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Petition to Michael Waltz, Roger F. Wicker, President Donald Trump

Stop the extradition of Veteran Michael Taylor & his son Peter Taylor to Japan

6 Months in Jail October 30th: State Department Approves Extradition for Michael & Peter Taylor  Update August 8th: Bail appeal DENIED. Extradition hearing set for August 28th.   Facts: 1.) They have not been officially indicted in Japan. 2.) Michael who is 60 years old is missing part of his lung from a past injury and will need immediate hospitalization and could possibly die if he gets Covid-19.  3.) Peter Taylor who has no criminal record was deemed a flight risk because he's traveled overseas frequently.     Background: Michael Taylor is a highly decorated American veteran and hero. A former Special Forces operator, he fought for America all over the world – from Nicaragua to Norway, Iraq to Lebanon to Afghanistan. Whether it was rescuing kidnapped kids, going undercover to break up a drug gang or protecting American officials in the most dangerous spots in the world, Mike has answered the call of duty over and over again. But today he and his 27-year-old son are being treated by our own government as if they are terrorists. It is an abuse of constitutional rights and an outrageous example of how twisted the American legal system can be. And for our family it is a nightmare. Our father, Michael, and brother, Peter, have been entombed in prison for more than 70 days. They have not been charged with crimes in America  or Japan, yet they are locked up in a jail  in Massachusetts which has had over 75 Covid-19 cases. They are imprisoned because Japan wants them extradited so they can face minor charges there and the US government has been happy to oblige. At worst their alleged crimes would be a misdemeanor in Japan. Meanwhile Japan has refused to turn over their own nationals who have been indicted in the US for actions that caused 16 Americans to die. Despite this obscene hypocrisy the US Justice Department seems intent on shipping Mike and Peter to a country which has given prosecutors so much abusive power over defendants that they have a 99.7% conviction rate and have earned the contempt of Human Rights Watch. How can this happen? How can the lives of an American hero and his son be threatened in this way? The charges are the result of Mike and Peter’s alleged connection with the escape of former Nissan/Renault Chairman, Carlos Ghosn from Japan. It’s a riveting story of how Ghosn – who was on bail for supposed financial crimes in Japan – disappeared and then popped up in Lebanon. It made headlines throughout the world and deeply embarrassed the Japanese government. The story brought deep scrutiny to the appalling Japanese legal system and the fact that the original charges against Ghosn seem to have been created out of thin air. With their dirty laundry exposed, Japanese prosecutors demanded the US extradite Mike and Peter to face charges that they aided Ghosn with his vanishing act.  Because of Japan’s extradition request the Justice Department sent 10 men with automatic weapons to our home and seized Mike and Peter in the early morning hours of May 20th. But prosecutors had not done a careful analysis of Japanese law and filled their charging document with falsehoods and inaccuracies. In fact, it is highly dubious that what they are charged with is even a crime in Japan. But since they took this action they have doubled down. They stripped away our father and brothers’ constitutional rights, threw them in jail and claimed that they were a flight risk who could not be let out on bail. Meanwhile prisons and jails across the country are releasing anyone they can because of how Covid-19 is sweeping through their facilities. Even murder suspects have been let out, while Mike and Peter – accused of at worst a misdemeanor – remain behind bars. And the flight risk charge is simply baseless since they had returned to the US from overseas knowing full well that Japan may attempt extradition. It took more than a month for Mike and Peter to be able to make their case for bail in front of a magistrate. Those are cases that are typically resolved in a day or two yet weeks have gone by without a decision. Meanwhile the Covid-19 cases in the jail they are held in have been skyrocketing. Mike was wounded as a veteran, has had part of a lung removed and is at grave risk. Our dad is a dedicated family man who takes care of his 86-year-old father, also a veteran, and is adored by many in his community. He is guided by faith and justice and above all loves his country. You would think that a man who sacrificed so much for his country would be treated better than this. What is particularly unjust is that Mike and Peter – who have been accused of nothing in the US and convicted of nothing in Japan – are in this situation while Japan has refused to honor the extradition treaty they now expect the US to enforce. Over 250 Americans were injured and 16 died because of faulty air-bags knowingly made by Japanese manufacturer, Takata. Executives were indicted in the US yet Japan refused to extradite them. Meanwhile Mike and Peter -- accused of a misdemeanor that may well not even be a crime at all -- are locked up without bail and their lives put at risk. Thousands of convicted criminals have been released from prison because of Covid-19 but apparently the US government think Mike and Peter should be treated far more harshly. Frankly it is outrageous. This is not the America fought for and we ask for your help to fix this by supporting this petition. We love our father and brother dearly and feel betrayed by our own government. These are good citizens of this nation and they need to be released and allowed their freedom and constitutional rights. They are not trying to avoid whatever legal process may ensue, they just want the same rights the rest of us enjoy and don’t want to be exposed to an incredibly dangerous disease. Please help us spread the word and fight for Mike and Peter as our father has fought for all of us.  

