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Petition to Rt Hon Theresa May, Rt Hon Jeremy Corbyn, Boris Johnson MP


  After living here for five and a half years, my husband and I were informed that our visa applications for Indefinite Leave to Stay had been declined. The reasons given were: "We have not given sufficient proof that we are proficient in English and that despite passing our Life in the UK tests, which state we reached the required level for the purpose of obtaining Indefinite Leave to stay in the UK, we do not have sufficient knowledge of life in the UK!" We were ill advised as to whether we were required to write an English test due to our origins and the fact English was our home language.  My husband, Clive, supplied his original certificates from Cambridge and City of Guild London where it shows he passed English. I supplied certificates from Blount Commercial Academy were it shows a first class pass in English. I also supplied them with proof that I attended a week Fraud Conference at Cambridge University and that was obviously all in English. We have now been in the UK for seven years, having spent the last two years fighting to remain here, in the country we call home! I was born and raised in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) before UDI was declared. My husband Clive was born in South Africa but he went to Rhodesia when he was about 5 months old. Clive's father was transferred there after making guns for Britain during the second world war. My mother is Rhodesian born and bred. Her grandfather was a Grenadier Guard and was sent to South Africa to fight for Britain in the Boer War. His sons were born there, one of them being my grandfather, hence the reason we were born in Africa. My step father (who will always be my father) adopted me and my siblings when we were very young and so I was granted an Ancestral Visa and my husband a spousal visa. My father left Britain when he was about 19 years having been offered a position in Mozambique. He volunteered his services, aged twenty,  when the second world war broke out and was in the Southern Rhodesian Armoured Car Division, ending the war in Italy. Britain was keen to develop the colonies and so Dad  was given a farm in Rhodesia for his services during the war. This was a massive incentive for him to stay in Africa. I have an inherent fear of having to return to South Africa because of all the violence there now, which is where we will be sent, if deported.  Having lived through the Rhodesian war and experienced horrors there, plus the fact I lived in South Africa after fleeing Rhodesia, I have nightmares on a regular basis of what happened. My mum was attacked in Rhodesia and sustained injuries, one of which has left her totally deaf in her left ear. I was attacked sitting in my car in South Africa. I fought back and ended up cuts and bruises as well as a wrist broken in three places. We just cannot go back to Africa! Everything we own is here in the UK which we have made our home! Terry Ford, my eldest brother (Dad's only son) was brutally murdered on his farm in Zimbabwe after being beaten and tortured. His faithful companion, Squeak, went everywhere with Terry. He refused to leave Terry's battered body and remained curled up next to his master for hours. Squeak was really very traumatised by what he saw happen to Terry. Terry was farming in Rhodesia, near Salisbury (now Harare) in the Norton area. Robert Mugabe’s sister visited him and wanted his farm. Terry said no and she said " I am Mugabe's sister and what I want I get". Terry was brutally murdered on the farm not long after that. His death made international headlines and members of the family were plagued by the press. Terry was an amazing brother and my siblings and I loved him dearly. He was a gentle giant with an amazing sense of humour.  My Father suffered a number of strokes after Terry's murder, choosing not to accept his gruesome death for over a year. We were finally able to bring him back to the UK (he was British) in November 2010. Our schooling was British, our exams were British and marked in the UK. Our upbringing was very British. Coming here to the UK was like coming home for us. We have worked hard and bought a lovely home in Melbourne, Derby. It has an annex so my parents could live with us and I could care for them. My parents came with us as Mugabe had stopped all pensions and medical aid and they had nothing. We have taken care of them for the past 16 years. Clive has an excellent job as an Estimator for an Engineering Company in Derbyshire. We have settled here, we are happy here and we are safe here. Our family can never return to Zimbabwe and we have nothing left in South Africa to return to. We have never once asked anyone to support us. We pay our taxes, our NI and our rates and taxes. I take care of my ailing Mum (I am her registered, full time carer). Dad sadly passed away just over four years ago. My elderly mother has dementia and other debilitating medical problems. With her dementia, she relies on me to do most things for her. There will be no family to take care of her if we are deported. The fact that we grew up in Rhodesia and were brought up in the British way under British rule for many years does not appear to count for much, sadly. Our British roots also seem to count for nothing. We have now been granted 30 month "Leave to Remain" visas, eighteen months now remaining. I was advised to find a job of some sorts as being a carer is not considered a job for Indefinite Leave to Remain and I am the main applicant! I shall continue to take care of Mum, whilst working part time at our local SPAR. I am only 5 minutes walk from home should Mum need me. After two year of hell, we are blessed to still be here. I have subsequently suffered a heart attack due to the on going pressure and am now recovering from it. OUR FIGHT IS NOT OVER! WE WILL NOT GIVE UP! Please support Yvonne and Clive by joining their Facebook page:

Yvonne Karusseit
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Petition to 内閣総理大臣 安倍晋三, 厚生労働大臣 塩崎恭久, 加藤勝信

Please review the use of physical restraints in Japanese psychiatric treatment

 This spring, my son Kelly Savage, who worked as an English teacher in Japan, died after being found in cardiopulmonary arrest while he was in a psychiatric hospital in Kanagawa prefecture. The cardiopulmonary arrest was completely unexpected, and occurred after he had been hospitalized on the psychiatric ward for 10 days. We asked the psychiatric hospital to investigate the cause of his death and to review their policy on the use of physical restraints, but they refused to do so. From the first time that a Japanese high school student came to our house on an exchange programme, Kelly loved Japan.  He loved watching Japanese movies such as Totoro and became fascinated by Japanese culture.   He studied Japanese through high school and university and qualified to be an English teacher in Japan.  He taught English to Japanese children in elementary and junior high schools in Kagoshima for about two years.  The students and other teachers loved his fun-loving, friendly personality. Unfortunately, he became depressed and entered a Japanese hospital in April. But less than two weeks later, he was discovered in cardiopulmonary arrest. It seems that he was tied to his bed with leg, waist and wrist restraints almost the entire time he was in the hospital. Compared to other countries, Japanese psychiatric hospitals keep patients in restraints for a much longer time. According to a survey conducted on 689 patients in 11 psychiatric hospitals, the average time spent in physical restraint is 96 days[1].  Meanwhile, the average time in foreign countries is at most several hours to tens of hours. Although it is thought that there are not many people in Japanese psychiatric hospitals, in fact, the number of people who are physically restrained in Japanese psychiatric hospitals continues to increase. In 2014 more than 10,000 people were restrained-the highest ever recorded, and more than double the number a decade earlier [2]. It is well known that long-term restraints can cause grave physical, as well as psychological, harm to patients. It may cause deep vein thrombosis, also known as economy-class syndrome, which can be fatal[3,4]. In order to give proper treatment for hospitalized patients, the use of physical restraints in psychiatric medical treatment must be reduced. Together with Toshio Hasegawa, Professor of Health Faculty at Kyorin University, we have set up a group to try to appeal to the country to reduce the use of physical restraints in psychiatric treatment[5]. According to Professor Hasegawa, experiences similar to Kelly’s occur to many Japanese people as well [1]. At the very least, we hope that Kelly’s experience will not be repeated.  Kelly, who was fascinated by Japan and loved Japanese culture, would want Japanese psychiatry to improve.  We hope that this incident will lead to improved psychiatric care in Japan. We appreciate your continued support so that this request can be delivered to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Thank you. Martha Savage [Our request] To prohibit the use of body restraints for a long period of time (24 hours or longer) in psychiatric hospitals. To quickly investigate whether there are human rights violations caused by physical restraint in psychiatric hospitals. In order to prevent human rights violations and deaths from occurring in psychiatric medical care, require a visual record, such as a video recording, whenever physical restraints are used.  Allow access to those recordings for patients or next of kin within 14 days to determine the actual conditions employed. The government should demonstrate leadership by setting targets with specified dates by which both the number of people in physical restraints and the time period of restraints are reduced. To provide medical information to patients and bereaved families, require hospitals to disclose information based on "guidelines for providing medical information" by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. We ask for your continued support so that people receiving psychiatric treatment in Japan will receive proper medical care, will not be restrained more than necessary and will not lose their lives. References:[1]長谷川利夫. (2016). 精神科医療における隔離・ 身体拘束実態調査 ~その急増の背景要因を探り縮減への道筋を考える~. 病院・地域精神医学, 59(1), 18–21.[2][3] Dickson BC, Pollanen MS: Fatal thromboembolic disease: A risk in physically restrained psychiatric patients. J Forensic Leg Med 2009; 16:284–286.[4][5] 【ホームページ 精神科医療の身体拘束を考える会】 日本語版ページはこちら: Our homepage:

