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Secular State Religion Gate in Government Academia Three Trillion Dollar Tax Expense

Secular State Religion Gate Bias/Fraudulent/Fake Science Parallel to That Filled by God In Government Academia- Last edited 10/21/2017 Please take a moment and sign petition. (1791) Establishment Clause of the Constitution:"Congress shall make no law RESPECTING an establishment of religion..." also prohibits an establishment of secular religion. Our nation left the charted course of our founding fathers and went back to a State religion, but this time its a secular State religion, forcing their will on society and the people, violates the Establishment Clause, undermines the U.S. Constitution's checks and balances as an unconstitutional fourth branch of government and makes void government of, by, and for the People Government academia (1800 universities and colleges) unconstitutionally respecting ancient atheistic, infidel (Anti - Judeo Christian) philosophy (so called wisdom) immorality tenets. That through the ages had morphed, re-branded and disguised into new word terminologies/VERNACULAR, used to train, hoodwink tens of millions of vulnerable impressionable youthful students. Additionally for decades government campus administrations purposely stack the deck awarded tenure predominantly to atheistic, infidel adherent professors. (1975 - 2015) Evidence of 1800 Government universities and colleges for decades have stacked, rigged the deck, awarded tenure predominantly to atheistic, infidel adherent professors, shown discrimination and persecution of conservatives, men, boys and Christians: (1991) Government Universities Preferred Hiring, Awarding Tenure to Liberal Professors, Overall Leftest Bias Dominate - Hans Tirpak, Director, Law Student Bar Association, university of Buffalo, Amherst "...colleges and universities have been and are in the practice of hiring and awarding tenure to liberal professors over equally qualified conservative professors,..", “...the growing awareness that most of America’s colleges and universities, including UB (university of Buffalo), have become dominated by leftist professors and administrators strongly support the inference.", "It might be stretching things a bit to assert that UB and/or similarly situation colleges or universities do not hire conservative professors. I hear UB has some in it’s political science department. I even met one about a year ago. I was quite surprised. With that exception, every professor I have met at UB in the 2 1/2 years I’ve been a student has seemed leftist" Buffalo Newspaper (2012) The Washington Times- Survey shocker: Liberal profs admit they’d discriminate against conservatives in hiring, advancement - 80 percent of psychology professors at elite and non-elite universities are Democrats, 90 percent identified as liberal (2016) Liberal professors outnumber conservatives nearly 12 to 1, study finds (2013) University campus is akin to something between a big church or a small Vatican - Why many professors are atheists: Academe as a secular religious community (2014) Inside Higher ED - Retaliation Claim Vindicated "Seven years after Mike Adams sued the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, charging that he was denied a promotion because of his political views, a federal jury agreed" (2015) Exposed: Christian Students Rejected, Failed, and Expelled for their Faith by State Universities- RED STATE (2015) Study delivers bleak verdict on validity of psychology experiment results"In the investigation, a whopping 75% of the social psychology experiments were not replicated...", "Even when scientists could replicate original findings, the sizes of the effects they found were on average half as big as reported first time around." (1975) Faddish = "As Greenwald has observed, findings in psychology often have a faddish quality about them." (1981) Laboratory Ineffectiveness = "...the laboratory is often ineffective because much human behavior is so sensitive to incidental sources of stimulation, that adequate control wouldn’t be achieved” -Seymour Epstein, University of Massachusetts- Amherst.- (1981) Unreplicatible = "There is no more fundamental requirement in science that the replicability of findings be established. Yet, in psychology few replication studies are attempted, and of these only a small proportion are published", (1981) Bias = "Some journals state that they do not accept replication studies, and others cast doubt on accepted conclusions." (1981) Fraud = "Moreover, for the person who makes no attempt to replicate his or her own findings, there is little danger that others will demonstrate that the findings are unreplicatable because in the rare event that the replication is undertaken by someone else, discrepant results can almost always be dismissed as the result of minor procedural differences. (2009) Evidence of Bias Against Men and Boys in Mental Health Research (video) Both of these actions by Government academia has created bias/fraudulent/fake science or Pseudo (meaning false, sham) science, even so was paraded as real science is true and correct, resulted in a sincere and meaningful belief occupying in the life of its possessor a place parallel to that filled by God, in Evolution, Sociology, Psychology and Psychiatry. I. Affirmatives:  A.) In the first place it is unconstitutional to use tax payer funds in the