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Petition to President E.D. Mnangagwa, Boris Johnson MP

Justice From TEMBA PETER MLISWA who illegally seized my company.

Mr President of The New Zimbabwe  Your Excellency  On behalf of my wife and two boys I humbly appeal to the Zimbabwe Government and ZANU-PF for justice through compensation from Hon T.P MLISWA.  He used the previous President (Your Mentor) Robert. G. Mugabe's name in vain for personal Gain / Greed to illegally seize my company Benbar/Tromps! Hon Mliswa claimed the President "Sanctioned" this illegal seizure along with Hon Minister Saviour Kasukuwere (Then Minister of Indiginisation) in line with "indiginization". On 18 December 2009. He wrongfully and illegally seize my companies Noshio Motors (Pvt) Ltd incorporating Benbar/Tromps using a fake "Banda Trust" Mafia style dirty politics and his uncle Didymus Mutasa. He stated he is "Untouchable and above the law" as he is related to you sir? He is obstructing the judiciary from doing their work in a professional manner.  Mr President you "Condemn" corrupt and illegal activities and recently gave a white farmer back the land. The country recently had her monetry budget wooing back FDI yet my companies were illegally seized by Hon Mliswa. My "Crime" white British FDI working with the amazing people of Zimbabwe. I was forced to flee Zimbabwe, with nothing but a suitcase due to death threats on my life and illegally lost my entire investment, over One Million Pounds!  My MP sincerely wrote to the Previous President, AU, S.A.D.C. EU, Brussels, Prime Minister, British Ambassador in Zimbabwe Catriona Laing and the Zimbabwe Ambassador in London humbly asking for their devine intervention.  Zimbabwe has great potential needs FDI and the country can become the bread basket of Africa again save for CORRUPT individuals like Temba Mliswa. I love the amazing people of Zimbabwe, their kindness, warm smile, passion and love for God, willingness to work hard in rebuilding their Nation. What happened to me was wrong, immoral, illegal un-constitutional, against the law a gross violation of my Human and property rights.  My business partner was a Pastor from my church his wife was running the finance and administration departments. I called for a forensic audit which is why they called in Hon T.P MLISWA for his political muscle and powerful connections. Hon Mliswa claims a "Banda Trust" was drafted by his lawyer at the time G.N.MLOTCHWA! However as of February 2010 no such "Banda Trust" ever existed! My lawyer Victor Zvogbo did a search at the Deeds Office. HonT.P.Mliswa, threatened to rape my Belgian wife, kidnap my two Belgian boys and KILL me!! My "crime" FDI. He stole from the Army (Removing new parts from their vehicles and replacing them with FAKE one's), Russian Embassy, Government departments. Hon Joram Gumbo can testify to this. He personally came to see me as Mliswa STOLE his FUEL PUMP and injectors. Anti Corruption came to see me to tell Mliswa was trying to change the Share Certificate.  Didymus Mutasa lied to the previous President. He was Presidential affairs Minister at the time. He made sure his Nephew, son and others were "Aquitted" bribing magistrates Never Katiyo and Morgan Nemadire as well as abusing his office. Johannes Tomanna (who was Mliswa's lawyer in 2000 during the Land Invasions) Prematurely closed my case without allowing FOUR other state witnesses to testify. The whole World knows my story. You are a lawyer Mr President. The FACTS are there. Please may I humbly ask you to summonds Florence Ziyambe Chris Mutangadura, Mr Dube, Mishrod Guvamende the LAW Society of Zimbabwe and Patrick Chinamasa who was Justice Minister at the time. I wrote to them all. Somehow Mliswa seems to be Untouchable and above the law due to his "Political connections". A PRECIDENT MUST be made to show the World that Zimbabwe is definitely open for business and this will NEVER happen again to any other FDI creating employment for the amazing people of Zimbabwe.  I humbly ask and pray for your intevention in order for my family and I to rightfully receive the compensation due to us from ZANU-PF the Zimbabwe Government and Hon T.P MLISWA who was Provincial Chairman of Mashonaland West in the ruling Zanu-PF party at the time he illegally seized my companies Noshio Motors and Benbar.  Benbar was Zimbabwe's Number One Choice in manufacturing and Noshìo Motors was the leading supplier of motor vehicles and accessories to the entire Nation. Hon Mliswa destroyed it over night. Some workers had been there from the time of it's inception in the 90's. New potential investors want to believe the same thing will not happen to them. Hon T.P MLISWA must be held accountable for his own actions and decision for this heinous crime. This is about an investment which I made in good faith in Zimbabwe. I had been working from the time I was 16 years old. I built up these companies created employment only to lose the entire lot to Hon T.P MLISWA's personal greed. He is in breach of the Company's act, Banking act, Criminal Defamation, Obstruction of justice, Abuse of office, Malicious damage to my property, false police reports, interfering with state witnesses, intimidation, harassment, death threats, looting, coercion, manipulation of the judiciary, theft by conversion, defrauding S.A.R.S, ZIMRA, NEC, NASSA, stealing, extortion, forging documents, changing the CR14 and obtaining a new share certificate. I humbly and sincerely ask that as the President of The New Zimbabwe justice prevails. NO-ONE is above the law. No "Sacred Cows" Mr President.  It is my hope and prayer my family and I receive justice through compensation from HON T.P MLISWA and perhaps help in the re-building process. TOGETHER we accomplish more.  We thank you Mr President   Yours Faithfully Paul and Brenda-Lee Westwood    

