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Petition to Mattew G. Whitaker, Kerri Kupec, Chief of Police Michael R. Moore, Jonathan Lucas, M.D, Sarah Isgur Flores, District Attorney Jackie Lacey, President of the United States

Marilyn Monroe deserves to have her death certificate changed!

I am a private investigator conducting an investigation into the true facts surrounding the death of Marilyn Monroe. My objective is to petition the correction of Marilyn's death certificate and requesting that the Attorney General opened a criminal investigation surrounding her death. There was really never an investigation  I have always believed Marilyn Monroe was murdered along with most of the people in this world. If you look at all of the stories, books, testimonies, and even evidence then there is no reason that Marilyn Monroe’s death certificate should not be changed from probable suicide to murder. If not that, then at least accidental death. I feel that there should be a correction on Marilyn's death certificate and I am requesting that the Attorney General open the criminal investigation surrounding her death. There are two people alive who have never asked to give a statement for an investigation but were present when Marilyn Monroe took her last breath, and that is LAPD Sgt. Marvin D. Iannone who was later promoted to Chief of the Beverly Hills Police Department. And, Pat Newcomb. After the funeral, Pat Newcomb flew to the Kennedy compound at Hyannisport, Massachusetts. After that, Newcomb left the country and remained away for six months. During this period from August 1962 to February 1963, she visited Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Denmark, and Switzerland. When she returned to this country she was put on the"government payroll as an information specialist (motion pictures) for the U.S. Information Agency, 1776 Penn. Ave. N.W., Washington, D.C. Don’t you think this is a little interesting? I do! Time is running out since Ms. Pat Newcomb is 88 years old and Mr. Iannone is 83 years old. Please help by making things right. It’s time for Marilyn Monroe to have her death cleared once and for all. And, for those who took part in her death to be criminally responsible for aiding and abetting in the death of Marilyn they are not alive.   Marvin Iannone dismissed the other officers from the scene the day Marilyn Monroe was found dead. Iannone was seen by several witnesses talking to Peter Lawford and assisting Lawford while cleaning up the cottage where the actual death took place. Iannone had been known to take care of Bobby Kennedy whenever Bobby came into town. How can we allow a man who pledged to protect and serve get away with actually taking part in a possible murder and/or more? The one thing that has never changed in over 53 years is the people involved, the time frame of events and the real manner of death. Marilyn deserves this change.   

Ariel Investigations
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Petition to Greg Abbott, Greg Abbott, Texas Board of Pardons and Parole, State of Texas

Rodney Reed is innocent. Exonerate and send him home.

Update: On November 15, 2019, with 5 days before Rodney Reed was scheduled to die, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals unanimously blocked his execution, and remanded his case back to the 21st District Court of Bastrop, Texas for a new hearing to examine new evidence, new witnesses, Brady violations, and Rodney's claims of actual innocence, which is a chance for him to clear his name and be exonerated. Our work is just beginning and we must keep pressure on those with the power to continue doing the right thing.   Dear Governor Greg Abbott: 1. Rodney Reed is innocent. 2. The State relied on expert testimony to convict Rodney Reed that has since been recanted BY THE EXPERTS who put forth the testimony. Three renown medical examiners have concluded it is "medically impossible" for Stacey Stites to have been killed at the time the state says she died. This alone exonerates Rodney Reed. Reed was convicted based on forensic expert testimony that has now been recanted by the scientists and agencies that offered the evidence on behalf of the State. In fact, leading forensic pathologists have concluded that it would be "medically and scientifically impossible" for Reed to have murdered Stites. This new forensic evidence (which the State hasn't contradicted) indicates that Stites was murdered at a time that her fiance, local police officer Jimmy Fennell, testified that he was alone with Stites in their apartment. Fennell recently completed a ten-year prison sentence after he plead guilty to felony charges arising out of the kidnapping and sexual assault of a women he encountered while on patrol as a Georgetown, Texas police officer. Rodney Reed is innocent and should be exonerated, not executed. 3. We hate to say it, but, Rodney Reed is the victim of racism and was framed for a crime he didn't commit. 4. ALL OF THE EVIDENCE implicates *somebody else* was the real killer. And that somebody else failed two polygraph exams about his role in the murder, and he has continued to be a violent offender and assaulted others in the same way - kidnapping, sexual assault and choking with a belt. 5. Rodney Reed, and the Reed family, have suffered enough. 6. Sometimes our court system makes mistakes, and this case is a prime example of those injustices of what happens when the system fails. 7. Due to these mistakes, there's been no justice for the victim, Stacey Stites, and the real killer has continued to be a serial violent offender. 8. We need you to hear us, review this case, and find it in your heart to do what's right. 9. You promised Texas wouldn't ever kill an innocent person. You're the only person who can keep this promise by stopping the execution of Rodney Reed. 10. If prosecutors followed the evidence, and the evidence only, Rodney Reed wouldn't even be a suspect in this case, let alone become indicted. There's absolutely no evidence that indicts Rodney Reed. Please exonerate Rodney Reed.