billions for "RESPECTING" atheistic, infidel (anti-judeo Christian) Philosophy (so called wisdom) tenets, disguised in so called human origin, behavior, mental disposition and so called remedy studies of Evolution, Sociology, Psychology and Psychiatry establishments, is a violation of the underlying principle "government not showing favoritism" in the First Amendment Establishment Clause of the Constitution. Government cannot "MAKE LAW" that "FUNDS", is a form of "RESPECTING" a particular human origin/behavior/mental dispostion/remedy establishment or give them the status as EXPERTS (treated as equivalent priest) or give their theories the status as FACTS (treated as equivalent religious doctrine) or even promulgate their new word terminology VERNACULAR (treated as a equivalent exclusive religious vernacular), being it automatically marginalizes all other human origin/behavior/mental disposition/remedy establishments, particularly religious human origin/behavior/mental disposition/remedy establishments who also have much secular wisdom in human behavior,mental disposition, remedies, vernacular and their particular concept of the origin of man. B.) Secondly it is an even clearer direct violation of the First Amendment Establishment Clause of the Constitution, when there is significant evidence shows adherents to atheistic, infidel Philosophy, in the administration of government academia (1800 universities and colleges), for decades gave tenure more so to fellow professor adherents, consequently stacked and rigged the deck in so called human origin/behavior/mental disposition/remedy studies of Sociology, Evolution, Psychology and Psychiatry, which created bias/fraudulent/fake science. Which was paraded to have an aura, sense of truth and correctness equivalent to a God/Supreme Being, especially when used to train/indoctrinate particularly impressionable youthful students (disciples), clearly amounts to a secular State religion establishment. II. Court defined secular religion:The US supreme Court 1961 case of Torcaso v. Watkins (367 U.S. 488). Footnote 11  It states "Among religions in this country which do not teach what would generally be considered a belief in the existence of God are Buddhism, Taoism, Ethical Culture, Secular Humanism, and others. See Washington Ethical Society v. District of Columbia; Fellowship of Humanity v. County of Alameda,; II Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences 293; 4 Encyclopedia Britannica (1957 ed.); Archer, Faiths Men Live By (2d ed. revised by Purinton); 1961 World Almanac 695, 712; Year Book of American Churches for 1961, at 29, 47. 1957 Fellowship of Humanity v. County of Alameda,  153 Cal. App. 2d 673, 315 P.2d 394, the court record states: " of human relationships from the viewpoint of religion, education and sociology; establishment and the propagation ... is to promulgate humanism by means of public meetings, lectures, programs, study classes, publishing and distributing literature and ... dissemination ... progressive thought." "...the court will assume...the beliefs of humanists, and ... that under humanistic doctrine a belief in and reverence of God is not essential to membership." "... first place there are forms of belief... accepted as religions and whose adherents, numbering in the millions, not include or require as essential the belief in a deity. Taoism, classic Buddhism, and Confucianism, are among these religions." "In the second place, there are dictionary definitions and decided cases holding that the terms ‘religion’ and ‘religious worship’ do not necessarily import a belief in a deity." "There are also a series of cases holding or implying ...cannot be limited to those faiths revering a deity, and holding that a belief in a deity is not essential to religion, or religious worship." Compare the above description of Fellowship of Humanity received recognition as a secular Religion, tax exempt status, to the University of North Carolina website describing sociology Sociology is the study of human social relationships and institutions. Sociology’s subject matter is diverse, ranging from crime to religion, from the family to the state, from the divisions of race and social class to the shared beliefs of a common culture, and from social stability to radical change in whole societies. Unifying the study of these diverse subjects of study is sociology’s purpose of understanding how human action and consciousness both shape and are shaped by surrounding cultural and social structures. III. History of Atheistic, Infidel (anti-judeo Christian) Philosophy (so called wisdom) For centuries a reoccurring enemy in INFIDEL (non-believer, opposes Christianity's secular and supernatural principles) philosophy, regurgitated ancient Greek philosophy tenets, were transformed, disguised to hide their true origins/identity and their tremendous harm and ruin, to deceive many again causing misery, ruin, and the deaths of 2-3 billion people.   