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Petition to President of Ireland - Michael D. Higgins, Dr. Katherine Zappone - Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, T.D. Simon Harris - Minister for Health, T.D. Simon Coveney - Minister for Foreign Affairs, David Stanton - Minister of State for Equality Immigration and Integration, Richard Bruton - Minister for Education, Regina Doherty and Conor O Reilly - Minister for Employment and Social Protection, Charlie Flanagan - Minister for Justice and Equality Protection, Senator Fintan Warfield - Sinn Fein, Leo Varadkar - Taoiseach, The People of Ireland

Give our daughter a birth certificate and the right to travel

Our names are Amanda and Lesley Coyne-Bingham and we are doing everything we can to help our daughter Cammie to be issued with both corrected birth certificate and a passport. I (Amanda) am an Irish citizen and I grew up in Newbridge, Co. Kildare. I (Lesley) am from Kilmarnock, Scotland and have been living in Ireland for six years. We now live in Portarlington, Co. Laois with our daughter Cammie who is one and a half years old. We have been together since 2010 and we were married (full marriage, not civil partnership) in New York City in May 2014. Since the same-sex marriage referendum in 2015 our marriage has been fully recognised here in Ireland. Our marriage is also fully recognised in Scotland where Lesley is from. In late 2014 we began fertility treatment and in August 2016 we had a beautiful baby girl, Cammie. I (Amanda) am the biological mother. When we went to register her birth at the office of Births, Deaths and Marriages in Portlaoise, shortly after her birth, they would only put my name (Amanda) on the birth certificate. They said that while the Children and Family Relationships Bill was passed (also in early 2015), parts of the legislation were yet to come into effect and that they did not have the paperwork in place to accommodate same-sex parentage. This has left us in limbo with regard to our daughter's birth certificate and we have since discovered that her passport application has also been affected. We had applied for her passport before Christmas in 2016 as we hoped she would spend her first Christmas with family in Scotland. After going to a Garda station to get the passport form signed, the local Gardai in Monasterevin advised that she unfortunately was unable to sign the form. When we called the passport office in Cork they advised us that we would need to either apply to the court to get Lesley listed as a guardian or Amanda would have to sign an affidavit stating that Lesley has nothing whatsoever to do with raising our daughter, essentially signing away her rights. The irony of the situation is that according to Irish Law, Lesley has no rights to begin with. The reason the passport office wants the affidavit is because our daughter's (incomplete) birth certificate states that Amanda is married. The office of births, deaths and marriages in Portlaoise said that Lesley's details can be added to the birth certificate at a later date when the official paperwork is in place to accommodate it. There is still no sign of the official paperwork being updated. This is now 2018. In January 2017 we made an appointment to see a solicitor about the issue. They assured us that they would let us know when the relevant parts of legislation had come into effect. They still have not come into effect but we have made Lesley a testamentary guardian in a will. We did not go to the court to do this. The solicitor drew up the will. We have also been made aware that Lesley has no legal standing when it comes to our daughter. A further note to include is that we divided all expenses for fertility treatment, donor sperm and medical expenses equally. We also love, care for and cherish our daughter equally. We do not want to sign an affidavit both on principle of the issue (Lesley is Cammie's mother) and also because we are hoping the parts of the legislation affecting us will come into practice soon. Besides Lesley not being considered a parent to our daughter, she also has no say in her education, medical matters (which we discovered later) and anything official which may require parental consent/authorisation. Yet when our daughter needed life-saving surgery days after birth, the hospital was content to let Lesley sign the consent forms. They only needed to know that we are married. We also want Lesley to be able to travel freely with her. All of Lesley's family live in Scotland and Amanda's brother and sister-in-law also lives in the UK. We don't know where to go from here and our daughter has been effectively grounded in Ireland since birth. Not only can we not get an Irish passport for Cammie but we can not get a UK passport either because Lesley is not listed on our daughter's birth certificate. The issue has been extremely vexing for us. Where is our daughter's right to travel? And