Paul Westwood
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Petition to Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten

To put an end to the victimization of cyclists.

victimizationvɪktɪmʌɪˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/nounthe action of singling someone out for cruel or unjust treatment."we should be able to speak up without fear of victimization" It is time to stand up. The hate against cyclists contravenes basic human rights. Our law-makers fail us while an anti-cycling campaign rages un-monitored across all forms of media. Cyclists, on the whole, are subjected to bullying, insult and marginalization. We feel that our lives are at risk when when we ride and we deserve better. The law is clear, as are our rights and freedoms and in this we have every right to be on the road. Why must we endure hatred, threats and bigotry pursuing a healthy lifestyle choice? We note we are not perfect, but nor is the motorist, politician or police officer. We are all human and should feel that we have the same respect and consideration, free from insidious bullying and vilification that is based on false or unfounded pretenses. We deserve to be treated with respect and dignity across all levels of society and deserve our basic human rights to be granted, upheld and defended by our community leaders. Narrow minded, thoughtless journalism only inflames a debate that should not even exist. We should not need to defend our rights, nor explain, the law grants us this already. Our leaders need to act, as we deserve so much better and it time to unite and fight this incursion on what is a basic right.

Cyclists Who Feel Victimized.
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Petition to H.E. MR. ANTONIO GUTERRES, Adama Dieng, Farhan Haq Deputy Spokesman for the Secretary-General haqf>at, Cyril Ramaphosa


