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Petition to Mayor Donna Dodgen, Guadalupe County Commissioners, Councilor Ernest Leal, Councilor Jeannette Crabb, Councilor Chris Aviles, Councilor Chris Rangel, Councilor Jeremy Roy, Councilor Fonda Mathis, Councilor Penny Wallace, Councilor Mark Herbold, Greg Abbott

Remove the Monument To Confederate Racist John Ireland in Downtown Seguin

We must remove the monument to Confederate Colonel John Ireland, from downtown Seguin. Ireland held offices such as Mayor of Seguin and Governor of Texas. He is a stain on the soul of our great city and state. A firm believer in slavery, Ireland campaigned for greater efforts to reclaim slaves who had run away to freedom in Mexico. He was an ardent secessionist and served as a delegate of Seguin to the 1861 Secession Convention. He enlisted in the Confederate States Army as a private and eventually worked his way through the ranks to that of lieutenant colonel. Throughout the Civil War, Ireland was stationed within the Texas borders, patrolling along the Rio Grande border and along the Gulf Coast, where he was stationed at the civil war's end in 1865. Following the war, Ireland participated in the Reconstruction Convention of 1866 and was soon elected judge of the Seguin District. He was removed from his position the following year for his roles in the Confederacy by Republicans that seized power. Nearly 100 years later, racists, looking to promote the myth of the Lost Cause of the Confederacy and send a message in response to the Civil Rights Act, erected monuments to the CSA across the country, including the Ireland monument in Seguin. We cannot allow history to be rewritten by confederate apologists. Ireland was a racist and a traitor. He has absolutely no right to be honored in the way he is downtown in Seguin, TX. 

Joseph Scott Ranft
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Petition to Rob Akers, John Magruder, Ronnie Gill, Bud Smith

Remove the Confederate Monument Located in Tappahannock, Virginia

Tappahannock, Virginia isn’t just known as the birthplace of Chris Brown, it’s also home to one of America’s 780 confederate monuments. Today, we are calling on the Essex County Board of Supervisors to remove the statue on Prince Street. On June 10, 2020 over 300 men, women and children came out to march for justice and racial equity in Tappahannock. Activists and organizers- including young white Americans- recognized the need to change the culture in their community, state and nation. Demonstrators marched for two-miles and descended upon a  27-foot tall granite statue lying in a median on Prince Street. The confederate monument was erected by the Essex United Daughters of the Confederacy in 1909. The monument was erected “in memory of the soldiers and sailers of (Essex) county who were killed or died in service of the confederacy.” On bronze plaques there are listed 770 names of confederate officers and soldiers who “fought for the principles of state sovereignty and in defense of their homes.” Those men fought and died to defend their right to own and inherit my ancestors. Instead of a statue honoring slave owners, the town should honor folk like my Great-Great-Great Grandfather Lewis Corbin. Lewis Corbin was enslaved on the Ware plantation in Dunnsville, Virginia. My Great-Great-Great Grandfather escaped from his plantation and walked over 70 miles to Hampton, Virginia. In Hampton he joined the Union Navy and fought to liberate Black people from slavery. He was stationed on the USS Ella, a steamboat used as a picket and patrol vessel, as well as a dispatch boat, on the Potomac River. After reigning victorious over the confederate army and completing his service for the Union Navy, he moved back to Dunnsville, Virginia and helped form Angel Visit Baptist Church. My Great-Great-Great Grandfather was a gallant patriot who fought to MAKE AMERICA GREAT. He fought on the right side of history and men and women like him deserve to be honored. Confederate statues were erected en masse throughout the southern U.S. in the late 19th Century as a reminder to Black Americans that white supremacy still has its knee on our necks. The statues romanticize a period of time when Black men, women and children were being worked to death, raped, and treated as if their life had no value. The confederate monument in Tappahannock is a visible symbol of white supremacy and reinforces the idea that Black Lives don’t Matter. The confederate monument on Prince street was symbolically placed between the county’s court house and sheriffs department to affirm the centrality of white supremacy in our law enforcement and government agencies. Tearing down the statue on Prince Street symbolizes the dismantling of institutional racism. Removing the statue removes the symbolism of racial terror and validates that Black Lives do Matter. On June 4, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam announced that Richmond’s largest Confederate statue will be removed—today I am calling for the removal of the confederate monument in Tappahannock, Virginia. It is time  to tear down statues that honor men who took up arms against their country to defend their right to own Black men, women and children. If you are with me, please sign and share the petition to get the statue removed and replaced with a monument that honors REAL heroes like my Great-Great-Great Grandfather Lewis Corbin. Join us on July 11, 2020 at 1 PM on front of the confederate statue in Tappahannock, Virginia. We will be celebrating Marcus-David Peter’s Community Day and we will be calling for the implementation of the Marcus Alert and the removal of the confederate statue. At 3 PM we will be marching to St. Margaret’s School on Water Lane for musical performances and a documentary screening of the historic Tappahannock march for justice. 

Ronnie Sidney II
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Petition to Wayne Carpenter, Dan Kirkley, Sam A. Listi, John Holmes, Craig Pearson, David K. Leigh, Daniel Bucher, Guy O'Banion


This petition was created to show the leaders of Belton that the confederate statue that stands in front of the Bell County Courthouse needs to come down! Many defend this statue because it is an important piece of history which should not be forgotten! I agree, there is a museum across the street it can be placed in, but there is nowhere in our society that should tolerate and allow a statue that “honors our confederate heroes”  You may argue that the confederacy was about states rights which is true, it was about states rights to have slaves. This is not confederate America, nor confederate Belton, it is 21st century America and we should hold ourselves to a higher standard and not idolize “confederate heroes” Taking this statue down may be a small change but it will be a huge leap in pushing Texas in the correct direction for social equality! So please, please, take time out of your day to sign this petition to bring a big change to a small town! additionally here are some emails to in which you can express your feelings to the officials of Belton so they can truly hear how important this is not only to its citizens, but to everyone in America! Sam A. Listi (City Manager) - Wayne Carpenter (Mayor) - Dan Kirkley (Mayor Pro Tem) - John Holmes (Council-member) - Craig Pearson (Council-member) - David K. Leigh (Concil-member) - Daniel Bucher (Council-member) - Guy O’Banion (Council-member)-   DO NOT BE AFRAID TO EMAIL THESE PEOPLE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO REPRESENT YOU AND YOUR FEELINGS SO SHARE THEM!!!

Tyler Sutton
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