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Petition to Andrea Smith, Tim Reid, Jesse Baines, Erik Hanberg, Aaron Pointer, Mayor Strickland, Marty Campbell

Save Portland Avenue Park and Community Center

Portland Avenue Park and Community Center is a vital part of the First Creek Neighborhood in Tacoma Washington. It provides a much needed playground, athletic field and services to a dramatically underserved neighborhood. Eastside Tacoma District 4 has the fewest parks and facilities out of all the areas. MetroParks of Tacoma is proposing to shut down this 14 acre park and center, sell it to fund 10% of a new $30 million indoor pay to use recreation center two miles away. This would take away the only playground in the neighborhood and we would lose the single largest grass athletic field in the city of Tacoma. The Tacoma Rugby Club has been playing on this field for about 30 years and held 30 games this last year. It provides meals for seniors year round, meals for children during the summer, diabetic foot care, sewing classes, books and a place for the local children to run around. Most people walk onto the park to use it and the neighborhood surrounding it earned about $14,000 less than the national average in income. The neighbors have less money to spend on transportation and recreation making the idea of asking us to travel two miles away and pay for using a facility unreasonable. We need a park, a playground, the fields and the valuable services the center provides. Without this park the neighborhood will have nothing. We have lost our library, our boys and girls club, no chain grocery stores and stand to lose everything without even a park to play in. This is devastating and we are told that they cannot afford to operate the New Eastside Community Center and Portland Ave and need the funds from the sale. This confuses me because of things like the $60 million 11 acre park they are putting in Point Defiance, a more affluent neighborhood while we lose our 14 acre park and only neighborhood playground and field. Please help us by telling MetroParks that Parks should be for everyone, not just people in 'better' neighborhoods. That children shouldn't have to pay to play. That low income families need all the services, parks and facilities they can get. Parks and Playgrounds and green spaces are for everyone. Don't sell our park!    

Stephanie Smith-Bright
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Petition to Mattel, Fisher-Price Consumer Relations, HiT Entertainment

Save the Thomas Wooden Railway

Roy Wilson/Learning Curve was approached in the early 1990s to create a line of merchandise for Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. This became the Thomas Wooden Railway. The Thomas Wooden Railway was founded and ran on the idea of using real wood in its products. It prided itself on its quality and simplicity. The models and destinations were not overly-complicated or contained any useless gimmicks. They were compatible with other brands and expansion was unlimited.The Thomas Wooden Railway opened up a world where children (along with their parents) could learn cooperation and creativity, where they could reenact the timeless stories that made Thomas the Tank Engine the worldwide icon that he is. Over time, decisions were made that degraded the quality of these toys. Parts of the toys that were once wood were now made of plastic. Cutting costs led to the loss of the charm and endearment that attracted people to the line.  Today, Mattel owns the brand. We fans of the Thomas Wooden Railway had faith they would do more to help the brand. We thought they would reinvigorate the brand and reignite the creative spark that made the Wooden Railway so fantastic. However, we were wrong. We have seen Mattel's shameless, cost-cutting tactics. They have done nothing but make the Thomas Wooden Railway cheaper in quality and cheaper in play value.  2018 will bring about the most drastic change in the Wooden Railway's history. In the attempts to remind consumers that the products are made of wood, Mattel will be leaving whole parts of vehicles unpainted, with skimpy details, blocky models, and more. They will also be changing the connection type of their track, which will make it incompatible with the track style that has remained for 25 years, and will make it incompatible with other brands. What they do not realize is that the majority of consumers purchase generic brand track to add on to their child's collection (as the Mattel brand products are too expensive). This is only making it harder for the consumers to use and purchase new merchandise. In addition to simple play, the Thomas Wooden Railway is also a medium of entertainment. Many YouTubers use these products to not only recreate old stories, but create new and original adventures with the toys of our childhood. Mattel's moves are hurting these creators and their ability to film videos. We the fans of the Thomas Wooden Railway will not stand to see our youth cheapened and drastically altered to this degree. We were raised with the simple, wooden products of the past. We used our imaginations to recreate the world of Sodor and pretend as if we were actually interacting with Thomas himself. We ask Mattel to please reevaluate their approach to the Thomas Wooden Railway. It can be done as it was before. The old formula was successful for years. Consumers can still be satisfied with simplicity and quality, wooden toys.  Thank you. -Benjamin

Save the Thomas Wooden Railway
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Petition to House of Representatives and Senate of the Philippines

Children should be in safety standard seats that save lives!

In congruence with the global road safety concerns led by the United Nations General Assembly and World Health Organization, the New Vois Association of the Philippines (NVAP) and other road safety advocates are executing an initiative to address the alarmingly high number of deaths in the Philippines caused by road crashes. Though there is already an existing legislation on the mandatory use of seat belts in vehicles, this law only protects adults should a road crash occur; while this is a good start for road safety, children and infants remain unprotected. This is where the child car seats come in. These car seats for children not only provide comfort for children but as well as security and safety in the event of a road crash. Case in point: There is an average of seven (7) deaths per day caused by car crashes and 2014 data shows an estimate of PHP26.5B worth of losses due to car crashes. Thus, a coalition of advocacy groups are working towards the promotion of the pending House Bill 5595 and Senate Bill 1447, which aim to enact a legislation to assure the safety of children while on the road through the use of car seats. Car seats are the children's insurance, if we can pay for car insurance premiums, we can surely invest in safety standards approved car seats that may save our children's lives while inside motor vehicles. Join the call today, children should be in seats that save lives. Sign the petition now to show your support for the child safety in motor vehicles bill.

New Vois Association of the Philippines (NVAP)
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