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Petition to NZ Minister of Transport


Two children have died while cycling on New Zealand roads recently.  One child died while cycling on a school journey just days after the election and another died while out cycling on a weekend.  Another child was seriously injured while cycling on the school journey.  This should not be happening.  With a rising road toll, these sad deaths and injuries are concerning. Lucinda Rees from NZ School Speeds has set up a petition to urge the future Transport Minister to put rules in place that protect children on our roads as they did in the Netherlands in the 70s. In the Netherlands parents combined as a pressure group in 1973 to campaign for safer roads for children calling it ‘Stop de Kindermoord’ (‘Stop the Child Murder’), after over 3000 people died on their roads, many of them children. This forced the hand of their Government to put rules in place and the now famous cycleways being built. The Netherlands is now a world leader in road safety and has one of the lowest road tolls per capita in the word. “Here in New Zealand road safety panels have been set up and recommendations have been made, but little has been acted upon by our Government, leading to deaths of innocent road users.  Not everyone can or wants to drive their children to school.” says Lucinda Rees, who with NZ School Speeds campaigns for consistent speed limits outside schools and safe roads for children. “The driving culture needs to change and this will only come about if pedestrians and cyclists are welcomed on our roads, with rules that protect them.” While it takes a long time to build cycle lanes, would the Transport Minister please consider introducing rules to make school journeys safer for children: A mandatory cyclist passing gap of 1 metre for vehicles travelling at up to 60km/h and 1.5 metres for vehicles traveling above 60km/h Consistent speed limits outside schools of 30km/h maximum at peak times as recommended by the World Health Organisation Speed limits outside schools in rural areas can be up to 100km/h and we have no consistent speed limits outside schools at peak times. Children who walk or cycle to school should be guaranteed a safe speed limit outside schools, since it is a place where they are easily distracted. Rees says: “There is a 20km/h school bus rule, but no consistent rule for the many children coming and going from school. These inconsistencies are unacceptable. “Please stand up for our children and bring these simple yet important rules in place to make roads safe for all our vulnerable road users by changing the culture of drivers. “Our thoughts are with all those involved in the recent deaths and injuries. We must stop child murder on our roads. Please help make this happen by signing the petition.”  

Lucinda Rees
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Petition to Bishop Vincent Long Van Nguyen

Save Loyola SENIOR High School

Join the Save Loyola Facebook Page Here The Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta has recently decided to restructure the Catholic High Schools in the Mt Druitt Region, being: St Clare's Catholic High School, St Agnes Catholic High School and Loyola Senior High School.  The restructuring may result in: one or more of these campuses closing down for good; and/or redundancies for teachers, admin staff and executive staff. I have been advised that no definite decision has yet been made on what the restructure will look like, but what is of great concern is that there is serious consideration being given to removing the senior school model (a Year 11 - 12 School). In other words, there is a real chance that there will no longer be a Loyola SENIOR High School. If this happens, it would destroy the culture and ethos of the Loyola we all know and love. The final decision is intended to be made without any consultation with the school community, including students, parents, alumni and other affected community groups. I understand a decision will be made in the next month, with all changes implemented by 2020, which means that current students and next year's Year 11 intake will not be affected by the changes. Loyola Senior High School made me the person who I am today. It provided a unique culture, ethos and experience that only a senior high school could. For Loyola to lose its status as a Senior high school, with a focus on the issues and educational needs that only senior students require, would be in my view a terrible result. I am hoping that enough people from the Loyola Senior High School community will support this petition so that the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta will listen to those that they have ignored in making this decision. I intend to send the results of this petition both to the Diocese and Bishop Vincent Long Van Nguyen so that they can see and understand that Loyola Senior High School provided a special and beneficial education that only a high school with a senior cohort and focus could. Please sign this petition to protect, maintain and promote the only school that can continue to create men and women for others, just like who we are all today.    

Gavin Webb
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Petition to Minister Close

One Signature to Home School - Impacting Families Lives

Today I am writing to you as a mum, a role model for my girls and as a voice among the community. There is a question that I am not able to find an answer for, yet I am very concerned with why it's such an issue but it seems widely accepted but unquestioned. I do wonder why as home educators many single parents have to have authorisation from the other biological parent in order to homeschool, where as to enroll the child into public schooling only one parent is required to authorise? The option to home educate is very personal for many families as I am sure you are well aware, and I find it odd that in a situation such as this that the other parent, referring about those who are not caring for their children on a day to day basis, seem to have so much control over such a personal issue for single parent families? I am wanting the department to shed some light on this matter and allow home educating parents, especially single parents to do this on a single signature would be amazing and not have to go through a court order to make this option available.  From where I sit now, as a single parent I feel very confused to why my daughters dad needs to consent. To me, I have had almost two years with no support from her dad at all in our daughters schooling life and now I have been able to home educate, and it has been amazing. I see my daughter developing, growing and actually making a best friend where at school she was often picked on or felt left out. As a parent its heart breaking to pick her up from school and finding out its been yet another day with her not being able to play with anyone - even with a play plan in place. My daughter now has a best friend, and the lifestyle suits us so beautifully. To have that all ripped out from under us because we need her dads signature seems ridiculous to me.Her dad and I have a mutual agreement with no court orders, and it seems backwards to me why I need one just to allow us to home educate freely with out his signature, seeing I can enroll her into any other schooling system without his signature. The only way I am able to do this is to go through the court. I feel I have done the right thing by the child by not dragging our child's life through the court system, and yet here I am looking at the only option to live the life we choose is to do exactly that, go through the court system, causing tension and causing conflict between her dad and I. For which we have just begun to start speaking as a conversation again rather than talking facts and need to knows regarding our daughter. We are breaking down walls since our separation years ago, it is ridiculous that court is my only option if he decides to with hold his signature. It seems from my perspective like his choice to sign or to with hold his signature is final, and I wonder why he is allowed that much control over our lives? Many families are battling the same problem. All I ask is to have this clarified and I would like to see an alternative solution put in place. It just seems bizarre to me that this situation is like it is in this day and age, but please join me and bring this up to speed making home education a more viable option for families like mine, and the many others who face this struggle every year at the reviews. Its a huge lifestyle to take on, and to have that be made at the hands of someone who will be totally unaffected by the outcome needs to change. Thanks for taking the time to read and please add your signature to help make a huge impact on families like mine. To know my littles families future is in my hands is an amazing gift to give a family, you will be taking away all the anxiety, worry and stress for many families by adding your name below.  Thanks heaps, Emma Fisher.    

Emma Fisher
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