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Petition to Willie Innes - Labour Leader of East Lothian Council, Stuart Currie - SNP Leader of the Opposition East Lothian Council, Angela Leitch CEO

East Lothian Council - Drop the £10k Charge for Expenses, awarded to you by a corrupt Employment Tribunal, for a case which they Prejudiced; and therefore, never took place.

My would be Whistle Blowing hearing was prejudiced by the employment tribunal when they overturned previous judicial rulings (judicial misconduct), to allow East Lothian Council to provide witness statements, instead of giving evidence in chief, (which is the norm in Scotland). This meant that witnesses could only be questioned on the contents of their statements and what they chose to put in them.  The council would not be questioned on the years of (alleged), financial mismanagement, which was the reason for my many disclosures. To add insult to injury the council has now applied for costs against me. This would be the cost of them defending the indefensible, had the hearing gone ahead.  It took the employment tribunal 20 months of trying, to completely prejudice my proposed hearing and then have my claims struck out. The "tribunal", decided that i should pay £10,000.00 pounds expenses to the allegedly corrupt Council, for a hearing that never took place; and a case which took their expensive lawyers, (and the tribunal its-self), almost two years to have struck out. So, there you have it folks.  Your Council can be as corrupt as they like, you will not get a hearing; and if you persist, then the equally allegedly corrupt employment tribunal will award costs or expenses against you.  They will both take particular pleasure in knowing that you cannot pay.  They will then send in the Sheriff Officers who will give you less than 14 days to pay in full.  So, on the 5th May 2017 (if you are in Scotland), when they ask you to vote in the Council elections, i would like you to remember me.  Think long and hard before you vote for any of them; remember that it was your vote and mine, which gave them the mandate to do this. Remember to that East Lothian Council is a LABOUR Council, a LABOUR Council, no wonder they have fallen from grace in Scotland.  As for all of the other parties on East Lothian Council, well they are no better; the SNP could have stopped this at any time, if they had wanted to. What of the serious allegations of financial misconduct that  i raised, they were not "investigated", as claimed by the Council.  In fact, quite the opposite is true, they were covered up. I have received no justice! If you can help me to stop the Council by taking part in a peaceful protest, then i would really appreciate your help. Please support this petition, sending a clear message that the council and the employment tribunal are not above the law (even though they clearly believe that they are).  East Lothian Council's application for costs and the awarding of them, is an affront to justice. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I would be grateful if you would forward the link onto your friends, so that they too can support this petition. Thank you! Theresa Sives

Theresa Sives
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Petition to lancashire county council, JENNIFER MEIN

Reinstate the funding that has been cut to Fleetwood to Knott End Ferry

Lancashire County Council are planning to stop the subsidy for the Fleetwood to Knott End ferry. The ferry is a daily ferry service from The Esplanade of Lancashire's port of Fleetwood direct to Knott End. A place that forms part of a local area known as "Over Wyre". The ferry forms part of Fleetwood's great heritage and has been running for almost 200 years in the town. It forms a lifeline for many locals of Knott End and surrounding areas of Over Wyre who do not have transport to make the long journey across the bridge into Fleetwood which would take approx an hour compared to a few minutes via boat. The local council have spent vast amounts of money on The Esplanade to improve its facade and have even had a statue erected in the honour of the famous painter L.S Lowry at Knott End slipway which is of huge tourist interest.  Local people use the ferry to visit friends and relatives, dog walkers and keen cyclists use the ferry to take trips from Knott End to Fleetwood and vice versa. It is used for shopping trips, people to get to and from work and visitors from the many caravan parks on both sides of the water. In summer we have big tourist events such as Lifeboat Day which raises vital revenue for the local RNLI and Tram Sunday, a yearly event of heritage transport. The ferry forms a huge part of both of these events and runs almost continuously on these days without stopping while visitors flock across from Knott End slipway to enjoy the festivities. The ferry brings in tourist trade directly across the water. It invokes memories of long forgotten era. It is also the livelihood of the dedicated team of ferry staff and skippers who brave all weathers to keep this vital town link operating and who do so with pride. I am a new business directly next to the ferry and I have sent many happy customers through summer on boat trips to and from Knott End who have enjoyed their visit to this historical fishing port. We are trying to bring revenue and more footfall into Fleetwood and the ferry ceasing running would do the very opposite to what myself and other business owners are trying to achieve. To lose another piece of history in Fleetwood is unthinkable and we ask you that you sign this petition in the hope we can overturn the decision to cut the funding to the ferry from Lancashire County Council and to reinstate it so that this little part of heritage can long continue. Sign this petition to save our ferry.      