where are Lesley's rights to be recognised as her daughter's mother? Most importantly we want the correct birth certificate for our daughter. On embarking on our fertility journey we were led to believe that by the time our baby came along in the late summer of 2016, we would both be given equal parentage. However nearing three years after the Children and Family Relationships Act passed, we are still not granted equal parentage over our baby. For me (Amanda) I find it heartbreaking to see my wife with no rights when we have 100% been on this journey to parenthood together. Lesley is an incredible mother and she deserves to be recognised as such both by the law, on whatever paperwork needs to be changed/completed and she deserves not to be questioned by any establishment that requires both parents to consent. We have been in touch with the ministers listed below numerous times and have received in return a copy and paste email from most of them, some offered no response at all. Dr. Katherine Zappone - Minister for Children and Youth Affairs TD Simon Harris - Minister for Health TD Simon Coveney - Minister for Foreign Affairs David Stanton - Minister of State for Equality, Immigration and Integration Richard Bruton - Minister for Education Regina Doherty and Conor O Reilly - Minister for Employment and Social Protection Charlie Flanagan - Minister for Justice and Equality ProtectionSenator Fintan Warfield - Sinn FeinLeo Varadkar - TaoiseachMichael D Higgins - President In their response to us they sent this: Parts 2 and 3 of the Children and Family Relationships Act 2015 provide for parentage through donor-assisted reproduction. These Parts are to be commenced, in due course, by Mr Simon Harris, T.D., the Minister for Health. It was decided during the passage of the Bill through the Dáil and the Seanad to delay the commencement of these parts for a minimum period of one year from enactment. This was to ensure that couples currently undergoing donor-assisted fertility treatment would be able to continue their treatment, to enable treating clinics to source known donors who would be prepared to have their identities disclosed, and to enable the Department of Health to prepare the necessary regulations. I understand that preparatory work in relation to commencement of Parts 2 and 3 of the Act is currently underway, involving officials from the Department of Health. Where a couple have a child through assisted human reproduction treatment which took place prior to the commencement of these provisions and other than in accordance with them, the social parent will not be recorded on the child's birth certificate from the outset, as parentage continues to be assigned under current law. However, when preparing the Children and Family Relationships Act, the previous Minister for Justice and Equality was keenly aware that there will be potentially significant numbers of people who will have already had donor-assisted fertility treatment and will have, or already have, children through those procedures. Accordingly, when Parts 2 and 3 of the Act are brought into force by Mr Simon Harris, T.D., Minister for Health, and depending on the particular circumstances, it may be possible for couples to seek a declaration under section 21 of the Act that the spouse, civil partner or cohabitant of the birth mother is the other parent of the child (with all of the parental responsibilities that entails), and ultimately to have a new birth certificate issued reflecting that legal parentage. We want Lesley's name on our daughter's birth certificate first and foremost and we want our daughter to have a passport so she can travel freely with either one of us. We want our daughter to have the correct paperwork, stating, rightfully who both of her parents are. Ireland is a shining beacon of hope for other countries currently fighting the fight for Equality but it shouldn't be. Our family life has been greatly impacted because of these mammoth loopholes and we don't know what to do about this "limbo" situation we have found ourselves in besides tell anyone who will listen and hopefully we can gather enough signatures on our petition so that someone has to sit up and take notice. There are many couples out there with similar if not the same issues we face so it is not just ourselves we are trying to help. We need to change things for the present and the future so that when a couple, who love each other very much, have a child together, there will be no hoops to jump through in order to get a birth certificate and a passport. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please sign our petition and share our petition if you can. Yours Sincerely, Amanda and Lesley Coyne-Bingham  

Amanda and Lesley Coyne-Bingham
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Petition to Human Rights Council, Juan Méndez,

UN Human Rights Council. Investigate India for Human Rights Violations in Kashmir