Rodney Reed is Innocent
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Petition to Pennsylvania Governor, Pennsylvania State House, Pennsylvania State Senate

To keep 18 the age of buying tobacco products in Pennsylvania

This petition is for the age of 18 to be kept as the official age to purchase tobacco products. 18 in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is the age that you can, amongst others: serve your country and state, vote, get married, and in other words, are legally an adult. The age should stay at the age of 18. The reason for this is because you're in control of your own body. You're your own person and you are given this civil right to make your own conscious decisions without others making your own decisions. As adults, the idea should be to increase the knowledge of the 17 and younger population about the detrimental effects of smoking, pushing out the knowledge like the DARE programs had done before and had a tremendous effect on reducing other forms of drug use along with tobacco use. The younger ages need to educated more thoroughly so as by the time they are 18 they understand the effects of cigarette use. By increasing the age, the desired effect of reducing smoking use will not occur because of the possibility of more people buying other alternatives to smoking making the drug epidemic far worse. There are more effective ways of reducing the smoking use. As a non-smoker I whole-heartedly believe that by enforcing stronger crimes of anyone 18 and above to sell to 17 and below, for 17 and below to not be able to even possess cigarettes, and education of smoking use effects to the younger population, will that not only have a greater desired effect of curbing smoking use, but also keep the age at 18.

Robert MacDonald
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Petition to Ron DeSantis

Unjust Practices and Hearings Conducted by The Polk County Animal Control

  Our dog has been deemed dangerous without ever biting anyone on the basis of a complaint by our neighbor, who used to work at Polk County Animal Control and knows how to pull strings. We had stacks of evidence to present, but we weren't allowed to present a thing. Animal control officers lied to us as they do many each and every day. Help us demand a fair process to assess our beloved dog Allie and change the hearing process and the laws so that this doesn't happen to anyone else!    On August 22 2019, Polk County Animal Control officers as well as Polk County Sheriff's Officers responded to my home after a neighbor called to report my doberman Allie. The neighbor filed a dangerous dog complaint against us even though Allie did not bite anyone. The charge on the affidavit was that when unprovoked, Allie chased or approached a person upon the streets, sidewalks, or any public grounds in a menacing fashion or apparent attitude of attack. This neighbor was a prior employee of Polk County Animal Control and the investigating officer assigned to our case.     On October 8th 2019, we were served notice that there was sufficient evidence to classify Allie as dangerous. They changed the charge to aggressively bitten, attacked, or endangered or has inflicted severe injury on a human being without any new evidence as the written statements were the same. The written account by the neighbor was the grounds for this entire case. We went to Animal Control the same day and requested a hearing. Investigating Officer Donna Prince told my husband to get signed testimony from neighbors to bring to court as well as shot records. We felt we had the law on our side and had faith in the justice system as there was no proof in this case other than he said- she said. We had nearly a dozen written statements from friends and neighbors as well as pictures of our well behaved and loving dog playing with our one year old grandson. We also have a spotless record with animal control and are responsible dog owners. We also had proof that this case was a conflict of interest due to the fact that I have a picture from Polk County Animal Control's website of the complaining neighbor with the investigating officer as well as the officer that read the official statement at the hearing that day.       Long story short when we walked into the courtroom we were told by Lynn Willyerd Rhodes, the lawyer hearing our case that no written statements would be allowed as they are hear say. My husband looked at Donna Prince(the investigating officer) who was present and reminded her of what she told him and her response was , " I didn't say it would be beneficial." Our dog was found guilty without evidence of anything and just the word of the complaining neighbor. We were not allowed to present any of our statements only a picture of the complaining neighbor's son provoking our dogs from across the street as he pretended to sight them in and shoot them with a make shift gun while his father was present.  We left and called attorneys as well as the Florida Bar to win in an appeal. All attorneys we spoke to gave us a play by play of what went down in that court room as if they themselves had been present. They see this miscarriage of justice and infringement of our civil rights often and said if we would have had them present at the hearing it would have been thrown out.      Our faith in the justice system has cost us greatly. Our sweet, kind dog is now labeled dangerous which will cost us over $400.00 a year. We are no longer allowed to have our dog around friends or family younger than 18 years old unless she is muzzled and the neighbor can call anytime she feels like it if she doesn't see us in the yard with the dog. When my husband spoke to the supervisor at animal control to turn un paperwork and pay the fine she told him our dog is labeled as an aggressive breed and we wouldn't have won no matter what that it was decided beforehand.       My rights have been violated. I wish to see a change to this abuse of power by Polk County Animal Control. I want to see a change to the laws so that no more innocent dogs and owners are punished.  I want to see a change to how dogs are discriminated against because of their breed. Our dog did not bite or attack anyone and we were found guilty based on the word of a former Polk County Animal Control Officer that knew everyone involved in our case. I know we are not the only ones who have been the victims of Polk County Animal Control. Please sign my petition and share. We are seeking big changes. We have emailed Governor Desantis and filed an official complaint with Administrative Investigations. 

Amanda Freeman
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