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Petition to Rick Scott

Provide More School Nurses to Ensure Child Safety

Our children spend nearly half of their waking hours in school, under the supervision of individuals other than their parents. Parents rely on these institutions to provide not only educational development and care, but most importantly — safety. Unfortunately, such care and protection has been deeply underserved. This is attributable to the lack of on-site nurses in many schools across the nation, posing a great looming danger considering the increasingly complex health needs of students. The nation’s third most populous and fourth fastest-growing state — Florida — ranks 42nd for student-per-school nurse ratio, according to the National Association of School Nurses. The state averages 1 nurse per 2,605 students, while the ratio in areas such as Lake County surges as high as 1 nurse to every 3,510 students. These alarming statistics grossly exceed the levels recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, who calls for a minimum of one full-time registered nurse in every school. Florida’s ratios even fall incredibly short of the AAP’s outdated standard of 1 school nurse to 750 students in the healthy student population. In addition to sickness and accidents, chronic health issues such as asthma and allergies are prevalent among the youth. A recent presentation at the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology conference detailed various allergic reaction rates on the rise up 7% to as high as a 21%  increase. A recent study, National School Nurse Survey of Epinephrine Use in Schools, presented at the American Academy of Pediatrics 2017 National Conference highlighted the need for epinephrine in schools, as well as trained staff to administer it. Nearly 25% of surveyed nurses reported the administration of life-saving epinephrine in their school during the past year, with 16.2% administered by unlicensed staff or students. Most alarming, is that 33.6% of administrations were to students who did not have an allergy known to the school and 10.8% of students having a severe allergic reaction required more than one dose of epinephrine before emergency medical responders arrived. With children’s lives at risk, outside of parental supervision, it is necessary for schools to provide a better system of care and safety. Unfortunately, these needs are often constrained by budgetary demands. The American Health Council, at the behest of its Affiliate nurses in the state of Florida, is calling for the state to allocate additional funds to its schools to bring the nurse-to-student ratio to comply with the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation.

American Health Council
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Petition to State Bar of Texas

