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Global Secular State Religion Gate, Rigged, Colluded, Unconstitutionally Tipped Elections

Global Secular State Religion Gate, Unconstitutional Tax Payer Funded, Rigged, Colluded, Swayed, and Tipped Elections Please take a moment and sign petition, our nation's survival is at stake. The goal of this petition is to stop all government funding, promotion and sponsoring of the Global Secular State Religion G.S.S.R, and assure it the same rights and privileges as any other religion. The first settlers came to America for freedom from State Religion and its persecution. In 1791 our nation's founding fathers enacted into law the cornerstone "Establishment Clause" of the First Amendment to the US constitution, "Congress shall make no law RESPECTING an establishment of religion...", includes an establishment of a secular religion. Without the cornerstone of the Establishment Clause fully intact, our remainder amendments-rights begin to crumble and fall. The G.S.S.R. for decades unconstitutionally indoctrinated, conditioned  tens of millions of impressionable youthful students and used coercive tactics to rig, collude, and sway media, individuals, society, institutions, corporations, and politicians which tipped elections. The G.S.S.R. consist of atheistic, Infidel (ancient Greek anti Judeo - Christian) philosophy tenets that morphed through the ages, were re-branded to hide their origins, their chaos and rumination to past civilizations. The G.S.S.R. also rigged the deck, in the administration of government academia (1800 universities and colleges) for decades have discriminated, preferably awarding tenure to atheistic, Infidel (ancient Greek anti Judeo - Christian) philosophy following professors. The G.S.S.R. within government 1800 universities and colleges, are as if multiple State sponsored Vaticans in every State for example California has over a hundred, wielding their unconstitutional tax funded power and influence, indoctrinated, conditioned, and swayed tens of millions of impressionable youthful students into believing in the G.S.S.R.'s main four elements: "Evolution" no creator, based on atheistic world view, bias "Sociology" an atheistic, infidel world view, promoters of sexual immorality/perversions, socialism, observation of a very short segment of time human behavior, social interactions, faddish and bias against traditional religion "Psychology" man's discernment, mental disposition, atheistic world view, observation of a very short segment of time, faddish and bias against traditional religion "Psychiatry" their solution, remedy is drugs where they enrich themselves, based on the provable false theory of “chemical imbalance”, fraud.   The G.S.S.R. is unconstitutionally replacing our nation's judeo-Christain secular principled heritage that originating from the private sector - THE PEOPLE represented by our nation's founding fathers, beginning in the nations founding documents, principles consisting of four elements found in the library of sixty six books, over forty authors, of many generations of human behavior, referred to as the bible:   "Creation" a creator in the book of genesis, our founding fathers gave homage and their trust four times to the creator, beginning with the Declaration of Independence in these words “nature's God”, “creator”, “supreme judge of the world”,  and “with a firm reliance on the PROTECTION of Divine Providence” "Morality" contained in library of books called the bible, multiple observers for thousands of years, in multiple generations, written accounts of detailed human behavior, universal principles of moral human behavior created into laws, rights, versus immoral behavior, evil. "Spiritually minded", mental disposition, discernment, frame of mind, logic, train of thought, both secular and supernatural "Wisdom, insight", remedies/solutions that empowers one to overcome immoral behavior, brings inner peace, and long life   I. Affirmatives:  A.) It is unconstitutional to use tax payer funds in the billions for "RESPECTING" atheistic, infidel (anti-Judaeo Christian) Philosophy (so called wisdom) tenets under the titles of Evolution, Sociology, Psychology and Psychiatry establishments. Government cannot "MAKE LAW" that "FUNDS", give the status as "EXPERTS", status as "FACTS" and promote a "VERNACULAR, RULES, REGULATIONS and PROCEDURAL" under the titles of Evolution, Sociology, Psychology and Psychiatry establishments, is a form of "RESPECTING", that marginalizes other particularly traditional religious establishments who also have much secular wisdom in human behavior, mental disposition, studies, remedies, vernacular, rules and their particular concept of the origin of man with God at its center. B.) It is a violation of the Establishment Clause when the administration of massive government academia (1800 universities and colleges) gave tenure more so to fellow bias professor adherents of atheistic, infidel (anti-judeo Christian) Philosophy (so called wisdom) tenets, stacked and rigged the deck, created bias/fraudulent/fake science or Pseudo (meaning false, sham) science in Evolution, Sociology, Psychology and Psychiatry, resulted in a sincere and meaningful belief occupying in the life of its possessor a place parallel to that filled by God, a secular State religion. Courts had defined a Secular religion: (1957) "... first place there are forms of belief... accepted as religions and whose adherents, numbering in the millions, not include or require as essential the belief in a deity. Taoism, classic Buddhism, and Confucianism, are among these religions" Fellowship of Humanity v. County of Alameda,  153 Cal. App. 2d 673, 315 P.2d 394.