PETITION TO THE SECRETARY-GENERAL OF THE UN, H.E. MR. ANTONIO GUTERRES TO END FARM MURDERS IN SOUTH AFRICA 26 October 2017 His Excellency, Mr Antonio Guterres, my name is Louis Michael Green and I am a pastor and a concerned citizen from Kraaifontein, Cape Town, South Africa. I am appealing to you to use your influence in the UN and throughout the world to help us in South Africa to end the scourge of farm killings in our country. We must end farm murders in South Africa before it is too late. Farmers throughout South Africa produce our fresh fruit, vegetables, and meat and without them, our nation will starve. At first, when I started this petition, I had one signature, my own. I was aiming for 100,000 signatures for this petition when I started but as a result of the fantastic response, i.e. 115,000 signatures in 6 days, I have decided to increase the target to 200,000 supporters. The huge response to my petition to STOP FARM MURDERS is an indication of the urgency of the matter and the public outcry in South Africa. At first, I intended to take the petition to the State President, Mr. Jacob Zuma, and our Minister of Police, but after much prayer and thinking, and after receiving hundreds of messages from farmers, family members who lost loved ones and many petitioners, I have decided to take our petition directly to you at THE UNITED NATIONS IN NEW YORK, the USA, and ask for an audience with you, the SECRETARY GENERAL OF THE UNITED NATIONS, H.E. Mr Antonio Guterrez. Many of my petitioners believe it would be a waste of our time to take the petition to the State President, Mr Jacob Zuma, because he has done nothing about the farm murders since his election and he continues to do nothing. It would be a similar waste of time to take the petition to the Minister of Police, Mr. Fikile Mbalula, because he has been critical of the mass action on Black Monday, 30th of October, 2017, and he has not released the specific statistics of farm attacks and murders. We have great confidence in you as the Secretary-General of the United Nations, that you will be able to place our petition on the international agenda. If it is possible to have an independent commission of inquiry from the Commissioner of Human Rights violations into the FARM MURDERS in South Africa, we would also greatly appreciate this. We would, in the meantime, also petition our own government to demand an independent commission of inquiry into farm murders to investigate the root causes of such murders and a response from the present government (from the Ministry of Police) on what will be done to stop these murders with immediate effect. We will, however, not hand over the names of the 125,000 petitioners to the state for fear that the petitioners would be intimidated. However, we could say in our petition to our government that we refer to the 125,000 petitioners as verified by the Secretary-General of the United Nations and that the record is kept at the UN that would verify the veracity of the amount of our petitioners. I was encouraged when I saw what a young South African, Talitha Basson was doing when she mobilized thousands of farmers almost on her own using Facebook to mobilize them to united action in a march to Cape Town on 30th of October, 2017.  We are mindful that all murders everywhere in South Africa are reprehensible and should be stopped. Every murder, irrespective where it happens, is regrettable. However, the murder of farmers in our country does not only impact the loss of life but also has a snowball effect of robbing our nation of its food security. I am planning to follow the correct Parliamentary procedures to get this letter and the petition to the Speaker of Parliament, so I will seek out the help of an M.P. who bears the same burden, to also submit our petition to our own Parliament in South Africa. This matter has been debated in Parliament on several occasions without any effect. This is the reason why I felt we should appeal to international organs, like the UN. Perhaps, our government will give this matter its most urgent attention when our petition reaches your office and if it can be arranged our South African delegation coming to see you in New York would love an opportunity to discuss our report with the dossier containing our claims of human rights abuses with the UNHCR. I and all my petitioners trust God for a positive outcome to all our endeavours. Be Blessed Kind Regards Senior Suffragan Bishop Louis Michael Green A concerned South African Citizen Affiliated to The Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, South Africa

Bishop Louis Michael Green
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Petition to Sikh Council UK, Sikh Channel UK, Akaal Channel UK, Sangat TV, Leicestershire Sikh Alliance, Leicester Mercury, Des Pardes UK, NSOUK , Daily Sikh Updates, Guru Nanak Gurudwara Leicester, Rozana Spokesman, Ajit Jalandhar, Kohinoor Radio, BBC Asian Network, Gurudwara Sahib, Soho Road, Birmingham, Guru Nanak Darbar Gurudwara, Gravesend, Guru Nanak Gurudwara, Smethwick, Khalsa Aid, Sunrise Radio, Panjab Radio, Radio XL, Panjabi Radio Italy, Channel Punjabi Canada, World Sikh Organisation, Nishkam Canada, Sukh Sagar Radio, Harman Radio Australia, Radio Spice New Zealand, Asian Television Canada, The Times of Panjab

Ban racist Joginder Singh from Guru Nanak Temple (Leics) for refusing food to Non-Sikhs