Infidel (anti-judeo Christian) Philosophy (so called wisdom) 1700's to early 1800's) Atheistic, infidel (anti-Judeo Christian) philosophy (so called wisdom) tenets had ravaged the early nation citizenry. " was said that the conduct of the females was such as to illustrate the practical effects of their beliefs. Not one of them could or would pretend to know who was the father of their offspring.", "ten to twenty thousand were annually assigned to the drunkard's graves. Piety seems to be flying out of our land, religion declined, morality extinguished, vice grew bold, profaneness, reveling, dishonesty,..." George Washington, Patrick Henry and Benjamin Franklin had wrote of their growing concerns of the state of the nation. Christians Only: A History of the Restoration Movement by James D. Murch (1797) Timothy Dwight President 1795-1817 of Yale,taught on: “The Nature and Danger of infidel philosophy” pointed out a clear list of the characteristics, traits and tendencies... “The philosophy (infidel) which has opposed Christianity in every succeeding age has uniformity wore the same character... rested on the same foundations, proceeded from the same dispositions, aimed at the same ends and produced the same means. ...exhort you to beware lest you become prey...; to prove to you this philosophy is vain and deceitful; to show you that you are in danger of becoming a prey to it..., "He showed them ... was merely a revival of what other philosophers taught. Lewdness, infidelity/adultery, sodomy, and suicide: Zeno taught, that the most abominable lewdness is lawful. Plato taught that lewdness was justifiable and Cicero, that it was a crime of small magnitude. Aristippus taught that both theft and adultery were lawful. Menippus, because he had lost a sum of money, murdered himself; as did also Zeno, Cleanthes, Chrysippus, Cleombrotus, Cato the younger, and Brutus. Many of the ancient philosophers were noted for sodomy Seneca, Aristippus, Zeno and Zenophen. Xenophon was a notorious sodomite, and said in the absence of a boy, whom he kept. I would be blind to all things else, so that I might see Clinias” and again, “ thanks to the sun, which discloses to me the face of Clinias.” Plutarch, acknowledge the fact, makes for them an apology, that, though they corrupted their bodies, they made them amends for it by improving their souls. (Philosopher Lord Bolingbroke 1678—1751) that man's chief end is to gratify the appetites and inclinations of the flesh. Adultery is no violation of the law, or religion of nature; that there is no wrong in lewdness except in the highest incest; that all men and woman are unchaste and that there is no such thing as conjugal fidelity. Mr. Hume (Philosopher David Hume (1711 – 1776) declares: that suicide or self murder is lawful and commendable and of course virtuous; that adultery must be practice, if we would obtain all the advantages of life; that female infidelity (or adultery) when known is a small thing, when unknown, nothing, that animal gratification is the chief end of our being, that we may lawfully get all things, if we get them safely; that modesty is inspired only by prejudice and has its foundation in the mere desire of appearing to be superior to animals. Adultery is lawful according to the religion of nature... (Early 1800's to mid 1800's) Infidel Philosophy morphed into being called sociology, utoptian socialist-socialism, free divorce, feminism, complex marriage, free love - based on Atheistic world view,1966 Free love taught/lectured at the Univerity of California, Berkley with university approval. Today taught as safe sex to teenagers. (1840's) "Sociology" one of its founders is Karl Max, also founder of communism/socialism (credited to murdered 147 million people). (1966) Berkeley University, California is regarded as ground zero for the so called free love movement, allowed a group "Sexual Freedom League" who promoted and practice nude parties and orgies to lecture on tenets of atheistic, infidel (anti-judeo Christian) Philosophy (so called wisdom) "free love". (1980's) Free love was re-branded, disguised as so called "safe sex" taught to tens of millions of teenagers, promoted a mutiple sexual partners culture lifestyle rejecting self control, rejected marriage recognition/certificate, consequently in the heat of passion without self control throwing off so called safe sex responsible for the premeditated murder of 60,000,000 babies, where so called free love/safe sex isn't free or safe, creating a yearly three trillion dollar tax expense in: 1.) 70 welfare programs to take care of unwed mothers and their children (yearly cost a trillion dollars) increased fatherless children, children without motherly supervision, resulting in lawlessness/crime/drug abuse 2.) additional law enforcement, jails, lawyers, and courts 3.) additional healthcare for associated sexual diseases such as Aids, S.T.D.s infected 110 million americans 5.) additional healthcare for other lawlessness/crime/drug abuse associated health problems 6.) additional secular State religion in so called sociology, psychology and psychiatry 7.) in so called Obama care 1859 Infidel Philosophy evolution - racism- based on atheistic world view (1859) "Evolution", its founder Charles Darwin, racist, concluded black people were less mentally developed based on his theory of Evolution, justified extermination in his book "Descent of Man". Cousin Francis Galton founder of Eugenics, stopped less desirable people from breeding, forcibly sterilized, targeted poor blacks, and Planned Parenthood targeted poor black babies. Poor Black American Holocaust exterminated 18,000,000, one third of the Black American population. MAAFA 21 THE BLACK HOLOCAUST 1879 Infidel Philosophy psychology - based on atheistic world view (1890) "Psychology, psychological and psychologically", preceded by thousands of years the words Spirit, spiritual and spiritually in the bible, defined as "vital principal, mental disposition" (logic, state/frame of mine, discernment, train of thought) regarding at times solely secular (pertaining to the worldly things) besides supernatural. Defined for over one hundred years by a hundred scholars in the renown resource titled "Exhaustive Strong's Concordance. 