Alliance against physical restraint in psychiatric care (精神科医療の身体拘束を考える会)
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Petition to DD Naidoo Municipal manager, Public Protector Advocate Nkosi, Ms Gail Smith

UGU mass lawsuit for change

August 2017 UGU DISASTER AGAIN- LESSONS NOT LEARNED FROM DECEMBER 2016 AND DISASTER MANAGEMENT PLANS NOT IN PLACE On 11 August the media reported that UGU workers again threatened to sabotage the system due to unhappiness regarding cost saving measures UGU wanted to implement, like cuts on overtime. Ugu workers got away with this sabotage back in December 2016 and no action was taken or feedback from the police made public on whether culprits were caught, or even whether a case was opened. A precedent was set  by UGU back in December 2016 to the criminal employees within UGU, that nothing will happen to them and they can freely sabotage the water of residents and play around with the Human right of water at will, if they do not get their way. A few days after this report areas all over the South coast of KZN again started experiencing no water supply. This carried on and until 30 September , and is still doing so...there is still no solution for many places in sight. Water would run at night and suddenly be cut in the daylight hours again. Some northern areas have been without water for up to 15 days. A complete violation of human rights of affected south coast residents. Criminal behavior is not being dealt with as UGU is in survival mode and had to call in Traditional and Environmental affairs as well as specialists to try restore water. The question remains - UGU WHERE IS YOUR DISASTER MANAGEMENT PLAN? THIS IS THE SECOND POSSIBLY THIRD SIMILAR DISASTER YOU HAVE HAD IN THE LAST 2 YEARS! UGU mass Lawsuit Petitioning Campaign seek to bring attention to the severe service delivery failure of UGU, over the last 3 years. It seeks to lay charges against criminals sabotaging water supply. It seeks to get the media involved to expose what is going on with supply, it seeks retribution against those that are too incompetent to ensure a disaster management plan is in place, it further seeks to have the municipality investigated for incompetence and to have the municipality placed under an Administration Order , as it is clear that Incompetence is at the root of the problem, in the maintenance and in the planning and executing of its responsibilities to deal with criminal staff, run its processes correctly within UGU and prevent disasters of this nature. Further to this there are bankruptcy claims - again possibly incompetence to read its meters, do its books, use its recources wisely as water sprays for days while procurement follows severe red tape procedures and theft of water. The goal of the petition is to make known to UGU that this is not the problem of the south coast residents, they are to root out the criminals and safeguard the plants and pipelines. They need to have a meeting with their workers and inform them of the harsh prison sentences that could be handed down if caught tampering with essential services equipment. They are to inform these workers that it will not be tolerated. None of this has taken place, sending a message that it is OK to do as they please with infrastructure and peoples rights. They target the holiday seasons The UGU mass lawsuit has reached 2300 petitioners and seek to start off by consulting an attorney immediately, opening criminal cases on behalf of all residents who signed this petition, against these UGU employees. The representative of this petition have written a letter to UGU giving them until 5 October to reply (read the letter under the letter box) once this deadline has passed the matter will be brought to the attention of the Public Protector and the Human Rights commission for the violation of Human Rights and failure in service delivery. The matter will furthermore be send to media channels like Carte Blanche to expose the entire disaster to the rest of South Africa.  