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Petition to State Bar of Texas

Stop Attorney Nona Matthews from Harming Children in Our Justice System

 Above you will see a picture of Attorney, Ms. Nona Matthews. Our 12 year old son was the victim of her flagrant abuse and egregious decisions four years ago and he continues to be victimized by Ms. Nona Matthews for flagrant abuse of law.  Texas Attorney, Nona Matthews (Bar Code 00787982), represents school districts in the state of Texas regarding issues arising from the mistreatment of disabled students across the state. She is well known for being extremely unethical in redacting factual information from records to cover the truth. She is doing this under deception of using the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act also known as the acronym FERPA. The Act was created to conceal the child's identifiable information and NOT to be used to conceal the actual facts crucial to the knowledge of events in the judicial system. Redacting and covering those facts in records is unethical and does not allow justice to be served. It is deception. Nona also TAMPERS with evidence and changes government documents, blatantly lies. Its a fun game to her.  A good case is fought by the laws that protect the school districts, not by unethical acts Ms. Nona Matthews takes in hiding the truth ultimately harming disabled children and the judicial process further that is to fairly protect all as our legal system was intended to do.  Presently, we have a case in our legal system that she is doing much of the same to the ultimate harm of our minor young son that has continually been harmed by her tactics including making intentionally CRUEL and FALSE allegations in her briefs. It is deplorable and preventing justice from taking place. Ms. Nona Matthews also redacted facts that we took to the Hurst-Euless-Bedford School District School Board Grievance against the school district's Vice Principal Damon Emery for committing perjury in a Texas Education Agency Hearing also known as TEA. Ms. Nona Matthews redacted facts in order that the school board was not able to see what actually took place. Her acts have prevented justice from being served in the legal court system as well and she continues to do these extremely unethical acts to the detriment of many Disabled children across the state of Texas and to the detriment of justice being served. She has done this in legal filings in the court system as well. This is one of many very unethical acts she has taken in the TEA Hearings and the U.S. Court system including intentionally misrepresenting facts as she biasly protects herself for poor decisions she made. A good attorney fights with good caselaw and the laws set up by our country to protect the rights of all people with a fair, ethical, unbiased court proceeding. Harming children with these unethical acts is inexcusable and deplorable. These unethical acts have harmed Autistic children, children with ADHD and other learning disabilities in the schools across the state of Texas.  Additionally, Ms. Nona Matthews has also intervened with the Texas Education Agency Investigation team by asking certain TEA employees not to investigate complaints brought by parents for the safety of their children. She is doing this to protect her own bad decisions as well as unethically intervening with the Texas Education Agency investigations that are to protect children and teachers both. We ask that the process is allowed to go through without Ms. Nona Matthews unethical interventions.  We ask that Ms. Nona Matthews be fully investigated and disbarred or in the least have her license taken away from her for a minimum of three years for flagrant abuse of the law.  Please sign our petition to help have Ms. Nona Matthews removed from the judicial system to prevent her from further harming Texas DISABLED CHILDREN and the legal system from doing the work it was intended to do to bring fair, ethical justice for all.  PETITIONING FOR CHANGE AND PLAYING FOR CHANGE!  Please sign this petition with ONE click on behalf of our son and all children's disability rights...we NEED Change for these children!!     

Kristie Cripps
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Petition to Rick Scott

