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Strike down the Three Strikes Law to end unjust punishments for non-violent drug offenses

Non-violent drug offenses should not carry the same punishment as violent crimes such as aggravated assault, burglary, and murder. Under the current Three Strikes Law, people with two previous felony offenses are sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 25 years having no possibility of parole. This is leaving thousands with broken homes and an endless loop of children growing up without parents. I know because I grew up in one. My entire life has been affected in one way or another by drugs. My father was in and out of our county jail until he overdosed on heroin at 36 years old in 2003. His name was Gumesindo. He never committed a single violent crime. Everyone he knew had nothing negative to say about him. By all accounts, he was a good man who looked for help in the wrong places. No one ever attempted to help him with his addiction, our courts simply punished him over and over again. It is my opinion that the Three Strikes Law played a part in his eventual overdose. I feel this way because he was obviously very sick and received nothing to help him overcome this sickness, except for months in a tiny cell. This law merely caused my dad to be away from my mother, myself, and my brother for longer and longer periods of time. And now, there is no more time to be spent be with him. And I know many people that have unfortunately suffered the same fate as my dad and my family. A lot of us do. I believe the only way to solve this issue is by ending the Three Strikes law and coming up with a replacement. There are many things that the people of this country have done to help those who suffer from addiction. I believe we could do more. First, the Three Strikes Law needs to be struck down or amended to allow for more opportunities for rehabilitation. Some of the money that is being spent on prisons needs to go towards programs that are designed to help this country's non-violent offenders rather than to punish them to the same extent that murderers are punished. I know that, as a society, we must have some sort of justice system to punish those who have done wrong to keep from devolving into anarchy. However, I believe that we should also have a system that we can fall back on when the prisons do not work anymore. Thank you.

Savanah Jio
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Petition to Jeff Sessions

Don't escalate the failed war on drugs.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ordered federal prosecutors to seek the harshest punishments possible, including mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent drug offenders.  In 2004, I was given a 55-year mandatory minimum sentence as a first-time marijuana offender — virtually a sentence to die in prison. I had sold marijuana three times to an informant who stated that I had a firearm in my possession. I never used or even showed the firearm, but this allowed prosecutors to charge me with three counts of using a firearm in the course of a drug trafficking offense, that carried a mandatory minimum of five years for the first offense and 25 years for each of the other two offenses.  At my sentencing, even the judge disagreed with the sentence. He called it “unjust, cruel, and even irrational,” and pointed out that shorter federal sentences have been given to violent criminals such as murderers, child rapists, and even terrorists. I was only 24 years old when I was sentenced. While imprisoned for 13 years, I missed my children growing up and the fruits of a promising music career. Yet, no problem was solved. This waste of human life must end.  I’m only free because bipartisan lawmakers and advocates, and even the man who prosecuted me, came together to say that my sentence was wrong. My release was part of a changing attitude toward nonviolent drug offenders, with both Republicans and Democrats working together to make sentences fairer. But now, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is working to undo this progress.  Sessions decision to order prosecutors to seek the longest sentences possible reverses a directive from former Attorney General Eric Holder that instructed prosecutors to use their discretion and avoid long sentences for low-level drug offenders. Please sign my petition asking Attorney General Jeff Sessions to reconsider his push for mandatory minimum sentences. 

Weldon Angelos
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