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Petition to The Walt Disney Company, Marvel, Walt Disney, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, ABC

Release Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends and other family cartoon series on DVD/Blu-ray

Hello.  I'm appealing to those at Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Disney, and Marvel and their affiliated companies, such as ABC.  I'm looking to get the 1980's cartoon Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends released on DVD (and blu-ray disc) in America.  For some reason this great, fun, and nostalgic cartoon, that is appropriate for the entire family, and is loved by all who grew up at the time, has never been released on DVD in the U.S. The cartoon ran new episodes for 3 seasons (Starting in 1981) on NBC, and is the one that follows the adventures of: Peter Parker/Spider-Man (voiced by Dan Gilvezan), Angelica Jones/Firestar (voiced by actress Kathy Garver), and Bobby Drake/Iceman (voiced by Frank Welker; who voiced Fred from Scooby Doo as well as many other characters) as they go to Empire State University and fight crime in New York City.  This series also included the character of Peter's Aunt May (voiced by June Foray). I think that it should be put on physical media so we don't lose this great cartoon.  You may be saying, "Well, it's streaming online".  This is true and that's great, but servers can break down and masters can degrade.  At least with DVD/Blu-ray, if the player breaks, the content can still be played in another player.  If not releasing it on DVD is for fear of not enough return on your investment, then pair it up with another cartoon (like those listed below) and package all the DVD's together. In addition to Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, I, and those undersigned, also request that you release other family friendly Marvel Cartoons on DVD including:  The Incredible Hulk 1982 cartoon series The 1979 Spider-Woman cartoon series (with Joan Van Ark voicing the lead role) The 1978 Fantastic Four cartoon (the one with Herbie the Robot) and  The 1981 solo Spider-Man cartoon series   These particular shows are not overly violent, with no foul language, and they have some drama without being too overly dramatic like a lot of current cartoons / animated shows, which makes them great releases for parents looking for something appropriate for the entire family.  All of these have been released in Europe and I think it is time that they be released in America.  

Sean Byerley
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Petition to Maria Cantwell, Jeff Merkley, Roni Norton, Washington State Attorney General, Washington State Department, Oregon State Department


  Adriana UcanEverett, WA APR 29, 2017 — So my Sister and and I went to Yukatan and managed our way through this foreign country and we brought Adriana home!!!!!Yukatan Authorities had no idea Oregon State took Adriana from her family here in the United States....Between the Consulate and DIF we were successful in proving Oregon State's Negligence in sending Adriana there. They had no idea Adriana had never been there before and never met her family there.They had NO idea of her families desperate search for her in the United States.Now that Adriana is home and safe it is now time to move forward with demanding rights for Grandparents so no other family has to endure what Adriana and our family endured. I fully intend to continue this fight for justice for Grandparents and thousands of children who have no voice in their fate...Please continue to pass this VERY IMPORTANT PETITION to stop the Abuse of Power forced upon families from State agencies that do not have children's best interests at heart and give Grandparents the rights to protect their families.Ken and I want to thank each and everyone who supported our efforts to bring Adriana home safe and sound to be reunited with her family. We are not done yet. There are thousands of children across this great nation who still need to be saved. Adriana's story is now being discussed at the Senate in Washington D.C. With Senator Jeff Merkley.This is our platform......Lets change these agencies from abusing the power given to them by the government and put these children first!!!!! Please join us in changing things for all these families and children. Adriana and our suffering has not been in Vain.... Thank You!!!!Ken and Roni Norton                                           

Roni Norton
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