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Petition to Governor of Bank Indonesia Agus D.W. Martowardojo

YES! We Want Public-Information-Disclosure #SPBU #AklamasiAkbar DEBT LIBERATION NOW!

#SIGN 2 Announce! Debt Burden Liberation #CERTIFICATE for All People, Civil Servants, Military and Police #OPENLY #PUBLICLY thru *Print Media *Electronic Media *Social Media We The People of Indonesia, based on UUD (Law) No. 14 of year 2008 on "Public Information Disclosure" #YES #YES Due to the phenomenon that is occurring in the World Community with the circulation of documents downloaded  @ WWW.SWISSINDO.NEWS #YES #YES with respect to: *Leader of DPR RI *Governor of Bank Indonesia *Leader of TV One Editorial ATTACHMENT LETTERS & ORDER OF DOCUMENTS 1). Grand Acclamation (1 page)2). UN DESA (1 page)3). Acceptable Certificate-DBLC (1 page)4). Public Announcement letter (7 pages)5). SKR BI (1 page)6). SBI (1 page)7). World Bank Audit (2 pages) All People Have the Human Right to Be Relieved from Debt BURDEN offered UNCONDITIONALLY by UN-SWISSINDO #WORLD #SOLUTION #GIFT #OFFER  Kepada Yth :Pimpinan DPR RIGubernur Bank IndonesiaPimpinan Redaksi TV OneDi tempat Dengan hormat, Atas fenomena yang terjadi di masyarakat dengan beredarnya dokumen-dokumen yang bisa di-download di internet seperti terlampir dibawah ini, maka dengan ini, kami rakyat Indonesia, berdasarkan UU No 14 tahun 2008 tentang “Keterbukaan Informasi Publik”.Mohon kiranya dokumen-dokumen yang kami lampirkan terkait Pelepasan Beban Utang Rakyat, PNS,TNI dan POLRI untuk bisa dilakukan klarifikasi secara TERBUKA dan UMUM tentang kebenarannya melalui ;1. Media Cetak2. Media Elektronik3. Media SosialDemikian surat ini kami ajukan agar dapat segera ditindak lanjuti. Atas perhatiannya kami ucapkan terima kasih. Dari, Rakyat IndonesiaDanRakyat di seluruh Dunia LAMPIRAN SURAT & URUTAN DOKUMEN 1). Aklamasi Akbar (1 hal)2). UN DESA (1 hal)3). Sertifikat yang dapat diterima-SPBU (1 hal)4). Surat Pemberitahuan Umum (7 hal)5). SKR BI (1 hal)6). SBI (1 hal)7). Audit World Bank (2 hal)

kimarie teter
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Petition to Katherine Fernandez Rundle, Vanita Gupta


For the years that Harold Hempstead worked in the Dade Correctional Institution Transitional Care Unit he witnessed the torturing and starving of dozens of mentally disabled inmates and the brutal murder of Darren Rainey.  Dade C.I. staff were using a shower that reached temperatures in excess of 180 degrees to punish mentally disabled inmates.  The fifth inmate they placed in the shower, Darren Rainey, was killed in the shower.  The Dade County State Attorney’s Office has a long history of not holding law enforcement liable for murders and acts of violence committed in Dade County. To a lot of people Darren Rainey’s life didn’t matter.  Why?  Because he was a poor, black, mentally-disabled, Muslim prisoner.  His Koran was thrown in the trash by an officer.  Rainey got mad and defecated in the middle of his cell floor.  When he refused to clean it up, he was placed in the shower with 180 degree water and killed. Please read the links to the Miami Herald newspaper and New Yorker magazine articles written on this murder and help us by signing this petition. We are asking for one million signatures so we can present this petition to the DOJ asking for justice for the murder of Darren Rainey, and so we can present this petition to the Dade County State Attorney’s Office and showing her:  That the lives of poor people matter, that black lives matter, that the lives of the mentally disabled matter, that the lives of Muslims matter, that the lives of prisoners matter;  and that the life of poor, black, mentally-disabled, Muslim prisoner Darren Rainey mattered. Because Florida Department of Corrections are subjecting Harold Hempstead and other inmates to severe persecution when they speak to the press, we are also petitioning the USDOJ and FDLE to ask them to uphold and protect Freedom of Speech in Florida.  Please spare a moment to help by signing this:

Jeremy Schanche
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Petition to usdoj, Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement

Florida Stop Endangering The Witness To Your Crimes

It is reasonable to say that the Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) doesn’t like that my brother Harold Hempstead wouldn’t stop pursuing justice for the brutal murder of mentally disabled inmate Darren Rainey by Dade Correctional Institution staff.  Also, it is reasonable to say that FDC’s dislike for the foregoing and other matters that my brother is trying to bring change to, is what has caused FDC staff to continue to house my brother with convicted, drug-using killers. Since June 2015, FDC has given my brother five convicted killers as cell-mates.  His first cell-mate, (TJ) was a meth and crack-cocaine abuser in society who after being awake for days at a time would stab and shoot people from hallucinations.  Eventually he killed a man and got placed in prison.  He was also a Satanist.  While housed with my brother he abused several drugs that made him stay awake for days and hallucinate.  Medical and security had to remove him from my brother’s cell two times because he overdosed.  The cell-mate TJ had after my brother, he stabbed in the eye with a pen and almost killed. The second convicted killer, (TS) my brother received as a cell-mate was addicted to spice which made him hallucinate and become violent.  FDC staff dismissed a disciplinary report TS had for spice so they could place him in a cell with my brother. After Martin C.I. staff found out that my brother had been communicating with the media, civil rights groups, etc. about the unconstitutional conditions of FDC Protective Management (PM) units, they took my brother out of the cell he was housed alone in and placed him in a cell with a convicted killer (who was also in prison for sexual battery), (RD)  and who was addicted to spice and pills.  This was his third drug-abusing, killer cell-mate. His fourth convicted killer (JP) cell-mate was a crack-cocaine abuser in society who killed an older white lady and burned her house down. When my brother filed a grievance about constantly receiving convicted killers as cell-mates,  FDC gave him a fifth convicted killer (TP) as a cell-mate, who is also a spice-abuser. My brother has mailed several sworn affidavits and letters to the Governor’s Chief Inspector General Melinda Miguel and numerous others about this problem. My brother is not compatible to be housed with these convicted killers.  Harold is in prison for burglaries and dealing in stolen property.  None of the alleged victims were in their homes during the commission of the alleged burglaries.  His criminal case record will show that he’s convicted under a ringleader theory, and the legislative history of the dealing in stolen property charge that he’s convicted under (Florida Statute : 812.019  {2}) shows he’s convicted as a white-collar criminal.  Also, FDC’s ‘Inmate Risk Management System / Sexual Risk Indicator’ (IRMS / SRI) has Harold ranked as “identified prey.”  This means FDC has identified him as the type of inmate other inmates will try to prey upon.  Finally, Harold has eight years with no disciplinary reports and it is well documented that he is anti to violence, drug-use and crime. Florida Statute : 944.012 (6) (B) and FDC’s IRMS/SRI system prohibits the housing of violent inmates with non-violent inmates identified as prey. FDC records and Miami Herald newspaper articles will show FDC has a problem with inmates killing and seriously harming their cellmates for many years now. Why does FDC continue to house my brother with convicted, drug-using killers?  I believe the answer is obvious: (1) He’s the eyewitness who first exposed the Darren Rainey murder and torturing of mentally disabled inmates at Dade C.I.  He’s a listed Federal and State witness to the foregoing. (2)  He’s been working on exposing the unconstitutional conditions of FDC Protective Management (PM) Units where inmates are being physically hurt and killed on a regular basis. (3)  He’s been working on exposing that FDC is allowing convicted sexual predators to go to FDC visitation parks every Saturday and Sunday where children congregate, in violation of the Florida Sexual Predator Act (Florida Statute : 775.21 (10) (B)). (4)­  He’s been trying to expose that FDC is allowing inmates with communicable diseases, etc. to work in FDC chowhalls, in violation of federal and state laws. (5)  He’s been trying to expose that FDC staff are arming inmates with razors at non-psyc. institutions and FDC knows the inmates are using the razors to cut and hurt inmates and staff.  Every week inmates at non-psyc. institutions are given a shaving razor.  The blades are being removed from the shavers and being used as weapons. Harold has First Amendment constitutional rights to Freedom of Speech and redress of grievances.  He shouldn’t be subjected to retaliation for asserting these rights.  Miami Herald newspaper articles will show FDC staff have a pattern and practice of subjecting staff and inmates to retaliation when they speak out about the unconstitutional conditions of FDC. I’m asking for one hundred thousand signatures to present this petition (with more detailed facts) to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Department of Justice asking them to investigate the issues stated herein.  I’ll also be asking the DOJ to conduct a ‘Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act’ (CRIPA) investigation into FDC’s pattern and practice of retaliation against staff and inmates who try and expose the unconstitutional conditions of FDC.  Windy Hempstead Please also sign this petition for justice for Darren Rainey, the black Muslim prisoner who was tortured to death by Dade C.I. staff in a chamber of super-heated steam.  Since the 23rd June, 2012  murder, Harold Hempstead has been risking his life in trying to expose the truth about Darren Rainey.  Please help this campaign, and show that you share our belief that all human lives matter. The Miami Herald has written numerous articles on Darren Rainey and Harold Hempstead:

Jeremy Schanche
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Petition to Bob Bakish, Viacom

Save "The Daily Show" On Hulu!

If you love The Daily Show, PLEASE sign this petition to keep it on Hulu! Bob Bakish, President and CEO of Viacom has made the terrible mistake of pulling the much loved The Daily Show and other Comedy Central, MTV, and Viacom network shows off of Hulu which inadvertently attacks cord-cutters, and supports Donald Trump.  To everyone who signs this petition: Let's make a pact that if Viacom brings The Daily Show back to Hulu, we will be The Daily Show's SOCIAL MEDIA AMBASSADORS. We will each "share" a full episode at least once a month on Facebook and/or Twitter to show our appreciation and build The Daily Show audience. That way we get to keep the show on Hulu, share it with our friends and expand the reach of The Daily Show audience (especially getting it in front of the Republican side), Viacom will continue to support it's audience, while making more money (because at the bottom of all of this is ratings and money), while we will get our nightly "comfort" fix of Trevor Noah and a brief 30 minutes of laughter to help us deal with some of the really scary stuff that is happening in the world.. Why Did Viacom Stop Releasing New Episodes of The Daily Show in the first place? They still haven't figured out the way to monetize digital content, when the answer is literally sitting right in front of them. Collected data and advanced social media targeting would completely change the landscape for them, however, many companies don't understand how to actually utilize this technology yet, or have someone that is able to strategically and technically put it all together for them. They use old models and can be limited in their knowledge of what is actually possible now. So, it really comes down to ratings and money. And with a company like Viacom, they are sitting on mounds of data that they are not even utilizing. (I did a public analysis, and they don't have any social tech/strategy built in yet.)  In a new world of "cord-cutters" more and more people are "cutting-the-cord" from their cable bill. Cable bills can run-up to $350 a month for some households. Hulu has provided a much needed lifeline for those for who can't afford a large cable bill. You have to ask yourself why Viacom, with networks led by Nickelodeon, MTV, BET and Comedy Central would want to revoke digital distribution of their shows, when that is exactly the way Viacom's demographic consumes it? And you also have to ask yourself why, out of all of their shows they are removing from Hulu, they chose to remove new episodes of The Daily Show first. Is it because The Daily Show is one of the most liberal and progressive anti-Trump shows on television? Or is ti because they think people will leave Hulu and suddenly get cable to watch the show, or go to a Viacom website to view it instead? They don't realize that they are going to lose a huge chunk of their audience by doing that. It's completely backwards thinking for 5 main reasons that Viacom, Wall Street, and many CEOs just don't seem to understand: Audience Platforms, How Data Can Revolutionize the money they make, while providing a better user experience, how 1. Understanding Digital Audience Platforms Viacom doesn't realize that the audience watching The Daily Show on Hulu is different from the audiences watching it on cable.  By removing Viacom  shows from Hulu, all they are doing is losing their audience. They may think people will purchase cable, or whatever new "Viacom App" they are thinking of coming up with, but we won't. Cord cutters don't think that way. So, basically, all of the money that Viacom was making through commercial revenue on Hulu will be gone and it won't bring their ratings back up on cable. In fact, ratings will most likely go down if people can't share it and talk about it digitally through social media. 