(1961) "Among religions in this country which do not teach what would generally be considered a belief in the existence of God are Buddhism, Taoism, Ethical Culture, Secular Humanism, and others" US supreme Court Torcaso v. Watkins (367 U.S. 488).(1965-1970) Particular elements of a secular relgion, U.S. v Seeqer U.S. 162, 176 , Welsh v. U.S.398 U.S. 333 (1970): "training and belief" "...a sincere and meaningful belief occupying in the life of its possessor a place parallel to that filled by the God" Beginning in 1991 to 2010 I tried my best and wrote a series of letters to Congress to the best of my ability on the human behavior group neutrality argument, special interest and secular religion argument, to warn America, some excerpts from the letters (1600's to 1850's) Judeo-Christian Principled Heritage Base of our Constitution and Government Detail study of the Establishment Clause, the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution regarding a Secular Religion History of Infidel Philosophy (anti-Christian regurgitated, morphed ancient Greek philosophy) (Early 1800's to mid 1800's) Infidel Philosophy morphed into being called "sociology" - based on atheistic world view, promoters of sexual immorality/perversions, observation of a very short segment of time human behavior, social interactions, and between nations, faddish and bias against traditional religion (1859) Infidel philosophy morphed into being called "evolution" - no creator, even racism- based on atheistic world view (1879) Infidel Philosophy morphed into being called "psychology" - based on atheistic world view, man's discernment, mental disposition, atheistic world view, observation of a very short segment of time, faddish and bias against traditional religion Laboratory Ineffectiveness = "...the laboratory is often ineffective because much human behavior is so sensitive to incidental sources of stimulation, that adequate control wouldn’t be achieved” -Psychological Research Seymour Epstein, University of Massachusetts- Amherst. (1981)- Unreplicatible = "There is no more fundamental requirement in science that the replicability of findings be established. Yet, in psychology few replication studies are attempted, and of these only a small proportion are published ( see N. C. Smith, 1970, for a more extensive discussion of this issue and for other arguments that experimental method as normally practiced has serious limitations).", "Perhaps the most important reason for the widespread belief in the replicability of psychological experiments in the absence of replicability is that experimentalist often fail to distinguish between concurrent and temporal reliability." -Seymour Epstein, University of Massachusetts- Amherst.- Bias = "Some journals state that they do not accept replication studies, and others cast doubt on accepted conclusions." -Seymour Epstein, University of Massachusetts- Amherst.- Faddish = "As Greenwald (1975) has observed, findings in psychology often have a faddish quality about them. At one point, studies that support a particular phenomenon are favored, and at another point, studies that refute the phenomenon are favored." -Seymour Epstein, University of Massachusetts- Amherst.- Fraud = "Moreover, for the person who makes no attempt to replicate his or her own findings, there is little danger that others will demonstrate that the findings are unreplicatable because in the rare event that the replication is undertaken by someone else, discrepant results can almost always be dismissed as the result of minor procedural differences.-Seymour Epstein, University of Massachusetts- Amherst.-" "Typically there is not sufficient detail for readers to fully reconstruct what was done in a particular experiment, especially given the lack of agreement within psychology about the methods to be used." -The Needs of Other J.M. Innes, University of Adelaide South Australia- (Early 1900's) Morphed-Infidelism taken over a number of protestant institutions, churches, colleges and seminaries using the "inclusivist strategy": (1930 - 1950's) Infidel Philosophy morphed into being called "psychiatry" - based on atheistic world view, their solution, remedy is drugs where they enrich themselves, based on the provable false theory of “chemical imbalance”, fraud. (1991) Government Universities Preferred Hiring, Awarding Tenure to Liberal Professors, Overall Leftest Bias Dominate - Hans Tirpak, Director, Law Student Bar Association, university of Buffalo, Amherst "...colleges and universities have been and are in the practice of hiring and awarding tenure to liberal professors over equally qualified conservative professors,..", “...the growing awareness that most of America’s colleges and universities, including UB (university of Buffalo), have become dominated by leftist professors and administrators strongly support the inference.", "It might be stretching things a bit to assert that UB and/or similarly situation colleges or  universities do not hire conservative professors. I hear UB has some in it’s political science department. I even met one about a year ago. I was quite surprised. With that exception, every