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Put TUSD back on Distance Learning

Amid the COVID-19 Omicron variant surge, our schools have not yet shut down. This variant is said to be highly contagious. Many students and teachers are out, and that number continues to increase every day. Half of our classrooms are vacated. Teachers are having to substitute to fill in for absent teachers. Even so, some people choose to not wear a mask or social distance, increasing the danger for others.  Distance learning can be hard, but it is not impossible. Some students have younger siblings who are not yet vaccinated. Others have elderly at home who are vulnerable and more likely to get very sick, or even need intensive care. Our schools should go on distance learning for at least 2 weeks to decrease this chance. UC Riverside, UC San Diego, UC Irvine, UC Santa Cruz, UCLA and UC Santa Barbara campuses have already announced that they will be starting their 2022 classes temporarily on remote learning. Students would be able to keep up with their classes/work and not fall behind. Some students are missing a lot of work because of their absence. Teachers are struggling with keeping up with both online and in-person class communications. It is not safe to continue education in person. Our schools should go back into Virtual/Distance Learning in order to keep everyone safe and keep the COVID-19 cases down. We need to put the safety of students and faculty first. Education is important, but we cannot learn if we have to focus on getting better first. Our health should be the first priority.  

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Petition to Kevin Skelly, SMUHSD , SMFCSD , Joan Rosas, Nancy Magee, Scott Morrow

Shift our San Mateo County Schools to ONLINE classes due to coronavirus

No matter your stance on the idea of online classes, we believe, as a Association of over 5000 parents, teachers, and students, that Students SHOULD NOT fear reprimand to protect their own SAFETY and HEALTH, from ANY district.  The students of the County of San Mateo do not feel comfortable attending classes due to the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus. Until proper precautions have been taken to ensure the wellbeing of the students, such as changing the fundamental idea of a crowded, humid locker room and stuffy classes where students must be shoulder to shoulder, San Mateo students want their classes switched to Online Classes. There are people at schools with a compromised immune system who might easily, and unfortunately, fall victim to this contagious virus. Elderly teachers, students with compromised immune systems, and teachers who are forced to be in class with sick students: all to keep student grades up. We do not want to risk our lives by attending class. This is a coalition of concerned Parents, Teachers, and Students, who feel that the inaction of our County: schools all over from Redwood City to San Mateo, is deplorable - some of it is ignorance; but we cannot deny the truth; that while children are not impacted they could be asymptomatic carriers compromising those who are vulnerable (eventually stressing out the healthcare system). Declared a Pandemic by the World Health Organization, if we close schools when we find the "first case", according to Yale University Sociologist and Physician, Nicholas Christakis,"If you wait for the case to occur [in your school], you still have wound up closing the school, but now you've missed the opportunity to have the real benefit that would have accrued had you closed the school earlier". As San Mateo's Health Officer releases an official statement, he states that " School closings present a particularly vexing social distancing dilemma but may be necessary to protect public health. Once school closings occur, they may be extensive and extended. Social distancing—staying at least 6 feet away from all other people—should be attempted where possible." It's completely possible to move to Online Classes. Sign the petition now for Safer Schools, Safer Health, and Safer Students.  

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