THIS PETITION REQUIRE 7000 SIGNATURES /7000 PEOPLE WHO ARE WILLING TO CONTRIBUTE R100 EACH TO TAKE UGU ON IN A MASS LAWSUIT. This quantity is required to litigate and the UGU mass Lawsuit petition will be creating a Group of Facebook to grow its numbers, even if this goes into 2018 ... the lawsuit petition will remain open.... until the full number of residents required to take action civilly is reached, as UGU will fail in its duties again, this is certain. Pledge your R100 today, by signing and sharing and helping us campaigning, no monies will be collected unless numbers are reached and will only be collected once a trust was established and public meetings were held. Other actions listed above have already commenced. We need your voice, speak up against this service failure, you do have rights, share this petition and look out for our UGU MASS LAWSUIT group on facebook... coming soon. Read below regarding a similar UGU disaster in December 2016.................. December 2016 UGU DISASTER STILL IN PROGRESS - 10 DAYS ! IT'S JUST A MATTER OF TIME BEFORE WE GO THROUGH THE NEXT UGU CRISIS..... Tired of Poor service delivery? Days without water... Loss of Income suffered and time taken to FIND water during cut off periods.. Not to talk about dirty water almost weekly! Our human rights to water and sanitation are violated... criminal conduct in cutting water is rampant... hospitals without water risk patients life's... it's attempted murder! This petition is to assess how many south coast community families are willing to contribute R100 to a fund to initiate a mass law suit against UGU, a lawsuit by the people of the south coast, against the criminal behavior and the loss of human rights which is protected under our Constitution. To hold these Ugu people accountable for the loss of foresight for not being prepared for such a disaster, who has no disaster plan in place or completely lack the ability to safeguard water plants against criminal conduct. Who's government officials have gone into hiding during this December 2016 disaster. Now we told by DD Naidoo criminal charges were layed but details can;t be given! Against whom? All 100+ employees who all had a wrench closing pumps?  UGU LIED SANLAM DOES NOT MANAGE PENSIONS SO WHO OWES THE PEOPLE UGU? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH THE PENSION MONEY? CORRUPTION ANOTHER ISSUE THAT NEEDS TO BE INVESTIGATED. We need 7500 families to sign this petition that they willing to contribute a R100 for their family thereby raising R750000 to enable us to take this matter further, you can change your mind at any stage for contribution, we need to get the real reason behind the water disaster, to bring a civil suit of damages and to investigate the laying of criminal charges. WE NEED TO COMMIT TO PRIVATE INVESTIGATION , DEMAND THE AUDIT OF UGU'S BOOKS AND OUTSIDE LEGAL REPRESENTATION ON BEHALF OF THE PEOPLE OF THE SOUTH COAST.  UGU WE SAY TO YOU AND EVERY OTHER GOVERNMENT ORGANISATION WHO FAILS US FROM NOW ON.... WE WILL TOLERATE IT NO MORE! Please sign and put down your email address so we can be in contact, progress on the way forward will be communicated once we have received 6000 - 7500 signatures of interest. At 2500 signatures an attorney will be consulted at 5000 signatures auditors will be appointed to register a fund for contribution, they will administer and pay from the fund on behalf of the people. At no time will collection of public funds begin until full exposure to the suit is given via the media and all contact details and legal information was made public, we need to reach a minimum of 6000 to commence collection, to consult with an attorney on a civil suit against UGU - no collection will be taking place if we do not reach our target of interest. Any person that signs this petition is entitled up to collection date to withdraw and not contribute. Please share this petition. Please take a moment to quantify a R100 - its a take away meal, or one home-cooked meal's ingredients for a small family or 5 x 5 liters of water which I am sure you have spend already! This R100 buys you your voice to make a statement and to claim damages for all residents who signed this petition and contributed, against loss and emotional distress. DO NOT ONLY COMPLAIN PLEASE JOIN - TOGETHER WE CAN SUCCEED. POWER TO THE PEOPLE .

samantha botha
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