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Petition to Greg Hunt MP, Philippa Smith AM, Prof John Skerritt, Worksafe Australia, Brian Richards, The Hon Greg Hunt

Stop putting Propylene Glycol our everything!

Petroleum-based substances are not meant to be in high quantities in the human body, they are not meant to be there at all. There are a number of petroleum-based substances, including Propylene Glycol used for too many products and not labelled effectively with hazard warnings, injected into people forcefully (under Mental Health Acts) and allowed in public spaces, making PG difficult to avoid. This use of a hazardous substance in our everything needs to stop. PG is used to preserve, sterilise and as a humectant amongst of other uses (include Hospital Air-conditioners). The sheer quantity of use means that people are getting this chemical in their body in hazardous quantities. Many people are suffering cumulative sensitivity to these preservatives in food, secondhand-deodorants/ perfumes, as well as medicines. Theories that PG is quickly passed out of the body and the GRAS status, can be refuted by those people most harmed by this chemical. I refer to a public page on social-media Propylene Glycol Allergy. PG is also proven to be very hazardous to asthmatics as well, which makes ventilators problematic, due the high intake of PG elsewhere. There is no doubt that the diagnosis of diabetes, cancer, obesity and ‘mental illness’ has increased hugely since the 1940s when this substance was put into our food, air and medicines in a big way. It is also possible that the main allergen in tobacco smoke, is not the tobacco itself, but PG. Our food, must stop being contaminated by PG on this huge scale. All products must be labelled and restaurants and catering businesses stopped from using this substance. At the moment, it is almost impossible to find catered food that doesn’t have PG contamination in their food, not often directly, but via manufacturers. Our workspaces, need to be fume-free. Workplaces have become a huge hazard, not because the actual workplaces uses hazardous substances, but because the workers there use deodorant and perfumes that they have no idea are harming their health and causing grievous suffering to colleagues. There needs to be a total ban on Propylene Glycol and other petroleum-based substances being used in skin creams, deodorants, perfumes, medicines and food (human food & animal feed). This is a health issue, a workplace issue, and an issue that effects all of humanity.

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Petition to Health Commitee

My son took his life. Urgent independent nationwide mental health inquiry needed.

My son, Ross Taylor, took his own life after he asked mental health services for help three times in the last weeks before he died. Our family begged the services for help yet our grave concerns were dismissed and ignored.  Ross was only 20 years old and even though he was in the high-risk age and gender group his pleas for help were ignored. It is not surprising that New Zealand has the highest youth suicide rate if people are treated like this. No person should ever have to feel that suicide is their only option. We need to provide better care. Our mental health systems are failing our people and there are huge gaps. Despite our desperate and best efforts to ask for help from the services our pleas went unheeded. If my son was having a heart attack he would have received quality care however mental distress is often treated with less priority and with lack of empathy. Please sign the petition for an urgent mental health inquiry for our new elected government to prioritize so that no person is turned away when in suicidal crisis. We ask them to work together across all political parties and make the right decision for all New Zealanders. I want an urgent inquiry into our mental health crisis so that no one else has to suffer like my son, Ross Taylor. A mental health inquiry is needed so that we can see how many people are turned away from services, how many people have died by suicide after contact with services within 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 1 year. This inquiry needs to look at how many people have been discharged from services, often because they have missed their appointments due to being very unwell and then went on to take their own lives. The public deserves to know how many people have simply been dropped from services or being told they don’t meet the criteria. None of the above information is gathered to identify what the problems are. If we have this information we can make positive changes and lives will be saved. The following to be implemented. 1.       Suicide prevention training for frontline staff to be mandated   2.       DHB records to be electronic so that clinical information is readily available in a crisis. 3.       Zero suicide target in the health care system implemented  4.       Increase primary health and GP funding 5.       Commit to safe staffing 6.       Independently investigate all serious adverse events (including attempts and self-inflicted deaths) of people who had contact with services up to 1 year after last contact 7.       Independently investigate mental health services and give people with the lived experience an opportunity share how they and their families have been treated 8.       Ensure that reporting of suicides by DHBs are mandated for up to a year and not voluntary for up to 28 days only  

Corinda Taylor
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