We are #AellasVoice

  We are Aella's Voice Aella and Genevieve are one year old identical twins. In July of 2016 Aella who was diagnosed with a very rare type of cancer called systemic Langerhans cell Histiocytosis (LCH). Unfortunately, after being treated for just a short period of time, Aella’s body stopped responding to the treatment. The doctors in Florida refused to alter the course of treatment despite the mother, Angel Storm, requesting more intensive treatment. In October 2016, the mother found a more aggressive and state of the art research based LCH treatment program in Wisconsin. She sold all of her belongings, quit her job and moved herself and both twins there to get Aella lifesaving treatment. This treatment for LCH was not available in Florida.  The biological father, uninvolved in the the twins lives to this point, filed a custody suit. Two weeks after arriving in Wisconsin and starting treatment there a Florida judge ordered Aella out of treatment in Wisconsin and back to Florida - the place where treatment had been ineffective. Upon returning to Florida, the treatment there was ineffective and Aella continued to regress. The mother continued to request further testing. The doctors ran more tests and in November 2016 diagnosed Aella with another very rare disease called Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH), a life-threatening immunodeficiency in the blood.  Finally, the doctors in Florida testified in court that they did not have the resources to treat Aella and that she be allowed to leave Florida to receive treatment in Cincinnati, Ohio. The father objected, despite doctors testifying Aella had less than one week to live. The Judge at that time agreed that Aella should receive treatment in Ohio. At that hearing the father requested the  twins be separated. The judge ordered Genevieve be placed with her father who up unitl this point had only had limited supervised visitation with both girls. Aella was sent to Ohio with her mother who has always been the primary caregiver for both girls. Once being taken to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Aella began treatment for HLH and LCH in a world class clinical trial only available at that location. Aella began to respond quickly to treatment showing signs of improvement; however, it was evident that the children were suffering from being separated. Prior to the Judge separating them Aella’s sister, Genevieve, had come along each day to the hospital for treatments. Studies support the understanding that twins have a special and unexplainable bond and seem to communicate with each other in their own way. This was very evident between Aella and Genevieve. Every time Genevieve would enter the hospital room, Aella’s face would light up with happiness. Prior to their separation Aella and Genevieve often slept together in the same crib. Genevieve was developing as expected while she was with her sister; however, since being separated medical reports show that the Genevieve's development has regressed significantly. Once separated Aella's behavioral therapist and oncologist noted that she was not sleeping through the night and was experiencing emotional distress due to being separated from Genevieve. Immediately upon the order to separate the girls, Angel, filed a motion to reconsider which was denied. However Angel continued to fight through the courts to have the girls reunited in Ohio where Aella was fighting for her life. But that isn’t what happened. On February 9th, a judge ordered Aella to be taken away from her treatment in Ohio so that she could be reunited with her sister in Florida. Unfortunately that resulted in Aella being unable to receive the necessary care only available in the clinical trial to stay alive. We are requesting you, Governor Rick Scott, to intervene on behalf of Aella and Genevieve. Allow the identical twin sisters to stay together and allow Aella to get the necessary treatment in Cincinnati, Ohio to stay alive. The state of Florida has consistently ruled that because this started out as a custody matter their priority is on custodial placement of the children not the child’s welfare. The State of Florida has custody laws that were written to protect the rights of as many people as possible, but the legal system certainly wasn’t prepared for a case as urgent as Aella’s.  Unfortunately a child is about to die because the family court system wasn’t written to protect Aella’s life. We are asking that you Governor of Florida intervene on behalf of the life of this child and prevent the State of Florida from becoming responsible for the death of this child.  

Aella's Voice
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Petition to Kathleen Wynne, Michael Gravelle, Kathleen Wynne and the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, Bill Mauro, Bob chiarelli

