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Petition to James Lankford, Mary Fallin

Make first degree murder of a child an aggravating factor for capital punishment in OKLA

In July of 2016, my 18 month old son, Lincoln, passed away. He suffered a blow to the head and was unconscious immediately. He never regained consciousness and passed away two days later. The person who committed this crime planned it out, knew when to strike, and tried to cover it up. Which is why he is facing a first degree murder charge and has been bound over for trial. Surprisingly, he is not eligible for the death penalty though. Disgusting right? I, like most people, have always thought there was some correlation between first degree murder (especially child murder) and capital punishment. That, in fact, isn’t true. Every state that supports the death penalty, has aggravating factors. The crime must meet at least one of these factors before the death penalty may be imposed . 18 out of the 31 states that support capital punishment have a lone factor regarding child murder. They flat out do not stand for it! However, Oklahoma is not one of those (please see below). This unacceptable! How is it that engaging in drug trafficking in Missouri is a factor, but murdering an Oklahoma child is not? You mean to tell me that if someone shoots two child molesters (see number 2), they're eligible... but methodically planning the murder of a baby, they're not. Please help me change this and protect our children! It's too late for Lincoln, but maybe it will save another child. If you have children PLEASE educate yourself on this. *When you come to number four, you'll think that fits the crime. Unfortunately, it does not (I'll add an explanation hyperlink below). 1) The defendant was previously convicted of a felony involving the use or threat of violence to the person; 2) The defendant knowingly created a great risk of death to more than one person; 3) The person committed the murder for remuneration or the promise of remuneration or employed another to commit the murder for remuneration or the promise of remuneration; 4) The murder was especially heinous, atrocious, or cruel; 5) The murder was committed for the purpose of avoiding or preventing a lawful arrest or prosecution; 6) The murder was committed by a person while serving a sentence of imprisonment on conviction of a felony; 7) The existence of a probability that the defendant would commit criminal acts of violence that would constitute a continuing threat to society; 8) The victim of the murder was a peace officer, or correctional employee of an institution under the control of the Department of Corrections, and such person was killed while in performance of official duty. **Similarly, an "especially heinous, atrocious or cruel" aggravating circumstance was held to be unconstitutionally vague. The "especially heinous, cruel or depraved" standard is cured, however, by a narrowing interpretation requiring a finding of infliction of mental anguish or physical abuse before the victim's death. Basically, the crime doesn't meet number four because Lincoln was unconscious immediately, so he couldn't physically feel pain, and he wasn't old enough to comprehend the fact that he was about to be murdered.      

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Petition to Jay Inslee, Washington State House, Ross Hunter, Dave Hayes, Donald Trump