Disbar Nona Matthews for Using and Abusing Children for Profit

En el fondo es en Espanol...  **************************UPDATE:************************************ WE ARE LOOKING AT ANOTHER DIRECTION TO REPORT NONA MATTHEWS. THE WALSH LAW FIRM HAS STRONG CONNECTIONS WITH THE STATE BAR OF TEXAS. WE MAY STILL REPORT HER TO THE BAR AT A LATER DATE, BUT AT THIS TIME - WE HAVE REPORTED TO OTHER ENTITIES AND WILL KEEP Y'ALL POSTED. ~ WE STILL NEED SIGNATURES AND FOR THOSE IN THE FIELD OR THAT CANNOT SIGN FOR VARIOUS REASONS - THE CONTENT HAS STILL BEEN VERY HELPFUL TO MANY OTHERS. PLEASE KEEP SHARING THIS PETITION. KNOWLEDGE IS EVERYTHING.   Above you will see a picture of Attorney, Ms. Nona Matthews. Our 12 year old son was the victim of her flagrant abuse and egregious decisions four years ago and he continues to be victimized by Ms. Nona Matthews for flagrant abuse of law.  Texas Attorney, Nona Matthews (Bar Code 00787982), represents school districts in the state of Texas regarding issues arising from the mistreatment of disabled students across the state. IMPORTANT: THE MAJORITY OF THIS ACTIVITY HAPPENED UNDER HEAVY SEAL IN THE LOWER FEDERAL COURT. JUDGE JOHN MCBRYDE DID NOT EVEN ALLOW THE FAMILY (CASE PARTICIPANTS) ACCESS TO THEIR OWN COMPLAINT. IT WASN'T UNTIL WE GOT TO 5TH CIRCUIT THAT WE COULD SEE ALL OF NONA MATTHEWS' ILLEGAL ACTIVITY.  She is well known for being extremely unethical in redacting factual information from records to cover the truth. She is doing this under deception of using the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act also known as the acronym FERPA. The Act was created to conceal the child's identifiable information and NOT to be used to conceal the actual facts crucial to the knowledge of events in the judicial system. Redacting and covering those facts in records is unethical and does not allow justice to be served. It is deception. Nona also TAMPERS with evidence and changes government documents, blatantly lies and commits subornation of perjury. In Federal Court, she did much of this under heavy seal that even the family (case participants) were not allowed to access her illegal activity until well after the fact. This is all a fun game to NONA MATTHEWS - what's worse is that she intentionally and deliberately did this as a FACT WITNESS and decision maker to a disabled child harming a child permanently.   A good case is fought by the laws that protect the school districts, not by unethical acts Ms. Nona Matthews takes in hiding the truth ultimately harming disabled children and the judicial process further that is to fairly protect all as our legal system was intended to do.  Presently, we have a case in our legal system that she is doing much of the same to the ultimate harm of our minor young son that has continually been harmed by her tactics including making intentionally CRUEL and FALSE allegations in her briefs. It is deplorable and preventing justice from taking place. Ms. Nona Matthews also redacted facts that we took to the Hurst-Euless-Bedford School District School Board Grievance against the school district's Vice Principal Damon Emery for committing perjury in a Texas Education Agency Hearing also known as TEA. Ms. Nona Matthews redacted facts in order that the school board was not able to see what actually took place. Her acts have prevented justice from being served in the legal court system as well and she continues to do these extremely unethical acts to the detriment of many Disabled children across the state of Texas and to the detriment of justice being served. She has done this in legal filings in the court system as well. This is one of many very unethical acts she has taken in the TEA Hearings and the U.S. Court system including intentionally misrepresenting facts as she biasly protects herself for poor decisions she made. A good attorney fights with good caselaw and the laws set up by our country to protect the rights of all people with a fair, ethical, unbiased court proceeding. Harming children with these unethical acts is inexcusable and deplorable. These unethical acts have harmed Autistic children, children with ADHD and other learning disabilities in the schools across the state of Texas.  Additionally, Ms. Nona Matthews has also intervened with the Texas Education Agency Investigation team by asking certain TEA employees not to investigate complaints brought by parents for the safety of their children. She is doing this to protect her own bad decisions as well as unethically intervening with the Texas Education Agency investigations that are to protect children and teachers both. We ask that the process is allowed to go through without Ms. Nona Matthews unethical interventions.  We ask that Ms. Nona Matthews be fully investigated and disbarred for flagrant abuse of the law.  She has made thousands of dollars winning cases illegally. There are many that can attest to this as you will see in the comment section of this petition. Please sign our petition to help have Ms. Nona Matthews removed from the judicial system to prevent her from further harming Texas DISABLED CHILDREN and the legal system from doing the work it was intended to do to bring fair, ethical justice for all.   PETITIONING FOR CHANGE AND PLAYING FOR CHANGE!  Please sign this petition with ONE click on behalf of our son and all children's disability rights...we NEED Change for these children!!   IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS PETITION, PLEASE READ THROUGH THE UPDATES.    Arriba veran un foto de la abogada Sra. Nona Matthews.  