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Free Iranian Human Rights Defender Dr. Farhad Meysami

Farhad Meysami is a doctor, publisher, and civil rights defender who has been on a hunger strike since October 7, 2022, in Rajaee-Shahr Prison in Karaj. He has reportedly lost 53kgs (117lbs). He began with only consuming liquids, but since December 19 has been on a “dry” hunger strike.  Meysami, 53, was arrested in his office in July 2018 and taken to Tehran’s notorious Evin prison for campaigning against compulsory hijab. He was accused of possessing pins stating: “I am against the compulsory hijab.” He was sentenced to six years in prison.  He was charged with “collusion and conspiracy to threaten national security”, “disseminating propaganda against the establishment” and “insulting the hijab, an essential sacrament of Islam”. In a recent letter titled "For the days of suffering and suffering and suffering" Meysami wrote:  “At a time when the rulers have denied the people their rights to a healthy body, livelihood, and dignity, leaving nothing but daily pain and suffering, I have begun my own small contribution, hoping to turn these poisonous times into an antidote with a collective effort." I will still stand by my three demands: stopping the executions of protesters, releasing political-civil prisoners, and stopping forced-hijab harassment, and I will continue my impossible mission in the hope that it may become possible later on with a collective effort." This is not the first time Meysami has gone on a hunger strike in prison to protest social conditions in Iran and advocate for other political prisoners.  In May 2022, he went on a hunger strike to protest the threat of execution of Ahmadreza Djalali, a Brussels university professor with dual Iranian-Swedish citizenship who has been detained in Iran since 2016.  "I don't want to just oppose Dr. Djalali's execution, I want to draw attention to something much more important, to draw attention to the fact that they send a man to his death many times and bring him back. Regular and intentional torture like this is definitely a crime against humanity," he wrote last year. Dr. Farhad Meysami's imprisonment is another reminder of the Islamic Republic's disregard for human rights. The international community must pressure the Islamic Republic to immediately and unconditionally release Meysami and other prisoners of conscience.   

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15 Iranian men, women and children imprisoned over their faith in the Ahmadi religion

On the 15th of December 2022, 15 Iranian members of the Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light were arrested and taken to the Evin Prison of Iran. The group was targeted because of their belief in the Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light, and are scheduled to appear in front of the Clergy Court in Tehran 3 months from now.  Two of the 15 had already been previously jailed because of their faith in the Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light, three others are minors, two are women, and one is also persecuted additionally because of his sexual orientation, as he is a homosexual. The passports of four of them have also been confiscated.  We demand the immediate release of our members in Iran and urge all international human rights organizations to address this gross violation of human rights and freedom of belief at the hands of the Iranian government.  We are concerned over the safety and life of this group who have been labeled as heretics and infidels in Iran, we are also concerned over the safety of the two detained Iranian women who, as part of their belief in the Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light do not wear the headscarf. They based this choice on the fact that the Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light teaches that the head covering is optional and not obligatory. Our members in Iran have been subjected to all forms of religious discrimination, imprisonment, and torture at the hand of the Iranian police for no crime committed, but for simply exercising their most  basic human right to believe in what they want to believe in.   في تاريخ 15 ديسمبر 2022 ، إعتُقل 15 فرداً من أعضاء دين السلام والنور الأحمدي في إيران وتم إحتجازهم في سجن إيفين الإيراني. تم استهداف المجموعة بسبب إيمانها بدين السلام والنور الأحمدي، ومن المقرر أن تمثل المجموعة  أمام محكمة رجال الدين في طهران بعد 3 أشهر من الآن.  اثنين من الخمسة عشر فرداً قد سُجنوا من قبل بسبب إيمانهم بدين السلام والنور الأحمدي ، وتشمل المجموعة كذلك ثلاثة من القصر، وامرأتان، وفرد يتعرض للملاحقة القضائية ليس فقط بسبب معتقده ولكن لأنه مثلي. كما صادرت السلطات الإيرانية جوازات سفر أربعة منهم.  نطالب بالإفراج الفوري عن أعضائنا في إيران ونحث جميع منظمات حقوق الإنسان الدولية على مخاطبة هذا الانتهاك الجسيم لحقوق الإنسان وحرية المعتقد على يد الحكومة الإيرانية.  نحن قلقون بشأن سلامة وحياة هذه المجموعة التي يصف النظام الإيراني أفرادها بأنهم خارجين عن الملة، كما نعبر عن قلقنا بشأن سلامة المرأتين الإيرانيتين المحتجزتين اللتين، كجزء من إيمانهما بدين السلام والنور الأحمدي لا يرتدين الحجاب. حيث يعد الحجاب في دين السلام والنور الأحمدي سنة وليس فرضاً. تعرض أعضاؤنا في إيران لجميع أشكال الإضطهاد الديني والسجن والتعذيب على يد الشرطة الإيرانية، هذا وهم لم يرتكبوا أي جريمة سوى ممارستهم لأبسط حقوقهم الإنسانية وحقهم في حرية المعتقد.   در 15 دسامبر 2022، پانزده نفر از اعضای ایرانی دین صلح و نور احمدی دستگیر و به زندان اوین ایران منتقل شدند. این گروه به دلیل اعتقاد به دین صلح و نور احمدی هدف قرار گرفتند و قرار است تا 3 ماه دیگر در مقابل دادگاه روحانیت تهران حاضر شوند. دو نفر از پانزده تن قبلاً به دلیل اعتقاد به دین صلح و نور احمدی زندانی شده بودند، سه نفر دیگر زیر ۱۸ سال هستند، دو نفر زن هستند و یک نفر نیز به دلیل تمایلات جنسی خود مورد آزار و اذیت قرار گرفته است، زیرا او همجنس گرا است. پاسپورت چهار نفر از آنها نیز ضبط شده است. ما خواستار آزادی فوری اعضای خود در ایران هستیم و از همه سازمان های بین المللی حقوق بشر می خواهیم که به این نقض فاحش حقوق بشر و آزادی عقیده توسط دولت ایران رسیدگی کنند. ما نگران امنیت و جان این گروه هستیم که در ایران به آنها برچسب بدعت گذار و کافر زده شده است، همچنین نگران امنیت دو زن ایرانی بازداشتی هستیم که به عنوان بخشی از اعتقادشان به دین صلح و نور احمدی، روسری سر نمی کنند. آنها این امر را بر این اساس انتخاب کردند که دین صلح و نور احمدی تعلیم می‌ دهد که پوشش سر اختیاری است و اجباری نیست. اعضای ما در ایران تحت هر گونه تبعیض دینی، حبس و شکنجه توسط پلیس ایران قرار گرفته اند، بدون ارتکاب هیچ گونه جرمی، بلکه صرفاً برای به کار بردن ابتدایی ترین حق انسانی خود، یعنی اعتقاد به آنچه می خواهند به آن باور داشته باشند.

