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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate

Let the CDC Conduct Research on Gun Violence: End the Dickey Amendment

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has not been able to do any research on gun violence in America since the Dickey Amendment was inserted into the federal spending bill in 1996. The amendment states that “none of the funds made available for injury prevention and control at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) may be used to advocate or promote gun control.” In the same spending bill Congress moved the $2.6 million from the CDC's budget that was used to study gun violence into other areas. While the Dickey Amendment does not completely prohibit gun violence research, its removal of all CDC funding has created a strong deterrent against researching gun violence at all. Beyond the lack of funding, prospective researchers have faced literal death threats while pursuing research into gun violence. Our representatives in Congress refuse to have any real debates about gun use in America because they state that there is just not enough research into the matter. The only way to fix this problem is to have Congress repeal the Dickey Amendment and to put funding back into the research of firearms and gun related deaths. Only then will we have enough research to figure out why mass shootings, and the deadly use of firearms in general, is so common in America. Even the original writer of the amendment, former Rep. Jay Dickey of Arkansas, whom it is named after now regrets the limitations it has created in conducting research into the matter. He simply didn't want to “let any of those dollars go to gun control advocacy.” The problem is that the amendment stopped all research on gun violence and because of that we are lacking a lot of key information that could help not only Congress, but the American public, understand why this violence keeps happening. Even the American Medical Association has called gun violence a “public health crisis” so it should receive the same amount of funding and research as any other health crisis so we find the underlying problem. Examining the impact of firearms from a public health perspective is not an argument for or against anything. It is simply a means by which arguments can, and should, be informed. It is about gaining knowledge so we can have a better understanding of how to help the American people. Please sign this petition and let our representatives in Congress know that we wish to repeal the Dickey Amendment and to put funding back into the research of gun violence in America.  *Please also contact your local representative and let them know that you wish to have the Dickey Amendment repealed:

Kaley Fawcett
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Petition to Victim Services, Pre-Proceeding Correspondense, Trish Tanner, Yuka Kamiishi

Keep a murderer behind bars

In 1993 Robert Shippman killed Juli Mathis Shippman, his estranged wife.  After, she moved into shelter, he hired a private investigator, unhappy with the results, he kidnapped her, and threatened to kill her.  Although he did release her the first time,  he was able to abduct her again, taking her to Angwin where he shot her three times. This was considered second degree murder in the courts eyes. He was given 15 years to life with 4 extra years for the use of a firearm.  He has had several(5) parole hearings and so far we have been successful in keeping him locked up. Every parole hearing gets more unsettling and we feel that the courts are getting more lenient.  Last year he was ordered to complete a domestic violence class(after serving 23 years) before he would be eligible for release in 3 years. As per the penal codes, he is up for an early release parole hearing after just 12 months and we will again attempt to keep him locked up. Despite his age, he is very fit and quite capable of doing harm to others around him. He is not prepared to live in society as it is today, he will not be successful and you have to ask yourself what might trigger another outrage.  Seriously, once a murderer always a murderer. At his age, he doesn't have much to lose, but we do.   Please sign this petition to show the courts you are not happy about his potential release.

Bonnie Sears
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Petition to Celgene , Greg Geissman, Mark Alles

Tell Celgene Biopharmaceuticals to stop getting people shot

It sickens me that every day in America more than 90 people are shot by a gun. Our rate of gun violence is more than ten times higher than most other countries. Gun violence is a public health science issue of epidemic proportions. It is clear to police, doctors, and public health officials that it requires evidence-based solutions. Despite this, Celgene enables gun violence in America by giving tens of thousands of dollars to members of Congress who reliably vote against evidence-based solutions (such as the ones proposed by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence) because the members of Congress are in the pocket of or fear the NRA. The NRA and their backers in the gun industry oppose numerous evidence-based gun violence solutions, preferring their own marketing slogans that are not supported by science. Just as Celgene would never send a cancer patient to a snake oil salesman, they also have a moral duty not to put the public health safety of Americans in the hands of people who tell lies in the name of making a buck. Their behavior is not in keeping with science and they are not true to their own words that "[Celgene is] committed to improving the lives of patients and advancing the course of human health in the interest of global prosperity and progress" Tell Mark Alles, CEO of Celgene, that it is time to stand on the side of the American people and not the NRA by never supporting politicians who vote against evidence-based public health policies to reduce gun violence.  

Gays Against Guns New Jersey
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