Nuesto hijo de 12 años fue la victica de su flagrante abuso y de sus decisiones atroces de hace cuatro años y el continua siendo victimizado por la Sra. Nona Matthews por su atroz abuso de la ley.  La abogada de Texas, Nona Matthews (numbero de barra de abogados 00787982). IMPORTANTE;  LA MAYORIA DE ESTA ACTIVIDAD SE LLEVO A CABO BAJO CIERRE INTENSIVO (LOS EXPEDIENTES NO ESTAN DISPONIBLES AL PUBLICO) EN LA CORTE BAJA FEDERAL.  EL JUEZ JOHN MCBRYDE NO LE PERMITIO EL ACCESO A LOS EXPEDIENTES NI SIQUIERA A LA FAMILIA.  ESTO ACERCA DE SU (DE LA FAMILIA) PROPIA QUEJA!  NO FUE SINO HASTA QUE LLEGAMOS AL CIRCUITO QUINTO QUE PUDIEMOS VER TODA LA ACTIVIDAD ILEGAL DE NONA MATTHEWS. Ella es muy bien conocida por su falta extrema de etica al redactar informacion objetiva de expedientes que abarquen la verdad.  Ella esta haciendo esto bajo engaño al usar  el Acta de los Derechos Educacionales y de Privacidad tambien conocida for sus siglas en Ingles FERPA.  El acta fue creada para sellar (mantener inaccesible) la informacion identificable del niño y NO para ser usada para sellar (esconder) los propios hecho cruciales para tener conocimiento de los eventos en el sistema judicial.  Redactando y encubriendo esos hecho en los expedientes carece de etica y no permite que se haga justicia.  Es un engaño. Nona tambien altera (falsifica) la evidencia y cambia documentos del gobierno, descaradamente miente e instiga a cometer perjurio.  En la corte federal hizo mucho de esta bajo sello (con expedientes que no son accesibles) que ahun la family (participantes del caso) no se les dio acceso a su actividad ilegal sino hasta mucho despues de los hechos.  Todo esto es un juego divertido para NONA MATTHEWS - lo peor es que ella intencionalmente y a proposito hizo esto siendo un TESTIGO DE LOS HECHOS y siendo una de las personas que tomarian una decision respecto a un niño con una discapacidad, dañando al niño permanentemente. Un buen caso (a favor de un niño) es combatido por las leyes que protegen a los distritos escolares y no deberian ser combatiodos con hechos sin etica de la Sra. Nona Matthews quien oculta la verdad y a final de cuentas daña a niños discapacitados y al proceso judicial cuyo objetivo es proteger justamente a todos.  Hoy en dia, tenemos un caso en nuestro sistema legal al cual ella le esta haciendo mucho de lo mismo lo cual, a final de cuentas, termina dañando a nuestro hijo menor quien ha sido continuamente lastimado por las tacticas de ella, inclyendo haciendo alegatos FALSOS y CRUELES en sus informes.  Esto es deplorable y esta previniendo que se haga justicia. La Sra. Nona Matthews tambien redaca hecho que llevamos a junta de quejas del distrito escolar Hurst-Euless-Bedfors en contra de el vice presidente de la escuela Damon Emery por cometer perjurio en una audiencia de la Agencia de Educacion de Texas tambiien conocida como TEA por sus siglas en Ingles.  La Sra. Nona Matthews redacto los hechos de tal manera que la junta escolar no pudiera ver lo que realmente estaba pasando.  Sus acciones previnieron que se hiciera justicia en el sistema legal de las cortes y ekka tanbueb continua cometiendo estos hechos extremadamente sin etica que perjudican a muchos niños discapacitados por todo el estado de Texas y que no permiten que se haga justicia.  Ella tambien ha echo esto en presentaciones legales en el sistema de cortes.  Este es uno de los muchos hechos con mucha falta de etica que ella ha llevado a audiencias de la TEA en el sistema de cortes de Estados Unidos incluyendo tergiversar hechos para protegerse a si misma, con prejuicio y parcialidad, de las pobres decisiones que ha echo. Una buena abogada pelea con casos de ley y con las leyes que se establecieron en nuestro pais para protejer los derechos de todas las personas con un procedimiento en corte justo, etico e imparcial.  Dañar a los niños con estos actos sin etica es imperdonable y deplorable.  Estos echos sin etica han lastimato a niños autistas, niños con ADHD (THDA, trastorno de hyperactividad con deficit de atencion) y otras discapacidades de aprendizaje en escuelas por todod el estado de Texas.  Adicionalmente, la Sra. Nona Matthews ha intervenido con empleados del equipo de investigacion de la Agencia de Educacion de Texas al pedirles a ciertos empleados que no investiuen quejas que los padres han interpuesto con respecto a la seguridad de sus hijos. Ella hace esto para proteger sus propias malas decisiones y tambien su intervencion sin etica con las investigaciones de la Agencia de Educacion de Texas. Teles investigaciones son para proteger a los niños y a los maestros. Pedimos que el proceso se le permita continuar sin las intervenciones sin etica de la Sra. Nona Matthews Pedimos que la Sra. Nona Matthews sea completamente investigada y sea expulsada de la abogacia for su flagrante abuso de la ley. Ella ha ganado miles de dolares ganando casos ilegalmente. Hay muchas personas que pueden atestiguar sobre esto como veran en la seccion de comentarios de la peticion. Por favor firmen nuestra peticion para ayudar a que remuevan a la Sra. Nona Matthews del sistema judicial y para detenerla de que continue dañando a NIÑOS DISCAPACITADOS en Texas y parar que siga previniendo que el sistema legal funcione en la forma para la que fue diseñado: que haga un trabajo justo, etico y con justicia para todos. HACIENDO UNA PETICION POR UN CAMBIO Y ORANDO POR UN CAMBIO. Por favor firmes la peticion con un 'click' de parte de nuestro hijo y todod los derechos de niños con dicapacidades...NECESITAMOS un cambio para esto niños. SI ESTA PETICION ES NUEVA PARA TI POR FAVOR PONTE AL DIA LEYENDO TODAS LA ACTUALIZACIONES (UPDATES).                             Esta peticion sera entregada a: La Barra de Abogados de Texas