1930- 1950's Infidel Philosophy psychiatry - based on atheistic world view  (1936) Psychiatry" practiced the barbaric, quackery procedural called the lobotomy, and received the Nobel prize. Lobotomy is hammering a picklike rod through the back eye socket and stirring to purposely destroy the frontal parts of brain, causing severe brain damage, deaths, until it was outlawed. (1938) Psychiatry continues to practice the barbaric, quackery procedural of electric shock so called treatment, particularly upon vulnerable elderly woman, today paid by medicare. Electric Shock treatment originated from observing hogs prepared for slaughter were electrocuted to make them immobile, easier to handle. 100,000 Americans a year receive so called electric shock treatment each year, causing brain damage. (1954) Psychiatry's first quackery drug was promoted as a chemical lobotomy. (1994) The dark side of psychiatric drugs (USA Today Magazine), The History of Neuroleptics/psychiatric drugs (2008) Dr. Grace E. Jackson Affidavit (2007) journalist, I have been writing about science and medicine, in a variety of forums, for about 20 years Robert Whitaker Affidavit "Chemical imbalance" Psychiatry's later second quackery claim, has been proven false, is another example of fake science. 60 Minutes Does Chemical Imbalance Cause Depression? (video) Dr. David Healy  is an internationally respected psychiatrist, psychopharmacologist, scientist, and author. (2014) Psychiatry Gone Astray  IV. (1600's to 1850's) Judeo-Christian Secular Principled Heritage Base of our Constitution and Government Founding Fathers had the Bible (Library of 66 books) that contained wisdom significantly more beneficial of secular (worldly) observational studies in the field of across many generations of higher order human behavior, mental disposition and remedies. Concerning the word "secular" you should be very aware of a particular definition, one particular usage is "of or relating to worldly things", or else you may be easily deceived by atheistic, infidel philosophy adherents, who wish to keep you in darkness (untruth) will try to sell you a more broader usage of the word secular "or to things that are not regarded as religious, spiritual, or sacred; temporal: secular interests" to take advantage of you, make you easy prey. Its the distinction between secular material/elements and non-secular material/elements in the bible that many don't have a good handle. Which leads them attempting to force the secondary broader usage “to things that are not regarded as religious, spiritual, or sacred; temporal: secular interests.” in their attempt to disregard the bible. The secular human behavior, mental disposition and remedy studies in the bible were used by our founding fathers and citizens to guide their lives, bring joy, peace, happiness, fulfilled lives, establish the nation, government, it's laws and our rights for example freedom of speech. Clear examples of secular knowledge in the book of Proverbs, contained much secular wisdom, and other books of the bible exist hundreds of studies and observations of higher order forms of human behavior. The bible's golden secular law "love your neighbor as yourself" The bible has its own way of describing/defining human mental disposition-frame of mind-logic, thousands of years before the more recent Philosophy chosen terminologies psychology, psychological and psychologically; in the words Spirit, Spiritual and Spiritually involving discernment relating to secular (worldly) observation of human behavior and mental disposition besides supernatural. Supported by a 100 year old widely renown scholarly resource created by over a hundred scholars called the Strong's Concordance, that defines word usages in biblical times. Strong's Concordance "Spirit" G4151 "vital principle, mental disposition" (logic, state/frame of mine, discernment, train of thought)   V. Unconstitutional 1800 Indoctrination atheistic, infidel (anti-judeo Christian) philosophy (so called wisdom) Camps, large transfer of unchecked political power, preaching/lecturing, and  proselytizing/evangelizing in atheistic, infidel (anti-judeo Christian) philosophy (so called wisdom) secular religion bias derived junk science  We have today 1800 government indoctrination secular religion camps of atheistic, infidel (anti-judeo Christian) Philosophy (so called wisdom) in Sociology, Evolution, Psychology, and Psychiatry creating tens of millions of atheistic, infidels at 1800 government universities and colleges, and 100,000 Indoctrination camps at government high schools. If not for the deep rooted bible reading community in America, atheistic infidels would of totally scraped the constitution and fully installed a totalitarian thought police atheistic, infidel socialist state. The founding fathers did not envision or establish in the formation of government, in the Constitution, a large transfer of unchecked political power in Atheistic, infidel philosophy (so called wisdom) a secular religion at indoctrination camps for training in a secular religion. Sociology, Evolution, Psychology, and Psychiatry was preached on government universities and colleges, unconstitutionally created significant numbers of atheistic and infidel philosophy adherents in a muti-trillion dollar DEEP State Secular Religion in government academia, in many other branches of government such as k-12, armed services, national intelligence, justice department, police, jails, courts, hospitals, protective services and in the private sector.  