xxxxxxx LATEST UPDATE xxxxxxx  PRESS RELEASE: Sikh man defamed for exposing racism at Sikh temple (UK) To view the Press Release webpage, which also features images for media use, please click:  3rd November 2017, Leicester (United Kingdom): In the Birmingham High Court, a defamation claim was submitted against Ajmer Basra and Amrik Gill, who are charity trustees of the Guru Nanak Sikh Temple in Leicester. The Claimant, who is a Temple member named Onkar Thandi, claims the trustees defamed Onkar on YouTube, Facebook and in two national Punjabi newspapers, because Onkar had publicly exposed that racism was practiced and condoned at the Temple. The Sikh custom of serving Langar All Sikh temples follow the custom of serving ‘Langar’ (free food) to eligible visitors, without discrimination. Onkar clarifies, “Racial discrimination is not unlawful at a place of worship in the UK, but it’s unacceptable at a Sikh temple, as it contradicts the key Sikh teaching of ‘equality’, and it breaches Articles 5(m) and 21 of the Sikh Code of Conduct”. The Temple attracts non-Sikh visitors The Temple’s provision of Langar often attracts White, Black and Hindu visitors, who are vulnerable, needy and homeless. Non-Sikh visitors are allowed to have Langar, provided they are modestly dressed, sober, cover the head, remove shoes and behave respectfully. The trustees condoned racism at the Temple Onkar claims, “Between early 2015 and September 2016, the trustees condoned racism at the Temple, by ignoring verbal complaints, a complaint letter, an online petition and four newspaper adverts, about Temple employee Joginder Singh, who frequently mistreated non-Sikh visitors and refused to serve Langar to eligible non-Sikhs”. Joginder mistreated non-Sikh visitors Onkar explains, “Joginder often snatched plates from eligible non-Sikhs and told them to go away, he wrongly accused non-Sikhs of stealing or wasting Langar, he served one chapatti to non-Sikhs, when it’s the norm to give two, and he even served stale chapattis to non-Sikhs, to discourage them from visiting the Temple”. Petitioners shared their observations ·       ‘Joginder refused Langar to my wife, our 6-year-old daughter and me. We complained…but the committee is [the trustees are] useless’ (Amit Anand). ·       ‘Joginder is very rude. I witnessed him refusing food to a White lady; he said ‘get out’ to her. When we told the committee [the trustees], they said whatever Joginder does is not our business’ (Juhi Kaur). ·       ‘I have witnessed Joginder’s behaviour…you can’t treat people like that. Glad someone’s taken a stance against him’ (Harpal Rajput). ·       ‘I’ve seen what Joginder has done, he has hurt many people’ (Balwinder Kaur). ·       ‘Joginder had been warned by the previous management committee [previous trustees], but he carried on refusing Langar and being rude to worshippers’ (Former Temple-trustee, Sulakhan Singh Dard). The ‘White man incident’ Onkar adds, “In 2015, when a White man complained about stale chapattis causing him stomach problems, Joginder argued with him and told him that he’s permanently banned from the Temple, despite Joginder not having the authority to ban him. The White man cried, “I’m sorry, please don’t ban me”, but Joginder threatened to call the police, which caused the White man to stop attending the Temple. The ‘Hindu woman incident’ In early 2016, Joginder rudely refused Langar to a Hindu woman, by telling her that the Temple “isn’t a restaurant”, which made her cry. This incident was reported to Amrik, who saw the Hindu woman crying, yet he carelessly responded, “You [Onkar] serve her then”, instead of disciplining, or removing Joginder from serving Langar. The ‘White woman incident’ On 1st July 2016, Joginder called a homeless White woman a “dirty woman”, and told her that he doesn’t respect her, which made her cry and inspired me to film the incident on my phone. My video shows Joginder panicking and switching off the lights, before he lies twice and hides in a room. As we [the petitioners] were tired of complaining [to the trustees], I uploaded the video onto YouTube to expose the fact that racism was still being practiced and condoned at the Temple. The trustees harassed and slandered Onkar My video proved that Joginder was guilty, but instead of terminating his employment, the red-faced trustees harassed me during a one-hour meeting, at which I was physically threatened, and then they told Temple visitors that I was a troublemaker, who’d hired the White woman to ‘set up’ Joginder, due to a personal grudge over a winning lottery ticket, which is complete nonsense. The trustees defamed Onkar to thousands of Sikhs In July 2016, the trustees defamed me on YouTube, in a nonsensical video, in which they absurdly accused me of “increasing racism” towards Sikhs. They also published an official statement on the Temple’s Facebook page and in two national Punjabi newspapers called the ‘Des Pardes’ and the ‘Punjab Times’, in which they defamed me to thousands of Sikhs”, through dishonestly stating:  “By