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Petition to Andrew M. Cuomo

Patrick Stephens deserves clemency!

Clemency means forgiveness or leniency in judgment; to show mercy.  A commutation of sentence (a form of executive clemency) reduces an incarcerated person’s current sentence.  Please support clemency for Patrick Stephens.  Patrick is in his 23rd year of a 25 year to life sentence for murder, committed in 1995 when he was only 22 years old.  Although a first time violent offender, he was sentenced the maximum time possible for second-degree murder; the minimum being 15 years.  Patrick's quest for personal growth and demonstrated commitment to helping others unquestionably meets the criteria the State has used to define those worthy of clemency - he “has made exceptional strides in self-development and improvement; has made responsible use of available rehabilitative programs; has addressed identified treatment needs and the commutation is in the interest of justice, consistent with public safety and the rehabilitation of the applicant” See Apply for Clemency, Commutations, available at (last visited April 4, 2020).  With the strong support of his family, he has a reentry plan in place that will set him up for success upon his release.   Patrick is now 47 years old.  He has made remarkable strides while in prison, including earning his Associate’s Degree and Bachelor's Degree from Bard College. He is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree with the New York Theological Seminary and will graduate in 2020.  He has received certificates and licenses in approximately 20 programs, learned (and is now fluent in) Spanish, and is a member of the Bard Debate Union.  In addition to his educational growth, Patrick has dedicated his time to helping other prisoners, including those with HIV and AIDS. Patrick has participated in several programs that helped reframe his way of thinking about conflict resolution and communicating with others.  Beyond this, he has facilitated and developed programs and workshops on behalf of other incarcerated men, displaying a pattern of community commitment.   Most importantly, Patrick has learned what he did not know when he was just 22—that violence and taking a life is never the answer to resolve conflict. He takes full responsibility for his actions and is sorry for the life lost and the pain he caused to his victim’s family. A common theme in the numerous letters of support written on Patrick's behalf is one of growth, change, and maturity. The letters speak of his change in thinking, calm and thoughtful demeanor, and encouragement and mentorship of others—a far cry from the rebellious, impulsive 22 year-old who committed the offense. The fact that so many people felt compelled to write letters is a testament to his character. Patrick has clearly demonstrated he is remorseful and willing to live up to his potential to be a valued member of society.  With his educational achievements during his incarceration, there is minimal risk of repeated offense and recidivism.  His family and contacts in the academic community will provide an extensive support network, further reducing the risk.  Further incarceration no longer serves any purpose for the People of New York.  Therefore, in the interest of justice and reform, Patrick Stephens should be granted clemency. For additional information about Patrick's experience and achievements, please visit  Thank you for your support!

Alana S.
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Petition to Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard, Amiee Maxwell

New Trial For Imam Jamil Al-Amin FKA H. Rap Brown

As Always, We begin with the greeting of peace, As-Salaamu Alaikum, As you may know, my father, Imam Jamil Al-Amin, formerly H. Rap Brown civil rights leader and humanitarian, was convicted of a murder he did not commit in 2002.  Upon that conviction, we essentially abandoned him. No tangible noise was ever made and as such, my father's conviction and subsequent exile, a vendetta realized, has gone unchecked. The cruel and unusual punishment, the confession of another man, the medical neglect in hopes that he dies, the gag order, the federal holding of a state prisoner away from his attorney's and family,  we've done nothing about anything and because of our lack of action, much like the man himself, the truth about this case and his legacy have been erased from public view. If we don't commit to action, the same action he dedicated himself to for the entirety of his life, the same action many of you are benefiting from while he sits suffering silently, then we have turned our backs on our Imam...your brother and should be ashamed.  We have been fighting this fight in the courts for 20 years and because the outward appearance is that "his people don't even care about him," we haven't gotten anything more than "yes he deserves a new trial but no you can't have one" and again that's on us because, what have we done about it?  Alhamdulillah though, we've been afforded yet another opportunity and this time, we aren't even asking you to decide his guilt or innocence though it should be obvious, we are only asking that you help him get the opportunity to prove his innocence to you and salvage his name. A fair trial, where the man who confessed to this crime actually testifies, where constitutional rights are respected and where the state prosecutors misconduct is not overlooked and subsequently rewarded with a federal judgeship. No, we want a fair trial...that's all. That being said, if you can get behind the idea of Imam Jamil or anyone for that matter finally receiving a fair opportunity to prove their innocence, then please, sign and share our petition. We must let District Attorney Paul Howard and The Fulton County Conviction Integrity Unit know that we are paying attention and we demand fairness and justice at the very least.  Meet me on the front line, Sincerely,  Kairi Al-Amin Attorney & Son of Imam Jamil Al-Amin FKA H. Rap Brown

Kairi Al-Amin
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Petition to NYS Department of Corrections Executive Clemency Bureau, Andrew M. Cuomo