professor I have met at UB in the 2 1/2 years I’ve been a student has seemed leftist" Buffalo Newspaper. (2012) The Washington Times- Survey shocker: Liberal profs admit they’d discriminate against conservatives in hiring, advancement - 80 percent of psychology professors at elite and non-elite universities are Democrats, 90 percent identified as liberal (2013) University campus is akin to something between a big church or a small Vatican -  Why many professors are atheists: Academe as a secular religious community (2014) Inside Higher ED - Retaliation Claim Vindicated "Seven years after Mike Adams sued the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, charging that he was denied a promotion because of his political views, a federal jury agreed" (2015) Exposed: Christian Students Rejected, Failed, and Expelled for their Faith by State Universities- RED STATE (2016) Liberal professors outnumber conservatives nearly 12 to 1, study finds (2016) Lawyers, Psychologists, Social Workers - The Secular Priests of Family Court Tyranny   II: Amendment 28: Secular religions shall be removed from all Government An amendment to the constitution is in order, if not according to the constitutional provision through Congress then convening a constitutional convention to inscribe as if in stone as much as possible an unmovable supreme law of the land, Amendment 28 Secular religions shall be removed from all Government/ Section One: Secular religions shall be removed from all Government. Section Two: Religion to be officially recognized by the United States government as a human behavioral group with having a belief in God or a substitute in a sincere and meaningful belief that occupied in the life of its possessor a place parallel to that filled by the God. Such as may exist in a person/possessor a “sense of things as in true, correct” that equates in similar regard as a “Supreme Being as in true, correct” outside of a traditional religion, still amounts to religion. Section Three: The "Theory of Evolution" and the theory of "Intelligent Design" will  only be allowed to be taught by any non government group on the outside of government through private means/funding only, be allowed access to government funded academia and public schools K-12 to present a case for either. There will be no more government grants for either teaching, or research on the "Theory of Evolution", which would also exclude the theory of "Intelligent Design". Section Four: Psychology, Psychiatry, Sociology and Philosophy (infidel philosophy) to be officially recognized by the United States government, as human behavior groups, secular religions. Section Five: Government shall make no law respecting an establishment of Psychology, Psychiatry, Sociology and Philosophy (infidel philosophy), or prohibiting free exercise of.  Government will neither promote or establish psychologists, psychiatrist instead promote and establish social workers for feeding, sheltering, clothing, giving medical care, and stabilizing the emotional disturbed from harming themselves. Most rarest, special circumstances, such as if someone dangers themselves or others, a group of people employed by the state, will be given the most minimal task, of stabilization, without drugs or counseling. Section Six: Constitutional rights of the stabilized emotional disturbed, to choose from a list of groups for their counseling. Equal access to the stabilized emotional disturbed, by all law abiding groups outside of government, either philosophy, psychology (non-traditional religion), or traditional religion and morality. Section Seven: All influences, counseling will be given strictly to groups who are private funding only, religious or secular. All human behavior groups, establishments non-traditional secular religion, or traditional religion will only be on the outside of government, who fairly complete for private funding, the trust of the People, by the People only. Section Eight: All law abiding groups non-traditional secular religion, or traditional religion can submit their name of their group and what they offer counseling, fellowship, daily living needs, as examples, on a list, which would be given to anyone who goes through the courts, jails, hospitals, schools, all state institutions of our nation. Which allows any individual to choose from the list for his or her counseling “private funded only”. No longer will people as in years past, be at the mercy of government employees, to insure their government jobs:   removing parts of the brains in lobotomies  electrocuting their brains  today drug induce chemical lobotomies claiming millions of American children are mentally ill, in government schools across our nation, government teachers are liken to the drug companies referral agents for Ritalin given to millions of children today, Class II narcotic. Subduing, and subjecting their minds, what is left of their minds, over to one particular human behavior group by government employees. Making them as money trees, for large corporations and their disciples through out state institutions profiteering from prescription drugs     Section Nine: All providence would be private funding only, be left to the people to decide with their donations alone, to a human behavior group of their choosing, this solely to decide which type and the extant of a human behavior group’s reach, providing counseling, fellowship, daily living needs, prescription drugs, as examples would be offered. The empowerment will return to the people as it was originally designed in the constitution. The people will determine, dependent upon what they observe in their society, if they will allow such use of drugs or limitation of such drugs. Section Ten: The category of prescription drugs, psychiatric drugs, antidepressants, to be voted upon by the people in each state, if to be prohibited to anyone under the age of 12 years old, under the age of 18 years old. If enough qualified signatures on a petition, placed on a balled to be voted to prohibited all together. Voted upon by the people in each state, if to be prohibited to anyone in jail.  