Taylor Family
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Petition to Andrew M. Cuomo

Patrick Stephens deserves clemency!

Clemency means forgiveness or leniency in judgment; to show mercy.  A commutation of sentence (a form of executive clemency) reduces an incarcerated person’s current sentence.  Please support clemency for Patrick Stephens.  Patrick is in his 23rd year of a 25 year to life sentence for murder, committed in 1995 when he was only 22 years old.  Although a first time violent offender, he was sentenced the maximum time possible for second-degree murder; the minimum being 15 years.  Patrick's quest for personal growth and demonstrated commitment to helping others unquestionably meets the criteria the State has used to define those worthy of clemency - he “has made exceptional strides in self-development and improvement; has made responsible use of available rehabilitative programs; has addressed identified treatment needs and the commutation is in the interest of justice, consistent with public safety and the rehabilitation of the applicant” See Apply for Clemency, Commutations, available at (last visited April 4, 2020).  With the strong support of his family, he has a reentry plan in place that will set him up for success upon his release.   Patrick is now 47 years old.  He has made remarkable strides while in prison, including earning his Associate’s Degree and Bachelor's Degree from Bard College. And as of September 2020, he earned his Master’s Degree from New York Theological Seminary.  He has received certificates and licenses in approximately 20 programs, learned (and is now fluent in) Spanish, and is a member of the Bard Debate Union.  In addition to his educational growth, Patrick has dedicated his time to helping other incarcerated individuals, including those with HIV and AIDS. Patrick has participated in several programs that helped reframe his way of thinking about conflict resolution and communicating with others.  Beyond this, he has facilitated and developed programs and workshops on behalf of other incarcerated men, displaying a pattern of community commitment.   Most importantly, Patrick has learned what he did not know when he was just 22—that violence and taking a life is never the answer to resolve conflict. He takes full responsibility for his actions and is sorry for the life lost and the pain he caused the family. A common theme in the numerous letters of support written on Patrick's behalf is one of growth, change, and maturity. The letters speak of his change in thinking, calm and thoughtful demeanor, and encouragement and mentorship of others—a far cry from the rebellious, impulsive 22 year-old who committed the offense. The fact that so many people felt compelled to write letters is a testament to his character. Patrick has clearly demonstrated he is remorseful and willing to live up to his potential to be a valued member of society.  With his educational achievements during his incarceration, there is minimal risk of repeated offense and recidivism.  His family and contacts in the academic community will provide an extensive support network, further reducing the risk.  Further incarceration no longer serves any purpose for the People of New York.  Therefore, in the interest of justice and reform, Patrick Stephens should be granted clemency. For additional information about Patrick's experience and achievements, please visit  Thank you for your support!