linzi martin
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Petition to Elizabeth Truss, Theresa May MP

Stop Court Order Scams

A Parliamentary Enquiry is being commanded by the people into:- CORRUPT Bank staff, Court Staff, and employees of the Police, are colluding to committing SERIOUS CORRUPTION and ORGANISED CRIME of epidemic proportions, against the will of the people. Stealing  from innocent victims, using deception, forgery and VIOLENCE. They can only do this with the complicit support of politicians in an act of FRAUD UPON THE COURT ie bogus Court proceedings and forged Court documents, in a Court Order Scam,  backed up by Violence of the police, upon the victims and their families.   English Judges were ruling in favour of PPI for decades, without exception. Now we know they were only assisting Criminal Bankers to steal from hard working men, women AND THEIR FAMILIES. This meets the legal definition of Rape and Enslavement. No Heart, no soul, no Moral Compass. The Brexit vote has shown that people want accountability from Public Servants, triggering the start of a revolution. As a  successful Financial Adviser of three decades, running Church Hill Finance, and winning many awards for my work and community efforts, this COURT ORDER SCAM has only been brought to my attention in a personal capacity. As a result of requesting figures from Neil Eccles and Hamish Kean of my  bank, Kleinwort Benson (Channel Islands) Ltd., myself and family, like many others, are being the subject of Terror and Hate Crime, without any lawful foundation. The fact that they were bankers to Hitler, of Nazzi Germany, was concealed from us. We have been deprived of our home and worldly belongings, in circumstances of terror, from Gangsters and British Police alike.   David John Wood of Lattey and Dawe Solicitors, and corrupt court staff, channelled a bogus application through the Barnet County Court on October 21st  2013, with no supporting evidence, and not even a fee paid for the proceedings.   A judge acting criminally,  (District Judge Nicholas J Parfitt) colluded with others to produce a fake document, purporting to be a Court Order.   On March 14th 2014, a date not reflected in the court records, indicating a private "shadow" Court, a bogus "Possession Order" was manufactured, not bearing a Court Seal nor signature of a Judge, does not refer to Vacant Possession, does not give an address for possession, does not refer to a Judgement (CCJ) upon which an Order For Vacant Possession could have been lawfully obtained. I suggest that it may have come from David Wood's dot matrix printer in the basement, and certainly not from the Official Court.  Definitely contrary  to the County Court Act 1984 s.135, which carries seven years imprisonment.  A crooked judge, will not sign and seal a dodgy paper (ORDER), for liability reasons, but he or she hopes that no one will notice, nor will your lawyer enlighten you, and the police will say it's a CIVIL Matter,  covering up. The perfect crime, but not victim-less. In my own case, a Sergeant Peter Dearden, said he was "SATISFIED"  with documents in my case, which are BOGUS. Idea being, that the other links in the criminal chain is expected to say "It has been Adjudicated" that the documents are good. So Nicholas Parfitt  (DJ) could get away with his forgery, and David John Wood (not registered with the law society), of Lattey and Dawe Solicitors, could get away with stealing my house with help from corrupt police officers acting in private, whilst in uniform.  Not sure what's in it for Sergeant Peter Dearden, as he claims to be "SATISFIED" with bogus documents handed to him by Ben Kovler (PC). The Court File shows, that Ben Kovler was refused copies of the court documents. So where did he get his documents?. Forgery and Counterfeiting Act 1981. District Judge John Nicholas Parfitt went missing from his job when complaints escalated. The court Manager Richard Jeal, is also missing from his job, after he confirmed lies told by  District Judge Nicholas Parfitt. Sergeant Paul Purdy, who participated in the Criminal Raid, was put in charge of the investigation, and promised to investigate the matter, but is now missing from his job, Christopher Williams (pc) Who lied and threatened me on video on December 1st 2014, is missing from his job. A 'hit and run' scenario. Our MP and cabinet minister Theresa Villiers Expenses Scandal (Who was guilty of expenses maximising), as well as Chris Grayling, the then  Lord Chancellor, both said they cannot interfere in court matters, when they are fully aware, that the proceedings were never ISSUED BY THE COURT, but made up behind closed doors. Theresa Villiers (MP) is in a conflict of interest, as the said bank gave £800,000 shady "donations" to the Tory party in one year alone, and from which she benefits. Police Officers Christopher Williams, and Benjamin Kovler, both said, "If a WARRANT was obtained Fraudulently, they're not interested, it's a civil matter". Yet they kidnapped me for alleged Squatting/Theft from my own home on April 1st 2015, when I am the Owner, Proprietor at the land registry, and beneficiary of the Equitable Interest, with a Fraud Restriction on the title to boot, and have never been evicted. An impossible charge in fact and law. HH Judge Greenwood of Harrow, saw no problem with that whatsoever (no Jurisdiction - CPR 11). GREAT BRITISH JUSTICE. I am determined to obtain justice here. This will give hope to millions who are at a loss as to why the Corrupt lawyers appear to be magically obtaining False Court Orders and WARRANTS, with no circumstances, upon which they could lawfully obtain such Instruments. Should this objective not be met, things are only going to escalate, to the point of potential Breakdown of Law and Order, social unrest, and economic collapse affecting EVERYONE. There are many groups springing up on the internet and elsewhere, to voice this serious malaise which is a PPI waiting to happen, only much bigger. In 2015, 37,000 people lost their homes, and it is estimated, that up to 20,000 could have been Criminal Raids, ASSISTED BY THE POLICE. Nearly all these victims, end up costing the taxpayer and the state, aside from being personal tragedies. The WRONGDOERS get unjust enrichment. We the people have put these public servants in their Positions and are paying them. We must not allow them, to commit the offence of ABUSE OF POSITION, AND FRAUD UPON THE COURT, because of OUR failure to hold them to account.   Successes to date:-  UK Bankers Jailed  HBOS  Illegal Clampers Arrested Solicitors Charged in Mortgage Fraud  Court Staff Sacked Over False Warrants Honest Police quit to refuse Corruption Police admit false Court Proceedings  HBOS Scammers Jailed by Paul and Nikki Turner  Sign and Share this petition against Court Order Scams, on Facebook, Twitter, Email and word of mouth.           Thanks for participating. STATEMENT OF TRUTH under the Motu Proprio Exodous 20 :16 By: Sovereign ©Anthony of the family: Badaloo. Authorised Agent and Representative for ANTHONY BADALOO™ All Rights Reserved