For decades, the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir have suffered persistent human rights violations at the hands of the Indian authorities and the Army. Over the years, numerous leading human rights groups like Amnesty International have been heavily critical of India. Media stories/reports are featured here. A documentary made by Channel 4 can be seen here. In April 2016, a US report stated "There were few investigations and prosecutions of human rights violations arising from internal conflicts.”  The abuses range from mass killings, enforced disappearances, torture, rape and sexual abuse to political repression and suppression of freedom of speech. Nothing has been done about the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) which is used to kill innocent civilians without trial or judgment. India cannot continue to hide behind the AFSPA anymore. Thousands of lives have been lost.  Moreover, the population are demanding the right for self determination as mandated by the United Nations resolutions. There appears to be a dictatorship as opposed to a democracy at present. The Indian government continues to suppress the freedoms of opposition parties. Civilians are brutally punished if they are seen to challenge or campaign against the oppressive occupation. Mr Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India has taken to shutting off internet services intermittently, so that civilians cannot communicate with the outside world.  It is for all these reasons that India must be held accountable for these human rights violations. Civilians have suffered since the 1990s without any assistance from international bodies. We would therefore like the Human Rights Council to take account of the evidence with a view to mounting an investigation into the serious oppression and human rights violations suffered by the people of Kashmir. Jan. 1989 to March 31, 2016Total Killings 94,332Custodial Killings 7,043Civilians Arrested 133,387Structures Arsoned/Destroyed 106,063Women Widowed 22,810Children Orphaned 107,556Women gang-raped / Molested 10,176Enforced Disappearances 10,000 + Update 2016.  Clashes broke out following the death of a Kashmiri freedom fighter. India placed Kashmir under curfew, removed all communications and shut down any opportunity for a international civil remedy. The local Civil Society made this plea to the United Nations for intervention. India has since blocked all intervention by the UNHRC. Please though support this petition for the people of #KASHMIR. Visit Us on Facebook Human Rights Violations in Kashmir. Twitter #KASHEXIT Formal Complaint to the Human Rights Council against India  

Dr Rita Pal
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Petition to Human Rights Campaign, Theresa May MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Birmingham City Council