This paragraph was added on September 2nd, 2016 in order to clarify the intent of this petition.  Everything below this paragraph remains unchanged:  Background check results on any childcare provider's criminal record OR parents considering childcare should receive COMPLETE background check results of any childcare workers, just like any other employer can, so every parent is able to make a fully informed decision regarding the life of their child(ren),  Additionally, NO CHILDCARE PROVIDERS should be allowed to use any name or nicknames aside from their legal name without full disclosure to the parents of the person's full legal name and a prominently placed notification if a person IS using a nickname or alias.   That information should also be included in any "welcome folders given to parents so that there are two ways a parent would be able to easily access. Here's why:  My beautiful two and a half year old little boy, David Roberts, died at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, Washington on January 20, 2013.  David held on to life for two days after suffering from catastrophic abusive head trauma that was inflicted while he was in the care of his two state and military licensed childcare providers (a husband and wife).  We had unknowingly placed David in the hands of a person who had been convicted of felony residential burglary and other crimes, and who also had a DOCUMENTED anger management and alcohol problem, and David DIED from the injuries he suffered at that childcare during the time that the person in question was working.  The state and military told me and my husband that the providers had cleared the background checks, when in fact the state and military KNEW that particular provider had a criminal record which included felony residential burglary, at least one malicious mischief charge, and a DOCUMENTED anger management and alcohol problem...and still chose to license him even though he wouldn't even be allowed to chaperone at any of the schools his children attend.  The state and military also knew and allowed this same person to not disclose his legal name.  DESPITE KNOWING THESE FACTS, THE STATE AND MILITARY willingly withheld that information, with fatal consequences: my son lost his life.  My husband and and I had NO IDEA that he had a felony criminal record and was not using his legal name and would NEVER have put David in their care if we knew that information.  The state MUST CHANGE the "Director's List" (WAC 170.06.0120) and PREVENT FELONS from having access to the child(ren) of other people and parents considering childcare should receive ALL background check results of any childcare workers just like any employer can.  The state also must prevent ANYONE from using any name or nicknames aside from their legal name while working in childcare, and a law or laws should be enacted and be named "David's Law",  On January 18, 2013 my two and a half year old, autistic, son David, became a victim of catastrophic abusive head trauma at the hands of his daycare providers.  He died two days later from the injuries.  He was attending a Navy Child Development Home in Oak Harbor, WA.  We were told that the providers had cleared their background checks.  My husband and I both expected "cleared their background checks" to mean that there was nothing on their criminal record, not that there could be any number of 35 crimes, including felonies, on their record, and that the information about those convictions is not required to be given to the parents.   We didn't find out until months later that the husband who ran the daycare with his wife was a convicted felon.  He had been convicted of residential burglary while he was extremely intoxicated and had at least one malicious mischief charge and a documented anger management problem.  We were told both providers had undergone background checks and had cleared them. The two providers sold everything within five months and in the middle of the CPS and homicide investigation they fled to Maine, where the woman has even attempted to provide childcare still. Here are two links from KOMO4 Seattle which cover what happened to my son as well as the loophole itself: Apparently, in the State of Washington, you can have any of the 35 crimes and felonies under the Washington Director's List of Allowable Offenses on your record and not only can you have unsupervised access to children, but your criminal record is not disclosed to the parents seeking care for their child.  Instead, the parents are told the providers have passed/cleared background checks.  Convicted felons shouldn't even be allowed to have unsupervised access to other peoples' children in the first place, let alone run a daycare.  Parents have the RIGHT to know everything about a potential provider so that they can make their own fully informed decision on whether or not they trust a provider in spite of their criminal record.   The list of allowable offenses is here: Had we been told about the provider's criminal record we would have never left our children in their care and he would still be alive today.  These laws need to change.  There needs to be a law, called "David's Law" that prevents anyone with a felony record from having unsupervised access to other peoples' children in daycare settings, and discloses the results of background checks of the daycare providers to the parents, so that those parents can have the entire story about the providers they are considering letting supervise their children.   On page 2 of this document you'll see the statement: "The reality is that parents cannot conduct effective background checks on child care providers on their own. Even the most motivated, well-financed parent search would still be limited to commercial databases, which the Department of Justice has said are incomplete." The Government KNOWS that parents cannot conduct adequate background checks, but they don't disclose the results of the full background checks that THEY have access to.  That forces parents to rely on the state and government to assure them and protect their children to the highest extent possible.  Withholding information about felony (and other) convictions is immoral and reprehensible.  Parents have a primal NEED to protect their children, and yet we are limited in the information that we can obtain, information that interferes with the ability of parents to make the BEST, potentially life altering, decision that they can for their families with incomplete facts.  That is NOT right.   There are some parents in the world who don't mind if a child care center or child care home provider has a criminal record.  There are many more who would absolutely prefer that no criminals be allowed access to their children.  Parents have the right to know all the information about the person or people who may be taking care of their child(ren).  There is absolutely no reason that a provider's criminal background should be kept secret from parents of any child(ren) that may end up in the care of the provider(s).  

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Petition to Mike Morath, Gene Aluna, Andres Ramos, Denise Fritter

Save SASIC; Remove Dr. Nelson

Parents and community members, SASIC District, under its current superintendent, Dr. Tonja D. Nelson, has been putting its student body in danger. Currently, the San Antonio School for Inquiry and Creativity District has had numerous complaints brought forth from its own teachers, faculty/staff, students, and parents. These complaints range from:  Employee Harassment (intimidation tactics from the district level, teachers’ certifications have been threatened, hostile work environment, employees feeling targeted and bullied) TEA infractions (transcripts being altered, falsifying teacher of record, falsifying attendance documents, schools operating under false pretenses) Labor infractions (breech of employee contracts, salary and wages withheld, overtime hours not being honored, time-clock being altered, employees being docked pay unlawfully, lunch and break times not being given) No Human Resources presence (audio recorded evidence of Human Resources lying to employees, aligned with Superintendent, and not working for employees) Nepotism within the district office (school currently employs Superintendent family members and friends in positions of power) Improper conduct between staff and students Serious Food Health Code Violations (district is currently serving students spoiled and expired food, photo evidence is available). This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Our current Superintendent, Dr. Tonja D. Nelson, recently had her previous school shut down by the T.E.A. This school, The Academy of Careers and Technologies, lost its charter due to a failure to meet financial accountability standards and academic standards. This school has illegally re-opened as “Monticello High School.”  Teachers, faculty, and staff have brought these concerns to their superiors, human resources department, and, most importantly to the district office and the School Board, only to be met with resistance in trying to bring these matters to light. Every protocol has been exhausted in trying to get these issues resolved in house but currently our Human Resources department, which operates under the Superintendent, is unable or unwilling to assist us. Many other teachers, faculty, and staff have been compelled to step forward but have not done so due to the fear of retaliation. They have been forced to keep quiet if they want to keep food on their tables and provide for their families. This petition is giving a voice to those who are unable to speak up.  Despite evidence that reports were made of these heinous issues and Dr. Nelson did nothing to remedy them, she is now attempting to point the finger elsewhere and claim herself unaware. These excuses show a lack of leadership, an uncaring attitude towards the students she is meant to protect, and a great incompetence in her role.  It is because of this that a new superintendent is needed to restore SASIC to the haven it once was for San Antonio students. The removal of Dr. Nelson as superintendent is the first step in ensuring that our students receive the best education and protection that SASIC District can provide and that they deserve.  We are now looking to you, our parents and members of the community, to do what’s right and relieve Dr. Nelson of her duties as superintendent so that the SASIC District may get back to educating our children and serving the community. Please join us today in signing our petition and let the SASIC District school board know that you support one another in our fight to improve our school and the unfortunate vote of no confidence in our current superintendent, Dr. Tonja D. Nelson.   Thank You, Save SASIC  

