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Petition to Sydney Catholic Schools

Stop the Marist North Shore Co-Educational Plan

Marist College North Shore is a boys Catholic School located North Sydney, NSW. The college was founded by the Marist Brothers and it follows the centuries old Marist tradition which was founded by Saint Marcellin Champagnat. The college itself has a rich history which dates back to 1888 which was when the College was formed. For 130 years, the college has been catering towards boys' educational needs and has become a well known and well respected boys school in the North Shore region of Sydney with a good reputation amongst parents and members of the North Shore Community. This year, plans were announced to abolish Marist College North Shore in favour of a K-12, co-educational school. The school is planned to become co-educational  by 2021. This is another example of how many single-sex, boys institutions are under pressure to become co-educational, whilst other girls institutions are not at all pressured into adopting a co-educational system. For many parents, Marist North Shore is an affordable option for a boys Catholic school in the North Shore area. This option will soon be taken away if Sydney Catholic Schools goes forward with this plan. There are already many others girls catholic schools in the Lower North Shore such as Marist Sisters College Woolwich, Monte Sant Angelo Mercy College and Loretto Kirribilli, all of which cater specifically toward the needs of girls and none of which are being pressured into adopting a co-educational system. Keep in mind that 130 years of Marist Boys Education in the North Shore will be abolished if this plan is adopted. So please, help us to keep Marist College North Shore alive as a boys school for future generations to come. I ask Sydney Catholic Schools to cancel this plan before it is too late. Please cater towards the greater interests of the Marist North Shore community. #SaveMaristNorthShore, #StopMaristCoEd

Rahul R
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Petition to Minister Close

One Signature to Home School - Impacting Families Lives

Today I am writing to you as a mum, a role model for my girls and as a voice among the community. There is a question that I am not able to find an answer for, yet I am very concerned with why it's such an issue but it seems widely accepted but unquestioned. I do wonder why as home educators many single parents have to have authorisation from the other biological parent in order to homeschool, where as to enroll the child into public schooling only one parent is required to authorise? The option to home educate is very personal for many families as I am sure you are well aware, and I find it odd that in a situation such as this that the other parent, referring about those who are not caring for their children on a day to day basis, seem to have so much control over such a personal issue for single parent families? I am wanting the department to shed some light on this matter and allow home educating parents, especially single parents to do this on a single signature would be amazing and not have to go through a court order to make this option available.  From where I sit now, as a single parent I feel very confused to why my daughters dad needs to consent. To me, I have had almost two years with no support from her dad at all in our daughters schooling life and now I have been able to home educate, and it has been amazing. I see my daughter developing, growing and actually making a best friend where at school she was often picked on or felt left out. As a parent its heart breaking to pick her up from school and finding out its been yet another day with her not being able to play with anyone - even with a play plan in place. My daughter now has a best friend, and the lifestyle suits us so beautifully. To have that all ripped out from under us because we need her dads signature seems ridiculous to me.Her dad and I have a mutual agreement with no court orders, and it seems backwards to me why I need one just to allow us to home educate freely with out his signature, seeing I can enroll her into any other schooling system without his signature. The only way I am able to do this is to go through the court. I feel I have done the right thing by the child by not dragging our child's life through the court system, and yet here I am looking at the only option to live the life we choose is to do exactly that, go through the court system, causing tension and causing conflict between her dad and I. For which we have just begun to start speaking as a conversation again rather than talking facts and need to knows regarding our daughter. We are breaking down walls since our separation years ago, it is ridiculous that court is my only option if he decides to with hold his signature. It seems from my perspective like his choice to sign or to with hold his signature is final, and I wonder why he is allowed that much control over our lives? Many families are battling the same problem. All I ask is to have this clarified and I would like to see an alternative solution put in place. It just seems bizarre to me that this situation is like it is in this day and age, but please join me and bring this up to speed making home education a more viable option for families like mine, and the many others who face this struggle every year at the reviews. Its a huge lifestyle to take on, and to have that be made at the hands of someone who will be totally unaffected by the outcome needs to change. Thanks for taking the time to read and please add your signature to help make a huge impact on families like mine. To know my littles families future is in my hands is an amazing gift to give a family, you will be taking away all the anxiety, worry and stress for many families by adding your name below.  Thanks heaps, Emma Fisher.    

Emma Fisher
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