Let my son be with his family

Where to begin. First and foremost Birmingham Children's Services have themselves stated my son has NEVER come to ANY harm in the care of his mother/myself. My son was placed on a child protection register at birth due to me having convictions for violence 4 years previous, he was kept on child protection aged 3 months due to the fact he was "a very advanced baby" and this "may have led his mother to expect to much of him which might cause significant emotional harm". From July 2014-September 2014 my son , his mother and myself lived a happy peaceful life the days were spent loving,nurturing and enjoying our cheery,happy perfect baby ,however we made the grave error of reporting the fact social worker NADINE REDSHAW was turning up clearly intoxicated and had pictures on her Facebook of her friends babies drinking cans of carling, after that Children's Services embarked upon a smear campaign with the aim of stealing our son for adoption. We were branded "bizarre and paranoid" for refusing to strip our son naked in front of a room full of 10/12 strangers, his mother was labelled as "having a learning difficulty she struggled with" - she has genius level IQ (Children's services declined her offer to take an IQ test), we were branded "tremendously defiant" for refusing to sign our son over to my abusive mother , his mother simply asking for the law to be adhered to meant she had "personality difficulties" and quiet unbelievably our next door neighbours were asked to sign a statement "telling a little white lie" - the "little white lie" being that my son's mother had gone out and left our son in the house unsupervised. Back in December 2014 my son was illegally and viciously seperated from his mother by Birmingham Children's Services and my own mother who has a history of abusing children. 2 days before Christmas his mother went to collect him only to have my own mother refuse to hand him over whilst screaming PPO (police protection order) at my son's mother so his mother rung the police to retrieve our son only for the social worker SYEDA TAHERAH AHMED to lie to the police and claim my mother had custody. The reason Social Services gave for so brazenly breaking the law was "the child may be harmed" due to the fact that his mother and myself had had a verbal disagreement when our son wasnt in our care. His mother wanted to take our son to her fathers home in a different city without me. She kept trying to get our son back for the same thing to keep happening until we were taken to court. My mother made up a pack of lies to try and keep our son for herself. Social Services advocated for her relentlessly and the courts put our son in the care of this woman despite the fact at the time she was under police investigation for serious child abuse allegations perpetrated against her own children (me). Thankfully an independent social worker highlighted what a danger this woman was and my son was removed. Me and his mother PASSED a parenting assessment, we proved all allegations against us to be lies and his mother offered to take our son upon him being returned to her care to live at her fathers home away from myself (the "problem"). However Children's services decided to press for adoption due to facts we are still unsure of. At the Final Hearing the social worker was proven to have lied repeatedly about his mother and so had the guardian ELAINE BENNETT. After a 5 day hearing and a 2 week wait we were told our son would be placed for adoption due to the fact his mother had "drawn a malicious picture" of the social worker and because his mother had asked the social worker SYEDA TAHERAH AHMED and manager RUTH EVELYN HILL to apologise for the fact she had been told she could not care for him as a vunerable single parent. Barbara Carter of Barbara Carter Solicitors was the judge behind this scandalous decision she made findings on things his mother was not even questioned about,falsely claimed my sons mother accepted threshold and felt it appropriate to describe him as 'a very attractive baby to adopters' (one of the reasons the order was given according to Barbara Carter). Legal Aid solicitors CARTWRIGHT KING and BLAIR ALLISON colluded with BCS to remove our son for 'potential risk of emotional harm'. My son has until March to be rescued from the clutches of strangers, strangers who follow a completely different religion to him, strangers who are ripping a child from a loving mother to help fill a void in there own lives. My son is not your baby to have, He has a family who love and want him, he is the centre of the whole family and without him it is pointless. His mother says her home feels like someone has died without him in it. He doesn't deserve to be punished for my actions, his mother doesn't deserve to be punished because of my actions and he definitely doesn't need ripping from his family until he is 18 for things his mother "may or may not do" based on MY past. His mother due to Birmingham Family Courts decision to refuse to process her appeals for some unknown reason now has to wait to oppose the adoption order. Enough signatures will get my son's voice heard and just maybe if his voice is heard loud enough he might just might be returned to where he belongs and the courts might stop ignoring applications put before them and see justice done. If the family courts weren't secret he would have NEVER been removed. I quote Paul Pennington-Wilson (independent social worker) : "The parents present as loving parents who's lives revolve around their son" and finally i quote judge Barbara Carter "the mother is clearly a very bright,intelligent,engaging and fiesty young woman with much to offer those around her including her son." Tom Latimer

Tom Latimer Snr
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Petition to UK Parliament

Remove The Power Home Office Has When It Comes To Marriage

THE RIGHT TO MARRIAGE SHOULD BELONG TO US AND NOT HOME OFFICE! They shouldn't have that much power to state who can get married and who can't. People should be free to marry whoever they want. That is a given right! whether or not it is a sham, that should not be determined by Home Office. People should be free to marry and if an investigation is needed, then it should be done after the ceremony. We live in London where most people are from different ethnic backgrounds and therefore will have different immigration issues based on their history. BUT this should not stop people from being able to get married. If people love each other then that should be enough power to make it happen. The British Home Office has been given too much power, abusing peoples rights and even those of the EU. This should no longer be the case. Home Office doesn't have the couples interest at hand, they are only concern with making money and reducing the number of migrants in this country. This is not what Marriage is about, so how are they to determine who has the right to marry. They make the process time consuming, difficult, expensive and the requirements can be ridiculous. Even once it has been completed, they find a minor fault that wasn't part of contract and can use it against the couple. Thousands of people have been effected by this and still are being effected. This can take a toll on someones mental and physical health with the strain it puts on people. Marriage should be a time of happiness, not stress. This is our moment, we need to stop this for the sake of our rights.  A marriage is a marriage and only we should have that power to decide. The government should work for us, not against us. That is Democracy.  

Olivia Prieur
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