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Petition to Steve Adler, Ann Kitchen, Leslie Pool, Kathie Tovo, Alison Alter, Delia Garza, Ellen Troxclair, Greg Casar, Jimmy Flannigan, Ora Houston, Sabino Renteria

Tell Austin City Council: De-Confederate Our Streets

We call on the Austin City Council to rename Jeff Davis Avenue, Robert E. Lee Road, and Confederate Avenue. Davis and Lee betrayed our country and our ideals; most important, they betrayed their enslaved neighbors. But the South is not the Confederacy. What Dr. King called “our beloved Southland” has its distinctive food, music, manners, customs, and stories just like every place in the world. Those wishing to celebrate the South can do so without honoring our evils. Let us instead commemorate those who contributed something valuable to our republic, to the South, to Texas, and especially to Austin. Jeff Davis Ave. is named after Confederate President Jefferson Davis. Council Member Leslie Pool has proposed renaming Jeff Davis Ave. to honor Will Holland. Holland was a Travis County commissioner who helped establish a predecessor to the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. Robert E. Lee Rd. is named after the Confederate Army general. Council Member Ann Kitchen has proposed renaming it to honor Azie Taylor Morton, a teacher, public servant, and the only African-American US Treasurer. Morton graduated from Huston-Tillotson College and served on the Austin Housing Authority Board. Confederate Ave. is named after the Confederacy itself, and is in Mayor Pro Tem Kathie Tovo's district. We support any reasonable new name, such as "1848 Avenue," in honor of the date of arrival in Texas of many German immigrants who would later resist the Confederacy. ***** Want to do more? Follow De-Confederate Austin on Facebook! ***** Want to learn more?“City Considers Re-Naming Jeff Davis Avenue” (article about William Holland) “Morton, Azie Taylor (1936-2003)” “Commentary: Texas perpetuates myths with Confederate Heritage Month” “Confederate monuments, more than 700 across USA, aren't budging”

De-Confederate Austin
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Petition to City Commission of Lakeland

Relocate the Confederate Monument in Lakeland's Munn Park

We, the Undersigned would like our voices heard as proponents of the removal or relocation of Lakeland's Confederate statue in Munn Park. Whereas We, the Undersigned, wish to honor and respect every fallen soldier who died in honorable service to our country;  Whereas We believe Munn Park is not an appropriate location for a military memorial, lacking the solemn atmosphere for genuine reverence, respect, or reflection; Whereas no specific battle or military incidents occurred in Munn Park or downtown Lakeland; Furthermore, We the Undersigned wish to promote downtown Lakeland as a vibrant community center; Whereas We believe a re-envisioning of the monument area in Munn Park will elevate and aid the promotion of downtown Lakeland as a commercial, retail, and recreational destination; Furthermore, We the Undersigned wish to protect all citizens and visitors to downtown Lakeland; Whereas Confederate monuments across the United States have become public safety liabilities, putting families, residents, and visitors in the path of conflict; Therefore We, the Undersigned, propose that the Confederate monument in Munn Park be removed or relocated to an appropriate location to be determined; Where it will not be inappropriately used as a jungle gym or picnic table; Where there is appropriate space and atmosphere for quiet reflection; Where it will provide the greatest opportunity for downtown Lakeland to thrive.

Fred Koehler
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Petition to Ralph Northam, Justin Fairfax, Mary Margaret Whipple

Virginia is for Lovers, not new Confederate statues

Virginia is moving ahead to build a new statue to honor a woman most have known as the "Angel of the Confederacy". While the purpose of the commission is to honor Virginia women's achievements, a new statue for a revered Confederate is no longer tolerable. Sally Louisa Tompkins was positioned for this honor due to her groundbreaking hospital that treated Confederate soldiers during the Civil War. Even VA Governor Northam has said recently that Sally is not being honored because she was a Confederate soldier - however, it is no longer possible to ignore her connection to a cause celebrated for its desire for slavery to continue. Three chapters of the United Daughters of the Confederacy are named after Captain Sally and she was buried with full military honors in 1916. Her name is synonymous with the Confederacy and with the white supremacists who will cheer mightily if her likeness is erected on state grounds. Charlottesville was the point of no return for this country. We can no longer ignore the hatefulness and white supremacist connections of these monuments. All across the country, cities are tearing down these memorials of the days of Jim Crow - not standing up new ones. Virginia doesn't need a new statue of a Confederate soldier no matter what the rationale. Join us and let the Virginia Women's Monument Commission know that they need to replace Sally Louisa Tompkins with a non Confederate woman of achievement - there are many. Sincerely, Barb Hale member of Grassroots Alexandria 

Barb Hale
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