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Petition to Julian Smith MP, Theresa May MP, Rt Hon Elizabeth Truss MP

Tougher sentences for drivers who kill other road users whilst drunk/drugged

On Saturday 3 October 2015 at 12pm, My husband Bob (Drac) Allaway from Long Preston, Skipton was riding his motorbike along the A65 near Settle when he was involved in a head on collision with a Nissan Note. Bob sadly died at the scene, from multiple injuries. At the time of the accident Bob was only 46 years old and still had so much more to give. He could be counted on to join charity events when he would dress as his alter ego Freddie Mercury. He spent many hours collecting for Macmillan cancer support and the Love Leah fund. A roadside breath test was conducted on the driver of the Nissan Note and he returned a reading of 83ug per 100ml of breath – nearly two and a half times the legal limit (35ug/100ml). North Yorkshire Police conducted an investigation into the collision and found that whilst under the influence of alcohol, the driver of the Nissan Note had driven his vehicle across double solid white lines onto the wrong side of the road and collided head on with Bob’s motorbike.  The driver pled guilty and has been sentenced to four years and eight months in prison and served with a five year, eight month ban from driving for causing the death of  a motorcyclist whilst being drunk behind the wheel. So this driver will serve approximately two and a half years of his sentence whilst my family suffer a lifetime of pain at the loss of my husband.   I know any changes to the law will not affect the sentence this man has received but I hope that it will save other families the distress caused by such lenient sentences.   If I were to go out and kill someone with a weapon I would get a life sentence but you get in a car drunk and kill someone you get 4 years, where is the justice in that.  It is a disgrace and an insult to those left behind.  

lorraine allaway
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Petition to Theresa May MP

Review and change the guidelines that determine sentencing of drink drivers that kill.

‘We are calling on the government to review and change the guidelines that determine sentencing of drink drivers that kill’. Please take a 'Moment for Miriam’ and sign our petition. Miriam left our family home on Saturday evening the 29th of March, 2014 and she never returned. On that evening, on what was meant to be a normal Saturday night, our lives came crashing down and changed forever. At 6.30pm, Miriam left the house happy and looking forward to seeing her boyfriend. Shortly after 7 pm she was dead. She had been killed instantly in a head on collision. Miriam was only 21 years of age and had her whole life ahead of her. She was one of four sisters as well as being an identical twin. She was a beautiful person, both inside and out. She was talented, generous, gentle and caring. Miriam had so much to offer in life but cruelly her plans and hopes for the future were taken away from her on that night. It is impossible to describe the numbness, the shock, the disbelief, the sorrow and the total devastation that happened to us as a family that evening. From the moment we saw Miriam in the Chapel of Rest, we felt as if our hearts had shattered into a thousand pieces. The shock and the disbelief that we felt at that moment has remained with us until this day, and will remain with us for the rest of our lives. Miriam had made plans for the future. She had worked extremely hard in University and ironically, she spent that last day of her life doing her University work. Miriam did achieve the First Class honours Degree that she had worked so hard for. One of our hardest days following her funeral was attending the Graduation ceremony on her behalf. Other parents had their sons and daughters with them and they were celebrating and joyful. We were absolutely gutted. She had the degree she wanted so much but she was gone from our lives. Miriam had also made plans with her beloved boyfriend to settle down. Miriam loved Eric with all her heart, and he loved her. They had been together for nearly five years and were making plans for their future. The guilt we feel that she is no longer with us is there constantly, even though we know that it was only one person that could have saved Miriam on that night. The one person that didn’t care enough about other lives. The selfishness of a drink driver. He was well over the drink drive limit and travelling at speed when he killed Miriam. He lost control of his car and he entered into her path on the opposite lane whilst attempting to negotiate a left hand bend. He collided heavily with Miriam’s car who was travelling in the opposite direction. Police, paramedics and fire crews sped to the scene but Miriam had already died. Beyond the heartache, grief and anger we feel towards the driver, we also feel betrayed and frustrated by the legal system of this country. After a very lengthy investigation and many court appearances, 18 months later he finally pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 5 and a half years. He was also served with a five year ban from driving. He later appealed the length of sentence and it was reduced to 5 years. He will only serve 2 and a half years in jail at the most. We will never have justice for Miriam. The present sentencing guidelines and the law is an insult to her life and a disgrace to us left behind to pick up the pieces. Changes in the law will not make any difference at all to the sentence given to Miriam’s killer, but sentencing guidelines have to change for the sake of others. When an innocent life is taken, the punishment should reflect the seriousness of the crime.  Causing death by drink driving is a very serious crime. Drink driving is no accident, it is a decision!  If you are in charge of your vehicle after drinking then you are a dangerous driver and killing whilst drink driving in my opinion should mean an automatic manslaughter charge. Careless driving should not be used at all! The government need to introduce tougher laws and there has to be a stronger deterrent for offenders. Inadequate sentences fail to deter offenders and fail to give victims and families the justice they deserve. With tougher sentences offenders would think twice about getting behind a wheel of a vehicle. As drink driving remains one of the biggest killers on our roads, we are calling on the government to review and change the guidelines that determine the sentencing of a drink driver that kills. Your signature would be a step towards making a change in the right direction. We kindly ask you to sign this petition and ask your friends to sign it to get the maximum number of signatures possible. Please take ‘A Moment for Miriam’ and sign this petition in her memory. We appreciate your signature and thank you for your time in reading this petition and watching the video. Ceinwen, Richard, Katie-Ann, Megan and Lowri Briddon