Alana S.
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Petition to Gretchen Whitmer, Department of Justice, Donald J. Trump, Michael Eagen, Michigan parole Board, Heidi Washington, department of corrections


The Michigan Department of Corrections and parole board is moving to release inmate Larry Allen Moore who raped and murdered Connie M. Probst May 31, 1986. If this man is released he will serve his probation in the town that he committed this heinous crime, our small town of Monroe,MI. This is a yearly occurrence for our family but this year is a little different. With the country in a state of emergency and our state wide “Stay Home” executive orders from Governor Whitmer our family did not receive adequate time to prepare, 30 days from the letter (two weeks since we received the letter two weeks from when it was dated).  We generally have 30 days  from the receipt of the letter to call and set up a day to have a meeting with the parole board, which usually occurs in June. Our family has been denied the opportunity to present our victim family impact statements in person this year, we have to mail in a letter or speak with someone on the phone. We are unsure if we will be able to receive help from the prosecuting attorneys office like usual. We feel that our family is not being given ample opportunity to be heard. We feel that the board has already made up its mind and because of Covid-19 are moving to release this prisoner.  We are seeking the help and support of the public. Call attention to this injustice and let it be known to our government officials that this is not okay. Please sign this petition in protest, keep our community safe, and keep this monster in prison where he belongs. 

Ashley C
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Petition to Department of Justice

ICE: #ReleaseElvira Detained Since 2017. 26 year old Mom. Sufferer of Asthma & Hepatitis.

The Honorable Tammy Fitting AND U.S. Department of Homeland Security AND California U.S. Senate Offices AND Ohio U.S. Senate Offices AND Washington U.S. Senate Offices March 30th 2020 Re: Detained Since 2017, Release Asthmatic Cameroonian Young Mother, Elvira, from California'sAdelanto Immigration Detention Center. We respectfully ask you to release our Cameroonian sister and friend, Elvira from California's Adelanto immigration detention and allow her to come home to her family in Ohio. Elvira is the mother of two, and a beloved sister and wife. She fled five armed conflicts in Cameroon, trekked through 8 South and Central American countries, crossing Mexico to the United States. She is seeking asylum. She has been detained in immigration jails since 2017, where she contracted Hepatitis A. With the coronavirus pandemic currently raging in the U.S., we worry that our Cameroonian sister is particularly vulnerable to becoming gravely ill and even dying. If she is released, Elvira will come live with her sister Mercy, a U.S. citizen whose husband is a pastor at the Glen Echo Presbyterian Church in Columbus, Ohio. We are ready, willing, and more than able to provide a safe home and support to our sister as she continues the immigration court process. Elvira is a good person of faith and she is from a loving family and only wants a chance to have a safe place to live. Please show mercy on Elvira and release her to the care of her sister in Ohio, our Cameroon diaspora community in California and Ohio, and her Presbyterian faith community. This is for her own good and in the interest of public health. Sincerely, Ms. Mercy Nwana AkihElvira's sponsor andCoronavirus Pandemic Frontline Medical Professional in Ohio Ms. Carine Nwana AmmonsElvira's Sister and Coronavirus Pandemic Frontline Medical Professional in Washington State. Rev Mathias AkihElvira's brother-in-lawPastor at Glen Echo Presbyterian Church in Ohio and Steering Committee of Presbyterian Church of Cameroon in USA (PCC USA) Dr. Evelyn McClave, Professor Emerita, California State University, Northridge,Adelanto Visitation Program. Dr. Brennis Lucero WagonerProfessor EmeritaCalifornia State University, NorthridgeAdelanto Visitation Program. Diane Paul, MSW. International Human Rights Advocate and ResearcherWashington State  Daniel (Last name retracted), Southern Cameroonian and Former detainee at Theo lacy Detention Center in California,Presently in Washington State.#AdvocateForCameroonDetainees Mr. Alfred AboyaCalifornia Cameroon Diaspora Leader and former UCLA Basketball Champion.#AdvocateForCameroonDetainees In partnership with the Cameroon American Council's Cameroon Migrant Legal Defense Fund.  

Cameroon American Council
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