Save The Wilderness Discovery Resort For The Disabled

This camp for DISABLED CHILDREN, VETERANS, and SENIORS WILL BE SOLD if your MPP doesn't act NOW. STOP THE BULLDOZERS!!!  THIS IS CRITICALLY URGENT!!!   For over 30 years, disabled veterans, children, seniors, and their families have had a unique sanctuary on 6.8 acres of Crown Land to create timeless memories. Don't allow ANY MPP to give away YOUR land to MILLIONAIRES. They don't need it. Our most vulnerable citizens still want it. And they DO need it! Since 1999, my wife and I, have provided 24-hour care in our home for Kirk, a disabled military veteran. Now, he may never get to return to a place that has been like a miracle. Ontario’s Wilderness Discovery Resort For The Disabled is a place where our disabled loved ones can feel welcome, accepted, and equal. The Ontario government could sell their little piece of paradise at any moment, for a price that equals only 6 cents for every Ontarian, and their outdoor retreat will be GONE!!! Just 45 minutes west of Thunder Bay, Wilderness Discovery is unlike any other place in North America, perhaps worldwide. It’s designed to meet the special needs of the disability community in a scenic spot on panoramic Lake Shebandowan. Without this unique camp, our disabled children, seniors, veterans, their families, and caregivers would lose the only place available where they can feel completely equal to everyone else.  Traveling had always been an immense challenge for the disabled. Wilderness Discovery changed all that. The cabins are barrier-free with roll-in showers, wide doorways, and low-cut countertops. Each unit has an adjustable hospital bed, hydraulic patient lift, and shower/commode chairs. Only at Wilderness Discovery are disabled guests so welcomed. Since 1984, HAGI Community Services For Independence managed and developed the facility. But, they allowed the lease to expire and abandoned the camp. The Ontario government wants to sell the land for an asking price of $866,000. That works out to a one-time allotment to each Ontarian of just a little over...six cents...SIX CENTS!!!  What's REALLY going on here? Why would the government rather sell it privately to some millionaire? This isn't right!!! THIS IS YOUR LAND! DEMAND THAT ALL MPPs VOTE TO DESIGNATE IT AS PROTECTED FOR THE PERMANENT USE OF THE DISABILITY COMMUNITY! Every year, Wilderness Discovery welcomes many Canadians and tourists from around the world. Every Ontarian should be very proud that your province is home to such a unique and wonderful place.  I hope we’ve convinced you that Wilderness Discovery, and everything it means for the disabled people who visit, is worth more than your 6-cent share from a possible private sale.  Follow our progress on Facebook, too. LIKE & SHARE our page, Save Wilderness Discovery Resort For The Disabled at this link: Keeping this camp open would mean the world to us, and to so many others. Please sign and share this petition with everyone! Our thanks to all caring souls for your love and assistance. Kevin & Lorie Johnson and Kirk   Please click on these links for more information. "Musicians Join Effort To Save Camp For Disabled" (Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal, August 15, 2015)"Campers Lament Looming Accessibility Camp Closure" (Toronto Star, August 14, 2015) "Local Man Rallies Thousands In Campaign To Save Handicap-Accessible Camp"

Kevin Johnson
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Petition to Honorable Judge Mark Campbell, Attorney General Scott E. Pruitt, Senator Josh Brecheen - District 6

My niece has been kidnapped by her foster family. Help us bring her home!