Approve Commutation Request

Juan Rivas, 11A3744 was only 19 when he was charged in 2010 of Criminal Sale Firearm and Criminal Sale Control Substance in 2010.  He came from a very respectful family, attended private school and had an excellent upbringing.  However, Mr. Rivas fell into the wrong crowd and fast life of living in NYS.  He was received in the NYS Department of Corrections and Community Supervision on 8/23/2011.  Mr. Rivas received a Aggregate Minimum sentence of 0 years and a Maximum sentence of 16 years.  Mr. Rivas has completed more than 50% of his sentence in NYS prisons.   During his time in prison he underwent surgery and has developed respiratory ailments and severe allergies and asthma that cause him to take several medications to sleep and function throughout the day.  Mr. Rivas is now 30 years old.  He is classified as a mental health inmate receiving services for depression and anxiety.   Although Mr. Rivas is not innocent on his actions, Mr. Rivas was a child, acting in accordance to what he was told by his peers.  He acted on no recognizance and was forced to take the full sentence, while others received 1 year of probation for their participation in the crime; unjustly to charge the youngest participant in the case because he was vulnerable, threatened to receive 30+ years if he did not accept the plea amongst other things. Mr. Rivas is now married and receives support from his family and friends.  His wife and family have developed a resume based on skills he has obtained in prisons to enable him to find employment when he is released in addition, are assisting and encouraging Mr. Rivas to complete his GED.  Mr. Rivas has been transferred several times that he has been unable to complete the GED exam, a flaw that the system is not trying to reintegrate these inmates back into society as law abiding systems, but expecting them to return to these prisons as failures when they were not provided with the adequate tools, resources and training to live productive lives outside of the systems walls.  His wife is employed as a Business Manager as well as owns her own party planning business and has been a strong support system for Mr. Rivas in the last 4 years. This petition is to assist Mr. Rivas family and supporters move the commutation application along for immediate consideration and release of Mr. Rivas.

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Petition to David Ige, Tulsi Gabbard, Brian Schatz, Mazie K. Hirono, Hawaii State Senate, Hawaii State House, Hawaii Governor, Linda Ichiyama, Henry J.C. Aquino, Laura H. Thielen, CNN, Washington Post, FOX News

Please Help defend Maui Brewing Company!

I need your help! The Covid-19 epidemic has changed the world as we know it.  Countless beverage producers, from coffee roasters, to breweries, to distilleries, have turned part of their production schedule & capabilities into producing hand sanitizer. Maui Brewing Co. was no different. They saw there was a need, not just on Maui but on the whole series of islands of Hawaii where hand sanitizer was in desperate need. That is the key word to this: DESPERATE. In response, MBC remained committed to helping the islands. They freely shared the hand sanitizer they were able to produce quickly with the community, and donated over $25,000 worth to charities, first responders, emergency personnel and other essential heroes in the community in the hopes to do its part to help. Even though his business was crippled, especially with the sit-down-restaurant side of business closing, Garrett Marrero and his team distributed hand sanitizer with the purchase of any product (food, N/A options, merch, spirits, or beer), while still gladly giving it away to whomever showed up, purchase or not. Instead of applauding his efforts, the Liquor Board of Hawaii immediately began an investigation, without warning nor courtesy communications after his many years of working alongside them, in an attempt to hinder his efforts. Now after an ‘investigation’, the Department of Liquor Control of Maui County is charging him with a violation and he stands to face a fine, suspension of liquor license, or worst of all: his license being revoked, possibly extinguishing the fire of passion and community of the vision of Maui Brewing Co. Garrett’s compliance with Department of Liquor Control rules & regulations has always been immaculate & somehow now, his good deed is going to be punished!!! Maui Brewing Co., the hundreds of employees, & Garrett need your help!!!!  Please help & rally behind Garrett & his ‘Ohana. ·      By signing this, you are showing that you support Garrett Marrero Maui Brewing Co., Island Sodas, Origin Coffee & Kupu Spirits. ·      You are telling the Department of Liquor Control that you are a witness to the work Maui Brewing Co. has done over the years. ·      You are testifying to the selfless efforts of Garrett & his team during this epidemic. ·      You are standing alongside Garrett, as your signature represents your being present at their hearing, since most likely, not everyone will be able to attend, especially during this pandemic. ·      Your signature states that you believe the Maui Department of Liquor Control is violating the right of Americans to help others and you demand they dismiss the investigation and stop this inquisition. ·      Your signature asks that the Liquor Commission allow Maui Brewing to be allowed to continue what they do: fostering wonderful experiences through their products. The more signatures they get, the more they will show the Liquor Commission the support they have. Garrett has always worked alongside legislators to ensure changes to beverage laws to allow for growth & adherence to changing trends in beverage & hospitality. He saw that the future of hospitality was based on supporting local sustainable farms & offering the best quality of comfort food while working to aid local producers.

Nahem Simon
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