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Petition to Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, Hilda L. Solis, Mark Ridley-Thomas, Sheila Kuehl, Don Knabe, Michael D. Antonovich

Enact actual changes and fixes to protect children!

We want change in how social workers in DCFS operate and want social workers to be held accountable for maintaining the normal standard within their job functions. By doing so, many children may be saved from the torturous type of child abuse that Gabriel Fernandez faced on a daily basis. Additionally, the changes will alleviate a lot of work overload piled onto efficient and competent social workers who are at full capacity and still meeting the standards. Gabriel Fernandez died on May 24, 2013 after over 50+ reports/calls to DCFS.  He died with a fractured skull, damage all over his body, 3 broken ribs, missing teeth, swollen gums and bb gun pellets embedded in his lung and groin.  After a 30 minutes conversation with her supervisor, without the case file in their presence , Patricia Clement and Gregory Merritt decided to close Gabriel's case.  When questioned by Rodriguez, Clement stated everything was already fixing, she was getting Pearl the therapy she needed.  So, Rodriguez decided to do no further investigation.  The main concern of these two workers was getting help for Pearl.  Gabriel was suffering and needed the people who were supposed to be there to protect him. In a video statement, Clements stated that she had worked as a social worker for many years and that she didn't have training. In her own words: The union for the DCFS social workers would have you believe that they need more workers. However, the truth of the matter is, there needs to be an actual change and fix in the department before they can actually assess what is needed.  If they are not replacing social workers who are not meeting the minimal standard performance of their positions, then they are dead weight and need to be relieved of duties so that we can pay the people who can do the job and help alleviate the load. (Example Logic) Every 1 competent worker carries the weight of about 3 incompetent workers, or more.  The changes needed are as follows: 1. Firing power. If an employee is not meeting the minimum standard of their position, don't lessen their load, fire them.   2. Accountability. If an employee performs badly, they suffer consequences, that include dismissal, without impunity.  Use the tax dollars wisely and hire competent employees. 3. Supervisor training. All supervisors should have formal education in Supervisory methods.  Knowledge of supervision practices should be required for the position and supervisory methods should be enforced and commended. 4. Fairness. Of course it seems like the workers are overloaded with cases. If you place incompetent employees on lesser loads, with the same pay rate as a competent employee with a higher load, it's simply unfair. All workers get the same amount, across the board. If the employee is incompetent, they must be reprimanded or dismissed. 5. Update your computer systems. If your databases and computers are outdated, they need to be updated. Especially to assist workers in keeping a circle of communication from their desk, to the police/sheriff's department and on to the District Attorney. All parties should be aware of abuse happening in a home and have the ability to take action immediately to prevent death. 6. Teamwork. Bottom line, children's safety is what we should all be working towards. It's so frustrating to hear how the good social workers have to go against every single obstacle, including their supervisors, just to keep a child safe. This needs to end. 7. Fix the problem. You can not put a band-aid on a gunshot wound and call it healed, and this simply cannot be done for any of the agencies in your power either. You must fix the problem. Once you have purged the incompetent employees, all workers are given the same amount of work across the board, then you can take a real, hard look and assess how many employees you actually need to hire. Not only will all of the above save the government money, but it would help in fixing the problem.  If each worker gets an average of $45k and it takes up to 3 incompetent workers ($135k) to equal 1 competent ($45) worker, but purging 3 incompetent and hiring 1 competent, you save a total of $90k per year.  Now, if we simply take Gabriel's case and see that we have 2 workers here, plus 2 supervisors (approx $200k for the supervisors), that's about $300k/year wasted on people who were not doing the minimum requirement of their jobs.  We wasted money and lost an innocent child.  Save money, save children. Community, it's time that we put our actions into this and ask the Board of Supervisors for REAL, PRACTICAL, FUNCTIONAL change.  It's not scapegoating DCFS, it's actually trying to save the children. Thank you. Gabriel's Justice cc: Board of Supervisors Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration  RE: Gabriel's Justice 500 West Temple Street Los Angeles CA 90012

Gabriel's Justice
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