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Petition to CUSD School Board

Limit iPads to Classrooms - An Option Parents Want from CUSD

The Cupertino Union School District has implemented a 1:1 iPad program in middle schools. Parents who raised concerns about this program in the past were dismissed as outliers and "noises". However, a greater consensus does exist - many parents are worried about the many downsides of this program for the long term physical and mental health of their children.  Top concerns: High rate of early addiction to games/social media  Distraction in class and at home, falling grades Health Issues: “iPad” neck, carpal tunnel syndrome, eye problems... Constant power struggle over iPad use at home Potential long-term behavioral changes  Less outdoor and physical activities, obesity Financial liability due to lost, stolen, broken iPads Parents not offered alternatives: OPT OUT /student laptops/leave device at school, etc. For the short term: We are asking CUSD that- School/district-provided iPads be made available in the classroom for all student iPad needs iPad use is restricted to classroom use only The school district assumes all liability for the device Exercising the above option is decoupled from family financial status (no stigma attached) We are asking CUSD to ensure that in the classroom- iPad usage is ergonomically sound - keyboard, screen position, etc.  Usage conforms to the American Association of Pediatrics recommendation for only 1-2 hours per day of screen time for children and teens.  iPad specific homework will be modified to allow for a paper option or use of laptop/desktop home device as an alternative.  Textbooks will be provided for home use. For the long term we are asking CUSD to provide: Evidence-based policies - show us data 1:1 iPad is effective or that iPads are better for learning than other devices such as student laptops Short and long term health impact surveys, including mental health and behavioral impact of intensive iPad usage Greater involvement of all stakeholders including parents in decision making --------Articles for more information-------- - Students Are 'Hacking' Their School-Issued iPads: Good for Them "The Los Angeles School District alone, where some of this purported “hacking” occurred, has plans to spend $1 billion for an iPad rollout over the next two years that would eventually put a device in every student’s hands. But in light of the security breaches and other concerns about the project’s implementation, the district is rethinking the initiative. It recently announced that students will not be allowed to take their iPads home—one of the key perks of the sort of “24–7 learning” that mobile devices are supposed to support..."  - Gray Matters: Too Much Screen Time Damages the Brain  “Taken together, [studies show] internet addiction is associated with structural and functional changes in brain regions involving emotional processing, executive attention, decision making, and cognitive control.” --research authors summarizing neuro-imaging findings in internet and gaming addiction (Lin & Zhou et al, 2012)   - Health Outcomes of Information System Use Lifestyles among Adolescents: Videogame Addiction, Sleep Curtailment and Cardio-Metabolic Deficiencies "Background and ObjectiveObesity is a rising problem among adolescents in modern societies; it results in long-term cardio-metabolic problems. Possible overlooked drivers of obesity and its consequent cardio-metabolic deficits include videogame addiction and the resulting curtailed sleep; both are growing problems among adolescents. The objective of this study is to examine possible associations among these concepts in adolescents, as a means to point to plausible interventions." - 5 Problems with iPads in Education The majority of iPad deployments thus far have been messy and poorly executed. A recent study conducted on the efficacy of iPads in four California school districts found that students who used iPads performed no better than the control group. - Screens In Schools Are a $60 Billion Hoax "Tech in the classroom not only leads to worse educational outcomes for kids, which I will explain shortly, it can also clinically hurt them. I’ve worked with over a thousand teens in the past 15 years and have observed that students who have been raised on a high-tech diet not only appear to struggle more with attention and focus, but also seem to suffer from an adolescent malaise that appears to be a direct byproduct of their digital immersion. Indeed, over two hundred peer-reviewed studies point to screen time correlating to increased ADHD, screen addiction, increased aggression, depression, anxiety and even psychosis..." - It’s ‘digital heroin’: How screens turn kids into psychotic junkies "There’s a reason that the most tech-cautious parents are tech designers and engineers. Steve Jobs was a notoriously low-tech parent. Silicon Valley tech executives and engineers enroll their kids in no-tech Waldorf Schools. Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page went to no-tech Montessori Schools, as did Amazon creator Jeff Bezos and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales..."           

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