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Petition to Dorchester County Council

Introduce a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance to Dorchester County

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris along with Senate Democrats have been sworn in and among other things, they will begin implementing a radical gun control agenda that is extremely detailed on Biden's website. From "banning assault weapons" to limiting ammunition purchases, to ERPO Red Flag Laws, to restricting the amount of firearms you are allowed to own, the list of 2nd amendment infringing restrictions outlined on Biden's site should make any law abiding gun owner alarmed at the incoming restrictions. The reality is if we want to make actual strides to protect our rights at home we need to start passing local legislation immediately to ensure no matter who is in charge of the Federal government, that our local governments and law enforcement officers will refuse to enforce unconstitutional gun control laws. We are going to lobby Dorchester County Council to pass "2nd Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance" following the 6 other SC counties including Horry County and over 1,006 counties, cities, and towns have passed SASOs or sanctuary resolutionsin 34 separate states. Second Amendment sanctuary, also known as a gun sanctuary, is a state, county or locality in the United States that has adopted laws or resolutions that prohibit or impede the enforcement of certain gun control measures perceived as a violation of the Second Amendment. We can vent on social media all day long while politicians trample our rights or we can secure our rights early in 2021. Stand for Liberty in 2021! Share this with a friend of the 2nd amendment!

CJ Westfall
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