Anthony Badaloo
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Petition to The Rt Hon Amber Rudd MP for Hastings and Rye, Rt. Hon. Brandon Lewis MP

Grant Police Widows Pensions for Life - Don't Make Them Choose Between Future Happiness and Pensions

My husband Colin was a police dog handler and served with the West Midlands Police for 21 years. On Sunday 29th November 1987, he was dispatched with a number of his colleagues to deal with a disturbance; having performed this duty Colin suffered a heart attack and died at the scene – he was 40 years old.  At 24 I found myself a widow, and our 4 year old daughter Kelly lost her best friend in the world.  In 2001 I was faced with a very difficult decision: to keep my police widows' pension, or move in with my partner; although I could ill afford to lose the money living apart was becoming intolerable. Our financial lives have been a roller coaster ride since then but we have been happy. 2006 saw Police Pension Regulations change for new entrants and serving officers eligible to transfer to the new scheme. Should the most awful thing happen, they know that their survivors' benefits are now payable for life, irrespective of whether they remarry or form a new partnership. Changes have also taken place in Northern Ireland: 'Following a change to the Royal Ulster Constabulary Pension Regulations 1988, widows whose widows’ pension ceased on remarriage under the RUC Pension Regulations 1988 will now have their widows pension reinstated from 1 July 2014. For those of us forever overshadowed by the 1987 Police Pension Regulations, we have been told by the government - that in order to make public service pensions affordable for the tax payer, we will not be able to keep our pensions for life should we remarry or cohabit, and those of us who have already chosen love over money will not have our pensions reinstated. They say that the financial cost is too great.  I think that you will agree that our husbands have already paid the ultimate price and given value for money in serving and dying within their communities. If you agree, and think that all police widows should keep their pensions for life – then please sign this petition. Thank you. Cathryn L. Hall Update As a direct result of this campaign the Police (Injury Benefit) Regulations 2006) were amended; the amendment came into force January 18th 2016. The widows, widowers and civil partners of police officers killed in the line of duty and covered by the 1987 Police Pension Regulations, will now receive their pensions for life if they were in receipt of a special or augmented pension and remained unmarried and were not living with a partner by 1st April 2015. The survivors of firefighters killed on duty will also benefit from these changes. On October 5th 2015 the Scottish Government announced the same amendment to the pensions paid to the survivors of police officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty in Scotland. Scotland differs from England and Wales in that the survivors who were entitled to a special or augmented pension before they remarried or moved in with a partner - have had their pensions reinstated and back-dated to 1st October 2015. We continue to campaign for parity with the RUC widows in Northern Ireland and lifelong pensions for ALL police widows, widowers and civil partners.  

Cathryn Louise Hall
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