Any employee of a government university or any other government institution indoctrinating others in "Atheistic, infidel Philosophy, Sociology, Evolution, Psychology, and Psychiatry" is true/fact, is nothing more then proselytizing others in atheistic and infidel philosophy bias derived junk science, is a sham and scam, amounts to a secular religion to rob us of:  1.) our full measure of constitutional political power/influence individually, and as groups of a traditional religion in Christianity verses secular religion2.) our nation's Judeo-Christian biblical derived secular (pertaining to worldly things) principled founding heritage, society and rights/laws of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness3.) our nation's Judeo-Christian biblical derived secular (pertaining to worldly things) principled heritage constitutional government4.) our tax dollars in the trillions attributing to the national deficit.   VI: Unconstitutional Presidents, Congresses and Judges Making Law Respecting a Secular Religion of atheistic, infidel (anti-judeo Christian) philosophy (so called wisdom)   All religions be they secular or traditional could claim they promote the nation's general welfare, however the constitution does not grant Presidents, Congresses and Judges the authority of the "General Welfare Clause" to show respect in billions of taxpayer funding to be given to either one for indoctrination, on Government Universities and colleges and breach the wall of separation in the "Establishment Clause". They have made law and ruled, respecting an establishment of a Secular Religion of atheistic, infidel Philosophy, Sociology, Evolution, Psychology, and Psychiatry. The Supreme court cannot be trusted with the monumental task of declaring atheistic, infidel Philosophy, Sociology, Evolution, Psychology, and Psychiatry a Secular religion, being all judges of the land now have major conflicts of interest in the many thousands of rulings supporting a mere atheistic and morphed infidel philosophy bias lopsided government institutional group. Leaving such an important matter in the hands of so few with major conflicts of interest, would be extremely unwise according to 28 U.S. Code § 455 - Disqualification of justice, judge, or magistrate judge. (a) Any justice, judge, or magistrate judge of the United States shall disqualify himself in any proceeding in which his impartiality might reasonably be questioned. (b) He shall also disqualify himself in the following circumstances: (1) Where he has a personal bias or prejudice concerning a party, or personal knowledge of disputed evidentiary facts concerning the proceeding;   VII: Amendment 28: Secular religions shall be removed from all Government An amendment to the constitution is in order, if not according to the constitutional provision through Congress then convening a constitutional convention to inscribe as if in stone as much as possible an unmovable supreme law of the land, Amendment 28 Secular religions shall be removed from all Government/ Section One: Secular religions shall be removed from all Government. Section Two: Religion to be officially recognized by the United States government as a human behavioral group with having a belief in God or a substitute in a sincere and meaningful belief that occupied in the life of its possessor a place parallel to that filled by the God. Such as may exist in a person/possessor a “sense of things as in true, correct” that equates in similar regard as a “Supreme Being as in true, correct” outside of a traditional religion, still amounts to religion. Section Three: The "Theory of Evolution" and the theory of "Intelligent Design" will  only be allowed to be taught by any non government group on the outside of government through private means/funding only, be allowed access to government funded academia and public schools K-12 to present a case for either. There will be no more government grants for either teaching, or research on the "Theory of Evolution", which would also exclude the theory of "Intelligent Design". Section Four: Psychology, Psychiatry, Sociology and Philosophy (infidel philosophy) to be officially recognized by the United States government, as human behavior groups, secular religions. Section Five: Government shall make no law respecting an establishment of Psychology, Psychiatry, Sociology and Philosophy (infidel philosophy), or prohibiting free exercise of.  