Ceinwen Briddon
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Petition to Rt Hon Amber Rudd MP

Essex Police: Release ALL Documents Withheld under PII to Jeremy Bamber’s Legal Defence

Essex Police: Release All Documents Withheld under Public Interest Immunity (PII) to Jeremy Bamber’s Legal Defence Team with Immediate Effect. As over 30 years has now elapsed since the tragedy took place, there is no beneficial reason for withholding the documents and photographs by refusing disclosure under Public Interest Immunity or for any other reason. The public have a right to insist that they are released to his Defence Counsel forthwith so that a fresh appeal can be lodged on Jeremy’s behalf. At White House Farm, Tolleshunt D’Arcy, England on the 7th August 1985, five members of the same family were shot dead. They included Nevill Bamber, his wife June Bamber and their daughter Sheila Caffell and Sheila’s twin sons, Nicholas and Daniel Caffell. Based upon evidence the police established the shootings as a case of murder/suicide. However, Jeremy Bamber, Nevill and June’s son was arrested on the 8th September and released after six days of questioning. He was re-arrested on the 29th September and charged with murder. In October 1986 he was convicted on a 10:2 majority verdict and given a twenty-five year sentence, but the Home Secretary changed this to whole life in 1994.     Disclosure Required 1.      Original handwritten logs and statements written by Malcolm Bonnett & PC West relating to Jeremy’s father calling the Police between 03:00am and 03:30 am saying his daughter had gone berserk with the gun. 2.      The original situation report radioed in by PS Bews calling out the firearms team because he'd seen Sheila Caffell moving in the house while Jeremy was with police. Also PS Bews and PC Myall’s original witness statements written on the 7th August 1985. 3.      The 06.9.85 Report by DI Kenneally stating that the evidence showed Sheila was responsible for murdering her family and then committing suicide. 4.      Also required, the audio recordings of the open phone line at White House Farm recording the raid on the house by the Firearms Officers who broke in at 07:39am. 5.      The original handwritten statements from first case investigation number SC/688/85 including those written by the raid team and all fifty-four (54) people who entered the house on the 7th August 1985. 6.      Interviews from the DI Dickinson Enquiry including those from the forensic scientists Glynis Howard, Malcolm Fletcher, Graham Craddock and Graham Renshaw to discover if they wrote the same things to the Dickinson Enquiry regarding two sound moderators, that they later admitted to during the 1991 C.O.L.P Enquiry. 7.      Public Interest Immunity file on Julie Mugford referring to her ‘deal’ with the Crown Prosecution Service in exchange for immunity from prosecution for five criminal offences three of which were unknown to the jury. Also disclosure of the Essex Police file on the £25,000 newspaper deal, agreed to in November/December 1985 (pre-trial) by Julie Mugford’s solicitors. 8.      Photographs of all the rooms in white house Farm including those containing firearms such as the main office, and the box room next to the Master bedroom. In November 2001, all the case negatives were in uncut complete strips of ten. By 2011 and their disclosure to Jeremy, someone had cut and removed seventy-seven (77) negative images from these film strips, which left sixteen (16) of them cut up into multiple pieces of two, three and four frames. Disclosure is required of all seventy-seven (77) photographic images. 9.      Sheila Caffell's medical/psychiatric records referring to her conversations with her consulting psychiatrist where she informs him she was afraid she would kill her children - as he briefly mentioned at trial. Disclosure of her 1983 and 1985 diaries periods where she suffered severe episodes of psychosis. 10.   Original forensic report by Renshaw referring to the blood in the sound moderator as identical to beneficiary of the Bamber estate Robert Boutflour, one of the relatives who found it after police searched the house and 'missed it'.  Jeremy Bamber has been in prison for 30 years.  Please sign the Petition. Thank you.

The Jeremy Bamber Official Campaign
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