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Petition to Mike Downey

The life of Iranian actor, Hossein Mohammadi, is in grave danger.

The life of Iranian actor, Hossein Mohammadi, is in grave danger.  Dear Mr. Downey and the acting community of the world, After Mahsa Amini was murdered by the so-called "Morality" Police in Iran, the Iranian people have risen up against the oppressive Regime in a revolution led by women and young people.  The Islamic Republic of Iran has responded with a deadly crackdown, killing over 500 unarmed protestors, including 60 children. They have also arrested and kidnapped thousands of protestors, activists, artists, and dissidents, tortured and raped many to force them to confess to crimes they did not commit.    Despite these severe atrocities, starting December 8th, the Regime reached new levels of brutality when they executed 22-year-old Mohsen Shekari. Mohsen was sentenced to death for protesting without due process: he was not granted access to a lawyer or given a chance to appeal his death sentence.  On December 11th, after another sham trial, they hanged another protestor, Majid Rahnavard.  Sadly these two young men were not the only ones who received the death penalty.   One detained protestor on death row is Hossein Mohammadi, a 26-year-old theater and television actor who has always used his talents and skills to make a difference. Every Persian new year, Hossein would dress up and go to children's hospitals to bring smiles to those kids' faces. Protesting on the streets in pursuit of justice for Iranian women was the only choice for such a man of righteousness.  Today, Hossein is facing the death penalty as the Regime's kangaroo courts have accused him of meaningless allegations such as: being an "enemy of God" and spreading "corruption on Earth." We Iranians urge you to take prompt action to stop this clear violation of human rights; step forward to support the imprisoned actor by: 1- Publicly condemning the arrest of Hossein Mohammadi as a member of the acting community 2- Demanding the Iranian Regime revoke Hossein Mohammedi's death sentence 3- Assigning another actor, activist, or politician to become Hossein Mohammedi's political sponsor to advocate for him. The support of politicians and activists is essential. The attention drawn to political prisoners by elected officials provides innocent detainees with protection through publicity and media coverage.    Thank you for your support. As we all know, "injustice to one is an injustice to all." In Solidarity, Iranian Independent Filmmakers Association (IIFMA) Related Links:      

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