presenting…video footages [Onkar’s video]…they [the petitioners] seek to foment disharmony, create tensions, disrupt the peace within the Gurdwara [Temple]…we [the trustees] believe that innocent members of the public have [Joginder has] been ‘set up’ to cause problems. It is not without coincidence that someone [Onkar] is at hand to shoot videos of scenes in the Langar Hall [of the ‘White woman incident’]…they [the petitioners] not only bring shame and disrepute upon this Gurdwara [Temple] but also to Sikhism” and “upon themselves by behaving in such fashion”. The trustees defended the racist Joginder Onkar argues, “Joginder had been the subject of year-long verbal complaints, a complaint letter and a growing online petition. Plus, the White woman in the video identified Joginder as the culprit, before he proved his guilt, by behaving suspiciously and lying twice, all of his own free will…so how could he be innocent? Obviously, the trustees defended the racist Joginder and attacked the righteous petitioners, to cover-up racism and their gross mismanagement of the Temple”. The trustees ruined Onkar’s reputation and caused unwarranted harassment Onkar clarifies, “Before all of this happened, I was well known to the congregation, as I’d visited the Temple on a daily basis, over a six-year period. Also, in 2012, I helped the police to catch a mugger, who’d attacked a pensioner near the Temple, which was reported on the front-page of a newspaper and I was given a Certificate of Commendation, a £300 award and a Detective Superintendent’s Certificate, so the congregation used to respect me. However, the trustees’ slander and defamation ruined my reputation, because everyone started seeing me as a troublemaker, who’d hired the White woman to ‘set up’ Joginder, over a lottery dispute, which turned many congregation members against me, who then harassed, physically threatened, insulted, ridiculed and bullied me to the point that I had to stop attending the Temple, all of which will be evidenced to the court. It didn’t stop there, over the past year, my Sikh friends in Leicester have stopped talking to me, I’ve been harassed by misled Sikhs on numerous occasions, I’ve stopped attending Sikh events altogether, and I only visit Sikh temples at the least busy times of the day to avoid confrontations, all of which, has negatively affected the quality of my life”. The Charity Commission had failed to take action Onkar states, "As the Temple is a UK registered charity [number 254837], on 1st August 2016, I submitted a serious complaint to the Charity Commission, which regulates charities in the UK. Irresponsibly, the Commission failed to take any action, which is unacceptable, as I’d provided sufficient information about the trustees acting against the Charity’s objective, harming charity beneficiaries, damaging the Charity’s reputation and engaging in illegal activities, so the Commission should have investigated my complaints”. The trustees still refuse to resign Onkar alleges, “Despite being aware of their misconduct and mismanagement of the Temple, the trustees still refuse to resign, which proves that they are power-hungry individuals, who only care about retaining their positions [as trustees], not about Sikh teachings, Sikh customs, the welfare of the congregation, or the Temple’s reputation”. Onkar was ‘ordered’ to take legal action Onkar states, “Earlier this year, considering the serious harm to my reputation, combined with the fact that I continue to be shunned by the Sikh community, I’d thought about moving from Leicester, but before doing that, I requested a series of ‘Hukamnamas’ [Commands] from ‘Guru Granth Sahib Ji’ [the holy book of the Sikhs, revered by Sikhs, as the living embodiment of the Sikh Gurus], who ultimately ordered me to stay, and to take legal action against the trustees. Although, I don’t have any legal qualifications, I have personally prepared the claim documents, and I will be representing myself at court. My original Claim Form and Particulars of Claim were struck out for justified reasons, so I had recently submitted amended versions, and I am now following procedures to have the trustees disqualified, from being charity trustees. I’ve already spent over £5,000 from personal funds, on exposing the trustees’ wrongdoings, and on countering the serious harm to my reputation, which I’m claiming as damages, from the trustees personally, not from the Temple [Charity]. As a Sikh, it is my duty to oppose racism, especially at a Sikh temple, even if the perpetrator is a Sikh and the victims are non-Sikhs, as was the case here, so I’m not embarrassed about pursuing or publicising the issue. I have complete faith that Guru Nanak Sahib [the founder of the Sikh religion] will guide me to victory and make an example of these corrupt individuals [the trustees], who have grossly abused their powers”. ENDS For further information, please see the petition updates below.  Onkar Singh

Guru Nanak Gurudwara (Leics) Sangat
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