive clergy are going to spend a day behind bars. They can still get jobs with children. They can still babysit. And legally, they are still not sex offenders.That’s because none of the victims reported the crime before Pennsylvania’s Statute of Limitations kept them from the courtrooms. Here are some facts: Currently 1 in 5 (22%) children are sexually abused (Source CDC) [1] It takes survivors an average of 21 years before they can disclose their abuse [2] Only 1 in 10 (10%) of people who sexually abuse children will see a day behind bars [3]Because they are protected by Pennsylvania State laws called Statutes of Limitations.Statutes of Limitation for child sexual abuse protect sexual predators and endanger children. Based on the CDC’s research, 32,800 children will be sexually abused in Pennsylvania this year. That’s unacceptable.Please, sign this petition and tell our legislators to eliminate the Statute of Limitations for child sexual abuse. Tell them that children deserve protection, and sex offenders deserve punishment.  Citations:Relationship of Childhood Abuse and Household Dysfunction to Many of the Leading Causes of Death in Adults: The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study Vincent J Felitti MD, FACPA, , Robert F Anda MD, MSB, Dale Nordenberg MDC, David F Williamson MS, PhDB, Alison M Spitz MS, MPHB, Valerie Edwards BAB, Mary P Koss PhDD, James S Marks MD, MPHBDisclosure of Child Sexual Abuse Among Male Survivors” by Scott D. Easton, December of 2013 Clinical Social Work JournalRobert Baker of the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board, Massachusetts Office of Public Safety. 2008. Read the report from Attorney General Support our New York State Petition Visit our website Click below to sign the NJ Petition  

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