2. How Data Can Revolutionize The Money They Make, While Providing a Better User Experience. Viacom is missing out on the opportunity to be collecting tons of data that will make their shows better, allow them to reach more people, make more money, and discover their perfect target audience. Nielson ratings are awful these days compared to what can be gathered online. However, companies like Kaltura (which runs analytics on Hulu) can capture viewer data and analytics online, which is practically exact! This data can provide Viacom with SO much more information that can make the experience better for the viewer AND help to give Viacom the insight of how to better target their audience and make more money. Paying attention to that information will help to get better sponsors, charge more for commercials in the best time slot and that resonate with their audience more. This data can also help Viacom produce more shows that are in tune with the pulse of their prime demographic. 3. Killing The Digital Momentum Leads To Crippling Their Ratings... Plus We Have App Fatigue And Don't Want To Download Another App. Instead of Viacom giving their audiences what they want, they have just removed all of the content. This is not a good way to grow your audience. Only piss it off. Especially Viacom's demographic. And where is the "online" audience supposed to go to watch these shows, now that they are being taken away? It's kind of like "Repealing and Replacing Obama-care." -- Instead of just ripping it down off of Hulu, why can't they leave it up there until they have a better system already in place and viewers can seamlessly go from one platform to the next? What Viacom doesn't realize is that by alienating viewers of the Daily Show on Hulu, (and other shows), people will find something else to watch and forget about the Viacom shows altogether, because it is will no longer be part of their routine. And who wants to download another app? Will you have the ability to binge watch? By the time Viacom comes up with a plan, it will ultimately fail, because the fanbase will be gone.  4. No Social Shares. No Social Buzz. Less Ratings I mean think about, if your main base is high school, college kids, and young adults, they'll find content elsewhere online. Maybe they will pirate/torrent. There will definitely be some type of backlash against this move. At the very least, if no one in the "digital world" has easy viewing access, they are not going to watch the show, talk about it around the water cooler, or have ways to share it on social media to keep the buzz going. It's going to bury itself. THE DAILY SHOW NEEDS TO BE SEEN AND SHARED! 5. No Political Revolution and Less Poignant. For more than half of the country, it is so difficult to deal with the news these days, and The Daily Show provides a bit of relief and laughter in the world that we are living in. It is one of the shows that I personally look forward to every night is The Daily Show. It is one of the only shows that hits hard against Trump and has the ability to go viral every night. By removing The Daily Show from Hulu, it inadvertently helps to support Trump, because news stories and that much needed laughter that would have otherwise been watched, talked about, and discussed by many people who can only afford Hulu and not cable, will no longer be able to reach those people. It helps Trump to gain his momentum over the media. It helps to counterbalance to some of the other news stories that are slanted in the opposite direction.  What I Hope And Recommend:  I really hope that this petition gets enough signatures that Viacom and Bob Bakish take notice and decide to leave The Daily Show on Hulu. If all other Viacom shows are removed from Hulu, at the very least, please keep The Daily Show on. I know it sounds funny to say this, because it's a "comedic news show," but it helps our country. And as I have stated, the Hulu audience is different from the cable audience and honestly helps to promote the show and stop people from illegal downloading -- so it really is in Viacom's best interest to keep it on.   In return for Viacom keeping new episodes of The Daily Show on Hulu each night, I am asking all of those who sign this petition to try and share an episode of  The Daily Show at least once a month on your Facebook page. This will help to promote the show and continue growing The Daily Show Audience and Army.  Together we can all make a positive difference with laughter, entertainment and social media.  

Mark Schwartz
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