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Petition to Nikolai Vitti, Detroit Public Schools Community District

Shut Down Detroit Public Schools Community District To Stop COVID-19 Spread

My name is Hafiza Khalique and I am a student at Cass Technical High School in the Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD). I am an organizer with By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) and the chair of a youth-led activist organization, Detroit Area Youth Uniting Michigan, both of which have been leading efforts to shut schools down and ensure safe virtual learning environments for all students. Over the last two years of this pandemic, which students have insufferably managed to withstand, the district has failed to make the right decisions that kept students’ safety at heart.  For the 2021-2022 school year, DPSCD has decided to reopen schools with knowledge that COVID-19 will eventually spread; they have decided to put youth, who may or may not be vaccinated, at risk of possible exposure. The district has implemented “safety measures” within the schools to prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, these “safety measures” are ineffective and have, in fact, contributed to the rising cases within the school district. Temperature checks, mask mandates, optional weekly testing, social distancing, and cleaning are the measures that DPSCD has taken to prevent COVID-19. A number of students and teachers have broken the mask mandate, without penalty, and it is impossible to track the virus when schools cannot control or monitor whether students or staff practice social distancing and wearing a mask outside of school grounds. Additionally, COVID-19 testing is optional. The number of cases, which are increasing heavily, are only based on a small number of students that participate in weekly COVID-19 testing. Testing occurs only once a week, limiting students’ opportunity to get tested during school. Social distancing is rarely practiced; lunchrooms and hallways are crowded, while some classrooms do not have the capacity to maintain a 3ft distance.  With all of these “safety measures” in place that have proven to be ineffective, it is not a surprise that the cases have skyrocketed, resulting in a decision of closing all DPSCD schools and buildings on Monday, November 22, and Tuesday, November 23. The district’s response to this situation was the following: partial remote learning for the month of December. However, Cass Technical High School has been doing partial remote learning by following a hybrid schedule since the beginning of September: it did not work. It is clear to see that the only solution to keep students and staff safe is by STAYING HOME! The only fully remote option that DPSCD provided was the virtual school. This virtual school was inadequate for students learning from home: approximately 30-50 kids in the classroom, shortage of teachers, staff who are unavailable to aid their students, and lack of student resources and learning opportunities. Attending school virtually on Fridays is not the only day that can expose students and staff to COVID-19. COVID-19 exposure still exists for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. This is still not safe and does not provide any help with this spread. Currently, Michigan is the worst hotspot for COVID-19 and it has become unmanageable to contain: 1 out of 10 new cases in the US are from Michigan. The new variant creates more urgency to close schools down. Those who live with people who are vulnerable to COVID-19 are forced to stay home and miss out on school for their own safety and their loved ones. DPSCD needs to provide staff an opportunity to adjust and plan accordingly for virtual learning. This school district has failed to keep students and families safe and needs to listen to the concerns of their students and staff: SHUT THE SCHOOLS DOWN! Contributions/Signed By: Wajiha Begum, By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), Detroit Area Youth Uniting Michigan (D.A.Y.U.M.)

Hafiza Khalique
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Petition to Government & Public Officials, US Dept of Ed., Jewish Community, Pope, All Christians

Bring God back, STOP Satanic Club in Schools

Carmel Indiana High School, which is a part of the Carmel Clay School District, located at 520 E. Main St. Carmel, In. 46032, that currently has Thomas Harmas as the Principle over 5400 students, is offering a "Satanic Club".  The description of the 2020-2021 Carmel High School Clubs document states; "The Satanic Club of Carmel wants you!". The idea of having after school Satan Clubs is not new. In 2016, leaders of the Satanic Temple, Co founder Doug Mesener, and the Satanic Temples Utah Chapter head that goes by the name of Chalice Blythe, spoke to the Washington Post about their plans to bring Satanism to public elementary schools. As a Christian, a child of the Great Almighty Sovereign Lord, thy God, we cannot stand by and allow Satan in the schools. Satan will NOT have our children, our future! They took God out of our schools, our Country and now they are wanting to put Satan in our schools. All Christians, Jews, Catholics, anyone who believes in God, has the moral obligation to stand together and stop this. We have to protect God's little children! This is why 1 Peter 5: 8 tells us, “Be sober-minded and alert. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”While this may sound scary, the next verse offers you exactly what you need to handle these spiritual attacks.Verse 9 reads: “Resist him, standing firm in your faith…” In order to stand firm in your faith, you need the Word of God (See Romans 10:17). Please join me in signing this petition and standing for God! We need to put God back in our country, our schools, our homes. We have to stand strong and be united as God's children. When Jesus died for us, He gave us the power to rebuke Satan through the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, and Satan has to flee! We need everyone to stand together, rebuke Satan, Pray, sign this petition and stop these Heinous acts against God's children! Don't stand by quietly, let your voices be heard! Trust in the Sovereign Lord, He will guide us and protect us as long as we stand for Him and do what is right by Him. Jesus will come back, remove all evil and replenish the earth, and Jesus will rule the earth. Jesus is the King! Don't be afraid to do what is right. Stand united in God! 

T Vaughan
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Petition to Moses Lake High School, Moses Lake School District

Get Moses Lake High School to properly enforce action against sexual assault/harassment.

Currently, staff members of the Moses Lake High School aren't taking enough action against students that commit acts of sexual assault/harassment. There have been multiple times that our school has been aware of such cases and allowed the perpetrator to be let out with just a minimal punishment, and on multiple occurrences, the perpetrator being let out without a punishment at all. A specific situation involving sexual harassment happened just the other day. Three students were AirDropping the nudes of another student around during school on Thursday and Friday. The victim, before the pictures were actually sent around, was being blackmailed by this group. When this situation was brought to the school's attention, they searched one of the student's phones and found evidence that the student was the sender of the pictures. However, this situation was swept under the rug and the perpetrators of it aren't facing a punishment. These pictures were spread to hundreds of people, and was not only disturbing to the victim of it, but also the people who were sent the pictures without any warning. Sadly, this isn't the only example of our school failing to handle a sexual harassment case, and many different offenders walk around campus without facing any punishment at all.  This issue could easily be solved if the staff members of our school took more action against the perpetrators. The victims of these acts deserve justice. By not properly acknowledging and dealing with acts of sexual assault and harassment, the staff of our school allow these disgusting acts to keep occurring, and also make victims more afraid and unwilling to come forward. 

kylie redding
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