Government will neither promote or establish psychologists, psychiatrist instead promote and establish social workers for feeding, sheltering, clothing, giving medical care, and stabilizing the emotional disturbed from harming themselves. Most rarest, special circumstances, such as if someone dangers themselves or others, a group of people employed by the state, will be given the most minimal task, of stabilization, without drugs or counseling. Section Six: Constitutional rights of the stabilized emotional disturbed, to choose from a list of groups for their counseling. Equal access to the stabilized emotional disturbed, by all law abiding groups outside of government, either philosophy, psychology (non-traditional religion), or traditional religion and morality. Section Seven: All influences, counseling will be given strictly to groups who are private funding only, religious or secular. All human behavior groups, establishments non-traditional secular religion, or traditional religion will only be on the outside of government, who fairly complete for private funding, the trust of the People, by the People only. Section Eight: All law abiding groups non-traditional secular religion, or traditional religion can submit their name of their group and what they offer counseling, fellowship, daily living needs, as examples, on a list, which would be given to anyone who goes through the courts, jails, hospitals, schools, all state institutions of our nation. Which allows any individual to choose from the list for his or her counseling “private funded only”. No longer will people as in years past, be at the mercy of government employees, to insure their government jobs:   removing parts of the brains in lobotomies  electrocuting their brains  today drug induce chemical lobotomies claiming millions of American children are mentally ill, in government schools across our nation, government teachers are liken to the drug companies referral agents for Ritalin given to millions of children today, Class II narcotic. Subduing, and subjecting their minds, what is left of their minds, over to one particular human behavior group by government employees. Making them as money trees, for large corporations and their disciples through out state institutions profiteering from prescription drugs     Section Nine: All providence would be private funding only, be left to the people to decide with their donations alone, to a human behavior group of their choosing, this solely to decide which type and the extant of a human behavior group’s reach, providing counseling, fellowship, daily living needs, prescription drugs, as examples would be offered. The empowerment will return to the people as it was originally designed in the constitution. The people will determine, dependent upon what they observe in their society, if they will allow such use of drugs or limitation of such drugs. Section Ten: The category of prescription drugs, psychiatric drugs, antidepressants, to be voted upon by the people in each state, if to be prohibited to anyone under the age of 12 years old, under the age of 18 years old. If enough qualified signatures on a petition, placed on a balled to be voted to prohibited all together. Voted upon by the people in each state, if to be prohibited to anyone in jail.  If not prohibited all together, only voluntarily and with the permission of all three below, will be permitted to receive a psychiatric drugs, antidepressants, for the maximum of three months:  A judge elected by the people every four years, anyone of the jurisdiction can be a candidate, if be for, against, or the limitation of granting and prohibiting specific psychiatric drugs, antidepressants, presented before the electorate. The judge will decided each case of his or her jurisdiction only, presented before his or her court. The person who will take the psychiatric drugs, antidepressants, must be present in front of the judge. The Judge cannot force anyone to take psychiatric drugs, antidepressants.  Medical doctor Human behavior group of one’s choosing.   All three permissions from a judge, medical doctor and a human behavior group of one’s choosing, to renew the prescription up to one year maximum usage of the prescription. Every year must go through same renewal process, including their presence before the judge. If the judge determines will end the prescription, there will be provided a gradual lower dosage for weaning off the drugs that are addictive.The people must retain a control, in voting for which judge to serve for four years, in granting or prohibiting psychiatric drugs, antidepressants, use.  Section Eleven: Break up the monopoly colossal government primary education (bias towards Infidelism morphed) establishment into three parts - Our Nation has a New Enemy Within Army of Disciples in Philosophy (Infidelism) 5-17-2010) :  One third state educationOne third supported by vouchers private educationOne third who home school their children (supported by a smaller percentage of money provided for mothers).  Section Twelve: The government schools, lock, trust, monopoly on education, absolutely will be broken up, through vouchers (100 percentage amount of government school pays for per pupil), where the money follows to the child:   Parents to choose the particular institutions of government or a private institution that has a particular human behavioral persuasion of the parents choosing. Private schools will receive government funds per student, parents choosing. They must meet standards of safety, be law abiding and minim hours per subject. As to religious instructions, being they are a private institutions of the people, are exempt from restrictions from teaching tenets of their human behavior group, be it consisting of a God or not. Example such as any human behavior group, Christianity, Muslim, philosophy, psychology, atheism, etc. Private schools must be law abiding, violations of laws