If not prohibited all together, only voluntarily and with the permission of all three below, will be permitted to receive a psychiatric drugs, antidepressants, for the maximum of three months:  A judge elected by the people every four years, anyone of the jurisdiction can be a candidate, if be for, against, or the limitation of granting and prohibiting specific psychiatric drugs, antidepressants, presented before the electorate. The judge will decided each case of his or her jurisdiction only, presented before his or her court. The person who will take the psychiatric drugs, antidepressants, must be present in front of the judge. The Judge cannot force anyone to take psychiatric drugs, antidepressants.  Medical doctor Human behavior group of one’s choosing.   All three permissions from a judge, medical doctor and a human behavior group of one’s choosing, to renew the prescription up to one year maximum usage of the prescription. Every year must go through same renewal process, including their presence before the judge. If the judge determines will end the prescription, there will be provided a gradual lower dosage for weaning off the drugs that are addictive.The people must retain a control, in voting for which judge to serve for four years, in granting or prohibiting psychiatric drugs, antidepressants, use.  Section Eleven: Break up the monopoly colossal government primary education (bias towards Infidelism morphed) establishment into three parts - Our Nation has a New Enemy Within Army of Disciples in Philosophy (Infidelism) 5-17-2010) :  One third state educationOne third supported by vouchers private educationOne third who home school their children (supported by a smaller percentage of money provided for mothers).  Section Twelve: The government schools, lock, trust, monopoly on education, absolutely will be broken up, through vouchers (100 percentage amount of government school pays for per pupil), where the money follows to the child:   Parents to choose the particular institutions of government or a private institution that has a particular human behavioral persuasion of the parents choosing. Private schools will receive government funds per student, parents choosing. They must meet standards of safety, be law abiding and minim hours per subject. As to religious instructions, being they are a private institutions of the people, are exempt from restrictions from teaching tenets of their human behavior group, be it consisting of a God or not. Example such as any human behavior group, Christianity, Muslim, philosophy, psychology, atheism, etc. Private schools must be law abiding, violations of laws will loose their prevision to student's funds from government. With the principle of equality to all human behavior groups, allows then public funds be used strictly according to the parent's sole choice of school. All public school, will hand out diplomas at 10 grade, 16 years of age. Where some young men and woman will move on to marriage, not being hampered by not receiving a diploma, young woman will begin families, instead of murdering their babies in abortion. Young men will work to support their family. Their will be optional two grades for occupational studies, especially for them who do not marry. School with grades 9 to 12, will become open to other human behavior groups to use as facilities, consequently will then minus the among of pupil percentage government funds that follows the student, equal to upkeep of the facilities. To keep order and peace in the facilities, all apostatizing, converting, would be excluded from the halls, except for a standardized bill board beside each doorway, what is offered in the room. Their will be limits to volume of sound coming form the rooms. Facilities from 9 to 12 grades, will one hour after the regular classes, will be open to all human behavior groups of the local district, all ages, all citizens, for multiple use facilities, with a small fee required to rent rooms, hall, or gym for the expenses of the facilities to operate. All government facilities for 8 grade or lower, will be restricted from other groups use and after hours facility use, for safety concerns, unless voted individually in each local district, the amount of facility availability, as long as equal to all. Government must also encourage home schooling, such as an amount of money would be giving to the mothers to home school. Half the money that would be normally used by government schools per pupil, as an incentive for homeschooling. 