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Petition to Susana Martinez, New Mexico Governor


With national statistics, data , and high numbers of deaths,illnesses attributed too drugs and as well our failing public schools, as direct links to the  "Drug Epidemic",  in Northern New Mexico,  we have been placed at the top of national graphs and state counties as one  of the worst places for drug overdose, suicide and illness in the country. Thus, we the undersigned concerned tax paying citizens are "Demanding a "State of Emergency" be declared in the county of Rio Arriba, in the state of New Mexico. For several decades we have been in a heavily oppressed, repressed and dire situation in regard too loosing large numbers of souls too include : Teens,  young and old adults as well as elderly citizens too the drug infestation, both legal ( narcotic/opiate, ect... ) and  illegal ( heroin/meth/pink/cocaine, ect..) drugs. As the Federal Government  and DEA cracks down on prescription drug dispensing, the adverse effects have increased the use of heroin and thus, increasing higher incidences of Hepatitis-c, AIDS, Crime, and Criminal Activity in all facets our livelihood. The age groups of addiction has scattered in both directions, currently it has trickled down too adolescence and gone up in some cases too great-grandparent ages. Its is no longer a "FAD" or a "TREND" in many circles it is becoming a "RITE of PASSAGE" and a way of life in others. WE are demanding that;   1) Assessment, treatment, triage, substance abuse teams be dispatched throughout the county communities. ; 2) That a temporary centrally located "medical" detox-facility and housing area be established too address our addicted citizens needs, with hopes that a permanent facility be established in the near future.       

Hermano Pedro Herrera
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Petition to Roblox Corporation, David Baszucki

get rid of ROBLOX safechat!

Ever since last year in 2017, we've been in a mess on ROBLOX, regarding what we can say and what is not. Last year ROBLOX rolled out a new feature called Safechat that was supposed to "cut the curb on regarding parent's concerns over censorship." Safechat was hailed by adults, but for the regular ROBLOX player, this has been one of the worst things that they have gone through. with the new Safechat, users under the age of 13 are not even allowed to say numbers or even post links that are within ROBLOX without getting them CENSORED!   This has caused a great inconvenience to all that have been affected by it. Even those over 13 years of age have problems with this too! an example: RoAviation. Flight Hosts under 13 years of age can no longer say what time their flights or training sessions will be without having to have it get censored with #####, ROBLOX's method of censorship. and for those over 13 years of age, they can see it but all of their passengers and staff that are under the age 13 cannot see numbers or links if their airline is having a codeshare with another airline, which again causes major issues. Safechat didn't just wreck numbers and links. It also wrecked incorrect spelling. Back then in the pre-safechat age when everyone was happy with ROBLOX when it came to word censorship typing a word wrong and then entering it through the system to the player or players that you were trying to reach would not matter.  Nowadays, even incorrectly spelled words get hashtagged, even if they were only misspelled by one letter. To add on to the anger that many have seen, later on, ROBLOX added a new feature that basically would moderate your whole sentence and not send it though if it had a single word that had been hashtagged out. ROBLOX needs to end this.  Ignore the news sources, ignore them all and just go on. I know that there are lots of articles on the news about ROBLOX and inappropriate content, but please know that if you are doing this you are doing this for the people who make ROBLOX ROBLOX.  thank you.

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Petition to Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Ryan Zinke, Jerry Brown, Kate Brown, Jay Inslee

Protect Our Oceans from Offshore Drilling

No spilling. No killing. No more drilling. The White House released a draft proposal in early January to dramatically expand offshore drilling in 2019. The Trump administration seeks to open up nearly all federal waters to potential oil and gas drilling lease sales. It’s a huge mistake. And we need you to join the chorus of ocean lovers around the nation who are rallying to stop special interests from destroying our coastlines. Please make your voice heard before this dangerous proposal becomes our reality. Oil and water don't mix, as shown by recent spills. And fossil fuel extraction efforts continue to cause extreme economic harm. In 1969, a well blowout off the Santa Barbara coastline pumped nearly 4 million gallons of crude oil into the Pacific and onto the beaches of Southern California. Since then, local lawmakers and the public in California have worked tirelessly to prevent spills and leaks from ruining our environment and $18 billion coastal economy—by rejecting any new oil and gas drilling leases offshore in federal waters. In 2015, a ruptured pipeline spewed over 100,000 gallons of crude oil onto the pristine Gaviota Coast, just west of Refugio State Beach, with an estimated 21,000 gallons reaching the water. The Refugio spill killed hundreds of ocean creatures, closed popular beaches for weeks and shut down fisheries for 138 square miles, severely impacting the area’s commercial and recreational anglers. The catastrophic Deepwater Horizon explosion and spill took 11 lives and caused more than $17 billion in damages to natural resources in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. Let’s not risk another disaster. Now is NOT the time to roll back safety standards and abandon hard-fought protections. California representatives have taken action to safeguard our state waters from drilling out to three miles offshore. Elected officials from other states, including Oregon, Washington, Florida, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina have also vocalized strong opposition to offshore drilling in federal waters, which is seen as an assault on respective local economies, sovereignty and our invaluable natural resources. We don't have to choose between a bustling national economy and clean, safe and healthy local environments. We can have both. The success of Marine Protected Areas along California's coast proves that making smart investments that protect our environment can benefit fisheries and tourism, while preserving ecological habitats. Ignoring the will of the people, the Trump administration is now unilaterally moving to benefit industry at the expense of the environment. We can’t let it happen. Sign this petition with Heal the Bay, California Coastkeeper Alliance and Surfrider Foundation to demand that the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management and the United States Secretary of the Interior REJECT this proposal to drastically increase offshore drilling.   Image Source: Scott London

Heal the Bay, California Coastkeeper Alliance & Surfrider Foundation
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