will loose their prevision to student's funds from government. With the principle of equality to all human behavior groups, allows then public funds be used strictly according to the parent's sole choice of school. All public school, will hand out diplomas at 10 grade, 16 years of age. Where some young men and woman will move on to marriage, not being hampered by not receiving a diploma, young woman will begin families, instead of murdering their babies in abortion. Young men will work to support their family. Their will be optional two grades for occupational studies, especially for them who do not marry. School with grades 9 to 12, will become open to other human behavior groups to use as facilities, consequently will then minus the among of pupil percentage government funds that follows the student, equal to upkeep of the facilities. To keep order and peace in the facilities, all apostatizing, converting, would be excluded from the halls, except for a standardized bill board beside each doorway, what is offered in the room. Their will be limits to volume of sound coming form the rooms. Facilities from 9 to 12 grades, will one hour after the regular classes, will be open to all human behavior groups of the local district, all ages, all citizens, for multiple use facilities, with a small fee required to rent rooms, hall, or gym for the expenses of the facilities to operate. All government facilities for 8 grade or lower, will be restricted from other groups use and after hours facility use, for safety concerns, unless voted individually in each local district, the amount of facility availability, as long as equal to all. Government must also encourage home schooling, such as an amount of money would be giving to the mothers to home school. Half the money that would be normally used by government schools per pupil, as an incentive for homeschooling. 50 percent of the full amount, due to more expenses when having children leave home for a school, the added cost of buildings and so the mother aren't only interested in the money. This to encourage mothers and make it more easier for them to remain home. Where mothers and fathers training their own children is the idea setting over any other setting imagined by man or government bureaucracy. For mothers and fathers to care, nurture and teach their children in the ways of their choosing of a particular human behavior group, and in the ways of good citizenship. To safe guard from abuses, from age of 5 to 11, every six months monitoring through standardized test, and 12 years old to 15 years old, quarterly monitoring through government standardize test would be administered in the government school, for the basics reading, writing, math, history. Supervised by a government official, If not pass, then the child has to to be either sent to public school, or a private school. To protect home schooling from abuse and not to encourage an over abundance of having children, for financial gain only, each child addition, would receive one half of financial support, each child's before them. For example say the first child receive 7,000, second would receive 3500, third child would receive 1750, forth child and beyond will receive a minim of 1750. As to discourage adultery, for any children born out of the marriage with another woman, will not be eligible to receive financial support, for home schooling, will only be eligible for private schooling or public schooling. Any child born in the marriage, by another man, then her husband, will also not be eligible for financial support for home schooling for the particular child. Either parent convicted of felon, will be not be eligible for seven years to receive financial support, for home schooling.   Section Thirteen: PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES:   All Physical world Philosophy associates itself with particularly rudiments/elements/properties of nature, the physical world around us, can be still be studied and only used in their respective science class rooms. All Human Behavior Philosophy (infidel philosophy) and it's offspring Psychology, Sociology and Psychiatry departments, must all cease and desist their operations, be removed from all State institutions. Where no so called teacher/professor, student/disciple in these can received any tuition funds of the public institution, government subsidies of government student aid, and pensions must be ended. Why because its a violation of the Establishment Clause.All political Philosophy such as Political (so called) science departments being they have human behavior philosophy at their center, if not closed should be very much scrutinized and some compromise may be a more appropriate solution. All the above philosophies, would still be allowed access to particularly public higher education institutions approx 2,000 public universities and colleges. Traditional or non-traditional religion will each be offered the same respect and allowances, where they can rent a room in a public institution as a club, and be treated the same, no less and no more then any other club, traditional religion or non-traditional religion. I propose they can also be offered to use for hourly periods of time rooms and halls free of charge on the campus, with the State institution's guidelines of total impartiality shown towards all groups.   