50 percent of the full amount, due to more expenses when having children leave home for a school, the added cost of buildings and so the mother aren't only interested in the money. This to encourage mothers and make it more easier for them to remain home. Where mothers and fathers training their own children is the idea setting over any other setting imagined by man or government bureaucracy. For mothers and fathers to care, nurture and teach their children in the ways of their choosing of a particular human behavior group, and in the ways of good citizenship. To safe guard from abuses, from age of 5 to 11, every six months monitoring through standardized test, and 12 years old to 15 years old, quarterly monitoring through government standardize test would be administered in the government school, for the basics reading, writing, math, history. Supervised by a government official, If not pass, then the child has to to be either sent to public school, or a private school. To protect home schooling from abuse and not to encourage an over abundance of having children, for financial gain only, each child addition, would receive one half of financial support, each child's before them. For example say the first child receive 7,000, second would receive 3500, third child would receive 1750, forth child and beyond will receive a minim of 1750. As to discourage adultery, for any children born out of the marriage with another woman, will not be eligible to receive financial support, for home schooling, will only be eligible for private schooling or public schooling. Any child born in the marriage, by another man, then her husband, will also not be eligible for financial support for home schooling for the particular child. Either parent convicted of felon, will be not be eligible for seven years to receive financial support, for home schooling.   Section Thirteen: PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES:   All Physical world Philosophy associates itself with particularly rudiments/elements/properties of nature, the physical world around us, can be still be studied and only used in their respective science class rooms. All Human Behavior Philosophy (infidel philosophy) and it's offspring Psychology, Sociology and Psychiatry departments, must all cease and desist their operations, be removed from all State institutions. Where no so called teacher/professor, student/disciple in these can received any tuition funds of the public institution, government subsidies of government student aid, and pensions must be ended. Why because its a violation of the Establishment Clause.All political Philosophy such as Political (so called) science departments being they have human behavior philosophy at their center, if not closed should be very much scrutinized and some compromise may be a more appropriate solution. All the above philosophies, would still be allowed access to particularly public higher education institutions approx 2,000 public universities and colleges. Traditional or non-traditional religion will each be offered the same respect and allowances, where they can rent a room in a public institution as a club, and be treated the same, no less and no more then any other club, traditional religion or non-traditional religion. I propose they can also be offered to use for hourly periods of time rooms and halls free of charge on the campus, with the State institution's guidelines of total impartiality shown towards all groups.   Section Fourteen: PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES USE OF CLASSROOMS AND HALLS: Classrooms and halls, are to be used by either a non traditional or traditional religion by appointment only, appointed hourly time limits, the group must be law abiding, sound levels must be under certain limits, absolutely no request for money while in the free classroom or hall, when the classroom or hall is occupied their proselytizing is limited to the inside the classroom or hall. In the hall way proselytizing is limited to only a simple sign, what the group offers can be easily slid the information in a standard adapter on the outside of the room near the side of the door, when the room would soon be occupied, for anyone to read. No leader, teacher or however one is called by the group, can receive any of the institution's tuition from the students or government subsidies for students. Each group, secular religion or tradition religion, only source of funds will be solely by private means off campus, such as directing anyone to a groups website, and/or in a rented groups room on campus where request for donations is allowed to occur.   Mockers of the truth Expect there be mockers of the truth, for they use mockery/ridicule/personal attacks as their weapon of choice. Timothy Dwight President 1795-1817 of Yale combating followers of atheistic, infidelism (anti-Christian regurgitated, morphed ancient Greek philosophy) in his day replied "The cause which needs these weapons cannot be just; the doctrine which cannot be supported without them must be false.”, "He warned them against the bias of the world toward infidelity." Prayer Please fervently pray that God saves us from the State unconstitutionally respecting a Secular Religion in "Sociology, Evolution, Psychology and Psychiatry" and its scourge of the country. It is up to individuals to place the spot light upon this major issue of our times, informing friends, family, churches and organizations, to petition our government representatives to restore the primary core principle of our nation "Congress shall not make law respecting an establishment of religion" even a secular religion, to make our nation great again. For more info:

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Petition to Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, New York Times, Washington Post, Huffington Post, CNN, USA Today, Randi Zuckerberg

Disrupt Hate! News organizations : Disable commenting on Facebook & Instagram

Technology serves so many great purposes. But with social media and website commenting, we've seen the rise of the cyber bully and the Internet troll. In the wrong hands, social media has fed the very worst parts of modern-day society. It has contributed to the rapid spread of organizations like ISIS, as well as created an epidemic of misinformation. However, this is not a call to disband social media altogether; it serves many worthwhile purposes. I know I'm not alone in wishing we could strengthen our society, as it seems pretty badly beaten up by escalating violence and disunity. Seeing at least 15 slaughtered UN peacekeepers in the Congo belittled on a Washington Post Facebook post... I hit my breaking point. Not because I think the guy who said, "why waste time trying to being peace to these animals We need to get out of every country we trying to save and just let them all kill themselves. They dont want us there to begin with.. [sic across the board here]," shouldn't have equal right to share his voice, but because the news media and guys like Zuckerberg have gotten really good at both recognizing yet sidelining this problem.  I'm asking news outlets and Mark Zuckerberg to take one simple step to address the negative impact that news on social media has caused.  This petition is a call to disable news story comments - not all reactions or interactions, just comments. I'm not calling for censorship; I'm simply asking news organizations to do on Facebook & Instagram what they are already doing on their websites: Switch off comments.  Media outlets have had comments disabled on their websites for years, closing the door to exposure and risk. Why should their Facebook and Instagram pages be any different? BUT: I'm a marketing professional, so I have a suspicion that news outlets are trying to defeat the Facebook & Instagram algorithms and of course compete with each other. If encouraging commenting on these platforms gets their stories shared more widely, then they have no reason to turn off commenting. So perhaps Zuckerberg could tweak the formula for news pages: Add more weight to the emoji and share reactions so news organizations don't lose out on exposure - but they'll also have to level the playing field, applying the change to all pages in the category. Commenting still exists for the private user - and they can irritate or inform their friends the same way they already do by sharing the post - but on the news outlet's page itself... is it even necessary?  As a marketing professional, I'm aware of some of the more manipulative tactics practiced on unsuspecting social media users. The "virtual world" has had significant impact on weak-willed or less informed individuals. It's the responsibility of news media and social media outlets to recognize their role as contributors to the tone, rather than prioritizing voyeuristic data gathering and social experimentation. For those inclined to hate and to incite hate in others, social media has been wildly successful. This is not news. Abusive sentiments and escalating arguments between people who, heretofore, would've had no reason to communicate, are contributing to an environment steeped in agitation, tension, and anxiety. My sincere hope is that with this simple adjustment, we might somehow recover a bit of our lost unity and, once again, that social media will facilitate connections rather than stir discord.  Please share online with hashtag #disrupthate

Sarah Williams
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Petition to Department of Defense, Donald Trump, Secretary of Defense James Mattis, Joint Task Force Guantanamo, US Southern Command, Rear Admiral Edward Cashman

Stop the Destruction of Art at Guantánamo

Detainees at the United States military prison camp known as Guantánamo Bay began to make art as soon as they arrived. A current exhibit in New York City is displaying some of these evocative works, made by men held without trial, some for nearly 15 years, who paint the sea again and again although they cannot reach it. (Information taken from Now, the Pentagon has declared that all Guantánamo-made art is “property of the U.S. government” and says that no more art can leave Guantánamo. If a detainee is released, his art will be burned. Current detainees will only be able to keep a limited number of artworks; whatever the guards deem to be “excess” will also be destroyed. (Information taken from The exhibit includes artwork from both former and current detainees. The current detainees, most of whom have never had charges filed against them, much less fair trials, would be drastically affected by this policy. Taking away their ability to find and create beauty and communicate with the outside world through their paintings, drawings, and sculpture is both incredibly petty and incredibly cruel. Help us send a message to the Pentagon by signing this petition. Let them know that burning art is something done by fascist and terrorist regimes – but not by the American people.

Erin Thompson
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