My niece has been stuck living with strangers to our family for over two years now, due to CPS and Judge Powers not following the law. According to it is stated: The Oklahoma Legislature recognizes that children who have been abused, who are dependent or neglected, or whose parents, for whatever reason, may be unable or unwilling to provide care for their children, are best served when they can be cared for by grandparents or other suitable relatives instead of placing those children in foster care. When awarding custody or determining the placement of a child, a preference shall be given to relatives and persons who have a kinship relationship with the child. The department shall make diligent efforts to place the child with such persons and shall report to the court the efforts made to secure that placement. In cases where the Indian Child Welfare Act applies, the placement preferences of the act shall be followed. The department shall consider placement with a relative without delay and shall identify relatives of the child and notify them of the need for temporary placement and the possibility of the need for a permanent out-of-home placement of the child. The relative search shall be reasonable and comprehensive in scope and may continue until a fit and willing relative is identified. The provisions of this section shall apply to all custody or placement proceedings that concern a child alleged or adjudicated to be deprived, including, but not limited to, guardianship and adoption proceedings.   The law has not been applied to my nieces case! My brother and the mother to his children fled to Oklahoma when she was pregnant because her other four children were taken away from her due to drug use, physical abuse and neglect. The aunt of her other four children has adopted all four children. My niece was born on August 29, 2014 and tested positive for methamphetamine. CPS was called and my niece was placed in foster care in Oklahoma. The next work day, OKDHS contacted me and asked me if I would take custody of my niece. I told them, yes. Brittany, a CPS caseworker said that it could take a few months to move my niece to Texas. My brother and the mother to his child developed a relationship with the foster family and told CPS that they were going to complete whatever they needed to complete, to keep their daughter. The foster mom allowed my brother and the mother of my niece to move into a mobile home on the foster family's property (about 50 feet from the home my niece was living in). I feel that the foster mother did this only to convince my brother and the mother of my niece to gain custody of my niece. When my brother and the mother did not complete their classes, an ICPC (The Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children) was ordered, completed and approved for me by Texas CPS. Texas CPS recommended that my niece be moved to Texas. The woman that did my case study said that after the case study was received, my niece would be home within 24 hours. However, she was not returned. When I asked why, I was told that judge Rocky L. Powers (the judge over my nieces case) ordered a stop on the transfer. I asked why, and was told that the foster family was scared that my niece would be around her father if she was returned to family. I'm not sure where that makes any sense when the foster family was housing my brother and the mother on their property. At the next court hearing, the DA announced that the foster family was filing for adoption. I stood up and asked if I was hearing that correctly. I also asked the DA why I couldn't file for adoption. The DA rep stated that she did not know I wanted to go that route. No one ever told me that I could and I didn't know that I could file for adoption. I begged Virginia from CPS to please help me because I did not have money to take the foster family to court. To date, I have raised $13,000 and paid that $13,000 to a lawyer that I feel has not even tried. I turned in a letter from the CASA director in Texas (see letter below (I was unable to attach the original, but have it in my possession)), stating that she was stating on the record that this entire case has been faulty and that my niece should have been turned over to family immediately. It is the law! After I filed a complaint with the letter from the CASA director, Judge Powers recused himself from the case. Now, the new judge has recommended mediation with the foster family for joint custody of my niece. WHY? She should have been sent to Texas years ago and has been drug through the system with a family that is not her own; all while she has family that loves and wants her. I have in my custody, since November 2, 2015, my now 2 year old nieces baby sister of 11 months (we will be filing for adoption of her 90 days after her parents rights are terminated in Dec 2016). My niece has missed 11 months of growing up without her baby sister. What happened to keeping family together? I'm afraid that the court and the foster family keeping my niece from coming home, is going to do more harm that good if she is not sent home to us soon. My niece has 8 brothers and sisters here in Texas. She does not have any family in Oklahoma. Studies show that it is better for children to grow up with biological family members than to grow up with foster families (even if this one is trying to adopt her). There are many children that need homes. My niece does not need the foster family's home. She needs to be home with FAMILY. The foster family and Judge Powers have already robbed her for 2 years of her life with her family that she can never get back. Please sign my petition to encourage Judge Mark Campbell to fix where the law was broken and send my niece home to us where she belongs!     Letter from the CASA Program Director in Texas:   June 22, 2016 Dear Cynthia, I must confess to being totally confused about this situation regarding reunifying ******** and ****. As CASA Program Director I would like to go on the record as being very much in favor of ******** being reunited with her sibling ****. It is certainly inconceivable to me that since the state of Oklahoma requested and approved a ICPC home study back some time ago that these children have been kept separated. This is certainly not in the children's best interests. Upon receiving an approved home study, ******** should have been moved as soon as possible to family. What is even more confusing is that when the child ******** was removed from the parents and was placed in the care of the state, The Oklahoma Children's Services asked if you would take the child and you advised them at that time that you did want the child. Since there was no action on their part, this child has been literally kidnaped by her Oklahoma foster family. One can only assume that they are not concerned with "best interests” . Unfortunately, in the pursuit of what is best for ****, which would be to be with her sister, I keep running into brick walls. I am so very sorry that I have not been able to be of more help. I will, however keep trying to "move the mountain" of bureaucracy to achieve the best results for both little girls. In Texas, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services moves heaven and earth to keep siblings together and most importantly with blood relatives. One would assume that Oklahoma would have the same directives regarding family preservation. Apparently that is not the case. If I am able to make any progress on this "mess" I will contact you immediately. In the meantime thank you for all that you have been doing for ****. She is too young to appreciate it now but hopefully in there she will come to know how hard you have fought for her to be with her sister.   Jean E. Cate CASA Program Director CASA of Hood Somervell

Cynthia Gonzales
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