Section Fourteen: PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES USE OF CLASSROOMS AND HALLS: Classrooms and halls, are to be used by either a non traditional or traditional religion by appointment only, appointed hourly time limits, the group must be law abiding, sound levels must be under certain limits, absolutely no request for money while in the free classroom or hall, when the classroom or hall is occupied their proselytizing is limited to the inside the classroom or hall. In the hall way proselytizing is limited to only a simple sign, what the group offers can be easily slid the information in a standard adapter on the outside of the room near the side of the door, when the room would soon be occupied, for anyone to read. No leader, teacher or however one is called by the group, can receive any of the institution's tuition from the students or government subsidies for students. Each group, secular religion or tradition religion, only source of funds will be solely by private means off campus, such as directing anyone to a groups website, and/or in a rented groups room on campus where request for donations is allowed to occur.   Mockers of the truth Expect there be mockers of the truth, for they use mockery/ridicule/personal attacks as their weapon of choice. Timothy Dwight President 1795-1817 of Yale combating followers of atheistic, infidelism (anti-Christian regurgitated, morphed ancient Greek philosophy) in his day replied "The cause which needs these weapons cannot be just; the doctrine which cannot be supported without them must be false.”, "He warned them against the bias of the world toward infidelity." Prayer Please fervently pray that God saves us from the State unconstitutionally respecting a Secular Religion in "Sociology, Evolution, Psychology and Psychiatry" and its scourge of the country. It is up to individuals to place the spot light upon this major issue of our times, informing friends, family, churches and organizations, to petition our government representatives to restore the primary core principle of our nation "Congress shall not make law respecting an establishment of religion" even a secular religion, to make our nation great again. For more info:

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Petition to Dr. Bob Kustra, Matt Freeman

Keep Diversity within the University! Keep Dr. Scott Yenor!

The American Constitution guarantees free speech as a First Amendment right. Universities in the U.S. are supposed to be bastions of freedom of thought and speech. Ideas are *ideally* the currency of campus exchange. Sadly, leftist campus "groupthink" today is now silencing any and all opponents. Boise State University may witness a new casualty-to-be. Dr. Scott Yenor expresses well-researched, thoughtful opinions in written pieces about feminism and transgender thought. His opinions are not in-line with leftist ideology. Here is one specific article he penned which sparked a lot of controversy, titled "Transgender Activists Are Seeking to Undermine Parental Rights": Across campus on September 6th, 2017, a widely disseminated flyer claimed that Yenor has blood on his hands and should be fired. Online, people are petitioning to fire him as well. The situation is intense and illogical. If people really disagree with him, why do they not simply engage in scholarly dialogue with him? Why do they not write their own articles, or engage him in civil debate? Why is their reaction to his opinion to simply fire him? Why are they so afraid of his ideas and beliefs that they literally have to eliminate him to neutralize him? Are we so backwards and afraid nowadays? People who feel firm and confident in their position on an issue generally do not have to fire others to win a debate. Firing someone because you cannot intellectually engage with them is similar to burning censored books. Please support Dr. Scott Yenor! If we fire every faculty member who dissents from a portion of student opinion, then universities will be boring and coercive. Young minds will not be challenged and stretched. Instead, minds will be conformed into a monotone, homogeneous norm. We need to support diversity within faculty. Dr. Scott Yenor is a highly qualified professor who needs to stay at Boise State. Regardless of political affiliation or personal beliefs, let us all calmly and reasonably unite in our collective American ideal (and guaranteed right!) of free speech. Let us reject hateful polemics against a qualified professor. Let us petition Dr. Bob Kustra, the president of Boise State University, and Mr. Matt Freeman, the Executive Director of the Idaho State Board of Education, to keep Dr. Yenor at Boise State. This petition was written and created by an undergraduate student at Boise State University. The author can be contacted for access to the sources which are the basis of the claims she made above. For example, the author has access to a photo of the flyer disseminated across campus which called for Dr. Yenor's termination, the link to the petition calling for Yenor's termination, and the links to three different websites affirming that Yenor's article mentioned above (titled "Transgender Activists Are Seeking to Undermine Parental Rights") was specifically one article that sparked a lot of controversy. Please contact the author with any questions at Thank you very much for your concern in this matter.

Concerned Boise State Undergraduate Student
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