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Petition to Members of the NSW Parliament

Don’t leave me trapped in a dying body - allow me to die peacefully

I have Motor Neurone Disease, and it’s terminal. I can’t speak, am left gasping for breath, and have lost control of my hands. It won’t be long before I will end up in a wheelchair. I will be trapped inside my body with my same intellect, but unable to communicate, unable to feed myself, clean myself, or even move. Within the next 12 months I face the prospect of suffering a horrible death, and this is the thing I fear more than anything else. You see, this disease always wins. It just keeps taking things from me until I eventually choke and or suffocate over a long drawn out and painful end. Unless you help me change the law, and grant me the right to choose to die peacefully at the end stage of this bastard disease. Don’t worry, I plan on milking every drop of life out of my existence, but I want the right to choose my ending. If I can deny this disease its last victory, it will be a fine day. The NSW Parliament will be voting on the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017 later this year. If it passes, it will allow terminally ill people like me, with only months to live, the option of an assisted death. If I qualify under strict guidelines and safeguards, I could be prescribed life-ending medication and I would be in control of my death. Nobody should have the right to tell me when I can and can’t die. I just want this compassionate choice. Please watch my video and sign my petition.

Anne G
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Petition to Tom Tate, Town Planning Department


Ask yourself these questions: Would I like to live next door to a large, noisy, smelly, brightly lit, busy 24hr petrol station and convenience store? Would I like my children to be exposed to daily carcinogenic petrol and gas fumes and the risk of contaminated drinking water? Would I be happy if I had just purchased a home in a quiet street where I thought my children could safely play, only to find it was about to become a thoroughfare for hundreds of cars? Would I be happy for my investment property or home to suddenly be devalued by 100's of 1000's of dollars? Would I be happy if I couldn't rent my property at all, or for what it is worth because no one else wants to live next door to a petrol station? A petrol station is being planned for the corner of Hilda Street, Gold Coast Highway and Seaside Avenue in Mermaid Beach.  It is to be built around 2 sides of a newly renovated beach cottage, located in the corner of the rectangular site, and will impact severely not only on this home but on the other residents in Hilda, Seaside and Hedges Avenue, in terms of 24hr traffic, noise, lighting, activity, smell, dangerous emissions, risk of ground contamination, crime and many other planning and environmental factors. There will be noise and constant activity from regular delivery trucks, fuel tankers, pumps, vehicles entering and exiting the site, customers buying fuel, food and convenience items in the early hours of the morning, additional traffic using the side streets to head north instead of using the already congested filter lane opposite, traffic heading north from Hedges Avenue and down the side streets, the risk of crime associated with robberies and the smell of rubbish from large bins on the site.   Research on the dangers of living so close to a petrol station is well documented in terms of carcinogenic fumes and the risk of contamination to water pipes from leaking tanks. The fumes from petrol and gas will constantly be in the air poisoning neighbours and polluting the environment.   In addition to the health costs, this petrol station will seriously devalue the sale and rental prices of properties nearby.  It will immediately rob home owners of their future investment potential and will ruin the serenity of these streets where children usually play. This site encompasses 5 residential blocks and has a Medium Density Residential zoning in the New Gold Coast City Plan 2015.  It is not zoned for this type of development and will require an Impact Code Change to go ahead.  Although the council has created this zoning it is only through objections from the community, stating solid planning and environmental reasons why it should not proceed, that it will be denied.   There are 5 petrol stations within 2.6km of this site, 11 within 5km and 7 of these are on the Gold Coast Highway.  This development will take business away from nearby convenience store owners, newsagencies and food outlets and will adversely affect the lives of many families in the Mermaid Beach community.  It is unnecessary will have only a negative impact.  Please support the neighbours of this proposed development and the Mermaid Beach community by signing this petition or find out how to lodge your individual objection by calling 0412 834 833.  The form to use and Lot numbers will be explained. Thank you in anticipation of your assistance.

Edwina Roberts
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